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My sister and I lost our mother (almost 80) after a prolonged illness.  Before she died on September 2 of this year, hospice had arranged for her to be in a hospital bed in the main family room.  She and I would hold hands and watch "Crossing Over" with John Edward.  Through Hospice, mom came to believe in life after death, and we often talked about how I'd miss her once she passed over -- yet we were certain she would still hear us talk to her.

 As I got "the call" that mom had passed, I gazed out my window as a monarch butterfly alit on a bush in front of me. I knew it was Mom's way of saying -- I'm still here -- just in a different way. At her funeral in Florida a few days later, a rare black lacey butterfly flit around the funeral party and alit on mother's coffin. I commented to everyone that mom was still with us.

 My sister, mom's friend and roommate for 8 years was inconsolable, as was her two year old.  A skeptic, Sandra didn't believe that mother was still with us.  I began to talk to mom and asked her to make pennies appear around the house for Sandra -- as proof she's still with us.  After two weeks, Sandra called me to confess that pennies had been appearing all over the house and in her car -- though no one had been in either her car or her house -- other than her and Sammy, her two-year old. I told her about my request to mom.  She really seemed to find comfort in the pennies --- which stopped appearing -- as they were no longer necessary.

 Another incident that stirred me -- yet still puzzles me -- is a strange one. As I drove home one night from work, it was very dark. I was playing a beautiful song called "The Prayer" on my CD-player.  I thought of my mother.  A rush of energy, like a chill or rush of adrenalin came thru my body -- from the back of my neck -- passing to my head and down my body.  It wasn't a chill.  The only description I can explain it with is a sense of "rapture" -- as if someone or something had entered me.  I was filled with an enormous sense of well being, comfort and confidence -- at a time of great emotional distress.  I felt it was my mother's presence entering me, but I honestly don't know what happened.  (I'm not pre--menopausal or on any Rx that would account for the strange sensations I felt.)

 Thank you for letting me share my experiences.