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These experiences, as all others we share, will be presented to fully protect the confidentiality of the experiencer, if requested.� We do not believe these changes will diminish our understanding of ADC. We do believe these changes are necessary for the integrity of ADCRF. 

ADC (after-death communication)

1008.  TT Experience 12/29/10  A few days after Grandmother passed away, my husband, son and I were sleeping in the room where she slept when she was alive.  Suddenly I was awaken by a soft, beautiful pinkish light that was made up many tiny lights in a foggy semi-circle that was hovering over the ceiling direly at my eye sight when I opened my eyes.  My first thought was, "what a beautiful light, where is it coming from."  It made the room felt so warm and peaceful.  I leaned over to the window and looked through the blinds to see if there was a cop car outside with his siren lights on because I couldn't tell what was creating this pinkish light in the room.  My husband was half asleep and leaned over me to look but we both saw nothing.  We didn't exchange any words.  When I looked back, the light was gone.
Multiple ADCs from Grandmother who lived in Vietnam.

1007.  Sarah O Experience 1863 12/17/10  I have had many overwhelming feelings of Michael being there, but along with feeling him next to me, this time a could also smell how he used to smell and I can only occasionally smell it in his room even after no one has been home for hours and he has been gone a year... he must be there with me. I have also had many vivid dreams of him where in some we talked and others he just looked at me and smiled.
ADC from brother.

1006.  Karen F Experience 12/17/10  I was driving to work the morning after the day of my Granny's funeral. My heart was broken and I had hardly been able to keep from crying since her death. All of a sudden, I FELT her.  She filled me up and I was overwhelmed with her presence and warmth and love, and I KNEW without any doubt that it was her. She filled me, was all around me...that's the best way I can describe it. Then she left, and it felt like a blanket being pulled off of me going up and to the right. When she was gone, all of the pain and grief from her death went with with her. I have not shed a tear, nor felt pain or grief, since that very moment.  I do still miss her dearly, but there is no emotional pain from her loss� I believe it was a gift from her to me. I also had completely lost my faith, and had lost it for 14 years, and after this experience it slowly returned over the next few years.
ADC from grandmother.

1005.  Brenda L Experience 12/17/10  It was the day after I learned my 21 year old son had died. I had spent the night before crying and screaming. I was alone in my house and standing in the upstairs bathroom in front of the mirror sobbing.  I suddenly saw my son, Matthew, standing next to me through the corner of my eye.  He was crying and said to me "please don't cry mom, please don't be so sad" and I knew if I looked directly at him he would wouldn't be there so I just stood there. I wiped my tears and looked and he was gone.
ADC from deceased son.

1004.  Linda L Experience 12/17/10  He then sent me  the most unusual but wonderful shock full of electricity sending his love. It electrified me from head to toes. I was stunned laying on my back then somehow. Like an electric current straight thru my core. Good, pure just golden sunshine. Then he laughed and did it again. I knew instantly this was his love and then gods. I was paralyzed like in ecstasy but also knowing the secret of the universe. It was unexplainable yet I knew everything. (When we were married we debated religion. I was catholic he was an atheist. He used to tease me, because he liked his cigarettes and beer but he had a wonderful great sense of humor he knew I loved. He used to say l'd say, "Well I am gonna die first, so I will find you and let you know what's on the other side if I was right!"
ADC from deceased husband.

1003.  Mona Experience 12/12/10 From Iran.  I was feeling sorry about me not having a chance to see my Grandfather...It was when the telephone rang ...I answered the phone and there was a male voice on the phone talking in throaty manner saying exactly the words below : -" Hello , Can I talk to Colonel Geraiyli ?"  I was shocked cause My Grandfather 's last name which is not common where we lived was Geraiyli and he was a Colonel too. I was so shocked I remember I hardly said in faint voice that " number is wrong, sir" and he hanged up quickly.  a.. the experience lasted less than 2 minutes but I can still feel the impression of his voice on me...something familiar ...I must add that my Grandfather died of throat Cancer...!!!  Now I am sure it was a call from him, he wanted me to know that he had heard my wish and answered it right away ...maybe the only request from his grand-daughter  40 years after his death ...Now when I think about that day , I understand that he was trying to introduce himself in an implicit way ...like the tone he used as I knew he had difficulties in speaking because of the cancer  and and by asking for Colonel Grayhli ...Who is no one but he himself.
Possible ADC in phone call. 

1002.  Linda H Experience 12/12/10  My Aunt Gert prior to her death told me that whichever one of us went 1st we should come back as a yellow butterfly, she died 10/11/01. The day of her funeral as we turned the street by her home to go to the grave site, yellow butterflies drifted across and then when we got back to her house 5 butterflies were on a tree limb outside her kitchen window, my family knew the pact we had and we all believed it was her, her mom, dad and 2 brothers letting us know they were together.
ADC in form of yellow butterflies.  Deceased Aunt agreed to appear as a yellow butterfly prior to her death.  Also dream ADC.

1001.  Amie S Experience 12/7/10  I felt like a weight was on my chest. Not a physical painful weight, just a weight. I remember looking at my body and feeling breath sinking out of it. I wasn't scared, for some reason I knew I was only sleeping. I remember thinking to myself, this is how you die.....the only way I can explain it is if u think of a real thick fog passing through u at once..., a pressure, a passing, like falling, but slow. It was unworldly� I didn't realize at the time, nor did I remember this until I found out my grandfather had passed that morning� Simply saw myself laying there, but I knew I was not the one dying.
ADC Dream.  OBE over self and sensed death of her grandfather.

1000.  Neal T Experience 12/7/10  It occurred about 2:30 AM in the early 1990�s, a few years after my mother�s passing.  I wasn�t able to sleep, so I was sitting in the dark, watching TV.  Then from the next room came a white, florescent, smoke-like substance, moving with intentional volition about five feet from the floor.  It stopped immediately above from the TV, in my line of vision.  But even then it continued to energetically move within itself, glowing.  Simultaneously I felt joy, peace and love wash over me from head to toe, with the message �You will be OK,� telepathically communicated to me.  And as quickly as it entered, it returned to the room from where it came� Then it came to me, like an answer to my wondering, �Tell no one what just happened. If it was real, someone else will see it too. If you tell anyone else, you will never be sure,�
ADC with remarkable verification months after experience.

999.  Vivian M Experience 12/7/10  There was no fence between Mary's property and mine, but there was a fence behind our homes and on the other side of her home. We lived in the middle of town, no forest around. I was in my house, doing routine tasks, and glanced out the window into Mary's backyard.  There was a beautiful doe deer peacefully grazing on grass and plants.  Minutes after that, I learned that Mary had died� It is COMPLETELY unlikely that a beautiful doe would be in our neighborhood.  There have NEVER been deer seen here before or after this experience.
ADC from deceased fried in the form of a doe.

998.  Trish L Experience 12/7/10  The two coffins were side by side. The eulogy started. And all at once I saw the man and the boy standing there. The man walked forward to the first row. He disappeared as if he were going down and elevator. I leaned over and asked my daughter who the woman was next to my friend. That is when I found out it was her sister. I told her the man just disappeared in from of her. Just as I finished he raised back up. There was such a sadness on his face. The preacher only spent 10 minutes talking about him. How he loved his kids. was a great father and husband. There was an overwhelming out pour of emotion you could help but feel it. Then he lightened the mood and started talking about the first time he met the boy. What a jokester he was. And on queue the little boy popped up around him clowning around. I told my daughter, what he was doing. Then he to went to his mom, and looked like he was hugging her and saying goodbye.
ADC at funeral of father and son who died in a murder/suicide.

997.  Catherine A Experience 11/22/10 Because of the elections on November 2nd, I did not check my email that day.  I was looking at email on November 3rd.  On November 2, 2010 I received an automated email from Yahoo! Messenger with a voice mail attached from my sister (her same email account while she was alive).  When I clicked on the voice mail attached and listened to it, to my shock and amazement it was indeed from my sister.  The entire family has listened to this.  It started out with music like I've never heard before.  It is only about 7 seconds long and at the last couple of seconds my sister's voice says "Oh, Catherine".  Needless to say I cannot explain this nor can anyone in the family.  This has been life changing to all of us.  This is most certainly my sister's voice as confirmed by family and friends who knew her.
ADC in form of mp3 file of voice from deceased sister.

