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Experience description:

I was asleep in my bed when i heard what i thought was my daughter calling my name. I even answered realizing that it couldn't be. So I laid back down and started to drift back off when i heard my name (mom) called again. So I sat up in bed and looked around the room when over by my dresser was a vision of my daughter...she was animated up in the air about 4 feet off the ground. I remembered thinking gee she is so tall, when i realized she was just there.  She did not look as if she was happy, and the funny part about all this was her oxygen tube was cut and just hanging there. Her hair all messed up and she just looked at me. When I gasped she was gone. I laid back down and was in a state of shock, and finding myself so upset that I was scared....from then on I tell her to come back but never to see her again, just maybe small signs now and then, which i need some kind of confirmation on if these are true...