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I heard my sister's voice saying my name three times. It sounded as if she was right behind my right shoulder. Her voice sounded strong and happy and healthy. I had not even realized how much her voice had changed (weakened) while she was sick, as she'd been sick for nine years. It had been a gradual change, so I had not even noticed it. When she called my name, I was so surprised at how much her voice had changed over the years. She now sounded like she used to, before she'd become sick. I asked my husband to look at the clock and not to forget the time. I told him I'd just heard my sister's voice. I was whispering because my mom was in complete denial of how sick my sister was. I didn't want to upset her more. My three year old son was involved, also. We stopped to return a video at a rental shop and Gabriel, who had speech problems due to heart defects which had been repaired through open heart surgery, turned toward my mother. Normally, he had a very difficult time expressing himself and was very hard to understand. He looked at my mother and said, in perfect English, "Merrilee died. She went to heaven. She had to go." I looked at my husband and said, "oh no"! My mother just looked surprised. It was odd for us to hear Gabriel speak so clearly and use the proper tenses, too. Normally, he'd have said, "She goed to heaven," or something to that effect, and he wouldn't have said, "she HAD to go." When we got to our house, my husband listened to the phone messages, and he looked at me in shock! Her husband had called and said that she'd passed away at 6:20.