Bill's ADC



Experienced by my husband. I was out of the house, the phone rang a few times
before Bill answered it. He states there was a lot of static for a few seconds, then he heard a soft, weak, almost frail, voice say, "heyyyyyyy.....Dad". Then he said that there was more static and then the line just went dead, no dial tone or disconnect tone. That's it! He recognized her soft voice immediately. Katie use to elongate the word "hey" for hi, whenever she called any of us. When i came home shortly after the event, he took me outside. He braced himself against the courtyard fence while he shared the message with me. In 25 years, I have never seen him act so strangely awestruck nor have i ever seen him physically brace himself to something before he spoke. It is so out of his character to fabricate anything. I was wary, speechless but i know him to be as honest a man as you will ever meet. Neither of us had ever heard of ADC's until that message from Katie.