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Experience description:

      I was at a candle-light guided group meditation one night.  The leader took us all through a meditation whereas I entered a room and he said that someone very important from the Other Side would be waiting for me.  He suggested that we pray to God for that person to be there.  At that particular meditation, I did not have any contact with my Mother.  She is the one I prayed to have contact with.  I shared after the meditation that I was not successful.  The leader told me to continue meditating every day and pray to God for it to happen and that it would happen within the next couple of days.  At that time, I also had been reading a book by Dr. Raymond Moody on how to contact the departed and I was aware that it could be done; although Dr. Moody's experiments are done a little bit differently.  The main difference with my experience is that I used prayer and meditation to God to make it happen.

Two mornings later, I got up extra early one morning about 4:30 a.m. and I went into my living room and sat in a very comfortable chair.  I lit one beautiful white candle.  I closed my eyes and I said the Lord's Prayer and I said this to God:  "Dear God, I love my Mother so much and I miss her and I would like to have contact with her Dear God.  I know that other people have had this experience.  If it's your will, please let me have contact with her.  I would feel so much better knowing that she is OK."  It was truly my heart's desire at that time for this to happen.  I then began taking a few slow deep breathes and started my meditation.  I have always used a mantra and in my mind I would breathe in "Let Go" and breathe out "and Let God" over and over again in my mind.  I was meditating for about 15 minutes and I felt this cold touch on my leg and then I felt her touch me on my arm and I knew it was my Mother and I knew God had answered my prayers.  I could feel her presence with me.  Nothing was said, but those two touches that I felt were other-worldly and I knew that God answered my prayers.  I began to cry and feel such a relief and I knew that God loved me and let her come to me to soothe me and let me know she was still in existence and she still loved me and I knew that with God, fervent prayer and desire, and my faith in my Higher Power, along with my meditation, brought about the results that I was looking for.

From that day forward, I felt much more peace inside, knowing that God is working in my life and that God really cares about me and let my Mother be there for me, even in death.