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I had an experience in the 1960s but I was not near death.  I was in mediation and saw the tunnel.  I moved forward in it to the light and when I emerged I was in a meadow where there were beautiful flowers, colors that I have never seen with my physical eyes, and there was such beautiful music all around me, Music that the human ears have never heard.  There was a feeling of total love.  This experience changed my life.  I have no fear of death now.  I went on to become a RN, working in a Hospice Unit where I was able to be with those who made there transition.  I have had many wonderful experience in OOBE also.  This last Christmas eve I sat with a woman at a Hospice Hospital, where I volunteer.  She was near death and as I sat with here her etheric body moved out of her physical body and hovered above the bed.  In this etheric body she was no longer the 63 sickly woman who lay on the bed, but she looked about 35 years, lively, energetic and lovely.  I likewise came out of my physical body and joined her in an embrace above the bed.  I pointed out the cord that connected each of us to our physical bodies and told her that when it was severed she would be free to leave the physical and return to the real world of spirit.  She jokingly asked me to sever it for her, with a laugh as if she knew this was not for me to do.  I told her that this was her final act to perform while in physical body.  Unfortunately a nurse came into the room and turned on a light which caused her etheric body to retreat back into the body on the bed.  She became very restless when back in the body and I was unable to reach her again on the spiritual plane.  She made her transition the following morning, Christmas Day.

I had a son who died at age 2 1/2 in 1961.  Following his death he started appearing over my right shoulder asking to enter again through me.  I knew of this happening about once a week.  I blessed him, but truth was I did not want another child so I told him I would see him another life time.  When in the presence of a psychic she turned to me asking me if I could still have children and I laughed because I knew what she was talking about.  She told me what I knew, that there was a little soul over my right shoulder asking to enter.  She told me that he was an angelic force, the same that had come in before, who had now come to me to wake me up.  I certainly did wake me up and set my foot on the spiritual path.  Because of my love for this soul I did get pregnant, but each time had a miscarriage.  I do now believe that he came just to wake me up and let me know there is no death, but life continues after we leave the physical body.  A further experience I had was seeing my Father at his funeral.  He was a wispy form but very real.  He sat on the arm of the chair where my Mother sat and he tried to contact her, but she was not able to know he was there.  To these experiences I could add more and hope in the future to experience even more wonderful ones.