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Experience description:

Was driving to Oswego to meet my other family members to go to the funeral.  I was crying so hard that I don't really remember the drive & feel lucky to have made it there safely.

    A warm feeling came over me as if my father was there hugging me & then every song that played on the radio seemed to have a relation to my father or to the situation.  It was like an extreme feeling of relief had come over me for the period over which the experience lasted.  Would estimate that it was somewhere between 15 & 30 minutes.

    Second instance was probably months later, I woke up to my infant son looking down on me, but I could see my father in his eyes.  It was just as real as could be...I knew it was my father looking at me.  He stared deeply into my eyes & then kissed me, stared again for an extended period of time as if to give me a chance to recognize him, and then kissed me again.  this probably continued for 3 to 4 times & then he was gone.