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Experience description:

It was early morning, the day before I had to move out from the apartment I shared with Victor, my husband.  It was the apartment we shared and where he died. 

I was just looking at the ocean, waiting for my daughter to wake-up so I could bring her to school, when I felt that somebody from behind pull the end of my T-shirt.  I turned around expecting to see my daughter, (she is the only one living with me and we were alone in the apartment) but she was not there. 

I went to the bedroom, thinking that probably she went back very fast to the bed, but she was still sleeping.

I was very surprised and a little bit confused because I know it was not my imagination, I really felt my T-shirt being pulled.  I return to the living room and I felt peace, a beautiful feeling, some kind of comfort in my heart.  I knew it was Victor, I told him: "It's you..." and at the very same time I was saying that I felt something embracing me, arms of love and comfort were around me, like trapping and covering me with a feeling so good that is hard to describe.

Victor is the love of my life, since he died I feel a constant sadness in my heart that I can only compare with having a knife stabbed all the time.  When I felt this arms of love embracing me I knew it was my husband's presence going around me and it was the first time I felt good for a few minutes after his death... as long as it last I felt free of pain.