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I am an Italian woman who lives here in the States, so please forgive my English.   I've come here almost three years ago, after my mom died. She had cancer and she passed away within three months. Those three months spent with her have been the most important experience of my life. During that time my family and I were truly living a different reality; it was like living between Heaven and Earth.

My mother and I have always been spiritually very sensitive. We both had often dreams that predict events of our future and we both had a gift for telepathy. We were very close and our personalities extremely similar.

One month before we found out about her cancer I dreamed that she died, I woke up crying, it was around 6:00 am, which is the time when she then passed away. Our telepathy became stronger than ever before while she was ill. One night, two days before she died, we were sleeping in the same bedroom, I had a dream; actually I believe we were communicating during our sleep. In my dream my mom was in front of me, she was beautiful as usual, she was telling me that she had to go somewhere and that she loved me, and then she hugged me. I suddenly woke up, it seemed to me I coudn`t breath for the great saddeness, then my mom woke up too, and almost as if we were continuing our convesation of the dream, she said: "don`t worry you are going to feel so much better once my sufferings will be gone." I must say that the event that really changed my life was was the experience that occurred to me when she died.  I was with her that night too. During that long night I prayed the lord, asking Him to take her with Him. I remember telling the Lord: " you did not listen to me when I asked for a miracle, please listen to me now, take her with you." My mom sufferings came to an end  with the first light of the morning. After a few minutes that she was gone, I was upstairs, getting some sheets. While I was opening the armoire, I had to stop doing what I was doing. I was paralized, suddenly I felt as if something was passing through my entire body. I heard, without actually hearing, an angelical music and felt a sense of extraordinary happiness and peace. At that moment I knew that she was communicating and sharing  with me her experience. The following day, that of her funeral, I was still very happy; I remember choosing the dress to were as if I was going to a wedding or another happy event. That was incredible, thinking that only a few days before I wanted to die because I couldn`t imagine my life without her. The days that followed were them also full of extraordinary events. Whenever My father, my brother and I were together somewhere, we could smell a strong smell of flowers.  Another day, I left home to visit a friend, and I was feeling very lonely, infact not even my brother was at home. Before leaving my house I gave a glance to the TV, thinking if I had to turn it on, like my mother used to do every time she left home because scared of the thieves. Well, I decided not to turn it on, and I remember thinking with a smile: "Mom would get mad at me!" Once back home, while entering the front door I heard some voices, I thought my brother had come home too, with some friends. Instead, with my great surprise, I noticed the TV was on, I immediately started laughing and crying at the same time. That happened the same day I was tortured by the thought that maybe a "life after life" did not exist. How wrong I was! Nowdays my mom still visits me, in my dreams, and I know that the day that I`ll die she`ll be by my side, to show me the way, like she always did when we where together on this heart.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to tell my story, it`s nice to know that somebody is taking you for serious! Many compliments also for your great site.