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Susan�s paternal uncles chose to appear to her in a deep meditation before she learned of her dad�s death.  It wasn�t until 3 days later that she understood the real significance of their appearance.  After her mother phoned her with the news of her dad�s sudden passing due to a heart attack.  She finally understood clearly.  Here is her story.
            �Uncle Matthew and Uncle Raymond were twins.  They were both slightly retarded due to being born too early.  While alive they also wore hearing aides and thick glasses.  During my vision of them, they were without any sort of impairment whatsoever.  They both booked about 32 and in perfect health and very alert and happy.  They each held a child�s storybook in their hands.  I didn�t understand the significance of the picture books until after the funeral when I questioned my Aunt Glenna about them.  She said my father used to amuse his twin baby brothers by reading to them from large picture books and teaching them the words for various objects.  She said he took special pride in teaching the six-year-old boys new words every day.  My mother confirmed this by producing an old trunk that had belonged to dad, from the attic.  When we opened it we found several very old children�s picture books with Matthew�s name in one and Raymond�s in the other.
            I felt this experience helped spare me the pain of the loss of my father and any worry about his continued existence and well-being.  I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that my dad was in the loving care of his two younger siblings.  They let me know they were there to return the favor of the years of patient teaching and guidance that their older brother had given them.
            The whole family gained inspiration and hope from my experience, I hope you do too.