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First and foremost I want to thank you for keeping this wonderful site. I visit your site regularly as the experiences explain what is taught in Buddhism very clearly.  Here is a true incident I have witnessed once but my husband has witnessed many times.
These experiences and afterlife stories are nothing new in Theravadi Buddhism (Sri Lanka). According to Buddhism, a human can become an animal if while in the human body the mind was working only on instinct as animals do. A human can become a  diva ( a spirit in the light) if he practiced love, compassion, patience and forgiveness.

My sister-in law Girly was 3 yrs. old when her grand mother died. after that my husband and many in the family have seen a misty figure near her bed in the night. Some days Girly becomes over powered by grandmother's spirit. When grandmother's spirit takes over her body the beautiful young look of Girly is replaced by a tired cruel look. She talks using old woman's language.  She does not know anyone who joined the family after her grand mothers death (including Girly's own younger brothers).  She asks for very old people who is known to Girly's father only. Once a family secret also came out. Chasing the spirit away is a costly affair. There are people who do some special chantings to chase the entity. Before leaving Girly's body, the spirit asks for food (grand mother's favorite food while on earth). The way she eats the food is horrible. After the spirit leaves, Girly becomes herself, but she does not remember anything. This happened on and off till some years back. I went to see an astrologer 5 yrs back with Girly. The strange thing is that astrologer said Girly can be overpowered by spirits. He explained it with regard to some houses in Girly's horoscope.