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Many days after his death, I felt his presence in the house from room to room.  He would always be near because I could literally feel him there.  I even saw what appeared to be an angel or a blurry shadow from room to room when when I was at home. He was very ill for two years in the bed with nurses in our bedroom, so he was there all the time before he died.  After he died, when I was in our bedroom I just felt like he was with me.  I even went so far as to talk to him... I bought a puppy several months after his death.  Once when I was in the kitchen sitting at the table, I looked over where he used to stand to put his keys and get a drink of water...  l was just thinking about him standing there and I called out his name, "Miller I need you."  At that moment, my new puppy which was about 3 months old got up and went over to the exact spot where he used to stand and sniffed and barked as if she saw someone she had not seen.  It was very interesting to see the dog's reaction because the dog was not even born when my husband died.  I had a comfortable feeling because I really felt like he was there.  In my bedroom one night after I was asleep, I woke up and saw him standing at the foot of my bed. He said "I'm ok. I have to go but I will be back. I said "please don't go" he said "I'll be back." Then later that month the same thing happened but I felt like it was a dream He always stood at the foot of my bed and said "I have to go, but I will be back"  One night I dreamed he was kissing me and I said "Please don't leave He said I have to go you are ok and I have to go.

This was the anniversary of his death.  I have not seen or heard from him since then,  it has been 7 months since he said he had to go and I was ok.. I wish he would come back.  I dreamed about him so many nights for months and and months and now I don't even dream about him.  He thinks I am ok but I really am not.  I feel extremely sad and I miss him so much.