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          This story may sound bizarre to you. I'm sure my story is different then any that you've read. So please take time to read this, because, I don't know who else to share this story with.

          I had a dog named Raider for 16 years. He died in "94", the day after Christmas. It broke my heart. Raider and I had a connection, that some people never get with humans. Once you read this, you will see how special Raider was.

    After Raider died, 5 months later, May 9th of "95", I walked out on my deck, to enjoy the view. We live on the lake. Against the fence, was the docks that we put in, in the spring and take out in the fall. These docks had been sitting there since October, before Raider died. There were two boards, the size of steps, leaned against the docks. These two boards were used for 10 years, to put under the legs of the dock, so when people pulled up with their boats, the legs of the dock would not get pulled down into the sand. As I was getting ready to go back in the house, one of the boards, was staring me in the face. The whole board was covered with my dogs face. As big as a human face. Raider only weighed 23 pounds. This face was created by nature. This board has not been altered in any way. I have proof of this. The face has a 3-D effect to it. I could not have painted a picture to resemble Raider so much.

          When I shared my story to family and friends, they all thought I was nuts. Once I showed this to everyone, some friends cried and some had the hair on their arms stand up. Unless you see this, it's hard to imagine, what this looks like. You may be saying, she wants it to look like Raider, but it can't be denied. It is no mistake, that this is a gift from God.

          For  weeks after I found this board,  I was so confused,
I didn't know how to handle this. Now I except it, as a gift meant for me. I do not have a scanner, but I took pictures of it. I have many pictures of Raider too. Please don't ignore this, because it's a dog instead of a human being. This is real and I want to share it. I do believe, we have another place to go to, after death. I can't deny it,
with the proof I have. Thank you for letting me share my story with you.

Here are two pictures of Raider, then two pictures of the board.

Raider's Pictures:

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The Board Pictures:

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