996.  Diane R Experience 11/22/10 The background areas were totally unfamiliar. One was a room that was boundary-less and we lie on a couch like we always did. Once was on a chair away from each other. We communicate thru our minds...he can't talk to me verbally. His thoughts come straight to me. He understands the loneliness and the separation I feel.
ADCs from boyfriend.

995.  William Experience 11/14/10  I had just lain down and looked toward the doorway of the bedroom and there I saw this sort of green hovering light that was in sort of the shape of a human body.  It looked more like some sort of mass of energy than any actual form.  It hovered there for a few minutes and then disappeared. I never saw it again.  I am a person of faith but also a person of logic and science.  For months after seeing this, I tried to convince myself that I really didn't see it, that somehow my mind played a trick on me. But I know that it was real and I am convinced it was my mother's final visit before departing to the beyond.
ADC from mother on the night after her death.

994.  Rachel C Experience 11/9/10  As I walked down the path I noticed a huge, low, orange full moon and I knocked on the door and beckoned him out to see the moon. We were standing on the path looking in awe at the moon - when my boyfriend said "WoW" What IS that smell?" Immediately I could smell the scent of daffodils, spring flowers, freesias - like I had NEVER smelt them before - and at the time it was dark and the ground was frozen solid, spring was late and there wasn't a flower in the garden. My hair was standing on end - but at the same time I had this feeling of pure joy and love, go through me - quite quickly� The sweetest, most heavenly scent of spring flowers I have ever smelt. My mum's favorite flower was the daffodil and the spring was her favorite time of the year.
Shared ADC from mother.

993.  Christen T Experience 11/9/10  I had a dream that I was with my Great Aunt at a park like facility with newly planted trees and pathways. In this dream I was pushing her wheelchair to try to get her to sit down and she was sort of running from the wheelchair and making hand motions like pushing the chair away, not clear is she really spoke or grunted, like she didn't want to be restricted anymore and wanted to go and sort of pointed toward more elderly folks sort of roaming around everywhere. Then I woke up and I just knew, I called my Mother and without any hesitation I told her that she should check on Auntie Next Door, I think she died or is going to die today.
ADC Dream which suggested that her Aunt had died, and this was later verified.

992.  Mary L Experience 11/9/10  The very night I asked, he appeared in my dream.  He did not speak to me, he just patiently taught me how to change the oil in my car.  It was his patience that struck me, because he completely lacked that quality in life.  I felt loved by him and I felt his compassion toward me.  The content of this dream was very significant to me because one of the cruelest things my father did to me involved this very issue (an oil change or lack thereof).  It was like he was trying to handle the event like he wished he would have in life.
ADC dream in which father taught her how to change the oil in her car.   Several other remarkable experiences also shared.

991.  Jens A Experience 11/9/10 From Sweden.  I do not remember if I was dreaming or anything like that preceding this event, but all of a sudden I remember acquiring acute awareness *while in the blackness of sleep* that "Something's happened; Something big is going on in your life!"  Instantly I was catapulted awake from the deepest of sleep. I was as awake as ever. I felt a very distinct presence in this experience, and I remember thinking whether it was my grandfather. Then I remember thinking how I would discern who this could be, as I was worried that it could also be my mother, as she was fainting a lot at that time for medically unexplainable reasons. I don't know for how long this experience lasted, but I'm guessing everything from 10 seconds to 1 minute, but it definitely lasted in "real time".
ADC likely at time of Grandfather�s death. 

990.  Tracy Y Experience 10/16/10  I dreamt of a street in England. I saw my soul mate's motor cycle hit a tree.  there was a yellow VW beetle parked on the side of the road, it appeared to be dark with street lamps lit.  He hit his head. then I heard him calling my name and saw him walking around my dad's house in Canada saying it's a mistake. It's all a mistake. He kept reaching for the phone, but he had no substance and his hand passed right through the phone.  He was walking around my dad's bedroom, my bedroom, I followed him downstairs and the whole time he was telling me it is a mistake, it's all a mistake.  when I awoke it was 2:30ish am EST. I awoke, afraid, and feeling alone. the level of grief was like nothing I have ever experienced in my life.
ADC Dream around moment of death of soulmate.

989.  Randy F Experience 10/16/10 I was in the Grocery checkout line and there he was standing with dry cleaner clothes over his shoulder....same exact shoes and clothes he wore ..and I could not move as if I was in a vacuum...I saw him walk out the door and disappear ..I looked at my friend and he did not see him....I was "frozen" and could not grab or follow him.
ADC from deceased partner.

988.  Jeanette F Experience 10/16/10 Then my mom motioned to the beautiful building and beautiful other spirit beings in the background and said, You see honey, it is good here, we are very buzy and we have a lot of work to do here, so please do not cry for me. I am fine, and you will be fine too. So please stop crying. I could reach out and touch my Mom, she was in hologram form and was transparent, so my hand would pass thru her, but she was still there standing before me, radiating goodness, peace and love. With that, my Mother motioned for me to take in this glorious view, this vista, the sight of the afterlife in Heaven, it was all so glorious, the other beings were so advanced and radiant, my Mom looked so radiant and glowing, there were colors there I have no words to describe, iridescent and glowing would not capture the beauty and radiance of the place and people, it was all like pure love, pure truth, pure beauty, all good, beyond good, like the most perfect place and people I have ever seen.
ADC from mother with one of the most remarkable views of a heavenly realm that we have seen in an ADC.

987.  Robin B Experience 10/16/10  I was in a vehicle with my sister and bro in law, driving through the area we had lived when parents were together, and I was born. No idea where it was other than the village. Each time we drove down a certain street, as we passed a house, I felt someone touch me, and goose bumps raised on my arms. I felt sure it was my dad, and felt comfort, and wrote the address where the contact was occurring.  Later that night when I called my mom, she told me the address where we'd lived.. and yes, that was the one. I was 6weeks old when we left that house. Never been back until that day. But my dad knew I wanted to find it, and I know he wanted to give me something to comfort me in my grief over losing him, again.
ADCs from deceased father.

986.  Cheryl T Experience 10/16/10  After everyone left my then husband and I, stayed up talking and decided to go to bed at about 2:00am. We walked in the bedroom, and laid down. I shut my eyes, and not even a minute later I could see a flash of bright light through my closed eyes, it was as if someone had took a flash photo of us up close. I sat up startled and asked my husband at the time what on earth was that, He said, "I don't know but if it happens again, I am leaving the house" I asked him what he saw. He told me that he had his eyes open and saw a tiny light in the door way of the bedroom- it almost looked like a firefly it was floating. Then the light burst out and filled the room, this is what I witnessed the bright light flashing in the room- he said it lit up the room then sucked back up into the small glowing light then disappeared.
ADC from Grandfather witnessed by her husband.

985.  Anan Experience 10/16/10  Just before daylight the dog (a 115# pit bull) started to whine, her tail wagging, waking me up, she was standing on the bed looking toward the windows, I raised up to see what she was looking at and Daniel was standing at the foot of the bed, he was pointing at his ostomy bag which had blood in it, I ask him what he was trying to tell me, I was scooting toward the foot of the bed toward him, the dog was bouncing up and down wanting to play with "daddy" I put my feet on the floor and looked down, when I looked back up he was gone. A couple of day's later I was cleaning out the closet when a book fell off the top shelf, it was an old embalming book, it opened to the place of the problems embalming a body with cancer, my answer was there, he had bled to death internally� Hospital records recovered months later stated that he died of a massive internal hemorrhage.
ADCs from deceased husband.

984.  Doug Experience 10/16/10 I started to vacuum, which immediately made me intensely sad and  full of despair - my dad was the one that always vacuumed the house.  In probably my saddest moment I experienced a feeling which has given me comfort and belief in life once we leave our bodies.  For maybe 15 to 20 seconds I was "overtaken" by a truly indescribable, incredibly intense feeling of love, peace, happiness - so happy in fact that it made me laugh.  A feeling so intense that I remember feeling it in my bones.  I don't think I can describe in words the power that feeling had.  In the worst moment in my life I experienced the most intense feelings of love, peace and happiness I'll ever feel. And then it was gone.  I'll always have that memory - I'm not afraid of death, whatever, whomever it was that shared that love has given me my proof of the afterlife.
ADCs from deceased father.

