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These experiences, as all others we share, will be presented to fully protect the confidentiality of the experiencer, if requested.� We do not believe these changes will diminish our understanding of ADC. We do believe these changes are necessary for the integrity of ADCRF. 

ADC (after-death communication)

1468.  Joanne R ADC  4/14/15 Then I said, 'Hello?" Again, and I heard faint happy voices as if from a great distance. Then a woman' s faint voice spoke to me, and she sounded excited and happy, but I couldn't understand her words. However, the pitch of her voice was exactly my mom's.  "Mom? Is that you?" I blurted. The voice said something else, but the static was keeping me from distinguishing words. Then the other voices faded away, and the crackling calmed down and it got very quiet on the line. Scared, I hung up, feeling very confused. Rationally I knew my dead mom couldn't use a phone, but I was also sure it had been her. The phone worked fine after that, and it never happened again.
ADC from deceased mother involving a phone.

1467.  Robert K SDE  3/27/15  The love I had for my mom was dwarfed by this light, made it look like a single grain of sand in the middle of the Sahara, indescribable. All I could see was light, like it was me and I was it. There was a 3 part message, and then things I just sensed, things I just knew. 
Shared death experience with mother. 

1466.  Hannah D ADC  3/25/15 I awoke (very emotionally charged, sad, but comforted) from dreaming of a "white picket fence", then quickly switching to being in my grandparents' home..I looked over and saw my grandfather to the left of me, sitting in "his chair" a recliner that for years had been "his chair" (I must have been sitting because he was at eye level). The dream changed quickly and we were both standing, facing one another...he was holding me, and told me "Deborah, I love you" "I love you very much". And as quickly as the dream came, it was gone, just like that! Very quick, and to the point...lol, just realized that that was my grandfather's personality, quick and "to the point"...very interesting:) But again, the dream seemed as if it only lasted a couple of minutes...just long enough for him to make his point.
ADC Dream from grandfather

1465.  Laura D ADCs  3/16/15  My dog starts to act up. Throwing toys, jumping on back of couch, but looks very happy. Suddenly and swiftly, and I thought I heard a swoosh, I can smell and feel my husband on my face. On my chest he moves right in. I can see his freckles on his shoulders. I can see his damp hair right in front of my eyes. I can't see him physically, but I see these things.
ADCs from deceased husband.

1464.  Jack A ADC  3/3/15  I  have had a number of ADC�s since my wife's passing.  I have to admit, a number of them had me scratching my head in bewilderment.  Some happened a second time and only then did I realize the first occurrence was an ADC and not my imagination.  Well, this last weekend there was an ADC that could not be mistaken for a natural  occurrence.   I was spending a night in a Marriott property on my way to So.  Cal to visit my family.   The room had a TV/sofa area along with a desk and lamp for working with the computer.  There was a small wall separating this area with the bedroom.  After I finished working on the computer,  I turned off all the lights in the �living room� area, including the desk lamp and headed towards the bed.  It was dark in the room and  I remember stumbling against my Laptop bag and knocking it over.  When I went to bed,  I left a small spot light on above my side of the bed � it was a soft light,  not a bright one.  My back was toward the �living  room area�.  Around  5 or 6 AM I woke up with a minor nose bleed.   When I opened my eyes,  I noticed that there was light coming from the �living room area�.  I got up to check it out and discovered that the desk lamp was on.   I knew I turned it off,  because my laptop case was still knocked over.  I knocked it over because when I turned the desk  lamp off,  it was pitch black in the room.   So this one time I immediately knew I had an ADC with the desk lamp coming on.  There was proof and no doubt I turned that desk light off.  
Short ADC so there is no link.

1463.  Pearl L ADC  3/1/15 From the UK.  I was in a white room with my dog and it was unclear where the boundaries of walls where, almost as though the only physical things present were myself and my dog. He then leapt with his front paws onto my shoulders but instead of looking happy as usual, he looked concerned.
ADC dream at time of death of pet dog.

1462.  Robert B ADC  2/21/15  As I approached I felt wild energy.. I fell to my knees in front of a picture of her on the bank next to the highway. That's when it happened. She flooded into me... energy like I've never experienced... She answers every question I thought I would never know, eased all my doubts.  The person that brought me to the spot was screaming. As I stood finally I wasn't me... I was her. Her last moment.. Her fear, what she seen.. then a huge red flash a giant heart beat pulse darkness fear a bright pin point of light racing toward it, then blinding light.
ADC from friend at time of death 1200 miles away

1461.  Gary G ADC 2358  2/15/15  10 minutes later, suddenly the picture came on. I still could NOT do anything with the remote, change station, turn TV on and off, nothing, so I repeated the above steps and re-booted the system, again, blank screen and could do nothing with remote, 5-10 minutes later, poof, picture came on.
Inexplicable mal-performance by television.  Attributed to deceased mother.

1460.  Leigh ADC 2356  2/10/15 We were on a dirt path but we weren't walking. More like floating along. I say walking because it seemed like we were in a way. When she went through the gate like structure there was a stream that turned into a river but it was not wet nor did it seem to flow. It was just sort of there and got bigger. Next there was this light. And then there was a left and right and both sides were equally beautiful. But my mother was still standing on the river. She walked to the right. There was a lady there who I didn't recognize . My mother did. And a sort if tree house made of bronze but without a tree. Just like stairs and house. The grass was green but more green than real life. There were animals there too as far as I could see.
ADC dream that included great grandmother- her aunt had a very similar dream that included the great grandmother.

1459.  Kaarlo ADC  2/4/15 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.   I'm rushing towards Christiane, take her hands, I feel her hands ( I notice and am amazed that I can physically, materially ??? feel her hands. I sense a kind of static electricity, type 'pins and needles'). I ask her why did you go? Why did you go? I make sure that the answer is not coming from me, but from outside, I'm conscious and I want an answer.  Chri � I changed subject (I love you?), answers given several times.  Christiane looks young, blond hair, half long, flat with a part on the side. (I don't remember having seen her like that).
ADC dream from deceased sister.

1458.  Franziska R ADC  2/1/15 From Switzerland. #1 Not very long time after Andreas' death, one night I woke up for the first time on the flower meadow. I'm able to remember, how at first I was slightly disoriented, because I couldn't understand, why I wasn't in my bed. But then I saw Andreas, who out of the expanse of the sky walked towards me in his white 'Jesus dress'. And then I felt that Love was poured over me. He looked beautiful as usual, had his three-day beard as usual.  He came towards me and smiled at me. I was standing up to welcome him with a hug. We were walking a bit through the meadow. It was beautiful. Somewhere further back a sparkling little brook, was meandering through the grass. This brook was the border to heaven. On the opposite side of the meadow there was a forest
#2 my daughter clearly kept looking at someone for days and crying as soon as I left her alone for a second. that's why I then called the clairvoyant. the clairvoyant told me, that my daughter (aged 1 year) wanted to tell me, that my twin sister was here to tell me, that she existed. I had throughout my childhood believed, my parents would have given my twin sister out for Adoption, but they kept saying, I had no twin sister. we then found out, that my twin sister died, when she had been for about 3 months with me in my mothers womb. my mother thought she'd loose me due to heavy bleedings in her pregnancy - but we lost my twin sister, and didn't know. 

Multiple ADCs, many quite remarkable. 

1457.  Margaret L ADC  2/1/15 I dreamed I was very sad because Harry had passed away.  I was crying in the dream, and I said I can't show Harry love anymore.  Then he broke through my dream out of no where, and he stood before me and smiled.  He said it's okay sweetie, and opened his arms for me to come to him.  I knew I should go to him   We embraced, and the hug was do real.  Even after I woke up, I could still feel it.  I felt very comforted. It seemed like it gave me strength to go on.  I woke up after that, but it was as if I had not been in a deep sleep.  I woke very gently.  What amazed me most about this dream was the great feeling of love that seemed to surround my experience with my brother.  There was such a tremendous feeling of love.  Love like I have never known in this world or could ever know here.
ADC dream from deceased brother.

1456.  Christy F ADC  2/1/15  my mother was standing there right in front of me.  She was whole and beautiful and looked like she was the prettiest age I can remember her, in her 30's probably.  She suffered through 8 years of cancer and treatment and was frail and gaunt when she died.  She was just standing there and she told me everything is going to be ok.  I did not move or say anything,  I just stared at her.  'It's going to be ok,' she said over and over.
Possible dream ADC from deceased mother.

1455.  Gennette F ADC  1/14/15  During the experience, I heard my Mother in the living room talking to my youngest child. It was as if I was just awake enough to hear her speaking but, still somewhat asleep. I couldn't see her but, I just knew she was sitting in the recliner in the living room with my child. It was a "gut feeling" as best as I can describe, that she was physically there and where she was sitting even though I couldn't see her.
ADC fom mother who died a few days before experience.

1454.  Sumi L ADC  12/27/14  On mother's day before my dad passed, my dad, my husband and I went to her grave.  I don't believe she is there, and don't like to go.  That day, after we had paid respects, I was still arranging the flowers and cleaning the grave site when the guys went up to the car.  Then something wondrous happen at my mothers grave.  Hard to describe what happened with my mother's photo,  the image changed in a way I can't describe but it "came alive" (sounds hokey), and I could feel love coming from it. It was as real as feeling the heat from the stove.  Energy coming from it was very comforting.  I know it happened, and I in no way imagined it� I thought about what my mother was communicating.  There were no words, but I think she was comforting me and letting me know that she was well and happy. 
ADC from deceased mother at her grave site.

1453.  Kathryn A ADC  12/27/14  About a week later I noticed that her daughter had posted on her mothers page saying she was in the hospital with Pneumonia and they had induced a coma.  I didn't check back for a few more days when I thought I should go check her page.  It was at that time that I found out that she had died at 10:10 pm Texas time on the same evening I smelled the roses.  I didn't think to remember the exact date of her death but I checked it against my experience and realized she had come to say good-bye to me.
ADC from friend at apparent time of death.

1452.  Gary G ADC  12/18/14 I was sleeping about 5:45 AM and I was dreaming that I got up from bed and walked toward the door of my bedroom and as I looked to my left I saw my Mom sitting and smiling, facing my bed looking beautiful and much younger in her early 30s. She had passed away 9-21-14 at 79 while suffering during a long decline from cancer surgery and multiple health ailments. She did not look at me directly so not to startle me. She had a cute outfit on with facial makeup and seemed very happy. I then woke up and was really amazed and then a little scared because it seemed so real.  I truly believe she was saying hello to me from the other side, because this had nothing to do with the dream I was having.
ADC dream from deceased mother who appeared decades younger than when she died.

1451.  Paul G ADC  12/18/14 I saw the outline of a full sized figure walk into the doorway of my bedroom and stand there.  At first I thought it was a reflection from outside because it was so clear.  But our shades were closed in our bedroom, so that couldn't be possible.  The figure walked into the doorway, stopped, and stood with its hands in its coat pocket.  I could only see the outline of the head, but I can describe what this vision was wearing clearly.  It was wearing black tennis shoes, blue jeans, and a tan London fog jacket.  And I just stared at this figure for a long time, but really didn't have a definite concept of how long this went on for.  Then it seemed as though thoughts were coming into my head non-stop.
ADC from deceased pet dog and figure that was apparently his deceased father who died 3-4 days previously, and gave advice about business and living his life.

1450.  Maria BC ADC  12/18/14 Original in Spanish, translated to English by Sean.  At about 8am I woke up and I came to say goodbye to him. I was asleep when I felt my body going up and I tried very hard to wake up and I was able to, but the spirit or soul of my father came to me, with a great weight that stopped me moving but I felt his love and tenderness and I closed my eyes and he whispered in my ear as he always used to and I felt he was sad, or frightened and didn't want to leave.
ADC Dream from deceased father.

1449.  Kerry ADC  12/7/14 From the U.K.  Then he said "its ok now I have spoke to you like this I can come back and see you" as if he was on holiday and coming back. Then I was sat up in my sons bed and my dad was sat on the bed at the side of the bed holding my hand. He looked slightly paler and was wearing a grey shirt he didn't look happy he had more of a look of concern on his face. I said I was sorry for not being there for him more etc he said that I should not worry about things like that. I said that I was so glad to hear it from him, that I knew it would be what he would say but was so glad to hear him say it himself. He said that was his job to make me feel better. He said that if it wasn't for me he wouldn't have had a life and that I must live a life while I am here and that I must look after my family now. There were other things said but I cannot remember them.  I leaned forward to hug him and woke up sat up in bed. I was wide awake  and the bedroom was exactly the same. The dream was in the same bedroom being as I don't sleep there usually.
ADC Dream from deceased father.

1448.  Tina P ADC  12/1/14 From Turkey.  Like some one is being teleported. High toned, treble Like zzzzzzzz and more. At its highest point, I see 3 or 4 lights appear, tall like 180 cms. Standing in front of me and they gave me the feeling that they are conscious beings with authority, power. I felt their power. They were there with me, for me. And at the same moment, they appeared my mother, appeared sitting right next to me, not very close though. 50/70cm away, she had a distance.
ADC dream from mother.  Experience content not typical of the usual Western ADCs.

1447.  Tim J ADC  11/8/14  I got extremely panicked and felt like I was going to explode.  It confused me but I knew something was wrong.  I couldn�t take it anymore and excused myself from class and went to sit in the atrium.  I got dizzy and tunnel vision and sweaty in a cloud.  I got on my motorcycle and bolted for home like I was being pulled by an unknown force.. It was confusing, I thought I was suddenly sick. I ran to the door to my phone ringing and it was my mother calling to tell me Ralph my stepfather had just died.  Then the feelings went away.  I sat there confused for a while then it hit me.  It changed my outlook in death.
ADC at moment of stepfather�s death.  Atypical in that it is largely frightening.

1446.  Maria M ADC  11/8/14  I walked in the room and closed the door behind me, and suddenly i wasn't scared anymore. I noticed all of his clothes hanging up and pictures of him hanging on the wall. I knew he was there, I would feel him and I could taste him and smell him I just couldn't see him but I knew he was in the room with me. I touched his clothes and I could see what he saw, that night he committed suicide. I saw him grab the gun from inside the closet (that was no longer there now in this dream) and face the wall behind the TV, and put the barrel underneath his chin and squint his eyes and when he pulls is, I let go of the clothes because I knew the outcome.
ADC dream from boyfriend who committed suicide

ADC and ADC dream from deceased son.

1444.  Diane M ADC  10/27/14 Lying in my bed, drifting off to sleep I felt a light breeze go across me, from right to left. The handles on my dresser rattled on my left, I was awake then. Then my father said "Diane, how many times have I told you to trust in the Lord", then there was a rushing, rushing wind that passed over me from left to right� When I had trials in life, my father, when alive, would say "Trust in the Lord", among other things.
ADC from deceased father.  Shared 34 years later.

