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Experience description:

6 hours before the accident I woke up in a cold sweat with my son sleeping besiede me.  I had dreamed that we had all gone for a family drive my 2 sons and my ex and came to a river which was never on tha tpart of the road before.  I said lets just drive across it we did and when we got to the otherside the rode ended so we turned around.  comming back we got caught ina whirl pool which next thing I knew we where all out the car and I was looking down in the whirlpool and I could see my son's and my ex alll hanging on to hands.  I tried to swim to them to save them and the next thing I noticed the cloudiness of the whilrpool cleared up but it was still dark and it was the old flooring that the ranch house use to have.  and all these cast iron table and chairs set up.  I woke up before I reached the bottom and remeber looking at my son and thinking thank god I never hit bottom.  I went back to sleep and the next time I was woken up the accident had already happened and when I found my son I knew he was gone as he was blue.  they revived him at the hospital after he had been with out oxygen for over 2 hours but he was in a coma.  They tranfered himn roght away to a hospital in a bigger city.  I knew he wasnt going to make it when they started asking about organ donation.  I told them to do what ever possible for him to keep him alive.  a week and a half later they told me he was brain dead and to let him die with dignity.  during the time he was in a comma it was the first night I had a dream.  It was not a visual dream but an audio dream.  It was a male voice that said, "Kyle was an old soul and that is why his time on this earth was so short.  Dont be sad for Kyle be happy"  that voice is what got me though this awful experience.   

When it was time to let him go I whispered in his ear and told him that his time on earth was done and he was to go to the light, and all his family would be waiting there.  I lost both of my brothers 3 years before that whom Kyle was very close too.

I recall one night when I was tucking him in he asked me what he would do If I died.  I told him that I would be very sad but I know I would see him in the sprit world.  He then asked me what I would do if he diod before me.  I laughed and told him that we dont have to worry about that because he was not going to die for a very long time.  I think deep down he must have know even though he was only 7 years old because that conversation took place about 2 months before the accident.