983.  Janet B Experience 10/16/10  From Australia.  My car I was returning from seeking a medical report from Chris's GP to see if any heart failure was mentioned in Chris's previous consultations, I had a friend with me at the time, it was raining and we had just crossed the Coolangatta bridge when a vapor type white mist similar to spiral shape came in the drivers window and hovered in front of my face for maybe 5 seconds then it went through my body from front of stomach and out the back around the back of car and hit my friend on the shoulder, we both felt like a electric shock had struck us and we both were leaning over to left side we stop the car and questioned ourselves what we had just experienced.
Multiple ADCs from deceased boyfriend. 

982.  Sylvia S Experience 10/16/10 I was driving home at night about 9 months after my grandfather died.  I was not thinking about him or anything in particular.  From nowhere I felt his hand cross over my face and I could smell the tobacco on his hand.  I heard him say: "Schnapsie" which was his nickname for me.  That was all that happened, but it was quite remarkable.  For one thing, I never realized how much his hands always smelled like tobacco.  It was a comforting smell, but not something I ever really thought about.  Furthermore, I forgot that he always ran his hand over my face in that manner, but had instant recall when it happened.   Finally, hearing him call me that nickname was crazy!  He always called me that and I missed it very much. I felt tremendous comfort and such a great sense of connection. 
ADC from deceased Grandfather.

981.  Barbara B Experience 10/16/10 My mother and I had talked about dying in the years before she passed away.  We read angel stories, accounts of NDE's, the Bible, what Heaven was like, etc. I cannot remember if she said she would try to contact me.  I think she did.  Several things happened.  A dove came and sat on the arch above my entry gate.  The dove was there for a week.  Never before or since has that happened.  A clock in my study that stopped chiming over 20 years ago suddenly started ticking and chiming on the hour and half hour.  It did so for about a month and then was again silent.  I have a very beautiful and massive mirror from India in a huge ornate wood frame with doors.  I have the doors tied shut with a ribbon.  When I got home the doors were open. 
Multiple ADCs.

980.  SB Experience 10/16/10 That night I went to sleep very peacefully.  Several hours after falling asleep - my other cat woke me up suddenly (which he often did during the night) by jumping on my chest.  I suddenly woke up and said "Benj what are you doing?"  To my shock - I saw Beans face (as clear as day) looking back at me with the look he always gave me when he wanted to know if it was okay.  We shared a silent stare for only a few seconds and he was gone - replaced by Benj (my other cat) face and body.  I immediately thought I must of have hallucinated/dreamt this because of grief and dismissed it.  Then I left the bedroom and went to the living room to try and go back to sleep on the couch.  I had just fallen back to sleep in the living room - when Benj jumped on me again - I opened my eyes and saw Bean again - same stare and once again - it only lasted a few seconds and then he faded and became Benj's face.  This time I realized this was more than a dream - I was convinced that I saw Bean.  I would like to think he came back to see if I was okay - or if it was okay for him to leave.  I hope this story offers peace to others - it certainly made me a believer and I was the world's biggest skeptic.
ADC from deceased pet cat on the night after the cat�s death.

979.  Leona L Experience 10/16/10  I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep and thinking of our life experiences. I have been feeling so sad about what Gerry had to go through, especially in the last year of his life. I was feeling the pain of allowing him to die and then I heard "I love you."  It did not sound like Gerry.  It had a low toned echo type sound but it was very clear. Then I realized that these words were from my husband. I have been trying to open my thoughts to him instead of thinking about him. I wanted him to communicate with me, if there was any possibility of that happening. And I'm sure he did!
ADC from deceased husband.

978.  Zeina R Experience 10/16/10  The second dream was few months later. I saw him in the hall of a building and was extremely happy to see him. I ran to him and hugged him and told him how much I missed him. He said he missed me too. He looked happy, healthy and fit, in his mid fifties (he died at the age of 71). He told me that women were crazy about his thighs (he was a very funny man and loved women!) and he was in a rush to go. I said: "please stay a little longer, I miss you so much, I want to spend more time with you" and he said: "I have to go, you go back where you belong with your husband and children". Then I woke up almost out of breath!
ADC dreams from contributor in Lebanon.

977.  Heather W Experience 10/16/10  I was laying down on my couch watching television and mentally going through what needed to be done in the next few days (laundry especially). I looked to my left and saw my ex husband standing at the top of the stairwell, holding a laundry basket we used as teenagers to haul things to the Laundromat. He was semi transparent but it was him. I jumped up off the couch, screamed and he disappeared.  I feel him around me at times that I am worried for my sons.  Last night was the night before school started and I was worrying as this is the first year our oldest was going to be taking the city bus.  I just knew he was there, so much so that I spoke to him for quite a while. He never answered audibly but I knew he could hear me somehow.
ADCs from ex husband.

976.  Eileen C Experience 10/16/10 But let me just say that when she was dying,  I asked her if she saw the light and she nodded yes...and when I told her not to be afraid and to walk into the light because it would heal her, she glowed...literally...like a halo appeared around her...and her eyes turned sky blue (they were hazel) and her skin was like a babies pink skin and everybody including the hospice nurse who was present...saw it. The hospice nurse said that she had attended over 200 deaths and never saw anything like it. She fell to her knees and wept and said she would never walk the same again and called her husband to bring her 4 month old baby to the house so that he could be in the presence of the miracle that she saw. Even my brother, who, like my father, was very cynical about spiritual stuff and believed in nothing but the here and now...saw it. And when she passed there was the most amazing smell of flowers...roses...in the room. This is all true. There are 4 witnesses.
Remarkable shared deathbed vision and also multiple dream ADCS.

975.  Kimmy T Experience 10/16/10  We pulled in front of a speeding locomotive.  I remember looking up from my car seat, I sat on the front passenger seat ( right side) the train was on the right side right above me.  It was huge and right there - I knew I would die.  The train hit us and the car was locked onto the front of the train.  I was later told the car engine had split in half from the impact.  We were drug nearly the length of a football field before the car fell off of the front of the train.  When the car dislodged from the train my niece had been partially decapitated and blood and brain matter were all over my body - here is where the NDE happened -- it felt there was no time - and there was no sound - which was strange because we were still only feet from the train that was still rolling down the track and had yet to stop - I climbed out of the car and was standing on the side of the track and I thought "this is what it is like to be dead"
Possible NDE and shared dream ADC.

974.  Wanda H Experience 10/11/10  I got the feeling that she was touching me to tell my goodbye. I received a sense of understanding and peacefulness. After a minute I said in my mind, that if it was her, thank you for coming to let me know she is ok, but she should move on now. Within a few seconds, the tingling stopped. I checked the time and it was 12:37. When I got home my husband said he had to tell me something, I told him I already know, your grandmother passed away. When I asked him what time, he said it was 3:35 east coast time, which was 12:35 our time.
ADC within several minutes of Grandmother-in-Law�s death.

973.  Kevin K Experience 1813 10/11/10  A couple of nights after my request I had a "visit" from my son. It started as a dream and then he appeared. He looked very healthy and was wearing blue jeans that fit perfectly and a crisply ironed and extremely bright white shirt. The shirt was loose fitting and untucked and extended to his hips. The sleeves went to his elbows. The collar was open, with a  V neck, and an collar similar to those found on a Nehru jacket. I had never seen a shirt like this. My son and I hugged. I asked him if he was happy. He responded, telepathically, that he was� We walk into the first stall and hanging on one of the walls was the exact shirt I saw my son wearing. I pointed it out to my wife and she said," It's the shirt." I bought it.
ADC from deceased son.

