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Experience description: 

      My experience took place yesterday morning at 7.20 am immediately prior to waking & in the form of a dream. The previous day I had visited my grandfather in hospital, who was in intensive care & although in a grave condition had just come out of a coma & the outlook although gloomy was reasonably positive.

The dream consited of three parts:

The first part took place on a wooden ship which was ice bound & breaking up. People were jumping overboard & sinking into the icy waters.

The second part took place in what I would describe as an ice chamber where i was surrounded by many 'foreign & unfamiliar people', except for me & my grandfather (who appeared young). The only other recognisable person there was a priest i had met the previous day who was with my grandfather at the hospital.

The third part of the dream consisted of running very quickly up an icy tunnel which appeared underground (but very light) with my grandfather. we were moving very quickly & i was having trouble keeping up. In my dream at this stage I was experiencing anxiety about where we were running to (even fear) but my grandfather was excited & very keen to keep heading up the icy tunnel.

At this point I was woken out of the dream by the telephone ringing. It was my mother informing me that my grandfather had just passed away at that precise moment.