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Experience description:

With my grandfather's I was going to bed, then I turned my head to my mom's room and I saw him sitting on the bed, with his head down like sad and with his hands together, he turned his head very slowly to me and I saw him eye to eye, for one moment we kept looking at each other, then I got scared, put the blankets over my head, then I put them down and then he disappeared

With my father, I was on my cousins 15 birthday in an small town north to Puebla, I was dancing and then inside of my head I saw my dad dying in an ambulance, they had taken him to Puebla , because he got very ill, then when we were driving to Puebla I saw a red cloud and i knew inside of me that he had died. none saw thee cloud.

With my mother it was very strange, months before she died, I knew so, so when she died I did not cried, all day had to work in order to recover her body from the hospital, when I took her to the place were you take death bodies forgot the word in English burial place I think, not body was with me, I expended that night just her and her coffin and me to her side, so in one moment I saw her floating on the air in her very colorful dress, she sat at my side and told me "I am so happy"

"this is wonderful" "dot not be sad" "I can fell your love my little baby" and right after I felt asleep