972.  Tony K Experience 10/11/10  Ronnie was actually my first love and I still love him to this day.  I am a ftm transsexual so I was a girl when we were kids� I was walking through the kitchen to the bathroom to take a shower and all of a sudden I had this feeling that I wasn't alone in the house anymore.  At the same time this feeling hit me I knew it was Ronnie.  I knew it just as sure as if I could see him that it was him.  The hairs on my arms stood up and it felt like the air was full of static electricity.  I could even tell where he was.  He was at the corner of the kitchen table and I was about six feet away in the open area leading to the bathroom.  I said his name, something which I hadn't been able to do in years.  As soon as I did this he and I exchanged thoughts.  I told him that I loved him and I missed him and he told me that he was fine and not to worry about him and to be happy. 
ADC from deceased friend.

971.  Judy K Experience 10/11/10  On July 18th while sitting in the living room of my house, a house I had lived in since 1982, my daughter noticed the moon and mentioned that it looked weird.  She kept repeating it so I went outside on the front porch to see what she was talking about.  I was shocked, the moon looked like it was perched on the roof of the house across the street from my house.  I had never seen the moon so low, or flashing images as it was doing on this night.  I got my camera and began taking pictures.  When I downloaded the pictures of the moon to the computer all of the pictures had taken shapes that were very different and very distinct.  Two were pictures of a heart, one which looked like it was being carried by a dove.  One was a picture of two angels and the most interesting was of what appeared to be a lady in a long dress or a blanket covering her legs, as my mom often did.  All while I was snapping pictures the moon, the moon was flashing images!
Several ADCs from deceased mother.

970.  Melissa R Experience 10/11/10 I felt an eerie shiver crawl up my back. Which frightened me for a second. I then heard Mama say to me, in a worried and saddened tone, "Please stop crying". For a moment I just stood there not breathing and then just a quick I felt a sort of calm come over me and I replied to her, "ok Ma, I will try". Again, for just a minute, I stood there until I couldn't hold back the tears and I turned and walked out of the room.  
ADC from deceased mother.

969.  Helen M Experience 10/11/10  From the UK.  The night of my mother's funeral my two nieces were helping me to pack some things in my mother's bedroom.  One of my nieces took some fairy wind chimes off the ceiling, wrapped them and placed them carefully in a box.  The sound of chimes rang out distinctly and we all looked at each other and smiled.  They went outside to look for chimes, and there were none.
Three ADCs from deceased mother.

968.  Nancy F Experience 10/11/10  I was in Mexico, in a bedroom in a private villa, sleeping. It was in the very early morning, before dawn; the sky was just starting to lighten slightly. My ex-boyfriend Joe (who I had not seen in 13 years) had died in a motorcycle crash in China about 3-4 days before this, but I had not heard the news of his death. See my previous submission for the details about my experience at the time of his death, which at that time was a mystery to me (I thought at the time it was either some sort of ESP communication, or I was just going crazy.) I woke up slowly--not sure whether I was actually asleep or awake when it happened, or if I woke up in the middle. I felt his presence in bed with me in a very intense physical way. There was also a visual element--it was dark in the room, but I could just barely make out the shape of his body, mostly the outline of his shoulder and the back or side of his head.
ADC from deceased boyfriend.  Adult content- reader discretion advised.

967.  Belle J Experience 10/11/10 When my dad died I was not aware of the fact that he had died because I was asleep. During this particular night (when I was asleep and he had just died and I therefore did not know that he had died) he came to me in a dream - he was standing beside me with his arm around my shoulders and we watched my mom being wheeled into an operating room. Then all of a sudden a doctor wheeled her back out, explaining that there was no need for the operation and that she would make a full recovery. Near the end of this dream my dad turned to me, gave me a hug and said goodbye. Then I was awoken by a phone call from my mom saying that my dad had died in a tragic sports accident a few hours earlier. At this point in time my mom was extremely sick and had been reliant on my dad's care for quite some time. Two weeks after he died, she made a miraculous recovery. I believe that my dad came to me in my dream shortly after he had died in order to say goodbye and assure me that I would not lose my mom as well.
ADC dream with visit by father on night that he died before he was aware he died.

966.  Andrea K Experience 10/11/10  She had cancer and I hadn't seen her in a month and it had been at least a week since I spoke to her on the phone.  I was getting ready for work and putting makeup on in front of the bathroom mirror when all of a sudden she was in the bathtub talking to me (sort of in my head but I totally heard/understood what she was saying) and I could recognize her presence.  So I am standing there staring at the bathtub and she said, "I have come to say goodbye.  I have a lot of work to do.  I am very busy. Just keep on going like you are and you will be fine.  I won't visit you again.  I have a lot of work to do."  Then she was gone. HER HUSBAND CALLED ME THAT NIGHT after I came home AND TOLD ME THAT SHE HAD DIED IN THE night before I had the visit.
ADC from deceased friend.

965.  Kimberly S Experience 10/11/10 I was on my back with my head turned slightly to the left. I know this for sure because it froze when I saw him. I saw him lean over my bed. I felt the pressure of him leaning into me. He brought his face so close to my face. I tried to turn my head so I could look straight at him but I could only move my eyes. The rest of my body was frozen/ paralyzed. I would suspect from fear but I didn't scream. I don't remember if I was afraid or not although after he was gone I still could not move my head. I had to use both my hands to move my head straight. After that I don't remember anything - whether I went back to sleep or got up, what I did, where I went, who I spoke to, nothing.
ADC from deceased boyfriend.

964.  Basil S Experience 10/11/10  I felt this overwhelming powerful feeling of love that just filled me. I had never felt such a feeling. At the same time the room filled with a fragrance that I knew belonged to my father. My father's hygiene was always good, and he and his bedroom always felled fresh and clean. It was a unique smell that I associated with him. I have not experienced that smell since nor had I before my experience. I have no idea how long this experience lasted, but I gradually came to realize and know now, that my father exists somewhere, he loves me and is proud of how I've conducted my life. At least he was at that point in time.
ADC from deceased father.

963.  Alex B Experience 10/11/10 I was browsing, my 4 year old son watching animated movies. My father didn't like him watching such movies. I thought, daddy won't like this. My TV and computer shut down automatically.  This has never happened after that.
ADCs from native of India.

962.  Susan S Experience 10/11/10  My mom had been in a coma for about 2.5 day, she was slack jawed, her lungs rattling.  I'd just clean her mouth out with a sponge on a stick.  She suddenly grabbed the stick with her teeth, trying to get her to let it go, I told her she "had to let go" she did finally,  I walked into the kitchen to drop it into the trash and heard her say, just "overhead",  "always remember how much I loved life" it was her voice.  When I got back to her room I discovered she'd passed.
ADC from mother at time of her death.

961.  Duncan Experience 10/11/10  From the UK.  Then she told me she loved me so much and she was so proud of the man I had become, which had me just lost completely. Then she said "You know who I am. I am your father! And you are my son! I see you are so low, and I am so sorry. (my relationship with my father had pushed me into a ten-year struggle with clinical depression and severe self-esteem issues, panic attacks and so on) I had to tell you how much I love you, and how sorry I am. But you will beat this, you will succeed."� The next day I tried to contact her to talk to her about it and her husband told me that she had no recollection of it and when he had asked her about it, she had no idea what he was talking about. He then explained what had happened in the kitchen and apparently she was very freaked out by it. She was quite afraid of what she'd been told had happened, and couldn't explain it. She didn't know me, or my father, or even that my father was dead.
Fascinating ADC from deceased father, but apparently through a living girl.  Witnessed by many.

960.  Lisa S Experience 10/11/10 You could always hear her walking through the den, which wasn't carpeted and then as she reached the hallway with carpet. They had a roll of plastic protector over the carpet which let me hear her whenever she was walking down the hall. Well, this particular day, after she had died, I was in the bed trying to go to sleep. It was bright since it was about 3pm and I was just lying there listening to the silence. All of a sudden I heard her shoes shuffling across the den at the end of the hall. My door was shut, but I could hear it just like I'd heard it all those years. It sounded as if she was walking from the kitchen toward the hallway. I sat straight up in the bed and pinched myself to make sure I was awake. I was so scared I couldn't move. I kept doing things to myself to make sure I was awake. Then I heard her reach the hallway and start down the hall on the plastic protector.
ADC from deceased Grandmother.