1443.  Casey J ADC  10/18/14  We had made a picture that morning and each child had glued a small paper butterfly on their picture. After cleaning up lunch, I carried a stack of books to table and put them on table.  Then one of the paper butterflies that was laying on the table was moved by the air from the stack of books I put down.  The butterfly went up and landed on my shoulder.  The best part of it all was the lady that I worked with watched it happen.
ADC from deceased son.

1442.  Hettie J ADC  10/11/14  Extreme vomiting, diarrhea.  Was very weak after hours of vomiting and was lying on the floor at home.  Noticed up in left corner of vision (all black and white) my deceased mother was standing there.  Neither of us acknowledged each other.  She bent down and placed her hand under my nose (it seemed like she was checking to see if I was still breathing.)  No feelings of love or judgment.  After checking my breathing she levitated slowly up to my left and vanished.
ADC from deceased mother at time she was very sick.

1441.  Liz C ADC  10/11/14  I heard myself telling him that he needed to go to "the light." His face was screwed up with sadness and he told me that he couldn't see the light. "Do you think it's really there?" he asked me. "Yes," I said. "And as soon as you go into the light, you will have complete and absolute control." "But I can't see it!" he said. I assured him that the light was there, and then I paused for a moment. It was a lucid dream and I started to tell him that I wasn't an expert on these things, but that I was pretty sure the light was there. Before I could get the words out, I was ripped away from him and brought back into my bed. The last thing he heard me say was that he needed to go to the light, that he would have control if he did, that the light was there. I woke up feeling high. My entire body was vibrating and I felt the most profound sense of peace. That peace has not left me even after three days. It was the most beautiful experience I have ever had. I am sure now that he has found "the light" that he was seeking.
ADC dream with deceased friend.

1440.  Jules D ADC  10/5/14  From Belgium.  Original in Dutch, translated to English by Dennis.  Now it hits me. A long time ago when visiting [her] together with my mother (who died January 17th 1993) I discovered her very solid faith and dared to make a deal with her: "Whichever of us dies first is to give a small careful sign that they are still around, as an ultimate proof that absolute disappearance and endings do not exist."  She immediately answered as to what the sign would be.  Up to three times she repeated that she would blow out a candle (in this case a fictitious one). There was no candle, but the blowing sure was!  And that was the promise which she kept. She neither forgot nor was she ever reminded of it!
ADC from Aunt.

1439.  Patti L ADC  10/4/14  I was sitting on my bed listening to music on my computer when my husband's voice came into my head.  I wanted to listen to the music so I told him to go away.  He wouldn't go.  I kept thinking about him and then finally said in my own head "just go, I can't believe you left me to raise our children alone".  I did not know he had just died.  He was away camping and ran into trouble.  I knew it from that very second going forward that he was gone and I was completely alone now.  I have had this unbelievable knot in my stomach ever since, it won't go away.  Then this last weekend, he came to me in a dream telling me he was going to take our oldest child with him.  I begged him not to and then the dream switched to me meeting a really great man.  I am so confused.
ADCs from deceased husband.

1438.  Wanda S ADCs  10/4/14  Late at night I wanted to look once again before going to bed, I opened my apartment door, and here my heart nearly stood still: The long corridor (almost exactly 10 meters) lay before me in complete darkness, and at its end the light was burning in the elevator's cage! It suddenly reminded me of the "light at the end of the tunnel" mentioned in many NDEs. I don't know how long I stood there rooted at the spot, a little scared too, but above all happy getting this unexpected sign from him - now I had no doubts: "He is well!" - he wants to let me know that he is well! Thank you, my dear brother.
Multiple ADCs from deceased brother.

1437.  Tracey K ADC  10/4/14 I was waking up but enjoying listening to the birds. At some point I was very aware of a presence.  I wasn't afraid in fact it felt very peaceful. I pretended I was asleep so I didn't lose the feeling. Out of the corner of my eye I sensed a mist in the corner of the room. I remember feeling very quickly it was my Dad. I wondered why he was here. He was talking to me and telling me he was ok , I will be ok that sort of thing. I was in a difficult time in my marriage and having second thoughts of leaving . He basically reassured me that that was the best decision.  It felt good to be close to him. I never had a relationship with my father after my parents split up and I felt how I felt around him when I was a young child. I remember feeling tingling in my hands and arms I had been learning to meditate so put it down to some sort of meditation.  ADC from father around time he died.

1436.  Rosemary K ADC  9/20/14 This dream was vivid, brief and powerful, with a profound emotional context.  I believe this was a visitation from Ellie, because I honestly don't think my subconscious could have produced such a joyful dream from the anguished state I was in at the time.  Plus, she looked and acted just as she had in her prime, and it had been quite some time since I had thought of her in that way.  Her fur was mostly gray or white when she passed, but was jet black in the dream, and she was wiggling like a pup.  My mother also dreamed about her that night, and in her dream she was also young, healthy and ecstatically happy.  The message in both dreams was the same - I'm fine, I'm happy, and I love my mom.  This has been a tremendous comfort to me.
ADC dream from beloved dog.

1435.  Lia D ADC  9/19/14 From Greece.  Ever since my mother's death, I light a small candle which I put it in a small glass inside a small plate. This candle is in the kitchen. When I got down to take my cigars, I stared at the candle like "it was the soul of my mother" and started to cry. Then suddenly, the flame of the candle started to sparkle, and then a white-blue light (like a line) came towards me and RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES I saw it growing bigger in the shape of a television and then I heard I silent "boom" and it was disappeared.
ADC from deceased mother.

1434.  Louise ADC  9/7/14 I became conscious of her appearing in front of me and I was not currently dreaming...just a sudden awareness she was there in front of me. There was no story or animation prior to her sudden appearance in my conscious and she was not alone, she was with another dog.  I clearly recognized her and next to her, as if posing for a photograph, was another dog exactly like her, however, this dog was a reddish color, whereas my Amber is a cream color.  I think it might have been a sibling or a parent that crossed over before Amber that met her.  I feel she came to me in a dream state to let me know she was not alone, and to lessen my grief.  I went on to paint the picture so I would always have it as a memory.
ADC dream from deceased companion dog.

1433.  Julie F ADC  9/7/14 I thought for a moment as the car radio played in the background. She was a huge Bob Marley fan and there is even a Bob Marley reference on her grave marker. I said out loud, "I know, Mary! How about a Bob Marley song! Play one on the radio!" Almost immediately the song that had been currently playing had ended and the next song was Bob Marley's "I Shot the Sheriff"!!! I feel she wanted to make sure I knew it was her by choosing that song as she had passed by a gun shot. I thanked her and blessed her. It gives me the chills thinking about it� In the case of my co-workers murder, they may have taken her physical life but a murderer has no power to obliterate a soul!
ADC from coworker who was shot and killed at the workplace.

1432.  Nicholas P ADC  9/7/14  Sometime during the night I was dreaming of a fog enveloping me when suddenly Sharon appeared out of the fog and took me by my hand.  Thinking of a beach in Old Saybrook, Ct where we used to go, we began walking along the shore, hand in hand.  She told me that she loved me and knew that I lover her also.  She had some regrets but told me to move on with my life and that she would cherish our time together.  She let go of my hand and I returned to my dream.  Early the next morning I received a telephone call from a friend of mine who informed me that Sharon had a brain aneurysm and did not survive.  The doctors had performed successful surgery and expected her to be well.  However, she fell into a coma and never awoke.  Of course, I was devastated, but because of my experience I was at peace because we able to say our goodbyes.
ADC dream around time of death of wife, before he knew she died.

1431.  Barbara C ADC  8/23/14  My mother showed up in a dream, looking alive as she had when she was alive. The background behind her was black with no other figures or designs, total blackness. She had a medium blue dress on which had flowers on it. I remembered her wearing that dress when she was younger and in much better health. Telepathically she kept saying things like " you can come with me if you want to" "it's okay, you can come" she held out her hand to me the entire time while she spoke to me, she said this over and over. I wanted to go with her so badly and be with her but was afraid. She kept reassuring me over and over with her out stretched arm and hand to me.
Dream ADC with frightening elements.

1430.  Lisa N ADC  8/16/14  In this dream I saw a good friend of mine. We seemed to be somewhere in the non-physical realm, I saw pleasant light and felt peaceful in the place. My friend appeared to me and seemed to have a very dark and depressed energy in his being. He seemed to convey to me without words that he made a big mistake and something was terribly wrong. The light around his spirit seemed dark and heavy. I was not worried though, I immediately heard my self telling him that everything would be alright and that he would be okay. I repeated this a few times and then woke up.
Dream with friend who had overdosed on Methadone and had clinically died at time of dream.

1429.  Dona S ADC  8/9/14  From India.  After his death, he never talked to me. But within 2-3 months of his death he appeared in my dream(?) and asked me "where is my finger ring?" I told I have kept it in the locker safely  interestingly at the moment he died it was on his finger and perhaps he thought whether I forgot the ring and his body was cremated with the finger ring on his body. But in fact I had removed the finger ring from his person and had kept it in jewelry  box we always deposit in the locker of the bank. it was really very surprising event for me. I think that even after death a person safeguard�s his interest. This is my interpretation.
ADC dream with deceased husband from India.

1428.  Judi L ADC  8/3/14 I very much wanted the bridge to "turn around" so I could keep going.  I was aware of a presence to my left and just a little behind me, and the presence was speaking.  It was the voice of my ex-husband, who had passed away five months earlier.  His speaking kept on during the entire event and I knew what he was saying.  Afterward I had no memory whatsoever of what he was saying, but I knew that I wasn't supposed to remember and it was OK with me - normally that would really frustrate me, not to be able to remember, but it didn't.
ADC dream with deceased husband.

Annie ADC  8/3/14 I was in the kitchen preparing lunch when suddenly I felt the sensation of a intimate kiss (I felt this way only with my ex-boyfriend, I felt uncomfortable because after 25 years since last I saw him I was still mad at him, I stepped back for a second because I didn't like this strong visceral sensation, but try to calm myself, and thinking how powerful imagination can be. As soon as I finished having that thought I saw my ex-boyfriend's face, like a hologram, in three dimensions but transparent, he was lovingly and playfully smiling at me, and after about 10 seconds his image started to fade away becoming smaller and smaller until it disappear, I thought that this was very strange!!
ADC at time of former boyfriend�s death- she had not seen them for 25 years.

1426.  Donna T ADC  8/3/14 I could feel, or sense this, rather than see it.  I could sense or feel the colors of it too.  It was mostly a glowing red, with a partial rim of glowing yellow, sort of like a partial eclipse, or a yin/yang pattern, but mostly a glowing red.  It was as if this glowing, vibrating orb had started on my heel, gone up my leg, my back, and up to the back of my neck, where it went shooting and spinning off my neck, and away!  I immediately got the feeling that this was my brother Alan, with his powerful and dynamic spirit, and warm, glowing, happy, and fun-loving persona, just giving me a vibrating, playful ZIP up my back, just to say "hello, and be happy" before spinning off the back of my neck, with his strong, happy energy.
ADC from deceased brother after sad dream.

1425.  Sue P ADCs  7/15/14  The fourth dream I was in the basement of my childhood home with my 3 other children, playing pool or something, and I saw my son sitting up on top of a ledge or some sort of cabinet, around the height of my eyes. I walked over to him, he reached down, and we clasped hands, interlocking our fingers. This was the strongest feeling of love I have felt and the feeling stayed with me for a couple of weeks.  It's really hard to explain these experiences. They were definitely different than any other dreams that I've had throughout my life. The first dream or two made me sad when I woke up and realized that he indeed was not physically with me anymore. But as the dreams continued, and I had the fourth one, the sadness was less strong upon waking, and the wonderful, inexplicable, overwhelming feeling of love was much stronger so that it stayed with me for quite a while.
ADCs Dreams from deceased son.

1424.  Sheila S ADCs  7/9/14 Original in a letter, transcribed by MichelleThe oldest boy goes running outside to his mother! �MOM?!, Did you just turn on the computer!?�  As he is holding the house door open, my daughter hears the computer, �BLARING OUT!� some song! All by itself! She runs into the house and listens to the words. It is a song called, �Victim� (see first pdf transcribed document for lyrics) by a music ground named, �Avenge Seven-Fold� � song number #8 on their CD. My daughter can�t figure out how or why this starts playing on its own! She tells her son, �Remember this song!� � It�s gotta be a sign from someone for some reason!?  Since Jay�s death, this song has presented itself often!
18 ADCs.

1423.  Jocelyne K ADC  7/5/14 From Canada.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  Puzzled we pricked up our ears and stopped to talk. Recognizing the steps of my father, I whispered to my cousin: �It's my father�. I was certain it being him, as he had this habit, every evening before going to sleep he mounted to assure that we slept well, and, he made the tour of all sleeping rooms (four ones) and always in the same order. I was sleeping in the most  remote room of the stairs. We heard the steps entering and leaving every room, but, when we heard them coming towards our room, we started to be scared.
ADC from deceased father.

1422.  Patsy P ADC  7/5/14 I was shaking in upset. making dinner, turned around to open the refrigerator and had a partial vision (a man was standing just outside the kitchen door, wearing my dads dark blue gym shorts and a grey tee-shirt my dad used to wear with a red and white tiny circular emblem. same height as my dad, a sense of wrinkled skin. the face was not visualized. I looked again and he was gone. then I thought maybe a burglar was in the house. and I looked again and then I knew someone was there. I felt very scared because I instinctively knew someone was there, but I couldn't see anyone. I said "poppy, what are you doing over there, you scared me"?
ADC from deceased father.

1421.  Brandi ADCs  6/30/14  Yesterday morning (6-21-2014) while getting ready for work, I was in the kitchen getting water for our dogs.  My husband was in bathroom.  A snow globe of my mothers was sitting on a shelf and started playing music by itself. My husband came from the bathroom and we both started to watch it. it was playing at a normal pace usually it starts really fast then slows the tune down as it winds down. I picked it up to see if it was turning on the winder, and it was turning like someone had turned it all the way.
Several ADCs from deceased mother.

