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     On October 16th, 2001, at 11:00pm my father passed away after a long battle with illness.  (acute hemorrhagic pancreatis, spontaneous bacterial peritonitis, and secondary causes renal failure, hepatic failure)  sorry for any spelling mistakes. My mother and I had to tell him earlier that day, so he knew he was dying.  The hardest thing I ever had to do was watch him die, as we both were with him when it happened.  He was conscious until about 5 minutes before it happened.  What was remarkable was what happened after. 

    In the day and a half after his death, I had said things when I was alone, like that I needed to know he was ok.  That we weren't going to get to do a lot of things that other people got to do as a family etc.  A day and a half after his death, there was a garbled
message on the answering machine, over 2 and a half minutes long.  I had to slow it down and filter it a bit to get all of the words.  It was him.  He was reassuring me of things that I had said when I was alone.  It couldn't have been a prank call, and besides the phone company had no call registered that day at that time.  There was also the distinct sound of my mother's bird in the background between sentences, meaning that the message had to be recorded locally, from the machine itself!  I was at the house less than an hour after the message time stamp, and nobody had been home at that time.  To save typing all of the details out again, you can read all of them including the text of the message on my site.
http://www.astral-dreamscape.net  (under 'A Message From Beyond' from the start page) 

There is also an mp3 format of a small part of the message, you can actually listen to it! 
I know that it may sound like a hoax, and I know that not many people besides my mother and I believe it, but I assure you that it is authentic.  It was my father on the machine.  The things he reassures me about, are things I said to nobody....  I can't explain it, and it's still on my mind after 5 months...