959.  Shelley R Experience 10/11/10  I was 4 and had a shallow, brief near death experience.  I was drowning in a pool, I felt a burst of panic as I want under the water.  I remember (like it was yesterday) sinking to the bottom, looking up at the surface above me, then everything got very bright and peaceful, and next thing I knew I was above the indoor pool near the roof, watching my uncle wade through the water to where I was.  He had a look of almost panic on his face, and I watched as he picked me out of the water and put me on the side of the pool.  I then went back into my body and choked and gasped as my parents stood over me arguing about who was supposed to be watching me.
Multiple ADCs and an NDE.

Kathryn H Experience 10/9/10  I found myself calling out "Maude, Maude", over and over again. Suddenly, I saw her in the dining room, sat bolt upright, and screamed "Maude"!!  She was a beautiful vision in pure glowing white with a surrounding white aura and I knew it was her...And she said to me," Don't worry, Annie, I'm alright"...And then she was gone...I sobbed. She was so beautiful. I never told anyone about this until just recently, most people would not believe it anyway. But from that day on, I knew there was life after death...
ADC from deceased friend at age 11.  Shared 58 years later.

957.  James R Experience 10/9/10  I did rise from where I was sitting, I did in fact walk on the floor, I could feel it beneath my feet, I turned to my right and was aware of my mortal body still sitting where I had left it with eyes closed, but again there was no fear no concern, no "bloody hell what's going on" as I have said, it was a natural state for my spirit to be in, it was in fact free, all was natural. We move on, although I could not hear the TV, I was all of a sudden aware of some commotion, from where I do not know, there was shouting, cars screeching outside, noises, then when I turned I saw an old good friend his name is Mark sitting in one of the chairs in the room with his hands on the arms, he said nothing and I thought, "that's Mark but he is in Ireland" still not really concerned, just that he was meant to be in Ireland, I never said a word but just looked at him.
SOBE with awareness of a friend who died at that moment far away.

956.  Shirley F Experience 9/26/10 As I let him out he was acting funny, as if he was disoriented and could not focus. I got him to my bedroom and lay down on the floor but he was not himself.  I rubbed him all over, there was no lumps or bumps, he was not panting, nor crying or whining, but he didn't seem himself.  I struggled as to whether to take him to the emergency animal clinic or not, but I was so very tired after working all day and had an event I had to go that night.  I prayed for him at that moment with my hands on him and then went to bed as I was so very tired.  The time was 11:00 p.m.  I went to sleep and was praying as I was worried about him.  At 11:45 I wake up hearing this scream as it was me screaming.  My Bud had come to me in my dreams to tell me he was gone. 
Beloved dog ADC.

955.  Sandy J Experience 9/25/10  It was 3 weeks after my husband died. My sister had been staying with me, but went home the day before my experience. I woke up about 3 am. I was crying and felt terrible. I kept talking to Charlie, and saying that I wanted to be with him so badly. I was hysterical. Finally I calmed down, and tried to get back to sleep. I started to fall asleep at about 4:30 am. Suddenly the TV in our bedroom turned on all by itself, and as I partially sat up and looked at the screen, it said love across the screen in big pink letters. It felt to me like I had just gotten a message from Charlie, that he still existed, and that he still loved me.
ADC from husband.

954.  Dee E Experience 9/25/10 I began coming out of the coma after these events.  My son came to visit me at the hospital and I was told by family & other persons that when he came to visit I started to talk & told my son that he was not to be there that he died. I was told that he said "Maw, I am fine." The night before he died I was told I became very upset because I said my son died.  They contacted him and tried to reinforce that he was fine.  The next morning was a Friday and I told  a hospital CNA that My "son died this morning."  They again tried to tell me he was fine.  Later that afternoon, apparently I received a call from my daughter that my son had died from an overdose.
ADC with parents with a message about her son.

953.  Carol D Experience 9/18/10  My father always wanted to do a family cruise, but passed before we could and then my sister passed less than a year after him, so my mom felt it was important to try to do the cruise. April of this year (2010) we went on a cruise, but when I had first heard of my mom planning it I was very hesitant and did not want to go because I have two very small children, but she encouraged me to do it. The morning we were leaving I was about to go and shower and as I was walking into the bedroom to go shower there laid the alarm clock still unplugged and on the ground going off. It never went off before that or since that. I thought it was his way of saying to go and have a good time.
ADCs with father.

952.  Mary C Experience 9/18/10   I was asleep one night and in my dream, I saw someone and turned my head to see my husband.  It was like looking at him by the light of the moon, real but shadowed.  He looked healthy and serene.  I said to him...I just want to touch your face and I want you to hold me.  With a slight smile and confidence in his voice, he spoke softly to me "But you can, but you can".  I reached out and touched his face and it almost felt so real.  I then fell into a deep sleep. 
ADC from recently deceased husband to comfort her.

951.  Jona S Experience 9/18/10 What happened on that day was that suddenly, a bright warm wonderful deep red fluid light entered my room. And this light surrounded me and flooded through me and around me and filled everything. And at the same time, I somehow also saw this light or its source or its focus as a ball the size of a water melon floating at about eye level in my room and in front of me in perhaps 1 meter distance. And this light was not just light. It was emotion, it was so much love and acceptance and a bit of sadness and many other emotions mixed in it and which I could feel all at once and share, and all these emotions were a complete presence in me and throughout me and around me. And it was beautiful, I could sense warmth physically, like waves coming at me, and it was like being held and snuggled and cuddled. And I immediately KNEW that this was my grandmother, coming to say goodbye to me, showing me her love, showing me that she was ok, and letting me know that she had died.
ADC at time of death with grandmother.

950.  Erik F Experience 9/18/10  My wife and I were in our kitchen discussing where April (Alex's sister) should go to college.  At that moment, we heard the Aggie Fight Song for Texas A&M University start being played by a novelty can opener in the kitchen drawer.  We both looked at each other in shock and then started laughing because Alex was very excited to have decided to go to A&M before he was killed in a car accident.  He had recently visited the university with his Mom and had decided on a BS in nuclear engineering and an MD in Neurology.  Perhaps he was putting his vote in for April to attend A&M. We opened the drawer and examined the can opener that continued playing until the song was finished. 
Can opener ADC with son.

949.  Ellie G Experience 9/18/10  Anyways, reluctantly I took his hand, I was looking at his hand as I touched it.  It was definitely a man hand, strong yet gentle and then it started to change to a hand I knew very well.  One that as a child would never be mistaken.  I immediately looked up as this man slowly morphed into my mother.  Again she didn't speak but smiled at me with the smile my mom always had to give that showed she loved me.  The words I heard from her were heard but she never moved her mouth and she told me she still loves me like she had before she left and she always would. Then she slowly disappeared. 
Intriguing experience.  To actually feel the entity and then have it morph into her mother, is interesting because it may give us a clue as to what happens to a person when they go to the other side.  For instance, they may not wish to remain in their earthly form.  Or perhaps a guardian angel was wanting to help Ellie?  Or again, maybe her mother was her guardian angel?

948.  LJ Experience 9/11/10 I stood in the same void with my Father on my left and an unknown on my right. Until this particular rest period, I did not visually see my Father standing on my left and the light had been at a distance, but this time the light was upon us brilliant and there. Dad stepped from my left side into my range of vision and stepped into the light.  I watched as my Father moved away from my side into the light. He stepped into the outer perimeter of the light and looked into its depth for a few seconds then turned to face me and as he smiled he raised his arthritic arms high above his head and beamed with the greatest joy I had ever seen on his face.
Remarkable shared deathbed vision with dying father.

947.  Claude S Experience 9/10/10   From Canada, Original in French, translated to English by Magalie.   I was just about to get up when, to my surprise, I saw a women laying on my floor right beside my bed. She was about 30-35 years old. Her hair was long, split in the middle and black with a few silver here and there. Her skin was very pink and she was really very beautiful. There seemed to be a bluish light coming from her body and it gave her some kind of three-dimensional shape. She was wearing a very bright white dress, so bright that I couldn�t see any shadow on it. Her black hair was falling on her chest and her hands were hiding under the long sleeves. What surprised me the most was the terracotta blanket covering her feet, the color was amazing... I can hardly describe it. The lady had her eyes shut and wasn�t moving. I looked at her for a long time, about 10 minutes maybe. I was wondering who she was. I didn�t really want to talk to her because there was something odd about her and I couldn�t understand how I could see her so clearly at that time of the night. She was very bright but the light wasn�t hurting my eyes. I don�t know how but I knew she was very nice and very happy.
CALM avec grand-m�re.