1420.  Janka ADC  6/26/14  It's not easy to describe my experience and yet in a foreign language I try to, but that's the reason I registered on this page 3 weeks ago. I'll be happy to share with others feeling tremendous pain and grief.  It's been not long ago and it still hurts.  I've heard so many stories, but nothing such a kind as mine. It was the last time I saw my beloved man early in the morning, smiling, kissing and talking to one another unforgettable words full of undying love.3 days later the phone rang. It was his brother telling me, "Jan is dead." My heart broke into small pieces, even now the tears are falling from my eyes. At that moment I was speaking to my beloved Jan, telling him everything from the bottom of my heart, desperately crying and hoping he does hear me, and he did. After hour rang a message from my mobile, so I entered the room we were sleeping 3 days ago to see and the sender was my beloved Jan, but message was empty. I think he was there while I was crying in the kitchen and let me know this way, so I entered the bedroom and at that moment I got the most beautiful evidence of his immortal love, because on the sheet of my bed was engraved a big heart. I'm sure he's been by my side all the time, helping me hold on my way to home he's waiting for me to come. I had to make a picture to believe it wasn't just a dream. I found a place here I can say a few words for my beloved deceased, so I created my Memorial book dedicated to my beloved Jan. I can recommend everyone who is suffering and wants to do something for his beloved deceased person he's thinking of. Thanks a lot for reading these words and everyone who has an understanding heart.

1419.  Annette DS ADC  6/14/14  My partner Ian and I got out of the car when we had been forced to stop by all the fallen trees.  Other cars had also stopped and people were wandering about trying to see the extent of the obstruction.  Having seen that we were likely to be there for some time, until help arrived, I wandered back to talk to some of the other drivers and tell them what the situation was.  Then a man dressed in brown came up to me and said, "thank you for helping us".   He struck me as being unusually calm.  And he had my father's face.  My father had died the evening before, at 6.30pm in Coventry hospital, of a heart attack.  As this man spoke to me I heard Ian calling me back to him.  He had also seen that it was my father and was shocked and alarmed.  The strange thing is that I did not share this shock.  In life my father had always been the over-anxious, over conscientious type.  When he came to speak to me that morning I felt it was because he wanted me to know that he had found complete peace now and was happy.  That overwhelming aura of peace is what has always stayed in my memory and given me comfort over my father's too-early passing.
ADC from deceased father witnessed by another.

1418.  Will C ADC  6/14/14  I was having a particularly difficult day. I went to the garage, with the lights off, sobbing and begged my father that I could just "know he was with me". Immediately after my request I heard plainly in his voice, "close your eyes and you will." Being absolutely startled and shock I obeyed and experienced two blinding flashes of white light followed by ice cold chills radiating from my shoulders to my feet. I had an immense sense of peace and calm wash over me. I came in and told my mother and wife what happened. My mother said just prior to me going into the garage she told my father "help him, he needs you now".
ADC from deceased dad.

1417.  Susan ADCs  6/7/14  I woke up in the night and felt two arms around me, hugging me.  I again felt very calm and peaceful.  This time, although I did not look around I decided to ask who it was.  I said almost instinctively, "Keith is that you?"  A quiet but clear voice came from right behind me and into my ear.  It replied, "Yes, it's me!"  I immediately recognized it as the voice belonging to my husband.  I didn't answer him and feeling a little taken aback, I decided to take myself off to sleep again, which I did.  A few weeks after this it happened a third time.  One afternoon after returning from work I felt compelled to go to bed in the afternoon (something I don't normally do during the day. I went to sleep and woke up some time later but in a very relaxed and dreamy state.  I remember looking round towards the window and saw my late husband's outline (silhouette) approach the bed.  I turned round and put my head on the pillow and I felt two arms come around me.  He started to talk to me from behind and I answered back but I can't remember what he said on this occasion.  Soon after I went back to sleep again.
ADCs from deceased husband.

1416.  Melanie M ADCs  6/7/14  Getting onto the freeway.. I had the music turned at zero. I wanted a sign from her passing. My iPhone automatically chooses a song from my list of songs (500+ songs.. Some I've never heard before) it selected a song with the title "I will protect you". While my g-ma was on hospice I asked her to protect me. I also asked her in the hrs before her death to protect me again. I had told her it was ok to leave and be with God. I left work an hr later I got the call she had declined.  I took a picture of the song on my speedometer and didn't realize there was a reflection of a face in it. A relative sent a picture later in the day that resembled the face. I didn't see the face until my mother pointed it out at the end of the night. .. Also the next day there was a silhouette profile in my rear view mirror of her. It looks identical to her. There was nothing in my trunk that could reflect an image like that.. Nothing at all
ADCs from deceased grandmother.

1415.  Lisa S ADCs  6/5/14 I was at home in my apartment getting ready for the day when I walked out to my kitchen and saw that my Kuerig ( coffee machine) had turned all by itself. The first experience was frightening because I didn't understand what was happening. Now I understand that he is here to protect me and not hurt me. The same experience has happened repeatedly to me immediately following his death.
ADCs from deceased husband.

1414.  Paula P Experience  6/5/14 Suddenly I became aware of the following message:  my Mom was put on this earth to have six kids.  (My brother died 133 days before my Mom died.)  She raised all 6 and her youngest son was now dead and she had completed her mission for being on earth.  Now she would be joining her son, husband and her own mother, who died 9 months before she did.  At that point, I understood it all and it was so comforting, allowing me some peace.
Message about mother�s purpose in life received during mother�s funeral.

1413.  Sue R ADCs  5/27/14 My mom passed away in 2009 (dad passed in 1997). I had some vague signs from her but nothing earth shattering. In 2011 my husband was diagnosed with cancer. I woke up one morning and was staring across the room at my dresser, where I have a wedding photo of my parents. My husband was asleep and I was looking at the photo and thinking about how worried I was about my husband. Suddenly the dresser started to shake, like it was an earthquake, but only the dresser. It lasted for about 30 seconds or so and stopped.
Several ADCs with different people.

1412.  Nicola E Friend Experience  5/26/14 Michael said that he remembers me stopping for gas and asking the attendant for directions to the hospital (TRUE).  He said that he wanted me for his mommy because he liked my voice when I was speaking to the attendant.  ( I did stop for gas and I was kind of lost going to a rural hospital, so I asked for directions).  Then he said that he remembers that the parking lot was partially closed for construction, so I had to park on a corner and run to the hospital� Then Michael said the most incredible thing. He said that while his "real mom" was in labor, he asked God if I could be his mom because he knew that his "real mom" wouldn't survive very long, and he was afraid of being alone on Earth.  Apparently he was told that he couldn't have me for his "real mom" but that everything would be OK and he would still get to be around me during his life.
The most remarkable pre-birth remembrance ever shared with us.  Exceptionally detailed observations of boy about to be born confirmed years later by a friend present at his birth.  Nicola E did not share her email address- we are asking her to email us.

1411.  Betty K ADC  5/26/14 I dreamed of meeting a couple in another town. The guy seemed shady--very quiet. The mother was very open. She told me her daughter had died and there was an investigation regarding the girls death and it was in the news. She said her daughter hung herself and was only 8 years old, but I thought--what little girl at that age would hang herself? I was suspicious of the parents� The little girl was transparent and was wearing a dress or a nightgown. The sibling looked to be blonde. What most stuck out in this dream was the deceased girl loved her parents despite her death or the parents responsibility for her demise if they had anything to do with it. The little girl told me she hung herself but gave no details. It didn't matter anymore because she was already gone. She really wanted her mother to know she loved her unconditionally and was with her.
ADC meeting an 8 year old girl who committed suicide. 

1410.  Luci M ADC  5/17/14 This stunned me, as I had not realized one could physically feel someone who had passed. I thought they would be physically intangible spirit.  I felt at total peace while we danced, and I felt I was one with him, although still myself. This love, oneness and peace totally permeated my being. Then suddenly we stopped dancing and I rested my head on his chest and we stood that way in close embrace for several minutes. Oddly, I was aware of the passing of time on the physical plane because I was still aware of the music playing on the CD. Then abruptly I was back in my body in the recliner and he was gone.
ADC in the night with interesting ballroom dancing while she looked decades younger than her current age.

1409.  Sherri B ADC  5/10/14 At the end of the tunnel, the atmosphere was a void of grayness. My brother, who was still alive, said, "It took this for us to be together." With him was my father, who looked sad and was covered with sores. My father hated my brother, who had mental illness.  He hated him so much he requested my brother not be permitted to attend his funeral. My brother always wanted my dad's love. My dad looked at me, and I could see his suffering.  Telepathically, he told me he was sorry.
ADC dream involving living brother and deceased father.

1408.  Mike P ADC  5/3/14 It was about 3 days after my father died, I had become numb.  During the night, I saw myself leave my body in my bedroom, float through the roof, through the atmosphere, into space, out of the solar system, out of the galaxy to the center of space and came to a "modern ballroom" crafted in a roman facade.  In the room, there were many people 100+ and I had seen my father content, talking to someone he raised a glass to me to let me know everything was OK.  The feelings I had in that experience were great comfort and great love/warmth.  Then someone came to me (unknown) said this was for your comfort and I got sucked back to my body and woke up with a big Inhale.
ADC three days after father�s death.

1407.  Bree R ADCs  4/26/14 This contact with my grandfather happened over the span of about two weeks.  It began with a shadow that appeared quickly and disappeared when I tried to stare at it for too long.  I would first detect a shape of a man with an outline of a hat that my grandfather always wore.  Later, I would get the scent of his cologne.  Only I could smell it.  He seemed to hover near me a lot at the time.  He wore this very distinct smelling cologne or aftershave, that is not sold in the U.S.  It was very strong and smelled very sweet.  He never conveyed messages, but I could tell when he was near.  I would feel differently somehow and either the shadow or the scent for arrive.  He had a very strained relationship with his children, so it seems his presence hovered but I don't know why.
ADCs from grandfather and uncle.

1406.  Lisa ADC 2300  4/19/14 This experience was not supernatural but still seemed very much like communication beyond the grave.  My son died eight years ago.  After about six years I was desperate for a sign that he was okay.  I started to ask him out loud to send me a yellow rose to let me know that he was still with me.  On the anniversary of his death this year I visited his grave.  On the headstone someone had laid a single yellow rose.  It just seemed to much of a coincidence and I felt that he was communicating with me and letting me know he was still with me.
ADC from child who died at age 2 months.

1405.  Annie ADCs  4/5/14 Five years ago last December, one week before her 52nd birthday, my sister unexpectedly died while sitting in her favorite living room chair.  The night she died, I was scheduled to work the midnight shift and needed to punch in at 10:30 p.m. As I drove, I heard an unusual clear message in my mind. The message said, "Stop by -----'s on your way to work". She lived only a few blocks off my path... but I thought it to be a strange thing to do... why would I stop at her house unannounced at 10:15 p.m. And if I did, I would be late for work... it made no sense to me at the time.  The next morning her co-worker called to say she didn't come in, something that was not at all like my sister...and of course we then found her.  Even though I am a near death experiencer and know that the next life is absolutely beautiful in ways that cannot be adequately described, with a love so amazing and accepting, and that all things are as they should be.
Two ADCs from deceased sister.

1404.  Candy C ADC  4/5/14 The following night I was putting my younger don to bed and the lights in the bathroom started blinking on and off with a glow to them. I was praying before  they started and my husband walked in and was amazed and was heading to go into bathroom and I said please put our older son to bed because I wanted what was happening to continue and it did all night.
ADC from deceased father.

1403.  Amy R ADC  3/23/14 When my dad passed me and my sisters were holding my dad's hands as he was passing and all of a sudden the lights and the sink in the room started going on and off on and off, it was unreal and quite scary. The nurse walked in and saw this and said in all my years of working here, I've never seen anything like it! Fast forward April 23rd of this year, had a total hysterectomy, when I woke up my husband was with me and said how are you feeling and I said good I just had a nice conversation with my dad! He looked at me funny but I was very serious!  My dad told me everything is going to be alright!
Dramatic shared death experience and ADC while under anesthesia.

1402.  Check SQ ADC  3/23/14 From Malaysia. The first week or during the 9 days after her passing, there were signs that she came to visit me by unmistakable smells and fragrance. The first one was the unmistakable smell of my mother with her skin moisturizer; the second one was the same smell plus fragrance of a flower which I did not really know what kind of flower it was. The third time which lasted the longest, about 6 to 8 seconds was totally the fragrance of the flower which was a strong fragrance. The next day I went to my friend's house and his friend who was staying with him got to know about this and went to my friend's garden and brought back some flowers which is JASMINE and it was exactly 100% the fragrance I experienced the night before.
Many ADCs from deceased mother.

1401.  KLS ADC  3/23/14  In my dream, my friend who died two years ago visited me (this is the first time in my whole life I am seeing her in my dream. We were childhood friends and grew up together). We were talking casually and she was trying to reach her brother using her mobile. She told me that she wanted to wish her brother for his special day but she cannot get through. So, I tried dialing his number for her and then gave it to her. Dream ended. When I woke I realized that my friend was not alive and I felt that I was given a message to communicate to her brother. I sent an email to her brother (very recently I got his contacts) and asked him if there was any special day as his sister passed on her wishes. He wrote to me back saying that exactly in one week after I had the dream it was his wedding anniversary. I am glad that I communicated the given message.
ADC dream with information for the brother of the deceased.

1400.  Karla B ADC  3/16/14 I had another dream with Denise in, previous to this dream and other spiritual experiences, but last night the dream I had with Denise in seemed extremely real and life like. I can still feel her touch on me.  It started with me opening the door to an old, broken down house. I went inside and it was the same house as in my last dream with Denise in. It was dark and dirty in the house with all broken, old furniture, the same as in the last dream, too. Denise was standing in the middle of the dark room as I opened the front door and she was wearing the same clothes as in my last dream of her. She had on a cropped summer blouse which tied at the belly button and and a pair of jeans. She was stood there looking at me smiling and I called out to her and shouted, 'Denise, it's you !' I was smiling and feeling elated and I ran into her open arms and we hugged and kissed. She was healthy and well and she told me she was enjoying her new life and was well now and not for me to worry and for me to be happy and not upset, because she was fine and was around me. She told me she was with her son, Timothy.
ADC dream from deceased sister.

1399.  Rae R ADC  3/16/14 1:  Three days after his death, I had a phone call from his phone.  His brother told me that the phone was in the other room and asked what name would my name be under.  I did SMS the phone and call it back.  The brother said there was no record of that however, he said I wasn't the only one getting calls.  2:  Before I left for his funeral, I looked for a rose that he gave me and couldn't find it and I was certain where I left it.  When I returned from the trip travelling to his funeral I looked again in the same spot.  Once again I couldn't find it.  Then at the peak of my grief I felt I needed to look again and it was there.\
Multiple ADCs from deceased boyfriend.

1398.  Denise M ADC  3/9/14 I got in the bed and just barely closed my eyes when I heard someone walking down the hall! I told myself to get up! someone is coming down the hall and you're here alone!! but I couldn't move. I must have fallen asleep without realizing it.  I kept trying to jump up and finally I jumped up out of bed, went to my bedroom door and opened it. The hallway I saw when I opened the door was not my hallway.  It was very long, had tall ceilings, no windows that I noticed, all white, and brightly lit. Far away down this hall I see someone walking toward me. Is it my Mom? Looks like her wearing her favorite coat. Yes! It is my Mom! so I run up to her and just fall on my knees sobbing and telling her how sorry I am for everything. (I fell asleep the night she died, so she died alone and I can't forgive myself for it.) She never said a word and looked like she was too busy to listen or didn't want to hear it.  I woke up and was amazed because I never realized I had fallen asleep.
ADC dream involving deceased mother.

