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   A car hit Tina as she walked home from school just one day before her 15th birthday.  She lay in a hospital on life support for four days until she finally died.  On the day she died her mom had a very vivid, realistic dream.

    �I saw a large number of children and young adults playing on a sparkling beach.  They were all happy and seemed to include all races.  I spotted Tina sitting on the beach collecting starfish and other sea creatures.  I rushed over to her, filled with love.  She looked up with a bright radiant smile and said, �I�m not dead, I�m just great so don�t be sad or worry.�

    Her mom anxiously asked her, �where are you and what are you doing?�  �We�re all in a school now.  I am learning about love and life.  I am fine.  Whenever I think of something it�s there.  Whenever I want to be somewhere I just think it and I am there.  It is a different life.�  Tina�s mom explains, �The message was clear, and not my imagination.  I kept this experience to myself for several weeks until my young niece, Amy, who was only five, drew a star on a picture and then drew a picture of a girl on a beach.  I asked her what this meant to her, was it just a coincidence or did she know something?  She pointed to each stick figure and calmly explained in a serious fashion that Tina had talked to her in dream and shown her those things.�

    �As I watched my niece continue coloring her picture I prayed that I receive a sign that this was a real message to my little niece from Tina.  They had established a very close bond in life and Tina regularly babysat for her grandniece.  Was it possible? My request was answered in the next few minutes as Amy finished producing many other children stick figures around the drawing of Tina and answered proudly, �Now they are all there!�  �Who?� I asked casually.  �Why the other kids who live in heaven, of course,� she answered.  I had my answer and the pain of losing my daughter lessened so that the healing process could begin.