946.  Shannon O Experience 8/10/10 When I went to bed, after the visitation, I sobbed/cried myself to sleep. I was  inconsolable. After my alarm went off, I was laying there "resting just a little longer" Then all of a sudden, Im in this hallway and I'm walking with Gramps. I notice that he's having a very difficult time walking.  As we continue walking, I notice that with every step he takes is easier. I also am noticing that with every step I take, my legs are getting heavier and heavier. At this point in time Gramps lets go of my hand and continues towards the light. Wait, I hollered, you can't leave me. He turned, looked at me and said "you're gonna be just fine Honey but you can come and I gotta go. He turned back away from me and continued walking towards the light. I can see he's walking as fast as he can manage. I notice that he's excited.
ADC Dream of Grandfather.

945.  Edwina M Experience 8/10/10 I was walking along a woodsy one lane road with grass growing in the middle and along the sides of the road.  There were trees overhanging on both sides.  As I crested a small rise in the road, I saw Rachel walking up the other side of the hill towards me, holding the hand of a man.  In the dream I knew I was dreaming, and that Rachel was dead. She was about 11 or 12 years old, and was wearing the  blue dress I had bought her for her Bat Mitzvah.  I ran to her as fast as I could, calling out how much I loved her and missed her.  I enveloped her in a huge hug which she welcomed, as she had not in her recent adult years.
ADC Dream from daughter who died of suicide.

944.  Leslie A Experience 8/10/10 The first experience I had with him after his death occurred about a week after his death.  My parents were visiting and were in the living room.  I left the room and walked into the kitchen to make a call to someone about the death of my son.  I picked up the phone and was interrupted by this wonderfully joyous feeling.   I sensed immediately that this was the spirit of my son.  I had a feeling that he was "saying" to me, "HI, MOM!!!!", and he was letting me know he was so very happy to be released from his body which was for him a prison.  I felt a feeling that he was so happy --that now he was "jumping up and down" with happiness and joy.  I felt also a strong sense of his love for me.
ADC from deceased four year old son who died of birth defects.

943.  Debra M Experience 8/10/10 This experience was an aid to my healing, although I found myself wanting more and at times begging GOD to give me more signs.  I got them!  Have heard Rachel's voice telling me to Stay Strong, Get the family Ready, that she would be coming to get us all soon???  Seen her in dreams where there was always a spiritual or Life message attached.  Feel her presence by the tingly, warm, loving presence of her.  Her friends have also dreamt vividly of Rachel.  I also had a dream where I was dancing with Tony (the 15 year old boy who was also killed in the accident).  She is often accompanied by my father.  A few months after her passing, three female friends experienced the same dream in which Rachel appeared to them at a younger age (10 to 12).  One of those lady friends had just lost her adult son in a tragic accident, and knew that she had come as a messenger to let her know that her son was well.
Multiple ADCs from deceased daughter.

942.  Christine D Experiences 8/8/10 My mother appeared to me in my dream and she said simply �I am going to help you get a house".  I argued with her "Mother that is RIDICULOUS!  First of all my credit is bad, secondly you are dead--how can you even help me!" She repeated calmly "I am going to help you get a house" then I woke up�   Two days before the foreclosure, I got the money, made the down payment and now I am literally living in the "house of my dreams". Just amazing.  The first day I moved in I screamed out "Thank you mom and dad!!!!!" 
Remarkable series of dreams where deceased parents told her they would help her get a house.

941.  Kimberly W Experience 1753 8/8/10  Suddenly a familiar email address popped up.  It was Liz�s high school French teacher.  Jan had been Liz�s favorite teacher, and we had kept in touch after her death.   I had shared my news about the USA TODAY article with her, and I assumed that was what her email to me was about.  Much to my surprise it wasn�t about the article at all.  Kim, she said, you will just treasure this.  I was in my classroom yesterday, cleaning out my files, getting ready for a new school year.  A lone file folder fell on the floor.  I reached down and picked it up and on the outside I read  �Liz W Essay.�  I opened it up and discovered an assignment I had given out over four years ago.  The assignment was to write a letter to one of your parents, in French, telling them what they represent in your life.  Kim, this is a letter Liz wrote to you!
ADC from deceased daughter.

940.  Sarah O Experience 8/8/10  In the dream, I was in my parents' kitchen, a regular hang-out while Mom was still alive. Suddenly, I realized my mom was standing near the counter. When she turned around to face me, she did not look at all like I remembered her in the last years of her life. She was at least 20 years younger, thinner, and just youthful� The dream was nothing like a dream. It did not have that surreal feel to it. There was no "dream" storyline. It just did not feel like a dream. I've never had telepathic communication in a dream, I don't typically dream of people looking nothing like how I remember them, and they rarely have such an overwhelming emotional reaction. I awoke just knowing I had a genuine visit from her.
ADC Dream from deceased mother.

939.  Irma C Experience 8/8/10  I suddenly heard my mother's voice as loud and clearly as if she were standing beside me. She was laughing. "You won't believe it!" she said to me. Just those 4 words. I was ecstatic. I knew she had had a wonderful experience and she was amazed by it. I could hear in her voice how relieved and happy she was. She was safe, she was whole, she had made a successful transition. The entire experience lasted only a second but it filled my senses in every way. I felt my mother and I heard her. I had knowledge of her in the after life. She was no longer blind or crippled. She was younger too! I did not see her with my eyes, but in my mind. Her hair was dark and to me she looked as she did 30 years ago. She was perhaps in her 50's.
ADC from deceased mother.

938.  Susan F Experience 8/8/10 I was physically and emotionally exhausted, working two jobs and raising two beautiful daughters alone, to say my days were very full and that I was extremely busy doesn't even begin to describe my life at that time. That being said, at the time of this occurrence I was 100% certain that it was a real event happening apart from my imagination, and that I hadn't fallen asleep. My father appeared in my living room, it WAS him, he looked, and sounded like him he had both arms though which for some reason seemed normal to me even though he had lost his left arm just below the shoulder many many years before I was born.  He spoke to me saying that everything would be all right, not to worry, and that I would see him again. I remember feeling peace, and feeling like I wasn't exhausted anymore.
ADC from deceased father, probably at time of death.

937.  Mike Experience 8/8/10  After work sitting on the couch, I heard Cathy in the bedroom cough, not Cathy of course, she was dead, but it sounded like it, the dog jumped first!! hair on my neck and arms stood on end and chills ran through me like ice... I got up and walked to our room, stood in the door way and saw my wife standing across the room, in front of the TV, in her favorite church dress, arms down, eyes blue, hair done, smiling at me. LOOKING RIGHT AT ME!! she smiled shook her head "yes". I blinked and she was gone.
ADC from deceased wife.

936.  Juice Experience 8/8/10 I went to sleep that night in January and I awoke when I was tapped by someone.  When I opened my eyes, it was Grandmother's sister.  I asked what she was doing there if she live in the Virgin Islands and she did not talk but gestured me to follow her.  I looked over and saw my roommate sleeping and as I followed her we went through the door without opening it. On the other side normally would have been my dorm lobby, but we were in a blue room and she was there on a hospital bed dead.  Two of her children were there and crying.  One of them then removed the ring from her mother's ring finger I was terrified and I remember that the place said Pavia Hospital.
Shared death experience.  Observation of his deceased Aunt in hospital.  Remarkable verification of his OBE observations.

935.  Bill G Experiences 8/7/10 In 1989 my mother was dying from intestinal  cancer. We shared our birthday and it was obvious she would not live another 3 weeks until our birthday. I told her she could make it rain on our birthday to let me know she was ok on the other side. She was excited and told my father what I had told her. We lived in the San Francisco Bay Area which was in a state of drought and she died on St Patrick�s Day exactly two weeks before our birthday. That day there was a single cloud in the sky in the shape of a sick person which I felt was a sign. I had spent the next two weeks in the Santa Cruz Mountains and it rain a little every day for the two weeks and stopped after our birthday. Then every year for the next 11 years it rained where ever I was on our birthday.
Weather-related ADCs from family members.

