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My sister Joan took her own life on March 8, 1997.  She wasn't found until the next day and I wasn't aware that she had gone when this happened.  The morning of March 9th I  had gone with my boyfriend Randy out to the land he was clearing in the country.  We were there most of the day, he worked and I relaxed. I remember  watching him and becoming upset  thinking about how painful it would be to part with him someday, really feeling it.  Before we left for home,  we took a walk through the woods,  it was warm, but the trees were still bare.  As we were walking I became suddenly insecure and asked for reassurance from Randy.  We stopped and talked for a bit and then decided to head for the truck.  When we were close to the clearing I  just  stopped,  Randy and his dog continued on and when they were gone I turned around and said "What?" .  I looked around and said it again. And again, "What is it?"  and then I looked up.  Above me in this bare forest was a beautiful canopy of white flowers with so many butterflies and  bees.  It seemed so strange and then I realized it should not be there.  I said, "What is this?" and I was afraid.  When I looked at the vines from the flowers I saw that the tree was old and dead,  it was leaning over.   Tears started as I stood there and  then  more fear.  I ran to the truck  and told Randy that I had seen flowers coming out of a dead tree.  We got home a couple of hours later  and I got the terrible news that Joan had gone.  After I was able to calm down later I suddenly remembered the tree and it made sense. Joan came to say goodbye, I felt her sadness and  she showed me that there definitely is life after this one.It bothers me that most people want to rationalize  the gift my sister gave to me, but I know it was  her.   Randy went back to find the flowering tree but couldn't.  Three years later he still doesn't have even one flowering tree on any of his 15 acres.Thank you for this web site and the opportunity to share my experience, the only one I have ever had that I can recall.