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Well I do not know if this was a near-death, nothing had happened to me because I was sleeping and my mother had died the previous year from lung cancer and I was very very close with her and could not let her go and was always thinking about her.  One night I was sleeping and all of a sudden I found myself in a room, a small room, with an old fashioned Victorian type couch and a door, the walls were white, and there was nobody there, and I found myself sitting on the couch, and as I turned, I saw my mother sitting next to me, somewhat stern perhaps angry with me, and she telecommunicated to me that she could not go where she was suppose to go because I was holding her back from thinking about her all the time for a whole year.

Suddenly she vanished, and I knew that if I could get beyond the door that she would be there and that it was very very beautiful, but the door was locked.  All of a sudden appeared before me was a timer with the sand trickling down, and it was almost to the end, and I knew if I was to make it out of there I better do it fast.  I thought of my 3 children and all of a sudden I was back in my bed.  From that moment on, my thoughts were few and far between about my mother and I knew she was in a beautiful place and I did not have to worry about her.