934.  Leah Experience 1739 7/25/10  I sat up in bed, and there was Karen sitting on the end of my bed, wearing the same pink dress she had been buried in.  I told her how glad I was to see her, that I missed her so much, and had so much I wanted to tell her about what had been going on in my life.  Her exact reply was, "You don't have to tell me, I already know, and I will always know.  But, you need to stop grieving for me.  As long as you grieve for me, I can't move on.  I'm fine, stop worrying".  Then she disappeared.
ADC at age 17 from deceased friend.

933.  Karen Experience 6/28/10  I looked at him puzzled.... he than said there's someone here u know Karen , there's a lot of people here that you know ......then I asked Lee if he'd seen his parents , he said yes .. then I asked if he'd seen his brother who was a saxophone player he always referred to as saxophone slim.. he look at me very hard  and said no. then I asked him if he  talked to God ? he said yes many times .. he is wonderful .. he had a big smile on his face as he spoke of God 's name ....and laughed.
ADC with best friend.

932.  Nancy D Experience 6/20/10 I was walking down a grocery store aisle and this was my first time out in public after my husband died.  We lived in a very small town where everyone knows everyone.  My husband was quite prominent, being a curator in the Maritime Museum, which was very popular in the state.  I was feeling anxious about meeting someone and was afraid that I would just fall apart of "lose it" if/when I met someone.  I heard in my right ear very distinctly Geoff's voice saying, "You'll be all right, Goat."  Goat or Nannygoat was Geoff's pet name for me.  It had been months since I had last heard Geoff's voice.  The cancer had affected his ability to speak six months before he died!
ADC from deceased husband.

931.  Janet O Experience 6/20/10 When I got out of the tub, there was steam on the mirror.  The first night, I noticed what looked like words.  There was the word Hi! and then mine and my husband's names:  Janet & Frank.  Down below about a foot, but still on the mirror was written the following:  L U all,  Sue.  If came to mind that L U meant love you. 
ADC from sister-in-law.

930.  Cheryl T Experience 6/20/10 The only thing I couldn't figure out at first was why he would make a knocking sound to communicate with me.  Then I remembered that before Babe started having spinal problems, he always had what I called "a case of Chronic Happy Tail".  Babe would happily swing his tail back and forth all the time, thumping it on anything and everything around him.  It was something we would always laugh about.  I think the knocking sound was Babe thumping his tail again.  I think Babe was saying to me "Look mom, I can thump my tail again, and I'm happy".
ADC from deceased pet dog.

929.  Shirley D Experience 6/20/10 I felt drowsy in the afternoon and decided to attempt to take a nap. I headed up to bed with my two golden retrievers who were aside from me the light of my husband's life, and we all jumped up on the bed and the dogs settled in at my feet. I quickly felt myself falling asleep, but I then found myself or an aspect of myself with the dogs standing in our backyard which was in clear daylight all looking up at the sky. I can remember saying to my husband please show me where you live now. No sooner did these words come out I was flying upwards and looked back and the dogs were behind me. We entered this misty wooded area not unlike places I have seen and a path was ahead of us and I could see and smell salt water in the distance. Although this mist clouded the features of my husband, I saw him further up the path walking toward us. The dogs who were with him when he died rushed towards him in a very excited state and I watched them all interact and then they all walked toward me.
ADC from husband.

928.  Jane S Experience 6/20/10 I soon realized that it was Kyle's presence and  I apologized for not recognizing him.. and told him (MENTALLY)  I had been frightened,, he said he was sorry that I did not recognize him and then seemed to move farther and farther away . there seemed to be someone with him but I did not detect a presence...but sensed that this other presence was hurrying him to leave.. Kyle told me "said", ''I HAVE TO GO NOW MOM'   and I felt an EXTREME  sense of SORROW,,,,, COMING FROM KYLE  ... it was not coming from me...  that seemed very clear. THEN,  there was a Very Bright Light,, a Yellow / Green Flash  of the most Vivid Nature.. unlike anything I had ever seen or felt before. Similar , but not the same, as the bright green/yellow flash sometimes seen at sunset at the horizon...BUT, 10 TIMES MORE VIVID.. 
ADC from deceased son.

927.  Phyllis M Experience 6/20/10 My experience was progressive.  Initially I heard sounds in the attic, then through out the house at night, mostly. I saw Laurie soon after during the night. She had an electrical sparking about her head which increased when she realized I was frightened. She suddenly disappeared. I later heard sobbing coming from the attic. The next night I felt soft touching and kisses on my face. I knew that it was Laurie. When I was able to open my eyes, I could not stop smiling.  I had never felt so loved in my life.
Multiple ADCs from daughter shared by college professor.

926.  Rhonda H Experiences 6/20/10 I adopted my cat from a shelter as a kitten. He had been abused and had sustained nerve damage. The bond I had with this pet was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I do not have children and the loss of this cat was like the loss of a child to me. When I had to put him to sleep 2 months ago at age 11 1/2, the grieving was probably the most intense I had ever experienced. I am an attorney and consider myself quite logical and very much a skeptic, but the 4 dream visitation experiences I have experienced since his death have caused me to believe in spirituality.
ADCs from deceased pet cat shared by an attorney.

925.  Sonia Experience 6/20/10 My dad and I went to see my mother at a private palliative care centre (12 or so rooms) shortly after lunch time. My sister had been there since around 9am. My dad kissed my mom and went to sit down next to her. My sister was sitting in front of my mother's bed. I approached my mother's bed and smelled my paternal grand-mother. I knew right away that my grand-mother was with us� My sister was silent and looked serious. I thought she thought I was crazy too so I insisted that she get up and smell too. She then said she did not need to do so as she smelled the same scent when she arrived that morning. She knew our paternal grand-mother was present in the room.
ADC from Grandmother has Mother was dying.

924.  Darlene B Experience 6/20/10  So, my mother told me to look up, and I am not one who has ever seen anything but I do believe. I looked up and it is quit hard to explain but there was a fog not white but grayish, charcoal in color�..you could feel the heaviness when your hand touched it. Then there were at least 20 or more black like specs, small almost looked like it was a dust ball. That is what I thought until it went straight toward my head, I moved back watched it go through my hand and then it shot back up to the ceiling. They were all moving around , it was so surreal and 3-d looking. I know I saw this and was perplexed by the color???? Also when the body was removed they where gone , I have not seen them since.
ADC immediately following death of Grandmother.

923.  Judy C Experience 6/11/10  My husband died suddenly on July 15, 2003 and two days later he "visited" me and talked to me.  I was sleeping and I woke up and he was lying behind me.  I said "is that you Milt"? and he answered "it's me baby doll.
ADC from deceased husband.

922.  Andy T Experience 6/11/10 As I was looking up at the scenery a voice suddenly said, "Isn't it beautiful Andy, this is Jan, your wife, I am in heaven, I want to thank you for all your prayers that helped me get to heaven. I love you Andy and I send my love to you and your wife, Patricia.  No, send my fondest love to you and Patricia. I will see you in heaven one day."  I was stunned speechless and I knew it was Jan speaking (we had been married for 41 years).
ADC from wife.

921.  Christine I Second Hand Experience 5/30/10The message was; "Q E 2 mark 9 it's ok".  My Aunt thought maybe this was a winning lotto ticket. I laughed and said, the QE2 is a cruise ship, mark 5 could be the German dollar or a depth in the ocean or a length of time, but what ever this all means we should not be worried because it will be ok.  My grandmother and I where very close.  This was years before I became a therapist and had a position on the QE2 for five years. It was also years before I went through a divorce. The only thing that kept me alive through my divorce was the end of this message. "it's ok".  My dead grandmother saved my life and guidance has lead me to the unique unusual life I now live. MOST IMPORTANT, I KNOW THERE IS A SPIRIT WORLD AND NEED TO GIVE OTHERS THIS MESSAGE.
Aunt shared ADC with important information for her.