1397.  Jack M ADCs  3/2/14 From Canada. I was very sad sitting on a chair in my sister home.  I was browsing Facebook and looking at my mom's pictures.  All of a sudden,  I felt was touched on the my left side of my knee.  I looked around and didn't see anything.  On the next day at 4 a.m., the alarm went off in my house.  This was INSIDE THE HOME CONTROLLED BY motion SENSORS.  I CHECKED ON THE KIDS and EVERYBODY WAS sleeping.
ADCs from deceased mother.

1396.  Kathryn R ADCs  3/2/14 From Australia.  I saw an image of Neville in a transparent ball (hard to describe the shape) that seemed to persist for some time, in an area about halfway between ceiling and floor. His face was visible and he looked extremely peaceful and was looking directly at me. His face looked the same as I had last seen it, except there was no sign of pain or distress. He had on some kind of aboriginal headband-red black and yellow coloring. The image was quite blurry and I can describe it as like looking through a watery image or window.
ADCs from deceased Aboriginal friend. 

1395.  Andrea R ADC  2/23/14 He had been hospitalized for a while, around two weeks. My parents gave us little information on his condition (I.e. the reason for his hospitalization, his improvement/deterioration, etc) but we went to visit every day. He asked my mother to spend the night there so he wouldn't be lonely, but I had school so I was not allowed. That night I dreamt of him. We were on the porch swing at his house, eating plums from the tree in his backyard, and he was telling me stories about my dad and his son (my "uncle") when they were little and how they were always in trouble. After awhile he pulled me in close and gave me a big hug and a smile, said "Gotta go, sis," got up off the swing, and walked away. When I woke up, mom was at home crying on the couch; She then told us he'd died overnight.
ADC dream the night a close family friend died at age 12.

1394.  Faith E ADC  2/23/14 I was having difficulty sleeping and was contemplating my future.  I was thinking about whether or not to leave my husband and his step child. My step daughter, in particular has been making all of us very unhappy (drinking stealing, disrespect and causing great disharmony in my marriage and in our family� Externally,  I can discern that the voice was that of my mother, but it sounded like she had a lot of throat congestion, and I heard her say "your kids"� I know now I have to go and leave him and my step daughter behind.   It really has to be about "my kids".
ADC from mother with direction regarding current family situation.

1393.  Michelle F ADCs  2/2/14  My mother passed away July 6th 2013 from Colon cancer. She was 1 month short of a long two year battle with this horrible, ungrateful disease. Anyways, this has truly been my first loss of someone very close to me and did not really know what to expect. after her death my first signs from my mom was I was finding feathers everywhere. I never find feathers the way I did. I was finding them in front of my doorstep, in local stores I shop at frequently and so on. My mother had a very special connection with birds. Our family called her the bird whisperer. Wild birds would come land on her hand. Hummingbird, blackbird to name a few. So that was my first sign.
ADCs from mother.

1392.  Gustavo S ADC  2/1/14 From Argentina.  Original in Spanish, translated to English by Adriana.  Another day I stepped out of my bedroom for a minute and left a plastic tray on top of my desk, when I came back it was in the same position but on the floor.  Another time I turned on the computer and her eyes in her photo blinked, it did not happen again.  On my cell phone, there are numbers of songs, symbols and addresses that relate with what I'm doing at that moment and that indicates me that she is close to me "always", when she is not around, I know it.  I also have felt a caress on my back, and once, I was so tired and almost asleep in the car, I felt the most beautiful kiss that I wish I could feel again.
Several ADCs from wife.

1391.  Marie O ADC 2284/2301  1/27/14 & 4/19/14 I grew up and became a graphic artist and there were many other things to enlarge images but I never forgot the pentagram that never came and had even complained about it to my husband.  So the following morning I went to the community centre to start a course and when the instructor opened up the supply box sitting on the top of all the supplies was a brand new pristine 1960s style boxed pentagraph exactly like the one in the back of the comics. I exclaimed,� Where did you get that from?� and the instructor said, �I don�t know. I�ve never seen it before.�
ADC with serendipitous event from deceased father. 
That night the old storage trunk smell came back. Now I knew I had been silly because that smell must be just something in the house since the quilt had been found.  The following day I sent my daughter a text with the time and date of Shelley�s funeral and told her that the quilt had been found. She texted back, �Huh? I found a quilt�. There was a second quilt. That quilt was a good metaphor for Shelley�s life: Patched together, yet beautiful but unfinished. Her parents were very happy to hear from the rehab manager that there was another quilt made by Shelley� The best was the surprise that there was another quilt and it possible would not have been found had I not smelled the storage trunk and asked my daughter to look for one in the rehab house's storage.
Unusual smell led to finding a quilt that the deceased made that was not known to exist.

1390.  Cheryl G ADC  1/27/14 My Uncle Joe had just died.  He was only 40, and I was devastated by the news.  One night while I slept, I dreamed that I was in the cemetery with my mother and my sister.  My grandmother's grave was open.  My sister walked over to the grave and looked in.  As she was walking back to where I stood with my mom, I started toward the grave.  My sister told me not to go.  "You don't want to look," she said.  I kept walking.  When I looked into the grave, my grandmother was sitting on some kind of cot.  She was young and beautiful.  She looked up at me and said, "Don't you worry about your Uncle Joe.  He's with us now, and he's happy."
ADC dream from deceased grandmother with information about a recently deceased uncle.

1389.  Sarah M ADC  1/19/14  My radio in my kitchen will come on at 3am/done twice in the kitchen. It is in the off position, plays for 5 or ten min then shuts off. Woke me out of sleep at 10pm came on it off position. Again went off by itself. My son walks into the kitchen and radio came on at 3pm. My son said, that's Dad. I have a psychic friend that has verified this and what he wants to say to me. He also turn radio on and all buttons locked and I cant turn it off. I had to unplug it and in the morning all buttons work normal. I also heard his voice and had to take a double take in the kitchen. He was telling the dogs to get down. I then felt him for 2 days.
ADCs from deceased husband.

1388.  Karen R ADC  1/19/14  I saw my dad in my dream.  He was my age and in great health. I was at a get together at my husband's cousin's home.  He was there and I spoke to him. I told him how great he looked. I also told him that it had been so long since I had seen him.  He hugged me tightly. I don't remember him talking to me then.  For some reason I took a shower in my dream, and he left the house.  He then called me and told me that he was at the beach.  He is buried by the ocean.  He also loved the beach and took us there often when I was growing up.  He talked to me over the phone, when I must have started talking aloud in my sleep.  My husband woke up and said to me who are you talking to, which woke me up. I then lost it and started crying uncontrollably as I am starting to cry writing this.  I cried for awhile before getting out of bed and thinking about it.  I still feel sadness knowing that it might be the only time I can see him, I guess.  Unless, I feel sadness because it's bringing back emotions I haven't felt in 18 years.
ADC dream from father.

1387.  Gillian G ADC  1/19/14  I was driving to church, one Sunday morning, when I saw Rick on his motorcycle.  When I realized that it couldn't be him because he was deceased (not to mention that we lived in different countries), I thought that there must be a message, so when I got to church I prayed for Rick, his wife, and his children.  When I got into the car after the service I turned on the radio and there was an obscure, Scottish, song which I only associate with  him, playing on the contemporary pop station, and I felt a very strong presence of him.  I had never heard that song on the radio in the US before, or since, then.  I had a feeling of extreme happiness and love.
ADC from friend.

1386.  Irene F ADCs  1/19/14  The night I learned of his passing, on July 14,2011 I cried so hard in my bedroom.  My bedroom door slammed shut.  There was no storm or wind that could have caused this. Since that time to the present, I had dreams of him. Trying to explain to him (as I did when he was alive) how to use my remote.  Another time was I was sitting in the very back of a van or a jeep.  No one would sit with me.  But he climbed in and sat beside me.  Every now and then I would see a license plate on a car with his initials "FMF."  When I could not find my attorney ID, I remember thinking "Dad please help me," as I retraced my steps. When I gave up, as I crossed the street back to the Courthouse, I looked down and saw it on the crosswalk in the middle of the street.
ADCs from deceased father and ex mother in law.  Contributor is an attorney.

1385.  Bob J ADC  1/19/14 I heard Mary's voice, as clear as if she were right next to me. I heard it in my mind, but they were clearly not my thoughts. She called my name and said, "Don't worry. I'm ok. I'm with God."  I was shocked. My rational mind couldn't deal with it, and it took a back seat at that moment. I responded to her, and it felt completely natural. My initial response was, "No, no, no, Mary, don't say that! You're scaring me!" She responded, laughing at me like she used to do, and said chuckling, "You know it's me! Gee, what's it gunna take with you?" She used to joke with me about my lack of faith. She was very strong in her faith, and she would sometimes challenge my arrogant scientific mind. I loved it, of course. I knew it was her. I could not deny it� One could not argue this was a hallucination brought on by bereavement, because I did not know she was gone.
ADC from sister around time of death that he did know had died.

1384.  Traeci D ADCs  1/19/14  However, at age 25, at 3:30 in the morning, he was stabbed by an acquaintance, with his own knife.  The murderer was walking with him and allegedly was attempting to rob him.  A 2nd perpetrator was there, and at least one more drove the get away vehicle.  Although this is felony murder, only the murderer was prosecuted� The nightmares where I had arm pain preceded the murder by 2 weeks and occurred nightly.  On my flight from Dubai back to the US, I felt his presence.  He came to me, at about age 4-5 put his hands on my knees, and said, "don't worry, I'm fine�.
Premonition long prior to son�s death by murder.  ADCs after death.

1383.  Rhonda S ADC  1/19/14 On the way home that day, I unconsciously started singing a song called "Coming Home", which was the song the congregation was singing the night my mother was saved.  While I was singing this song, I felt an overwhelming sense of love and peace come over me.  It was the most profound feeling of love that I have ever felt in my entire life.  I felt like my entire body was wrapped in love and peace.  The feeling was so thick, it felt like being wrapped in a blanket.   Tears of joy began to stream down my face.  I believe with all my heart and mind that this was a visit from my mother and that she was reminding me that I am never truly alone and that all things have a way of I working out for those that believe and have faith.
ADC from deceased mother while driving.

1382.  Verne R ADC  1/5/14 I went to bed about 11:00 pm. The next thing I knew I heard a voice saying 'dad, dad!' When I looked up I saw Sean standing at the right side of the head board. I asked him him how he got into my apartment and said you usually call before leaving. Sean said, 'I was wrecked.' I responded 'bad?'  He said, 'I died.' I notice my clock said 1:20 am. All day I was wonder what happened to him. At about 10:00 am On the 4 of Sept. the Syracuse police told me that Sean had died and to call the Wilmington police for the details.
ADC from son telling him he was dead, and before he knew his son had died.

1381.  Lynne K ADC  12/28/13  In my house at approx 1600 on 6dec13.  I was fine, and suddenly out of nowhere, I had a crushing feeling of depression.  I tried to call Mark.  no answer.  I called a mutual childhood friend for over an hour at 1646 telling him I no longer wanted to live.  Also, 7dec13 in my home.  I became very ill as the day progressed.  by the time I got the call he was deceased, I knew what had happened in my gut� the undertaker told me he probably passed between 1600-1900 on 6dec13, due to the condition of his body.
Sudden episode of depression, probably at time of fianc�s death.

1380.  Otto S Dog's DBV/ADC  12/28/13  From German.  Original in German, translated to English by Marguy.  1 or 2 seconds after the injection he must have seen something, as while lying in the arms of my daughter, his tail wagged madly. During lifetime he was this happy only when a family member came back after a prolonged absence, or when he saw a white poodle. This happened rarely, but he was 'crazy' about this race. We are absolutely sure, and the veterinary confirmed it too, that he was no more alive when the wagging happened.
Communication after the beloved pet died.

1379.  Lyndsay O ADC  12/15/13 Pure terror. I will never use this word again for anything else after knowing the true meaning. I felt an overwhelming feeling of not being ready. I began praying to God to please not take me. Please let me live. I was so terrified that I couldn't bare it. Soon I see a tiny blue dot off in the distance. I focus everything I have on it in an effort to ease the terror. I remember thinking to myself, almost pretending, that it was so beautiful. As soon as I thought that the blue dot becomes larger, slowly, as if moving closer to me. After later recollecting, I believe there were many other blue dots, but not entirely sure. this one in particular now is very close to me and large. It resembles a blue orb. I immediately have peace. I first believed it to be my grandmother. But this blue orb spoke to me.
Dramatic SOBE and apparent encounter with deceased grandmother.  This experience is hard to classify because it is hard to say because of the drugs.

1378.  Yvonne ADC  12/15/13 I had a dream that my father was sitting in a purple flowered love sofa in a white room no one around just me and him. I was standing next to the right armrest having such a nice conversation.. He looked younger he had his favorite cowboy red stripe shirt and ray bans on. I remember him smiling and nodding his head but for some reason when I woke up I couldn't remember the conversation I had with him. That morning I got up got ready for work confused and mad that I couldn't remember our conversation why would he be nodding his head?
Interesting ADC dream with deceased father.  Did not recall dream next day, but husband heard her sleep talking and was able to share important communications during the dream.

1377.  Debbie B ADC  12/15/13 I could see my grandmother through a window in the door.  I said to myself at the time if I take my eyes off her she will disappear.  I was realizing that I was seeing her yet she was dead.  Not taking my eyes off her I ran toward the door and opened it.  My grandmother was standing there surrounded by a bright light.  I hugged her and could feel her skin and could smell her - this was very vivid.  She had such brightness in her eyes.  She said to me " I am OK go on back to your friends - I am here".  I awoke still smelling her aroma.
ADC dream from grandmother.

1376.  Aki S ADC  12/13/13 It was 36 years ago that I left my country to come to USA to go to school as an exchange student. The communication with my family was some how very limited, maybe once a month. Regardless of long distance, I was very close to my family especially my mother. It was about 30 years ago while I was sleeping my mother came to my dream laying down in bed and told me " Aki I missed you a lot, but I am dying".
OBE dream and reunion with deceased mother.

1375.  Will M ADC  12/13/13 The bass player and the singer both agreed, though, that at the time of my collapse, they saw my spirit rise up out of my body.  The doctor in the audience did CPR, and I was cardioverted three times in the ambulance and in the emergency room.
Two people witnessed soul leaving his body at time of cardiac arrest.

