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Experience description:

All three experiences took place within three weeks following the death of my son.

1.  I was lying in bed one afternoon, trying to nap.  I was lying on my left side and suddenly I heard, "I love you," vibrate in my right ear. I immediately r

2.  I awoke one morning, walked into the spare bedroom where I have some my my son's belongings, and I was overwhelmed with indescribable feelings of unconditional love, acceptance, forgiveness, joy, elation; my heart was bursting!  I basked in this for about 20 minutes.  I remember thinking that this is how my baby feels, this is how it is where he lives now and he's sending a sample of it to me.  I wanted to shout about it; I wanted to call others and share it; I knew I wouldn't be believed.  It was tremendous!

3.  I woke up with the most marvelous feeling of gratitude that I had been born female.   I was so glad that I had the ability to and, in fact, had birthed children.  I had tears of joy running from my eyes and again I basked in the joy I feel my son had sent.