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I was very upset about the recent tragic death of a friend. I was beyond grief. I had a dream several days after her death. In the dream she came to me and told me that everything was OK. She was at peace and very happy. She basically told me that I had no reason to be so sad about something that she was very at peace with. She told me that if I ever needed he all I needed to do was look up at the sky and wave and she would be there for me. I woke about this point and saw a n iridescent figure move quickly from the side of my bed. I recognized her long hair, but wasn't sure If I was still dreaming. Terrified, I ran out of my room and through the hall to my parents room. I noticed that the front door to the house was wide open. I asked them why the door was open and they said they locked it, as they always did before going to bed. My mother said later that maybe the wind blew it open, but it was a hot July night and I clearly remember there was no wind. The doors are always closed and locked. I thought of it later as confirming that she had actually contacted me, and the dream makes me feel at peace with her death.