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Experience description:

That night of May between the 27th and the 28th I spent it all close to my mom because some how I knew that that was the night she was going to pass away. I remember praying all night long, asking the Lord to take her with him because it wasn't fair to let her suffer for such along time. Around 6:00 am my mother passed away after having looked into my eyes for the last time. The moment she passed away, my father and a nurse were with me. After a few minutes from my mother's death, Franca, the nurse, Told me to go upstairs and pick up some sheets. Once on the second floor, while opening the armoire I felt like something stronger than me, made me stop doing what I was doing. I felt like paralyzed and surrounded by a beautiful feeling, and felt like if my mom was passing through my body. Like if an invisible force was trespassing all my being. At the same time I experienced an extraordinary sense of joy, happiness and peace. I heard what I call an angelic music in my head. And suddenly I knew that she was back where we all belong. Right after that experience it bothered me hearing other people using the word "death" because I was sure that what they called so, was only the beginning of a new life. The experiences occurred during the following days were so many that I do not know where to start. For now I'd like to tell about a very significant dream. A few months after my mother died I came to the States to visit my Great Aunt, on my mom side. I came with my brother with the intention of attending classes in Mobile where my Great Aunt lives. At that time I was very worried about my life and those of my brother and my father too. I was wondering whether I was taking the right decisions. One night I had an incredible dream. In my dream I was suspended in the emptiness, very similar to the sky during a clear day. I looked ahead of me and saw my mom, she was surrounded by a very clear light, I could see he face very distinctively. She was smiling, and beautiful. I could see that she had a body too but it was not very distinct like her face. I started talking to her but without words, it was like I was communicating with my whole being or my mind. Somehow I told her my fears and only by looking at her I understood that she was telling me that she was proud of me. During the experience I felt very safe and complete and surrounded by infinite love. For all these reasons I didn't want to leave that condition and told my mother. Continuing to smile she told me that I couldn't stay there and that after all  nothing was so dramatic. When I woke up the next morning I felt extremely happy.