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           I didn�t believe in life after death, in fact I was a total skeptic. When my father died, I really believed that he was gone and no more and that I had to adjust to this - there was not one iota of me that believed, or hoped that he lived on. Eight months after he died I was sleeping in bed, I became aware of being conscious, I was in a grey misty place and I was puzzled to why and what was going on. From the mist my father appeared, I remember thinking he looked like he did, had mannerisms that he had before he died and it surprised me because 1 had acknowledged to myself that he was dead, but was now in front of me! 

    We began communicating with each other using our minds - it seemed like we talked for ages (most of it forgotten) and yet it felt like the time it took was barely minutes. He was standing on my left, suddenly he raised his arm and pointed to my right, so I turned to see what he was pointing at. The grey misty place disappeared and in its place was a glorious countryside scene in full colour, so beautiful with incredible colours and feelings of peace - I drank in every bit of this view, pulling my vision from the horizon back towards me - there was fields and flowers, a couple of houses nestled in a little valley to the left, I was entranced by such �prettiness�. I continued pulling my gaze back and suddenly came across a wall that was about 10 feet high and only a brick in width - �I� was on this wall (although I was still watching �me!�) I knew it was me because I could feel everything that was within that person on the wall - and I was so innocent and happy, chuckling and laughing, running up and down on top of that wall, sometimes tottering on the side which sent me into peals of laughter because I knew I couldn�t fall! I smiled to see such antics, and then something caught my eye - in front of this wall was a person, male, shoulder length auburn hair, head slightly bowed down, dressed in what looked like a white kaftan to the floor, sleeves long so that I couldn�t see any hands. 

    To my puzzlement I realized that whilst he was slowly gliding up and down, very stately with grace, I was rushing madly about on the wall - that he was always by my side - it didn�t make sense to me. I turned back to my father and was again in the misty place and he said this one sentence to me, with emphasis on the last word - �Don�t look, LOOK� - I understood that I had to understand with my emotion rather than logic. I turned back to the beautiful scene and was completely overcome by my emotions as I understood what was taking place. It was like if there was every one question that needed to be known, this was it: You are never alone, you never will be, you cannot be alone. I turned back to my father, so full of awareness that it seemed like I melted into him - to look at him now was to �KNOW� him. I then felt like I blinked, it seemed to be in slow motion, when I opened my eyes, I was in an embrace with the figure in white from the countryside scene. 

    I was literally overcome with immense emotions of joy and love, unconditional love poured out of this figure that washed over and through me, I could physically feel love - hold it in my hand, breath it. I remember thinking that nothing could ever better this, that this was the ultimate of anything anyone could have happen to them. With this, the figure let me experience it from his point of view - how 1 made him feel, and this was mindblowing! What he saw in me was absolute perfection that lifted him to heights of love, well I immediately thought that he couldn�t know me, that I had been mean that time, that I had been selfish another time etc! He laughingly chided me, communicating that I was perfection from the start. I had 360 degree vision, I felt myself within the embrace and yet I �saw� his hands in the small of my back, clasped together, holding me in the embrace. I then woke up. 

    I was overcome to say the least!! I didn�t know where my father was, but he was somewhere! Because I had been such a skeptic I didn�t want to share any of this because I thought I would be mocked or patted on the head in the belief that I was full of grief for my father and yet the opposite was true. I kept it to myself for a week, but then shared it with my sister. I was amazed when she said she had had a similar dream - she shared things with me that no one could know - when I awoke the first thing I did was to put my hand to my cheek because I could still feel the softness of the clothes this figure was wearing (almost like lying on fur!), I asked my sister what he was wearing and she told me exactly the same, down to the fact that she too had put her hand to her cheek!! She asked me when it had happened and by now was so dumbstruck that I replied Thursday (I was talking to her on a Friday), and she said it happened to her on Thursday, but a week ago - and it was a case of her correcting me because I had waited a week to tell her, so it had happened on the same night - I knew what happened to me was true, but to get backup was unbelievable (no pun!!) For some reason this seemed to be enough for her, her grief had disappeared and she went on with life, for me it was a total bombshell, like realizing that 1 had based my former life on beliefs and understanding that was wrong, so it was completely overwhelming to me. I don�t know if this had an effect on me, but I went on to have further things happen.