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We were in the process of moving and were sleeping in twin beds in what was normally our guest room.  About 2:15am, I was awakened by someone calling my name.  I thought it was my wife and answered "Yes, Barbara". The voice continued to call me by my first name and I sat up in bed.  With the light of a nearby street light illuminating the room a little, I saw a female figure in a long flowing gown standing in the doorway to the guest room.  I still thought it was my wife, but when I looked at the other bed, my wife was asleep in bed.  I looked back at the figure and asked "What do you want?"  The figure didn't say anything else but slowly faded away in less than a minute.  Several days later, my cousin called to tell me his wife, Alice, had passed away and would I like to come to the funeral.  At the funeral, I learned that she had died about an hour before her appearance before me.  The long flowing dress tied in because that was what she usually wore, a style favored by her daughter, a fashion designer.