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I didn't actually die. I was 9 years old and my grandmother down the hall died. I was sleeping. She had been ill for some time, she had incurable cancer in her abdomen. My grandfather had died 6 weeks earlier of a heart attack. The night my grandmother died, I was sound asleep in my room. I was suddenly in a place, I cant even describe what it was like, but to my left was a dark passage. As I approached my grandmother I noticed, my grandfather and several other people standing there. My grandfather was the only one I could recognize. They all knew me, and though the room seemed rather cold and lifeless, being with these people just made me feel at piece. My grandmother came over and hugged me. My grandfather stood behind her smiling. She told me she had to go now and I asked her if I could go too. She smiled, as did everyone else, and said that I couldn't go. She said a few other things to me, but I cant remember what was said. Since, I was 9 at the time, I took baths before I went to bed. That night I had fallen asleep without taking a bath. She hugged me goodbye and told me to go take a warm bath then to go see my mom, because she will need me. I instantly woke up out of a dead sleep and took a bath. I remember feeling very groggy and stiff, like my muscles were still asleep. It took the whole bath to wake me up, and I took a long one. When I went downstairs, my mother told me my grandmother had died. I then remembered the dream, but I never told anyone about it until I was a teenager and even now, I haven't told that many people. She may have told me not too, who knows, but I have never feared death, just the suffering before. I feel what I experienced can't be a dream, because I still remember it. Plus I saw my grandmother transformed from the sick cancer patient, back to a beautiful younger woman. My grandfather also looked great. It was such a relief to see them not sick or suffering. Lately I have been getting the feeling that I should share this personal moment with everyone. I saw what happens when someone dies and I feel happy that no matter what the person was going through when they die, they are at peace.

I do not mind if you contact me, though I have told you all of what I remember. Feel free to use this in your research if you want. Also note that I am not a head case trying to stir something up. I really experienced this and I think it is time to share it.

Thanks for listening