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Andy's ADC

Experience description:  

I will be as vague as possible even so experience was very clear to the person who witnessed it. This is due to the fact that I do not want to be recognized by anybody .

Anyways, this is a second-person AD Experience. A husband and a wife who were relatives to me were sick and both needed to be stay in bed due to sickness . They were married for a very long time, I would say 50 years or so. They were always together . They even got sick together, but husband decided to go to hospital and the wife stayed at home.. Long story short- he was rescued by treatment while she died at home.

While he was in the hospital, exactly the time she died he witnessed two shadows and a third one above him that hugged him. He felt at peace. The shadows turned from black to white and went away. Husband freaked out so much that he still sleeps with lights on. In the hospital, he did not want to be alone at any time after that and lights had to be on at all times. 

A few hours later my wife left me alone in our bedroom because our child could not sleep. After a while, while watching youtube videos, our bed started to shake like there was an earthquake. I jumped off it and ran to my wife that was in the next room to see if there is an earthquake. But while I was running I realized the floor was not shaking at all and I woke my wife for nothing . 

I attach photo of the bed I was laying on. We picked that bed because it was solid wood, very-very heavy and has box plus mattress (King size) on it . I am 32 and I can not shake that bed even a little. We bought it two month ago. I also don't do drugs .My guess is my co-worker got mad at me . I don't want to deal with her in case I die.