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I have been interested in ADC's since the cancer related death of my mother Dec 1999. First you must understand that my mother was what I would call clairvoyant and psychic although she did not like to speak of it because of obvious reasons. She did however tell me as I got older of visions, premonitions and contacts she had over the years. I believe that this ability has also been passed in a lesser degree to me but in a much greater degree to my 8 yr old daughter as I will explain briefly later.
Quite frankly I never knew what to make of my mother's visions and premonitions. I did not understand it and never gave it much thought until her death. That's when I started to read and learn as much as I could about the subject. Not just ADC's but all aspects of the paranormal, NDE's, OBE's, prior lives etc. Very fascinating. The more I studies the more open I found myself to receiving messages. I know now that my mother has made contact with me and my daughter on several occasions that I am aware of and quite probably many more that I am not aware of. I truly receiving those messages and hope they will continue. I must also mention to you that I am a police officer and have never been prone to hysterical hallucinations or wishful thinking. If anything I have been trained to think the complete opposite, too logical, orderly etc according to my wife anyway. The other point is that I do not know why I feel I must tell  total stranger about something so personal as this but I do hope you find it useful and maybe interesting.
As I stated my mother died from cancer related problems on Dec, 1999. She had been battling cancer for several years. This round of chemo was a last ditch effort. She knew she was leaving. At about 4 AM on Sunday the 5th she died. My sister, her husband and their 4 yr old son arrived a few days later from overseas. The first contact came 1 week later at the funeral home. We (family only) were saying out last goodbyes. My brother in law decided to go up to the casket, which was open, with his son to say goodbye. I could hear him telling his son to say goodbye to grandma. I could see the boy become agitated and I hoped that this was not too much of a trauma for him. I did tell all the children they did not have to do this but of course they all wanted to. My brother in law stepped back with the boy. I could also see that he was a little distressed. We got home and asked what the problem was figuring it was the whole incident. He told me that while up at the casket saying goodbye his son became frightened. He asked what was wrong. His son told him that grandma was smiling at him and waving. You have to understand that this little boy has never been exposed to death and is not prone to story telling. He was not going to tell me for fear that I would think he was crazy.
The next incident came about about 1 month after the funeral. I was standing looking at my mother's picture and feeling very depressed and sad. All of a sudden I had this overwhelming feeling of comfort and I knew that she was standing there next to me telling me that she was ok. I could not see her visually. It was more of a mental image but clear enough to make me look over my left shoulder. I was still concerned about her and made it know to her. I failed to  mention that my mother used mothballs in packing cases, in her closets so the smell became very familiar. In cases too many time to count while thinking about her, whether it would be while waiting to pick up the kids or even at work I would smell mothballs for maybe 5 seconds then the smell would disappear. Even me wife has had a mothball experience.
The next experience involves my daughter. As I said I was concerned and grieving. I was talking to my daughter 1 day about dreams, she told me she had one of grandma. I didn't want to plant any ideas or subconscious thoughts so I let her continue without saying anything. She said that grandma was sitting cross-legged on the ground in a very bright place or room, she could not see beyond the brightness. Grandma was wearing her coloured flower pants that she liked to wear and a brn blouse. She did not say anything. In front of grandma and off to the side was a young man she described as very handsome, long brown hair, centre parted to the middle of the back wearing a purple robe with white sash belt. He looked at my daughter and told her that her grandma was ok. She said that grandma looked like she was not feeling well and probably was not. From what I understand the soul needs time to recuperate after a particularly hard death. Some time later I became increasingly worried about my stepfather. He was lonely and getting depressed. I asked my mother several times to watch over him if she could. About 2 weeks later my daughter told me of another dream. I had not mentioned my request to my mother to anyone in the family. My daughter told me that grandma was sitting atop a small hill on a carpet, same clothes and smiling at her. It was winter but the sunny and not cold. She waved at my daughter, my daughter waved back and told her she loved her. My mother then told her that granddad, my stepfather, was fine. He is working and he will be alright. This was a message intended for me obviously but it was a such a direct answer I was a little stunned. My daughter has never been coached on any of these incidents.
I had a contact in a dream about 5 months after her death. I had become very angry at my sister for various family reasons. About a week after the start of the problems I dreamt of my mother. My mother, my sister and I were standing in this very bright room or area, could not really see if it was a room because I could not see beyond  the brightness. It was very bright but not painful. My mother was wearing the same clothes described by my daughter. She was standing holding her hands which was very common for her because she suffered from arthritis and cold hands. My sister was standing there head down not saying a word. My mother looked at me pleadingly and said "please don't be angry with your sister". For whatever reason I walked away. When I woke up I realised that I had never had such a dream and that this was no dream. I had not read a whole lot about the subject up till then but enough to know that contact through dreams was not uncommon
I have had many other contacts, intuitive messages, physical messages (butterfly) and a verbal hello and if you are interested let me know and I will tell you but what I have told you here are what I consider the most important. As I said please feel free to use any part of what I have told you or none of it. I ask only that if you do please do not print my name.