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Introduction to After Death Communication (ADC)

After Death Communication (ADC) is a common and important experience which has received surprisingly little study.We, the ADCRF researchers, are convinced of the reality and significance of ADC.An abbreviated introduction to ADCs may be found on the Home Page, and will not be repeated in its entirety here.

There are several definitions of ADC used by researchers.Our definition is:

A spontaneous experience of communication with a deceased friend or family member"

This definition encompasses experiences of communication from the deceased which are spontaneous.This definition excludes deceased entities encountered using mediums, psychics, hypnosis, or through channeling.We recognize communication can occur in these ways, and may be meaningful.If you have an account of such an experience, please share it with us!We would like to study these important types of experiences.�� This definition requires that the ADC experiencer knew the deceased while they were living as a friend or family member.Generally, the relationship that existed with the ADC experiencer while the deceased was living was loving.This definition excludes communication with angelic or other spiritual beings.We do recognize such communications may occur and are meaningful.If you have a story of communication with an angelic or other spiritual being, please share it with us!We would like to study these important types of experiences.This definition also excludes hauntings or ghostly apparitions of entities not previously known to the ADC experiencer.Further comments on the definition of ADC may be found in the ADCRF Research section of this web.

After death communication is not new.Throughout all of recorded human history there are many accounts of the living encountering the spirits of the deceased.The Bible records many ADC accounts.Serious scientific study of ADCs began in the 1890's.From the earliest investigations, it was clear ADCs were common experiences.The following is a sample of surveys asking if the respondents ever felt they had contact with someone who had died:

Year����������� Population Sampled        Results (% responding affirmatively)

1958����������� England, widows� �����������             50%
1971����������� Wales, widows������ �����������             47%
1975����������� America ������������������ �����������             27%
1976����������� Iceland��������������������� �����������             31%
1977����������� Canada������������������ �����������               50%

����������� It is clear from the preceding that ADC experiences are common worldwide across diverse geographic and cultural boundaries.Several studies found that among parents of children who die, a very high percentage report an ADC within a few months of the child's death.Sadly, many people responding to these surveys had not previously told anyone of their experience as they expected to be ridiculed.

����������� ADCs may be experienced by children or adults of any age.ADC experiencers come from all social backgrounds, and include physicians, attorneys, nurses, teachers, homemakers and from any and all other professional backgrounds.ADCs may be experienced alone or occasionally witnessed by two or more people.Some ADC experiences convey information to the experiencer they did not previously know and could not have otherwise known.  Examples of such communication include the location of missing money or heirlooms, or a warning to the experiencer of previously unknown imminent danger.The elements common in ADC experiences are discussed in some detail on the
Home Page.��

The timing of the ADC may be immediately at the time of the loved one's death (occasionally before the experiencer was aware of the death), or not for decades later.ADC experiences are generally considered to be positive, joyous and affirming reunions by the experiencer.A few experiencers deal with the emotions of "saying good-bye again".Overall, nearly all ADC experiencers are grateful for the experience.

Many bereaved individuals wonder why they have not had an ADC.They may feel guilty about lacking an ADC experience, question their relationship with the deceased, feel inadequate, or believe they failed in some way to have such a communication.As positive as ADCs generally are, it is still a fact that most of the time deceased individuals do not contact the living.We do not know why some deceased contact the living in an ADC experience and some do not.Failure to have an ADC in no way suggests any shortcoming, inadequacy or failure of any kind with the bereaved.Nor does failure to have an ADC suggest any doubt the loving bond that existed between the bereaved and the deceased.

In the opinion of the ADCRF researchers, an ADC is a gift.It is certainly possible to open ourselves to an ADC experience by reading about, understanding and accepting the possibility of ADC.Others believe they can help open communication channels to the deceased by meditation, prayer or adherence to a religious or spiritual path.In spite of these tools, an ADC cannot be consistently induced or made to occur by the bereaved, no matter how sincere or effortful they are in their desire to contact the deceased.A critical consideration is that an ADC requires the gift of contact of the deceased from beyond this world.It is a basic observation that people worldwide receive different gifts.Some people receive the gift of physical attractiveness, and some do not.Some people receive the gift of high intelligence, and some do not.The gifts we have and do not have make us unique as human beings.The gifts we have and do not have provide us our unique challenges and opportunities for spiritual growth.Our strengths and weaknesses have important meanings and purposes beyond our ability to know or understand.Spiritually mature individuals know the destructiveness of coveting the gifts of others around them.Spiritually mature individuals have reached a degree of gratitude for the gifts they have and acceptance that there are gifts they do not have.While we do not know why we receive gifts in such different measure, we do know that we are all children of a God whose love for us exceeds our wildest dreams or imagination.If you have not received the gift of an ADC, please be reassured you will be with your loved one at the time of your death and for eternity beyond your death.Life here is difficult, but important.Live life as long and as fully as you can.I guarantee you this: your loved one is more conscious of you and loves you even more now than they could in this life.You will be reunited.

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