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Subject: My own experiences...


I have recently had some experiences that I think I should share with you people, and perhaps, someone might know who else has had similar experiences that I might be able to talk to.

All of these have to do with seeing ghosts.

The first I can remember was my grandfather who had passed away, and we were having the wake at his house in Canada, the home he had built with his own hands.  I was about 12 years old at the time, and I remember coming into the dining room where all of my older family was sitting around and crying about something that had just been said.  I remember asking what was wrong, and my mother said that they were all sad because Grandpa wasn't around anymore.  I thought about that answer, then went away into the living room, and I remember seeing my Grandfather sitting in his chair that he always sat in, and having a great feeling of peace.

The latest few that I can remember were only last year, and since then I have had more, but this is the most vivid.

A bit of background is necessary here.  My wife's family had lost their oldest son (he would have been my brother in law) when he was 18 years old, and I had never met him.  My wife's mother and step-father own a restaurant up in Buckhorn, and we were visiting them.  My wife and her sister were sitting across from me, and my mother in law was sitting beside me.  It was about 8:00pm at night, and it was already darkening out.  Slowly, a form made itself clear beside my wife on the bench across from me.  I could see details such as what he was wearing, how he looked, and I was actually able to communicate with him.  My wife recalls that I became very pale and shaken while I was sitting there.  Later, when I had described the conversation that I had had with him, and describe what he was wearing, my wife told me that what I saw him in was what they had buried him in.

That night, he came into our bedroom and stood there while I tried to fall asleep.  I spoke with him further, and he told me that he had to walk out here the first time, and had been there for 2 years already, and was waiting for something.  He told me that he missed being able to eat.

A couple of months before that, I saw my grandfather in that chair again, and he was sleeping when I first came in, but he woke up shortly after and told me that he was here to help my grandmother.  Again, that feeling of peace was with him.

Another time, shortly after my grandmother in law had passed away, I was busy writing the prayers for the church service.  I felt her presence very strongly in the room, and she took my hand and I watched as my hand wrote two of the prayers on her behalf.  After she had finished writing those prayers, I was shaking with exhaustion for about 20 minutes and couldn't function properly.

Just this past weekend, we took my father in law in for brain surgery, and before he was going in, I spotted 4 people standing around his bed along with my sister and wife.  I identified 3 of them, as my fathers' mother, father and his son, Scott, who I had sensed before.  The fourth person was a woman, and my wife and sister suspected that it must have been Hazel, my father in law's oldest sister who had passed away from cancer many years ago.  They frequently put their hands on my shoulders (I could feel chills when they did that) and they told me that they wanted me to tell dad that I could see them, and that they were here to help dad through the surgery.  They were going to be where we couldn't be, and that was actually inside the O.R. room.  Scott then requested that he wanted to stand beside his father's head, so I backed out of the way, and he walked around from the foot of the bed to stand where I had been standing, and turned to thank me for getting out of the way, and for telling dad that they were there.  I sat down on the bed next to dad, and I noticed that my own grandfather (same as above) was sitting on the bed beside me, and he reassured me and put his hand on my neck and shoulders to comfort me.

Shortly before they took him away, I became aware that the room had 5 other people in it, and they were standing around another man's bed about 10 feet away from where we were.  He was going in for some life threatening surgery as well 

Later that evening, after dad's surgery, I went in to see him in the I.C.U.  I could sense the same group around dad, but I couldn't see them this time, as I wasn't concentrating on them.  On our way out of the hospital, we were walking down a long hallway outside the I.C.U. and I could perceive about 30-40 other people were lining the hallways, waiting for their loved ones who were also dying or in serious trouble.

I'm not convinced that I am actually experiencing ghosts, or that they are simply a product of an active imagination.  I would very much like to speak with someone who has had similar experiences as these, and I would like to learn how to develop this talent so that I can see these people more clearly and understand them better.

Thanks for taking the time to read about what is happening to me, I could use some help on this...