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Experience description:

i was sleeping and i suppose in my dream state all of a sudden i was in a building which was at garden or basement level. i know this because i could see out the windows right onto the sidewalk. the building was rather empty but clean. as i looked out the window s i saw people in every available space either standing or walking, but at the same time it did not feel crowded. i noticed then that people were floating down to the sidewalks with wings on them. as soon as they landed they lost the wings. all of a sudden my brother who had died about two months prior, appeared before me. i immediately started hysterically crying and asking him over and over why he died. he never answered me but just looked at me for a minute. i remember i was a little afraid of him because in life he was always always smiling and at that moment he wasn't. he then said to me very calmly, (although i don't think his mouth moved), that "this place is ok, but jesus is really cool". I just kept crying and then i tentatively  reached out and touched him on his arm. he just looked at me then he pointed to where i had touched him and he said "that was really neat that you did that" as he then smiled. at this point i was still crying to him and he turned sideways from me and stood by a sink and said he had to go. at this point i woke up.