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Experience description:

It was a few weeks after my sister's death.  A friend of hers had told me about telling my sister before she died to let her know when she was at Heaven's Gate.  She was talking to my sister out loud and said she was supposed to tell her when she was at Heaven's Gate, but she did not.  At that moment, she said a song telling her just that came on the radio.  When she told me about this experience, I got angry.  I was angry because I stayed with my sister every day until her death.  I kept trying to read Bettie Eadie's "Saved by the Light(?)" to her before she died.  I was upset because I wanted to have a visitation with her and felt that I deserved something.  Anyway, that night, I "talked" to her and told her that I felt that if anyone should have a visitation, it should be me and that I was angry because I wanted to know she was alright, also.  I was lying in bed at the time but was not sleepy.  My eyes were closed when all of a sudden, I felt as if someone had sat down on my bed.  Of course when I finally opened my eyes, I saw nothing.  Then, I felt her caressing my cheek with her fingers like she used to do to her son and my son when she was putting them to sleep.  That made me feel much better, but I admit I was still apprehensive about opening my eyes.

But I still was not satisfied.  I wanted to talk with her.  I am very interested in death and NDE's and had seen a show where they said you can ask a loved one to come to you in your dreams.  So that night I asked my sister to come into my dreams and visit me.  When I went to sleep that night, it was with the intention of seeing my sister.  I dreamed that I was sitting on a fluffy white cloud just waiting.  Out of the corner of my eye and slightly above, I could see something coming down.  It was my sister!  She was in a white gown and glowing!  She had long, beautiful, wavy hair (all of her hair had come out from chemo).  I have always been able to lucid dream, so when I saw her, I immediately smiled and said "It worked!  It worked!  You came to see me.  I can't believe it!"  Such joy and elation.  Then my sister sat down on the cloud with me and started telling me about so many things!  The problem is, I cannot remember any of it.  It's like I know, but I don't know.  All I remember is her telling me at the very end that "Everything is going to be alright."  And then she floated off.  I woke up feeling GREAT!

I will never forget it in my life.  I have always believed in Heaven, but seeing my sister really made it seem so much more real.