1374.  Amber P ADC  12/13/13 AND WHAT ARE THE ODDS I WOULD HEAR ONE SINGLE BIRD AT MY BUSINESS MILES AWAY? Because my grandmother had just died, we had relatives staying with us and so because my sister was staying with me, my mom also was staying the night at my house to spend some time with her, and she was the only one with me during this time, as everyone else would either be at my grandpas helping him at his house, or my husband and daughter were at our indoor race track working. Anyways, when my mom heard it she said "oh my gosh Amber, your right, I think it is grandma telling us she's here" LIKE ME, SHE WAS BEYOND SHOCKED HOW LOUD IT WAS, AND HOW IT WAS ONLY ONE BIRD DOING THIS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT�
ADC from Grandmother.

1373.  John S ADC  12/13/13  You can imagine my surprise and awe when my alarm goes off in the morning and it's blaring Joan Jett I Love Rock 'n' Roll a song I had not heard back then for several years. I just sat on the edge of the bed and stared at my radio playing I Love Rock 'n' Roll much to the annoyance of my wife. Funny thing was I didn't even need to set my alarm, it was Saturday. Maybe it was coincidence, but I don't think so. I think "A" knew I just found out that he had died and I took it pretty bad. I think it was his was of saying I'm ok bro, I'm alive, everything is going to be ok.
ADC from friend.

1372.  Fauna L ADC  12/13/13 I was going forward to receive communion at the deceased's funeral and internally struggling about whether to touch her coffin as a way of saying "goodbye". I really wanted to touch it but was afraid of getting too emotional. At the last second I did touch it and was frightened because the coffin vibrated at a very high frequency� I was initially scared and jerked my hand away. Then I rationalized that the coffin was air conditioned and thus the vibration. I asked others who touched it to see if they felt the vibration and learned that they hadn't. At that point I knew without a doubt that my friend was letting me know that she is okay.
ADC from deceased friend at time of funeral.

1371.  Marie O ADC 2263  12/13/13 From Canada. This is a bit embarrassing. I had just gotten home from Derek's funeral and was feeling hungry. I went to the fridge and was deciding what to have when I heard a voice in my head say, "I saw your nipples". I immediately looked down to check and see if I was, um, showing and wasn't and then in my head I said, "They are not, Derek, so piss off". I couldn't tell my husband about that or Derek's wife about it so I am telling you instead. I have never heard a voice in my head before or after.
ADC from deceased friend.  An amusing ADC.

1370.  Jenny G ADC  11/17/13  When I drove into the cemetery I saw that someone was there. I did not recognize the person. She was praying so I sat on a bench near the gravesite and waited for her to finish. When she finished she turned and saw me. I said, "Sorry, I didn't want to interrupt you. I just came to place a flower." She looked at my hands and saw the stone paperweight and flower and said, "You are the one who placed the rose!" I said, yes, and that I had worried ever since that it would blow away. She said it had a few times, but she kept locating it and bringing it back when she visited. We introduced ourselves and she informed me that she was R's mother. I had never, in all of my years of friendship, met her because she had worked an evening shift job. She explained that she attends the church adjacent to the cemetery and checks on the gravesite occasionally. She said that the rose had given her a lot of hope and comfort. The mystery of it helped her with her grief. She was grieving very strongly at the time.
ADC from deceased friend with serendipitous meeting with his mother.

1369.  Joy ADC  11/3/13 It was my daughter's birthday, I took a candle to relight, for fun/luck. It was out. Was just thinking to get a lighter, but just stopped, sort of just stopped thinking at all for 3 or 4 seconds, I looked up and the candle was re- lit.  Was a bit stunned, know who it was.  Just sitting quietly, out of the blue- a  lingering beautiful kiss on lips, absolutely real!!  In bedroom getting ready for work, in usual rush - strong smell of his fish tank, cleaning time - real, for about 6  seconds . It lingered for a bit longer, then faded.  Relaxing , sitting up in bed , inside my left ear canal said MY NAME very clearly.  Also sense him, see him, hear him in my head, has woken me in the night, talking to me
Multiple ADCs from deceased husband.

1368.  Sue B ADC  11/3/13 The brown box contained 12 frozen steaks. I asked my friend why he felt inclined to give me steaks. He said he wasn't sure, he questioned his choice but said he had an overwhelming feeling that he needed to give me frozen steaks.  It made me laugh. It was his way of telling me that he was okay and that maybe he didn't know a steak when he saw one� Having a friend show up with the same name and giving me a gift about something we debated on a few weeks before he passed. There is no way that could be made up or a coincidence.
ADC in form of a gift from a living friend.

1367.  Mary G ADC  10/26/13 It was 8 06 pm exactly.  The house phone rang. I heard my son and his mother in law talking.  She asked him if he loved her daughter.  He kept telling her that he wanted to get the kids and leave.  The conversation sounded as though it was in a tunnel.   I kept screaming hello. I thought someone dialed me.  Just then my cell phone rang.  I answered it and I heard the exact conversation on both phones.  I was switching from phone to phone and still the conversation was the same.   Both caller ID said it was 8 06.    I knew immediately that it was Stephen letting me know what was going on.
ADC from ex-husband in unusual fashion involving hearing a conversation on two different phones at the same time, though no call was made to the phones.

1366.  James M Grandmother's ADC  10/26/13  She told me how my grandmother had experienced an ADC from my grandfather.  It occurred within a year or two after his death.  At the time pants suits for women were coming into fashion and my grandmother had purchased one.  She had always worn dresses or skirts up to this time.  She was in her bedroom getting dressed and was about to wear pants for the first time and was deeply concerned wondering would Daddy approve of me wearing pants.  My grandmother always referred to her husband as Daddy, and father as Papa.  As she stood before her dresser putting on her clothes and fretting over whether deceased husband would approve of her wearing pants, he suddenly appeared in her dresser mirror, standing behind, nodding his head in approval.
Second-person ADC that happened around 1969-1970.

1365.  Simmi ADC  10/26/13  As he said that I had a vision of him dying alone in his apartment of a heart attack. I was a little shocked but brushed it off as a morbid thought. I kind of reprimanded myself in my mind for the rubbish I think about. I was so certain that I would have James in my life for the rest of my life.  A few days later I was driving to the airport for my return flight, when I got a call from James's best friend. He told me that James had died that morning and he had found him, alone in his apartment. I can't describe in words the complete devastation I felt. Later, the autopsy confirmed that he had died of a heart attack, just as I had seen in my vision.
Premonition prior to friend�s death, then ADCs after his death.

1364.  Misha M ADC  10/26/13  From Canada. I kept travelling faster, and faster, and even faster, and before you know it there was some dim lights, and as I traveled faster and faster I came to this huge light. It was like a picture of a huge sunshine that was shining over a beach/ocean. I still traveled faster and could see this light. I came to an abrupt halt. I looked and on one side I knew it was God and the other side was my late son. My late son said to God, send her back right now, it is not her time.  I woke up in my mother's living room at exactly 12 minutes past midnight.
ADC from recently deceased son.

1363.  Merz A ADC  10/19/13  From Australia.  Woke with a sense of being watched. Saw my father at the foot of the bed. Was unnerved so pulled the blankets over my head� My father said when he died he would come back and look over us
ADC from deceased father.

1362.  Candice F ADC  10/19/13  I heard a voice say, "Candice are you alright"? I was very startled, it was a very clear voice I didn't know where it came from.   I turned around right away and no one was behind me, it had seem to come from behind me.  I looked around the door way of my kitchen and no one was there.  I couldn't move I was just so startled and then the voice came again and said, "Candice are you ok"? I was starring straight ahead and the voice was right in front of me.  It was very shocking and scary for me and I don't know why because this was my little brother I loved him I still do so I don't understand why his voice scared me so much.  But he was dead, I saw his body at the hospital and I heard his voice, I couldn't make sense of it in my head.  It didn't make sense, how could this be possible?
ADC shortly after death of brother.

1361.  Oma I ADC  10/12/13 I remember looking up and seeing this car coming and I recognized the car, it was my nephews friend car.  I looked in fully expecting to see them but I saw my brother Angel sitting on the passenger side.  I remember just staring and running towards the car, I remember being so happy and thinking I knew it, I knew he was not gone but when I looked inside it was my nephew sitting on the passenger side not Angel.  My sister Norma was right behind me and I turned around and looked at her and we both burst into tears, she said I saw him too, where did he go.  I remember touching my nephew face trying to erase him to bring Angel back but of course it was only my emotions getting the best of me.
Two family members saw the recently deceased shortly after his death.

1360.  BLM ADC  10/12/13  At exactly 1:42 AM I was woken by the sound of her voice loudly and joyfully calling out my endearing nickname repeatedly, just like she did during life.  It was just like actual hearing only it was internal in my mind only.  As I woke I was slowly nodding my head side to side from the loud voice in my mind.  It was overwhelming and woke me right up to a sitting position in bed.  It was her and I knew it.  I felt absolutely no fear which was incredible as I was terrified of the idea of 'ghosts' to the point where I was often afraid of the dark (and sometimes still am)� I recall thinking at this time that it was her 'will' that reached out to me, as I was very unaware at the time of the typical terms used to describe our souls or after death communication.  That was the best way to describe it.  It was incredibly real.  I knew immediately it was her and to this day have absolutely no doubt that it was her.  I often think of this experience and it provides me much comfort when thinking about my own mortality.
ADC from great grandmother at time of death.

1359.  Kelly C ADCs  10/12/13  I felt someone standing at my bedroom door and I felt rush of cold air coming/rushing towards me, all of the sudden I felt something touch my toes/feet and rushed through my entire body to top of my head, I was floating on my bed just a couple of inches above the mattress and I was glided over to the other side of the bed.  I was so scared out of my mind so I stayed still but I couldn't believe this had just happened to me so I decided to put my arm out to see if my hand would drop to the floor from the bed since I was at the edge and I was right, I arm did not fall of the bed and indeed I was sided to the other side of the bed where the bed was pushed against the wall� As I said before, I am 100% certain it's my husband and I am not scared of this experience what so ever.  it's a great feeling for me and a re-confirmation of life after death.  I believe if he's capable to tell me more he would or he would do it in a way that would not scare me.
ADCs from deceased husband.

1358.  Ashley ADC E100613  10/6/13  When I was asleep, I saw my cousin who passed away. the family was at my grandmas house and my uncle and I were outside. my grandma has a gazebo outside in the middle of her yard. That's when I saw Jessica. I looked to my uncle who was her father and asked him if he saw her. he said no. I went over to her and said "you're not real." and she replied to me. "I am real.  I'm really here Ashley." I didn't believe her at all. it looked just like her. her normal pink shirt and sweatpants. she then stood up and came outside with me. I asked her if I could hug her and would I feel it. she told me yes. so I went to hug her, did hug her then realized I do feel her. I hugged her tighter. I sat there crying asking why she was here. she said "I knew you'd feel me." my cousin came outside, he was only 1 when she passed away, now 6, asked why I was crying and who I was talking to. I said "you're auntie Jessie" she went over and hugged him. Jessie and I went inside and I said to her "mom wont believe this." she went over and hugged my mom, but my mom couldn't see her like I did, but she felt her hug her too. after Jessie hugged my mom, she went over to her mom. her mom was confused about what was going on. Jessie sat next to her and held her hand. my aunt felt her but I knew she couldn't see her. but she turned to her and Jessie just fell into her arms and said "I miss you so much mom" Jessie had a son who was 7 when she passed. He's now almost 14. he walked in and asked what was going on. she walked over to him and picked him up. Michael started to cry and say "mom?!" he, like the others, couldn't see her but felt her there. Michael was physically picked up by her. after that I woke up, and thought I was at my grandmas. but I was home in my bed. I went to sleep that night with Jessica's shirt on. and she came to me. in my dream and made it feel like reality.  Her voice, her touch, her scent, were all there. She even had the same laughter in her voice when she saw her son and mom. Jessica was only 24 when she passed away. she passed away in 2007 and I'm just now feeling her. I miss her.
This is a short ADC so there is no link.

1357.  Austin R ADC  9/29/13 I suddenly noticed my grandfather was there, and a feeling of love and reassurance came over me, and it was at that point I was aware that I was asleep, and the dream melted away into a lucid experience. My grandfather left and so did this warm presence, but before my lucidity faded, my grandmother in my dream turned to me and said that it was his spirit. The rest of the dream continued, but its details I can barely remember at all, like with most dreams, however the moments where my grandfather occupied my dream and the moment after he left are still fairly clear in my mind.
ADC dream of deceased grandfather.

1356.  Lindy ADCs  9/29/13 That night I had a dream that he was standing in my bedroom doorway looking at me smiling, wearing fatigues.  He took long purposeful strides over to my bed and quickly kneeled down on one knee with his face almost directly in front of my face.  It really startled me and I awoke with a start.  It seemed so real.  I saw colors and designs and his face was healthy and perfectly defined.   The next night, I was in his room, on his bed, in the dark, crying really hard when suddenly, there seemed to be an energy.  I asked, "Tyler ,  if that's you, can you make a sound?" and immediately the closet door clicked.  I asked again and the door clicked 5 times in a row altogether,  Then stopped.  Hasn't done it before or since.
Multiple ADCs from son who died from a heroin overdose.

1355.  Jane S ADCs  9/29/13 In the dream I said " I am really gonna miss you man". he replied " I really f'd up, how could I do this to you all?" I told him "We all love you man, and we forgive you. its just not going to be the same without our MC around. with his head down he looked toward the other side of the bridge (the rough mud road side) and that's when I saw light colored mist,) like it was the "other side" or "his souls peace") and then intently looked back down into the water. he then replied "all these people wouldn't be hurting so much if i just stayed in town with you guys instead of traveling. I am worried about my mom, and brother what if they don't forgive me?
Three ADC dreams from friend who died of accidental heroin overdose.

1354.  Francesca ADC  9/17/13 My Gran was there too, standing a few meters away from me. I was happy to see her and so I wanted to go towards her to hug her but she wouldn't let me and told me to stay where I was. I ignored her and went to walk towards her. As I did this she put her arms out and said no and I came out of my sleep for a few seconds and gasping for breath, like when your under water, holding your breath and then get to the surface again. It happed three times, my gran holding her arms out saying no and then me gasping for air each time coming out of the dream only she got angry with me saying this is not a dream and if you want to wake up again you need to listen to me and stay where you are. She told me that she loved us all, my mum, brother and aunty and to tell my mum that she loves her. She said it wasn't my time and I needed to go back.
ADC dream from deceased �Gran�.

