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      I was returning from the kitchen, I was really sad, for it was only the third day after my father death. I was feeling uncomfortable and I did not know what was causing this feeling, and then I knew, I was feeling hands holding my arms and "I knew" whose hands they belonged to. I closed my eyes and I saw like a fuzzy or blurred photo of my father  and right then I knew "HE" was there with me. At first I became frighten, for I never had such an experience, but then I thought "This is my father, who loved me and only gave good things, why would he do me harm now?" At that moment a feeling of joy filled me up, and I had the absolute certainty, without any doubt, that he was with me. The feeling and manifestation of it slowly faded away, but the implications that, after his physical death, my father was alive were amazing to me. A new perspective of life was born that night, a new way of seeing things, and I can properly say that my life has been changed by the experience.