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Experience description:

First day my sister passed away, my brother and other sister and I decided to gather around her bed while she was still lying there and hold hands and say a prayer.  My brother and sister had their eyes closed, and I tried to close mine also, but, something told me to look up and when I did, I saw my sister Tina holding hands and smiling with my father.  It wasn't that clear, but clear enough to know that she was there and was very happy about what she was seeing.  I never told anyone that before.

            Next thing was, after that, we got in the car and the radio was playing a song, "Cup of Life"......that was my sisters favorite song.  We made several stops along the way and got out of the car numerous times, but each time we got back into the car, that song would come on.  My brother said, that the song was driving him nuts and so we changed the channel Only to find it playing on another station.

          I was in a book store one day, and I was in the cooking section looking for something, but I just couldn't search for anything.  My sister loved cookbooks and me and her used to collect them.  For some apparent reason, I was feeling my worse, and saw this little book, titled, "Hello From Heaven"....I picked it up and read the cover and put it down.  I thought that it was another "nonsense" book, but wondered how it got to the cooking section.  Anyway, I was trying to walk out of the book store, when something just kept telling me to go back and buy that book.  Eventually I did, figuring I'd have something to read on the train while going home from work that day.  As it turned out, the book said so many things that I have experienced. 

        Before this incident about the book, I was sleeping and heard the phone ring twice, but didn't pick it up.....I was too tired.  I was half sleeping, I think, and half awake, but I remember my sister talking to me....I was talking on the phone and but it was very static.....I said, "Tina, is that you"? and she said, "Yes, honey......don't forget, Tell Mommy I love her".   I heard that twice and then when I awoke fully, I saw the phone wire moving as if I just hung up the phone.  I told my mother and she cried.

        I have so much more that has happened, like the smell of her hand cream, and a book about Angels and her lifelong friend who dreamed Every single day of my sister only to be nagged every single day to get a hold of me and give me a certain book.  If you need any other information, please feel free to contact me....I hope you don't think that I'm nuts.    Thank You, Mary