1353.  Edith S ADCs  9/17/13 & 11/17/13 At three o�clock I had a phone call from my cousin Mary, who told me Aunt Audrey had passed away that very morning.   So I thanked Mary for letting us know and then I attempted to contact my siblings to  give them the news.  After working on the songs for a while, as soon as I walked back into my office, whose picture do you think came right up on my screen saver??  It was Aunt Audrey, smiling and full of life!  The picture is a beautiful one and actually fairly recent.  I said, �Why there�s Aunt Audrey!� out loud.  No sooner did the words come out of my mouth than I sensed the presence of Audrey in my office.  Startled, I wondered just what to say.   I kind of chuckled and said, aloud, Well I�ll say the same as I did to Mom when she was passing, �Go in peace, go in peace, go in peace!�  I stood there for a moment, and the next picture that I was aware of on the computer screen was a full-sized one of my mother!  It was a funny old picture with her dressed in a pink and white plaid coat and little brown Sunday hat.  I commented, �Oh my goodness, Mom�s here too!�  ADC from deceased aunt and mother.  A couple of nights later I had a dream in which I saw a group of about five beautiful  cats with shiny fur milling around near me.  One was especially colorful, with big orange, brown, and white patches.  I woke up for a few seconds, thought of this scene and fell back to sleep.  Immediately I saw White standing there facing me, his fur a bit unkempt.  He looked straight at me and then turned his back to walk away.  I was appalled to notice a big mortal wound on his lower back.  It was such a shock that I woke right up.  Within minutes my husband walked in and said, �It has been three days since White disappeared.�  ADC dream from pet cat likely killed by coyotes.

1352.  Gerald W ADC  9/17/13 I was laying on my left side in a light twilight sleep when I felt her arms around me.  I didn't move for a few seconds. I was afraid to lest she go away. Then in my soul body I dared to turn toward her. I said, �Oh, Honey, I miss you so much!� She said, �I miss you too.� We embraced, her hair, was long brown like she wore it in her 30s. I could feel it on my face.  I could feel her and smell her hair. We snuggled, kissed and lovingly caressed each others faces. We spoke some more, telling each other how much we missed each other, among other things.  She had tears rolling down her face and I kissed them. They were sweet, loving tears, joyful for our meeting.  It's hard to put what we said into words. It was words, but yet not. It is hard to describe it all.  I asked if she met anyone there. I wanted be sure she was Ok and safe. She calmly said yes, then it all faded away.  I had asked my spiritual teacher inwardly earlier in the evening to bring her to me if she wanted to come. I sang HU a spiritual chant, asking once again as I fell asleep.
ADC from deceased wife.

1351.  Paula S ADC  8/25/13 For the 1st time I told her.... she had a Heart Attack and that "I was trying to stay strong and I hoped that I was making her proud and that I loved her". I never spoke like that again or ever before that!!!!  On Wednesday, we met with her doctors and they stated she would not improve and what we see today, asleep most of the time 97% would be her future� My friend told me in her note that she had been having dreams of my Mother, and that Mother was very, very insistent that Polly telling me that "she loved me, she was proud of me and to stay strong".
Multiple ADCs involving her mother from contributor and friend.

1350.  Sue B ADCs  8/25/13 From Australia.  Later during the night I woke up to see a light in the hallway.  Thinking I had left the lounge room light on, I got up to turn it off.  Sitting on the lounge was my husband. He told me that he was okay and knew we needed to talk.  We talked about the children and how I was going to cope...we said all the things we never got to say before he died. I do remember asking him if there really was a God and he laughed and said yes, but it's not who you think! I don't remember him leaving but I woke up in my bed the next morning. Logic told me this was a dream, but it was so different, I couldn't convince myself that it hadn't really happened.
ADCs from husband who died unexpectedly at age 27.

1349.  Kat M ADC  8/25/13 From Canada.  I fell asleep asking my son that I just needed to feel him hug me again� I was dreaming and my dream was cut short to awaken me so I could feel l this hug� The hug made me happy I needed it as his funeral was that day and I don't think I could have made it through it otherwise.
ADC from son who died at age 22 following a bone marrow transplant.

1348.  Ellie S ADC  8/25/13 My first thought was, "I should be scared. There is someone in my room." But I immediately realized that I was not scared at all. What I felt was as if I was being touched/enveloped by warmth, a glowing light, and a gentle, deep love.  I wondered if this were an angel, or if this was Jesus. Only later did I think about that this had happened not long after my grandmother's death and might have been her. There were no words spoken, nothing that I saw with my eyes, but I knew this being was real.
Entity visit in her bedroom with special messages.  Might have been ADC from recently deceased grandmother.  Shared 45 years after experience.

1347.  Karla H ADC  8/25/13 She didn't speak to me, I didn't hear her voice but she sent me the thought, "I'm okay now. I'm happy here and please don't be sad for me." I could hear her thoughts as plain as anything. It was instant, as if time stood still but it seemed to last only seconds and the vision faded. It made me happy to know she was happy and I knew she had kept her promise to "haunt" me after she died� The vision appeared suddenly in my mind, I could see her as plain as the road I was staring at while I was driving on the highway. The vision seemed more real to me than the highway. I remember how she glowed with light all around her and her smile. She was definitely happy and at peace.
ADC from deceased Grandmother while driving.

1346.  Amber K ADC  8/25/13 For the longest time I've always thought this was a dream. I don't know when it happened, I can just say that it has been with me for as long as I can remember.  I was about 2 or 3 years old. I woke up in the middle of the night and walked down the hallway to use the bathroom. While in the hallway of the upstairs, my father stopped me and said that he loved me and that everything was going to be okay and that I needed to get back to bed. I went to the bathroom and then went back to bed in my mother's room. My brother and mother were both sleeping in the bed. That's all I remember� I shared this "dream" with my sister one day while we were in the car together and her face turned white and she said that she had the exact same experience or dream.
ADC at age 2 when father committed suicide.

1345.  Judy D ADC  8/18/13 He communicated (without words) that he was alright in a comfortable place that I was going to be alright too. Although I couldn't see him, I could feel him there for about 3 minutes, then he was gone. The second experience was about a month later when a friend was driving me home from an outing. Neither of us were talking. I felt like I fell into a trance and suddenly I was in a windowless room with my husband. We just sat together, about 3 feet apart, and he communicated to me that he had to leave and I wouldn't see him any more, but that I should get on with my life.
ADCs from husband who died unexpectedly from heart failure at age 24.

1344.  TH ADC  8/18/13 From the UK.  I wanted to hug her but knew I wasn't allowed. I just knew we had our own sides to sit on. We talked for such a long time, dad asked loads of questions but strangely I cannot remember any of his questions or answers he got. I asked so many as well, this is what I remember: q. what are you doing now? Mum laughed a bit like she knew how weird it sounded and said 'I'm working'. I asked 'can you see us'? She said 'yes, all you have to do is call my name and I will hear you and come but please stop crying as it makes it harder for me to leave'. She also said time is different over there so she had been there for our equivalent of hundreds of years so had been fine for ages now.
ADC dream from deceased mother.

1343.  Laura W ADCs  8/12/13 Behind them was a translucent muddy background.  They reassured me that they were 'closer than you think' and 'always here with you but not in a way you can understand.' I asked or they told me that it 'was close to my time.' this was a repeated experience and every time I was reluctant but they told me it was much better than I could imagine. I negotiated, saying: 'isn't 10 of your minutes about 10 years here? Can't I just have 10 minutes. They indicated that their time didn't have the same meaning as my current life experience. I was told they'd 'get back to me.' Eventually I was alert enough to realize that the 'visits' had stopped, which is a relief, although they were oddly comforting.
ADCs while recovering from emergency surgeries.

1342.  Hali K ADC  8/12/13 I had the thought, "This is what it feels like to die." I was very happy and "in the moment." I didn't want to go back, wherever back was. But I knew this is where I belonged. I had no memory of my current life or people in it (I have a husband -and a daughter who was 2 at the time). I felt like no matter what I did, or what I will do in my current life on earth that it was all okay and I was forgiven and loved so immensely that I could do no wrong. I felt beautiful and loved and perfect and forgiven. It was so intense and more real than any feeling I've ever had in 43 years on this earth. The feeling is hard to explain in words alone. I kept thinking that I did not want to return to my current life. I wanted to stay where I was and feel these intense emotions.
ADC dream with deceased romantic partner.

1341.  Olivia B ADC  8/12/13 He said "Hey babe" with a smile and pure compassion behind it. I didn't feel at all that he had died, it felt as if we had been away from each other for a couple years and he made a surprise visit! We hugged for what felt like a long time, long enough for me to know that he was completely fine, happy, and well. We barely exchanged any 'words', everything was telepathic, just feelings. We didn't need to speak, I just knew he was doing perfectly fine and happy. Then I woke up and cried with joy having felt without a doubt that this meeting with my father was real. I can't explain in words how vivid, true, and real it was.
ADC from deceased father.

1340.  Carl ADC  7/29/13 From Canada.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  Then I saw that the priest got a very white aura, brilliant, and after this I saw Lorraine. I'm certain that it was her because she was always of a very curious nature and she was behind the priest and bend left and then right and disapeared. I felt a wonderful peace and looked around, seeing all those people crying, but I wasn't sad at all. I saw her husband talking in the front and he had something like a tube from the head up to the sky, it was of gray colour and seemed open. 

1339.  Rod ADCs  7/26/13  I had calmed down by that afternoon and I was standing at the fridge with the door open pondering what to eat. Then I sensed and felt that Sue was standing behind me on my right hand side. Her legs and hips were giving off real warmth and I could feel them without actually touching. Then I turned around and saw Sue standing there smiling, her eyes were sparkling .She had a totally black background She had long shoulder length hair, no glasses, blue top with a couple of wavy white horizontal lines, grey twill trousers and was barefoot.  There was no evidence of the arthritis that caused her left hip and knee to make her lean  to the left as her leg had become shorter. No evidence of any other pain, no  evidence of the hole in her stomach caused by the flesh eating virus and the vacuum dressing attachment.
ADCs from his wife.

1338.  Nicola ADCs  7/22/13  On my first tour of the house he opened the giant four car garage for the first time (when he bought it, the garage keys hadn't been available).  Three of the four garage bays were empty as one would expect. The fourth room in the garage has a separate inside door so we went through from inside.  We walked through and turned on a light switch.  There was a desk identical to my father's desk from when I was a little girl.  It is the desk I took to university, which I have in my house in the city with his picture on top.  It was hand built and an antique, with a roll-down section for holding a typewriter.  This was virtually the exact same desk as my dad's desk.  It even had the same chips in the wood and the same creaky / stiff top drawer.  I know it isn't the actual same desk, because my dad's desk is now at my home in the city ... but this desk is VIRTUALLY identical even though dad's desk was hand-made and I've never seen anything remotely like it.  The desk was just sitting there even though it could have easily gone with the previous owners in a moving van.
Multiple remarkable ADCs from deceased father.

1337.  Moshe S ADCs  7/22/13  As I rose to get another blanket, the sliding cupboard doors had changed colors from the usual beige to one, mauve and blue and the other rose and pink. In front there was an ornate grill, black. I wondered what it was and assumed that I was dreaming. I turned to the night table where I had a talking clock and it told me the time. I wasn�t dreaming so I leaned back and suddenly from above the door to the bedroom, an apparition entered through the wall. Terror is the only way that I can describe how I felt. The apparition was quite large, a cloud, shaped like a woman holding an infant in front of her. It made its way down to the edge of the bed on the side where Shirley slept.  After about10 seconds it returned the way it came and out through the wall. Ten seconds later or there about, the doors returned to their original beige and I collapsed into a very deep sleep�Then from the ceiling, a small cloud of white with Shirley�s front part of her head protruding appeared directly above the bed, Shirley was talking, her lips were moving but I couldn�t hear anything. This lasted for about 20 seconds and then all returned to normal.
Multiple ADCs involving deceased wife.

1336.  Hannah R ADCs  7/14/13 From Australia.  A few things happened, the first was that I awoke in the middle of the night and felt a couple if books next to my feet. I awoke in the morning to find them on the floor. One was my mums favorite bird book and the other was titled "evidence of things unseen". It made me smile and I said out loud well played mum :) a few weeks later I was telling mums friend the story and she told me that I had better read the books to which I said ok but what do I read next? The next day I found a book turned to 45 degrees on the bookshelf. About a month later I had a visitation dream involving mum and it is really hard to describe the intense feeling of love, things were 'said' not really verbally. The conversation wasn't the type that I would have expected to have, it was all about love and how proud she was of me.
Multiple ADCs from deceased mother.

1335.  Susan K ADCs  7/14/13 From Canada. The night of the accident family were with me waiting to hear what hospital he was being taken too, it took quite a while, at exactly 10:25pm he said in my ear very clear, " I am okay mom, and your going to get through this".  At that point I knew he had crossed over.  We had no idea what injuries he had or what the seriousness of the accident was.
ADCs from deceased son.

1334.  Daisy ADCs  7/14/13 I was asked, the week of the funeral, to come up with the "life review". I took a book my dad had written and wrote prose from that. The book opened with a sentence about the railroad whistle blowing the noon whistle when my dad was born. That started the eulogy. The eulogy was filled with funny anecdotes of our dad's life, which we all laughed over... A day later, at the graveside burial, with military honors (which was stunning for all of us), at the end, suddenly a train whistle blew. I knew right away, that was a signal. Dad was born to a whistle to family and was laid to rest to a whistle, with family. It was a very comforting feeling. I thought to myself, "Dad would definitely arrange that...." It was a way to "reach out" to us, I felt.
ADCs from deceased father.

1333.  Jodi K ADCs  6/30/13 While playing with my daughter I telepathically heard her voice say "Miss Jodi", which was what she always called me. I looked up at the ceiling because that is in way where it came from. I knew on some level what that meant but went to denial as my first response. I immediately tried to call her on the phone. After that didn't work I drove to her house. Ended up breaking in with the help of her daughter in law and granddaughter to find her on the floor passed on.
Multiple quite remarkable ADCs.

1332.  Fiona K ADC  6/22/13 From the UK. Giraffes have featured highly in events - they were a thing Michael had drawn since he was little and again when I was at my most upset in France particularly on 3 occasions I looked up to see a giraffe, even in the airport when I collapsed as we put his belongings onto the weigh in at the desk and in an estate agents after I had dropped my bag and was crying in the street.  On the first night we were there as I walked his last walk and started crying I turned the corner to find a giraffe shop full of giraffes. Even my daughter stopped crying and looked at me. His piece de resistance was at his funeral though. Taste The Rainbow had been his phrase like the Skittles advert - rainbows have become a big thing and on a dreadful rainy grey day as we gathered in the church for his farewell the sun came out and after the sad farewells rainbows danced all round his coffin for about 10 minutes to the point where the whole congregation was nudging and we were laughing instead of crying.
Multiple ADCs from son.

1331.  Susie S ADCs  6/15/13 From Sweden.  Then once I find a cell phone with only one number and I call it. Petra's friend, who is also dead, answers. I hear Petra's voice in the background and ask her to give it to Petra. "So, you have found your friend, Minni, you dead people are getting to know each other" and then I think, if these people are dead and I am talking with them, does it mean that I am dead also. "Look, Petra, I miss you very much, but I can't join you, yet". I see both of them sitting on steps in a garden. She said she misses me, too.
ADC dreams from deceased registered partner.

1330.  Elizabeth B ADC  6/15/13 Then she slowly reached out towards my hand with hers, and I thought to myself "But she's DEAD! Her hand has got to be really cold!", and then "Oh no! She probably heard that too!". She took my hand and I was astonished to feel the most amazing warmth that radiated immediately from my hand, up my arm and all the way through my body. It was like an irrigation of warmth and love. She said to me "I know all the things you have been thinking, and I want you to know above all that YOU ARE LOVED in spite of all that. That other stuff doesn't even register. You have no reason to feel ashamed. YOU ARE LOVED no matter what".
ADC with profound reassurance from deceased grandmother.

1329.  Sandra C ADC  6/9/13 We would keep the room door closed but when you would open it smoke would be blown in your face. I looked toward the room and saw a mist a figure like and it followed me into the bathroom and nudged me. Then I was in the living room with several candles lit on the table. All of the sudden my dog looked toward the hall and into the living room, the candles burning flames, all together, went into a 45*angle for about 5 seconds and stopped.  ADC from former occupant of home they were in.  She left the kitchen and I was at the counter preparing food with my head down, I saw someone walk by and I just assumed it was the other help coming in, and kept working, I said hello. Few minutes later the dishwasher came in and went directly to the sink, he turned to me and held up the four pieces of silverware laughing and saying, " is this a joke Sandra?" I went over to him and every piece was bent in different ways! This has happened before but we have just found a piece lying on the floor bent...never like this! putting them in normal and then having this happen.
Silverware mysteriously bent in old building.

1328.  Anna L ADC  6/9/13 I was eating breakfast at the village inn restaurant with my family, husband, mom and kids.  I heard a harmonica playing.  Nobody else heard the harmonica.  I looked all over the restaurant and no harmonica.  It lasted about 5 minutes.  My dad played the harmonica.  He played it right before he died, two weeks prior to the experience.  I have been contacted through synchronicity too, but nothing like this happened before or since.
ADC with harmonica playing in restaurant.

1327.  Amber B ADC  6/4/13  That night my mother told me that every time she would think of Dad - she had the strongest feeling of peace, love, elation, that had started at the time of his death.  I told her I was having the same experience and also told her that I had asked Dad prior to his death to flash the lights to let us know he was on his journey and relayed the rest of the discussion.  That night as we sat in the kitchen the light closest to the door when out and another light went out the following night while we were in the kitchen - the third night another light blew out - I took the bulb out and it was indeed blown - I put the blown bulb back in because I wanted to see how may more lights would go out - the next night the last bulb that I had examined went back on.
ADC from recently deceased father.

1326.  Ankri ADC  5/27/13  From France.  Translated to English by Gregory.  I was thinking to my uncle, crying when suddenly the door opened and I saw a glowing light entering the room and I saw a translucent body coming from nowhere looking like my uncle figure, then I heard his voice like he was talking to me and he said : �Son, ( Ya ouldi in Jewish ) don�t cry, death is not what you think, I�m OK, everything is OK !�. I got up. I couldn�t believe this !!
ADC from Uncle.

1325.  Sandra M ADC 2218  5/26/13 I talked to my husband on the phone, and he said he'd be late coming home and he was real tired, but don't hold supper for him.  That was the last I heard from him, but 3-4 hours later, I was feeling a strange sense of wonderful euphoria, so at peace, so much love surrounding me, and I knew Garry wasn't coming home.  I can't explain it, but I experienced his crossing over, and it was the most peaceful and loving emotion I have ever experienced.  It was wonderful.  When the shock of his death set in and I came back to reality, that was a different matter and I still grieve for him today-38 years later
ADC at time husband died 100 miles away.

1324.  Claudia P ADC  5/26/13 From Chile. The intensity of his presence was so high that was overwhelming and filled the whole place, the whole environment.  The room and everything  seemed not be here any longer,  or maybe I was not in that room any longer; it seems to be the entrance to another and very strange  dimension or distant place. I was shocked, I did not know what to do or to think.  I asked myself if this  was only a product of my own imagination, and I answered myself that this has nothing to do with my  imagination or my  own elaboration; it was  real and vivid and I have to remember this, if  I was going to start questioning all of this later on.  I was so scared that even knowing  I had to stay there and go through the whole event, I climbed to the elevator and ran away and everything became normal again.  Later and until now, I still regret having cut and  abandoned this contact with my recently departed father.
ADC from recently deceased father. 

1323.  Rebecca O ADC  5/26/13  I remember concentrating on my son - I was in shock and disbelief - there is no way my son passed on and how they told me he did was just surreal.  I remember walking into my bedroom and my son was sitting on the chair in my room.  He got up to greet me and I said, "I knew you wouldn't leave me".  He said, "Mom, I'm gone" and I said, "No No NO please don't leave me - please keep coming back because you know how much mommy will miss you Kenny" and he touched my shoulder and said "Mom, I'll be back but it won't be for a long time - I have work to do and I'll be busy" and I cried and cried and he hugged me and I felt him - I felt his warmth, I felt his body, smelled his hair - I know I did.  All of sudden my 12-year old was standing in my room saying "mom, why are you hugging the chair, there is nobody in it". That was the only visit I had from him.
ADC from son who had just died from an overdose.

1322.  Emerson ADC  5/11/13  My Grandfather said, �You don't need to go anywhere. You have all you need right here.� He beamed as he watched my son, and I felt there was a definite connection, as if he had truly met his great grandson.  I felt my Grandfather's energy begin to fade. I asked him not to go, please do not leave. He pointed upwards and said, �I have places to go!� He was full of excitement, like a child, with great animation. I told him that it could not be true that he was gone. He told me that he was sad when I moved away, but that I moved on to a better place. Now it was his turn to move to a better place, and we would see each other again.
Remarkable ADC from deceased grandfather.

1321.  Nelleke S ADC  5/11/13  From the Netherlands.  As I lay wondering about this experience, I felt a warm sensation near my right cheek, as if I was being touched there. It was as if my dad very lightly touched my cheek. He sometimes did that when I was a child. It was a very moving and wonderful experience. It caused me to decide that I would indeed sing at his funeral. It gave me strength to carry through, be strong for my mom, for the funeral arrangements and the other many things that need to be taken care of in general after a person dies, since I was the only one who could be in charge.
ADC from father.

1320.  Dee D ADC  4/28/13 I noticed a scene far below, so I knew I was high above in the night sky.  I saw what I thought was my prostate form lying on the ground and a person in great distress over me.  I was filled with a feeling of compassion and wanted to go to that person and tell him not to worry- I was in a blissful state.  As I got distracted trying to move myself, I noticed lights below - a convoy of vehicles and as I noticed the lights, I was pulled towards them, much like a light beam. I arrived as the convoy parked next to a building and a van opened and 2 men brought out a gurney with what I thought was my body.  I could hear their voices and thought, "Great, I am going to learn what is happening. 
Remarkable OBE dream with precognitive awareness of son�s death that night.

1319.  Danetta V ADC  4/28/13  I lost my wonderful boss/friend to cancer and shortly after, accepted a new position that I was extremely unhappy about. I was sitting in my backyard smoking a cigarette and talking silently with the deceased, asking her to please give me guidance. Suddenly, my body had a freezing sensation to my core. I also felt a pressure between my eyes like someone was pushing with their thumb. I knew she was there. I could feel it. There was a feeling of love and peace. It lasted approximately 30 seconds and when it was over I felt renewed and loved. I've had visits before but nothing like this.
ADC from deceased boss/friend.

1318.  Michelle S ADC  4/28/13  The last time I sat up and watched the light move and change from white to pink, then white to blue, and it was moving slowly in front of me, changing shape constantly. It got so close to my face at one point I was cross eyed looking at it. It is about the size of a butterfly at it's largest. I know that this isn't a trick my eyes are playing on me. I was not almost asleep, in fact the last time I was fully awake. I have stared into this area next to my bed every night since it happened, and most nights nothing happens. I have tried to stare to see if I can make it happen, and I can't. The times that it has happened, I close my eyes and re open them to see if resting my eyes makes it stop, it doesn't .
ADC from father.

1317.  Melinda A ADC  4/28/13  My beloved little black poodle licked chemical poison off the floor of a borrowed camper. We took her to a vet as  soon as we realized something was wrong.  She was at the vet for 3 days, fighting for her life. Sunday morning  (the third day) at 2:00 am,  I was awakened by the sound of her trotting down the hall to my bedroom. She jumped up on the end of my bed and traveled up to my lap.  I sat up and hugged her. She licked my face.  I put my face down on her neck, I was so glad to see her.  I could smell her, it was really her! I missed her so, that I just breathed in her smell.  She licked me again, then tried to turn away, I grabbed her and asked what she was doing here. She licked my cheek again and turned and jumped off the bed and disappeared...Six hours later, at 8:00 am I got a call from the vet.  His assistant had gone in the office at 2:00 am to check on all the sick animals. My Tuppence died just before the assistant arrived.  Her body was still very warm when he found her just a few minutes after 2:00 am.
ADC from beloved pet dog at apparent time of death.

1316.  Marcel S ADC  4/28/13  At 6 pm on Feb 13 my smoke detector started to make a whining sound that I had never heard before or since, the sound stopped around 9 pm. i never thought anything of it at the time. At midnight a police officer knocked on my door to inform me that my brothers body was found at around 9 pm in Caledon (a small town northwest of my home). My thing is why me, why did he come to me. Was he telling me something like I will be ok or did he want me to get some one to find him? I don't know but would like to.
ADC shortly before he heard about brother�s death.

1315.  Jackie H ADCs  4/21/13  From France.  Original in French translated to English by Marguy.   I saw my mother, deceased some weeks before, in an unknown place, it was a hilly place, and she was waiting in a long queue with many other people. She was in full discussion with somebody in her company, that I only saw from the back, and therefore did'nt recognize him. She seemed to be in great form, she saw me, made a little nod with her head indicating that everything was fine, and continued her way still talking with her companion!
Several ADCs with her Mother.

1314.  Christopher M Mother's DBV  4/20/13  My Mother was taking care of a 96 year old man that was my Grandma's neighbor. He had been in the convalescent home and had come out to live in his house again. He needed help with his taxes and other things. My mom took on the job to watch him close to 24 hours a day. One night my mom was watching him and all the sudden he started to breath heavy and my mom knew he was dying, so my mom held his hand and told him it's all right to go everyone's going to be ok. So within about 10 minutes he died. When he died my mom saw a bright green light leave his body float above him and then disappear. She believes it was his spirit leaving his body at death� at the beginning my mother was a little scared to be with Harold when he died but she said after it happened she was overwhelmed and that death is a beautiful thing and that there's nothing to fear.
Son describes mother�s shared death experience when she was with neighbor who died.

1313.  Julie L ADC  4/20/13  I was resting on the bed at my mother's house. I felt Charles' hand on my forehead. It did not feel like a dream. He was here. He looked some younger and better. I could feel every inch of him and we talked for a long time. I asked about the reading I had with a medium. He was there. I asked if he saw his dad now, if I was supposed to forgive his sisters (as he had asked me to do in the reading). I wanted to know about the place he lives now. He said he has already planted his corn for this year. He has an onyx pickup with all the bells and whistles. When he died he went down �almost there�. He does things with people. He wants me there but I can�t come yet. We were just about to talk about whether there is an end to that life.  It seemed as though he had stayed for hours, but he started to get tired.  Then, he was gone or I had to wake up.
ADC with deceased husband.

1312.  Lisa F ADCs  4/14/13 My father looked to be only 20 or so, the same age when I had been born. He was young and beautiful and glowing, actually more like bursting with love, joy, happiness. He was just staring into my eyes and I was staring back, just overwhelmed by the love that I was feeling from him. He had a half smile on his face but he never spoke. I became aware that my husband was sitting next to me in the dream, but I couldn't see anything but my father in front of me. My husband began whispering in my ear, saying something like "How do you think things are going now? What do you think about how things are? That type of thing, to which I replied, "I think things are exactly as they are supposed to be!"
Multiple ADCs from contributor and contributor�s family members.

1311.  Babette B ADC  4/10/13 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.   Suddenly I woke up, sitting at the right side of the bed, and I saw my brother sitting on the wooden panel that constituted the foot side of the bed (one panel for the head side and one for the foot side). He was exactly as I knew him, wearing jeans, leather jacket, his black curly hair and his big black eyes too, were shining. I don't remember being surprised, what happened was normal. At the same time I saw my husband who was sleeping on my left side, saw the cardboard boxes with clothes that had not yet been put away, saw the wardrobe that had not yet been assembled. My younger brother then talked to me. He explained that he wasn't really gone, that he was fine, that he was happy and that I had to stop crying so much
ADC from brother.

1310.  Elizabeth G ADC  4/8/13 & 6/30/13 I suddenly remembered reading that you could capture orbs on these phones so I spoke out loud to my mum and asked her to come and show herself to me in the form of an orb. No sooner where the words out of my mouth than a shaft of light suddenly appeared in the room right in front of my eyes. I could only see it through the lens of the camera phone however. I watched it enthralled as it quivered and then moved across the room before changing into a massive orb which then swooped right in front of me and shot off to the left disappearing from sight. I was left with the hairs tingling on the back of my neck, and a knowing that my mother had visited me!  
ADC from mother - she got pictures!

1309.  Elizabeth ADC  4/7/13  I silently asked her  "Where are you now, Mommy?" I looked up from my tears to see a flatbed truck just ahead of us, with a car bearing the license plate "BELIEVE."  My children saw it at the exact same moment and both commented on it.  A few moments after that, as I was watching the sky through the car window, I felt an overwhelming sense of joy which I have never before experienced.  It was astounding in its intensity and filled me with a sense of well-being and bliss.  It grew in intensity and lingered for at least a minute, perhaps more.  It is very hard to describe exactly how I felt. It was as though the universe was being revealed to me as as a world filled with love which was all-encompassing and accepting.  There was no room there for anything bad or evil. I distinctly felt that my mother was experiencing this love and was sharing it with me.  It was absolutely incredible and like no earthly love. 
ADC from mother while driving to her funeral.

1308.  Polly S ADC  4/7/13 I don't remember what was going on in the dream but I was outdoors at some sort of carnival and my son came up and hugged me from behind. He was just a little younger than he was when he passed, so he was at his adult height. It was just a short part at the end of the dream, but I was filled with such love and longing that it was unlike any dream I had had in the past. When I woke up and realized that he wasn't still here, I was really sad and depressed for the next day or so because the dream seemed so real.
ADC from son.

1307.  Ron M ADCs  3/23/13  I was extremely distraught and agitated due to my mother's death and the circumstances surrounding it; while ly ing awake after a bad dream, I suddenly felt extreme gentleness and transfer of serenity come to me this was characteristic of my mother's caring character here in this incarnate life.  I was having a difficult time forgiving actions of family members I did not understand; it seemed like I was being urged to let go of the burdens I had imposed on myself.  This reoccurred but with less definition (or intensity) early Wednesday.  Also twice when getting in my car and turning on the radio in the space of a few days I heard the song that says 'don't stop thinking about tomorrow, yesterday is gone, yesterday is gone' (message to me?)
ADCs following death of mother.

1306.  Rhonda M ADC  3/14/13 I woke up around 3am because of a strong floral scent; I could not place the scent, although it seemed to be like some type of lily; it was not a familiar smell to me....it was very strong and I wondered if it was from the spirit of my mother who passed that morning.  I told my daughter and husband about the experience the next morning.  On 3/13/13 I was having lunch with my father and we were recalling the past week of being with my mom, and the funeral etc.  He than said a strange thing happened to him, and he shared with me that he was woken out of a sound sleep the night my mom passed by a strong floral scent....I was immediately confirmed in my assumption and shared the same experience I had with him....we both felt a feeling of peace.
ADC experienced by daughter and her father involving floral scent.

1305.  Darrell M ADC  3/14/13  First time I experienced it when I was in the eight grade at my baseball game I was trusted with an unexplainable emotion.  I knew then something seriously wrong had happened. My uncle hung himself during that game.
Multiple experiences including ADC and premonitions.

1304.  Lesley A Experiences  3/14/13   From the UK. Everything was very bright, the light was brighter than here on earth. I became aware that I was looking at my Granddad who had passed away a few years earlier. He was standing at a bar with a glass in his hand, dressed like he usually did, chatting to a bar man. In my head I shouted "Granddad!!!". He looked at me and his face lit up in pleasure and surprise as he saw me. Then his face just dropped and he looked shocked to the core. I felt confused. He said "what are you doing here??" I replied ""I don't know"" and at that point I took in my surroundings and thought 'where am I?' He looked very serious and said "go back, you're not ready to die yet". As soon as he said that I felt a big jolt to my body. I opened my eyes and I was back in bed awake, certain that it had not been just a dream."
ADC Dream at age 12.  I was aware that I was visiting her in her 'new place'. We had tea and cakes etc although I don't remember physically eating, it was more in the mind. We chatted about people we knew, her life on earth, her parents, friends etc I knew we had covered a lot of ground. She disappeared for a minute and I was very aware that I had to go back. I became very lucid and began to question where I was. I reasoned that when my friend came back if she was 'ill looking and emaciated' like when she died in hospital then it would all be a dream. As soon as I thought that, my friend appeared again before my eyes. I looked at her closely. She was happy and her eyes were bright and I just knew then that I was seeing the 'real her' not the one who had cystic fibrosis on earth.
ADC dream from a friend and patient who died of cystic fibrosis.

1303.  Sukanna ADC 3/14/13   From Haiti. A few days later, my aunt, my cousins and I went to visit the family who had lost their daughter. I remember feeling so sad for her mom....you could see how devastated she was. Later on, before going to sleep, I prayed to God to welcome my departed friend with love and peace. Then I fell asleep. Within minutes of falling asleep, I felt a strong white light sucking my soul out of my body. I tried to fight it 2-3 times because I didn't know what was happening and was so scared. My heart was racing and this light was blinding. By the 4th time I let myself go and I saw my friend. She was dressed in a white glowing gown, with a small crown made out of white flowers in her head. She looked like an angel. She told me she was fine, and was happy. She looked at peace. She told me to please let her parents know that.
ADC at 13 years old.  In dream, deceased friend appeared to her.

1302.  Deborah P ADC 3/14/13 Less than two weeks later I dreamed that I saw her lying on her mat in the living room.  I approached Conchita and said "Don't vanish!" because I knew she had died and what I saw was her spirit.  Mentally, Conchita said to me, "I won't vanish yet.. I have something to show you."  Then a face of a black and tan dog with floppy ears was superimposed on her own.  The dream ended and when I awoke I wondered, is she showing me a future dog she wants me to have or is she showing me that she used to be a black and tan dog I owned 20 years ago?  Two weeks later I went to the local animal shelter where a relative does volunteer work to chat with her and before she knew my boyfriend and I were even there she called me on my cell phone and said that a dog that looked like a dog I used to have was at the shelter, spayed and ready to go.  A volunteer showed me the dog and she looked like the dog that Conchita had shown me in my dream. 
ADC from deceased pet dog with an image of the next dog she was to have.

1301.  David V ADC 3/14/13  About an hour before I got a call from my uncle that my grandfather passed away, but it's only there at the hospital when I felt the grief. With emotions really high I started to cry and felt tears on my chicks. Than I heard my grandfathers voice in my head. He said to me : David, please don't worry, I feel good here. I was stunned for a minute and could not think about anything, I stopped crying, but then in a few min or seconds I started to cry again, because I simply could not hold tears. And then I heard his voice in my head again, he said: David, I told you I am fine here.
ADC from grandfather shortly after he died.

1300.  Germond K ADC 3/2/13  My grandfather reached up and pulled down a dark green book and said, "This one is yours." and he had the most wonderful smile. I went to a table by myself and read it. As I was reading it, I recognized everything in it; I knew the contents of the book but I can't remember any of the details in it; I just "knew" the book very very well. I got about 1/3 of the way through the book and then the pages were blank. I looked up at my grandfather and he reached down to take the book and said that the book was "very very good" and was "exactly as it should be". He said that with great satisfaction and with great happiness. Then he carefully put the book back exactly were he got it from and said it was time to go.
ADC dream with remarkable overlap of the dreams of two other people and a premonition regarding him from a third person.

1299.  Marie O ADC 2199 3/2/13 From Canada.  The day of the appointment with the vet she got up and walked around and I had doubts that it was the right time for her to go. My husband believed it was time. I agreed and after felt I should have waited until I was sure. It was very traumatic during the procedure and felt as though I had done the wrong thing. I worried over this for about a month when falling asleep on the sofa I "dreamed" that the cat was walking towards me through a dark void. She was like a cat shaped translucent form. She walked towards me and put her nose on my cheek. I immediately woke up and could still feel the touch for several seconds after. I felt then that she forgave me.
ADC Dream from deceased pet cat.

1298.  Lacy ADCs 3/2/13  I asked my son to help me help his father.  For some unexplained reason I felt that if I video taped or took photos around me when I felt his energy that he would be there.  His spirit shows up in every single video as a pure and very bright light source either in orb form or as a concentrated light ( tiny ) his light travels in a consistent pattern.  I have two videos where the light is trying to manifest into form.  The others are all similar , but in different locations throughout my home, outside or a relatives home .  I cannot explain why or how this is happening.  I can tell you that these visual sightings bring a sense of peace and healing.  I have shown my husband.  He does not understand it, nor can he explain it.  I have made videos with family members as witnesses and it is very emotional to experience.
ADC from son who died of sudden cardiac death at age 14.

1297.  John W ADC 2/25/13  From the UK.  Then I sensed her walk into the room and sit on the sofa.  I said, in my head "Hello Mum, what are you doing here? I wrote this tune for you, what do you think?"  She replied in my head "It's very good, but sit down, I have something important to tell you."  I sat down... "Something very big is going to happen soon and you need to be ready for it"  I asked her what was going to happen.  She didn�t reply to that.  After this, she was gone.  This was a very intense experience.  I was really taken aback and told my wife about it.  She was worried, mostly in case it had implications for me, heart attack or something.  About a week or so later my then 16 year old daughter announced out of the blue that she was pregnant.  I was so shocked, I passed out on the sofa� My Mum always loved children, it was typical of her to come and deliver that news.
ADC from deceased mother suggesting big would happen soon.  A few days later he found that his 16 year old daughter was pregnant.

1296.  Vanessa V ADC 2/25/13 From Germany.  First I saw this light. The light was brighter then the sunlight. But it don't hurts in my eyes!  Then I heard a voice. First unclear and like whispering then it become louder an clear. I now realized that this was the voice of my father.  He was saying my name and my nickname. (Vanessa and Nessy).  I searched him but couldn't see anything. Then the light became a white hole and an arm was reaching after me. An arm with a watch on it like my father wore one (a cheaper version of a rolex. The arm had blonde hairs like my father had and the long nail on the little finger. (He used to scratch his nose.)  Then he said: Vanessa...Nessy...Nein...NEIN...schau hier...dort...NEIN... (In English: Vanessa...Nessy...No...NO...look here...NO...)  When he said the words ''look here'' I saw a letter. A letter like the one I wrote him after gis death. I gave him the letter into his grave on the funeral day.
ADC from father. 

1295.  Christina C ADC 2/3/13  My phone rang.  It was in the small front pocket of the luggage I currently own.  It was an older silver cell phone a flip phone.  I answered and it was Josh...my first and only true love who I had been mourning for and begging to see one last time...whom I deeply, regretted not telling my true feelings to in our last conversation, only weeks before his suicide. I said something like "How are you calling me? Aren't you gone?  Are you supposed to be doing this?"  He assured me that he was still around/alive, he said he had gained special permission to speak with me on the phone, but that I would not be allowed to see him at this time.  A clip board appeared in my hands.  It had a paper that looked like an official approval form of some kind.  It had a box checked that said "approved" it was an "Official Exception Form".  He was showing me that he had obtained an exception from Gordon B. Hinkley, the recently departed prophet of the Mormon church (at the time of my dream I did not know Hinkley was deceased).
ADC from former boyfriend who committed suicide.

1294.  Helen G ADC 2/3/13 From Scotland  I was putting milk in the fridge in the kitchen, a black streak caught my eye outside in the patio, so I went to the window and I can only describe a heat shimmer appeared where my father used to sit in his lounger outside on the patio, I looked at it and my father appeared in his same cloths he wore here. He got up off his lounger and floated away, he didn't use his walking stick as he would have done. 2 weeks later I was standing outside a shop and this wee old lady said to me your father is standing behind you, I said I don't think so he died 2 years ago and she said I know, you seen him recently and he wasn't using his walking stick.
ADC from deceased father.

1293.  Jessica M Experience 2184  1/19/13  She told me she had received permission to see me, but that we would probably not see each other again until I die.  She told me that she had come to warn me to be very, very careful on the following day.  She warned me that I would be in danger, and I would need to be very "in tune" and aware of my surroundings. She didn't explain what would happen, only that I would need to pay attention and be very careful. Then she left� I heard a loud sound, a train horn.  I looked out the driver's side window to see the lights of a train coming toward us very quickly.  I realized then that we were on railroad tracks.  I quickly reversed the car off the tracks, narrowly avoiding the train, and we watched as the train sped past.  In that moment I realized this must have been what my aunt was trying to warn me about.
ADC dream that helped her avoid being hit by a train the next day.

1292.  David G ADC 6559NDE 1/14/13   When he was about six to ten feet from the casket, maybe one or two people ahead of him, I saw a bluish-grey mist appear near him and just wrap around him completely.  It was Michelle and she was hugging him in the only way she could� She wrapped herself around him and I heard her say "Oh, Uncle Dave!  I love him so much !!!  I'll be with him forever. You have to tell him that I'll be with him forever and how much I love him."   There is nothing I have ever felt in my human existence that compares with the love I felt between them at that time.  He wasn't aware of it, at least I don't think so. But the love she was expressing was whole and complete and completely wrapped around him in ways no human touch could ever be.
One of the most profound after death communications ever reported.  Stunningly detailed and evidential.  A must read!

1291.  Patty ADC 1/14/13  A week after Tom's death I was sitting alone in the guest room, crying and talking to Tom, telling him that I wanted to make him proud of me and to become the loving spiritual person that he was. He, to my knowledge never said a bad word about anyone, was calm and loving and just a wonderful husband. I wanted to become everything that he would be proud of, to thank him for the wonderful life that he gave me. I sat there crying and finally told myself to get up and do something. I went into my bedroom to straighten up and went to the closet. It was very straight except for a greeting card that I saw laying face down on the floor. I picked it up and read it. It was from Tom and it said "Everything that I could ever wish you to be....you already are. Thanks for marrying me, your loving husband Tom.  The card must have been about 30 yrs old and I didn't remember it. Also I kept all of my keepsakes downstairs in a trunk! I cried with relief and joy. I knew it was a message from Tom.
ADC from deceased husband.

1290.  Dianne S ADCs 1/5/13 I was listening to Pandora online radio. the radio stations are programmed by you, to play music you like. The station played "mama" by Tupac. I was stunned, first I never play any kind of rap. The significance of this is, when my son was 15 he wrote out the lyrics of this song for me, but I had never heard it. He said all the lyrics don't fit, but it was how he felt about me. This is the only song he ever wrote out for me.  ADC from son.  After I finished vacuuming our hallway I picked up a piece of paper laying on the floor. It was a receipt from the Christmas present My Son bought me last year. Our cats has probably been playing with it, but I had already cleaned my Son's room weeks earlier and had not seen this.  ADC from son.

1289.  Debbie T ADC 1/5/13  Right after my husband passed that night I heard distinctly 2 footsteps upstairs, thinking it was my son yet when I went in computer room there my son was and no one was upstairs. At first thought I was just hearing things yet the next morning I heard again two foot steps and my son was sleeping right in sight of me.  A few days later I was sleeping and woke up to my husband calling out my name like he use to from the bottom of the staircase. I figured it was just my grief for I had read things on this, yet a few days later I woke up to my husband saying my name in my ear very softly almost like he was trying to tell me he was there.
ADCs from deceased husband.

1288.  Lisa J ADC 1/5/13 I checked the house throughout, to find that no one was there except my kids and I. I went into the closet and took out my handgun, loaded it, put it under my pillow, said a prayer and laid back down again. As I got comfortable, again I felt someone watching me. Again I looked into the hallway and saw the figure of a woman standing there facing my room. I then thought of my mom and said, "Linda, if that is you, you can go. The kids and I are alright. As I said that, she turned and proceeded to go up the hallway toward the living room. The light coming from her spirit was so bright that it illuminated the whole house. I followed her into the living room and she disappeared. I then felt so protected. After that experience, I know she is still with me and watching over us� I told my aunt about it the next day.  She also told me that it was my mom, because my mom came to her after her death also. The difference was, my mom knew that I was afraid of seeing the dead, so she never lifted her veil to show me her face, but she lifted it to tell my aunt goodbye. She also smiled at my aunt.
ADC from deceased mother.



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