920.  Lisa C Experience 2214 5/15/10 As he hugged me and reassured me I began to see other relatives that had passed standing around us...my aunt, uncle and grandmother. there were some others behind them; however, I was focused upon my dad and the family dog, Charlie who was running around. My father told me that I had to go, and I said that I didn't want to leave him. I looked a little behind him and I saw a little baby crawling on the ground. My father turned to look as well and when he saw her he picked her up. I asked who she was and my father said: " You'll meet her someday." She was Asian and beautiful (In 1996 I adopted the same little baby from China.)
Awesome ADC where she met relatives, a daughter she was to adopt in the future, and she met the family dog!

919.  Ralph J Experience 5/11/10 Then one night I had a vivid, intense dream in which Pam appeared.  She was in her prime, as on our wedding day, slim and beautiful, wearing a familiar, white dress with tiny blue flowers, and smiling at me.  I was incredibly joyful to meet her again. The encounter was so real, I blurted out, half joking, "I thought you were dead!"  She bantered back something like: "Oh, that was just a conspiracy of the Funeral Directors Association!"  We carried on a lighthearted conversation briefly, and then she was gone.  Even during the encounter I immediately thought about how depressed I would be when it was over, but when I woke up I was euphoric and remained so for many days afterward. 
Amazing ADC as told by a college professor about his wife.

918.  Jane's Granddaughter's Experience 5/11/10 She said her daddy came to her and he told her........ "All there is ..... is love Rebecca. It's the only thing that really matters in the whole world"......She was convinced he had appeared to her and told her that. As she spoke she made a big circle with her arms and showed us what her daddy did.
Child ADC from her daddy.

917.  Tom's Daughter's Experience 5/11/10 The next morning (the day of Nana's funeral), Kiely came running into my room and woke me up again. She said she had another dream. This time Nana was there and said she had something special to give her.  They sat down a man handed her an envelope. She opened it and inside was 2 red and blue cards. Then she woke up and came into me. We got  dressed and went to the funeral. A Boston Irish catholic funeral. A few hours later, we buried her next to my wife in an old Boston cemetery. Later at the reception, my father-in-law approached me (not the best of relationships in my life), and said he was looking through old papers the  night before and came across this. He handed me a white envelope with my  wife's name on it. "Here, see if you can do anything with these." I opened it. And to my absolute astonishment was Red and blue savings bonds!!!  In my wife's name. The face value on all of them $9550.00!!!
This evidential experience is exceptional!

916.  K Mann Experience 5/11/10 I knew that prod. I knew it was my dad. I felt him there. The very next day I took time to watch a bit of TV. I had no sooner got up of the sofa-bed I was sitting on, turned on Foxtel went to turn 180 degrees to my left to get back to the sofa when I saw them... I had got through exactly 90 degrees of my turn. 
ADC with Dad and paternal grandparents.

915.  Marcia C Experience 4/9/10 I had an experience when my father died in 1980 which left me convinced of the afterlife.  He died at age 81 and was a strong presence in our life. Three events happened.  Approximately 15 minutes after his death in the hospital, I was alone in the Critical Care waiting area.  The room appeared to become infused with a warm calming light and my father spoke to me in a clear voice but not aloud.  "It's OK; it's alright now" and an immense feeling of warmth and well being filled me.  During the following week at home with my mother, I often had feelings of a presence in the room, in his familiar chair or a hovering near the ceiling.  The most telling event came after a friend asked if I had read the book Life After Life.  I had not and she suggested I read it (which I didn't think I would bother to do.)  My sisters and I visited s local flea market, a favorite haunt of my fathers. I separated from them and in my wanderings came across a book seller whose books were displayed spine up on a wooden door set on saw horses.  I sat on the stool in front, looked down to see only one book laying flat in the center of all the books.  It was Life After Life.  I was certain it was one final act of my father to let me know that there is an afterlife. Thirty years later I still have the book.  Although not religious, I still strongly believe that these events came as a final gesture from my father.

914.  Lisa C Experience 2/25/10 I was sitting on my sofa watching television one night and my daughter was staying with me at the time and she was on the computer.  I had been grieving terribly for the loss of my dog, a Rotty, from cancer.  I had him since he was a puppy.  I was watching a sitcom, and the next thing I knew I saw this bright light then was in this beautiful field with trees on each side, and then I saw my relatives that has gone on before except for my grandmother on my mother's side.  She had died in 1964. They walked up to me with my dog and everyone there knew I was there for my dog.  They did not even mind.  They greeted me with so much love, I have never felt love like that before, even from my dog.  They talked to each other while I was hugging my dog, and telling him how much I missed him.  Then I was told I had to go back, I said I wanted to stay, that I did not want to go back.  They said there was more I had to do and I had to go back.
SOBE with ADC from deceased relatives and pet dog.

913.  SCF Experience 2/25/10 Upon seeing her at her bedroom doorway, I was not startled or afraid.  The entire experience lasted only a few seconds.  She moved from the bedroom doorway directly into the bathroom and disappeared, I remember feeling hurt that she did not look or speak to me.  She did not appear to be walking, but calmly and purposefully floating the ten feet toward the bathroom.  I had no feelings other than I was just observing her going through the room.  She appeared slightly translucent and of a whitish-very light gray color all over.  I had a feeling she had a flowing gown covering her body, but there were no distinct features...I just knew it was my grandmother.  Minutes later the phone rang and I was informed that she had died in the hospital.
ADC at moment of grandmother�s death 2500 miles away.

912.  Cindy M Experience 2/25/10 Suddenly, just to the upper right of the monitor (against the dark background) I saw what can only be called an apparition that almost immediately disappeared.  It was a white spiral shaped thing (like a G clef) about 8-10 inches tall and approx. 3-4 inches wide.  It was 2-dimensional, more clear or defined white lines within a more foggy or misty white background.  As soon as I noticed it, I simultaneously felt a definite push or touch on my upper right arm that actually made me move to the left while I also sensed a large, heavy and warm presence "standing" on my right side.  I KNEW this was my son.  I felt no fear nor surprise.  All I felt was his warm love and contentment that he was with me again.
Variety of ADCs from son.

911.  Jamie M Experience 2/25/10 I had given my father a cup some years previous that when picked up to drink from it and the bottom was expose to a light source it would play a tune and then stop when you put it down.  It was on the mantel of their fireplace at home where it had been for years undisturbed.  When my father went into coma it would play for no reason.  At first no one thought anything except how strange it was that it was doing this.  We started to notice that at times when my father would have in life had something to say it would play.  When I came into the house, when my aunt came through the door to stay with my mom during this time.  And we could get it to respond to us by asking "Dad is that you" .  It would go on and on repeatedly when as we said, he had something to say.  When he died it began to quiet down except during certain moments.  It would always play when I came to visit.
ADCs from father.

910.  Gayle R Experience 2/25/10 13 days after death: We had taken my mother to NY State for her funeral and just arrived back home in KY.  I started to take my suitcase into my walk-in closet and immediately stopped in the doorway, asking my husband to come and witness what I was seeing across the room.  Her favorite winter coat had hung in there, untouched, for 2-years.  But now the coat was neatly draped across a rollaway bed we keep in there.  The coat had been hanging in its usual place when we left for NY.
Several ADCs and many other non-ordinary experiences.

909.  Kevin K Experience 2/25/10 I went to the house where my son lived so that I could get on his computer which contained photos of him. I went to be alone with his memory and to grieve privately. As a sat at his desk I entertained  serious thoughts of how to end my life. I told my son that it was just too difficult to go on without him. I missed him too much.  Suddenly, my car alarm sounded. At first I did not think it was my car because the alarm had never gone off before that I could recall and I had not locked the care. Also,  if it were to work I would have to hit a series of buttons to activate it. I never touched the buttons. I was aggravated that I was interrupted in my grieving. I walked through the house through the garage to the car. The very second I reached the car the alarm stopped. Both before and after that experience the alarm has never gone off  unless I actively press the buttons and even then it will go off perhaps one time in 20. Basically, the car alarm does not work and never has. It was a message from my son that although it is fine to grieve and be sad, it was not acceptable to entertain dark thoughts.
ADC from deceased son at critical emotional time.

908.  Kim B Experience 1707 2/25/10  I had gone to bed and sound asleep. I was then standing in My mushroom shack and before me sitting was my wife's mother whom I thought much of. With her was a man about 6'1 or so in a black suite and black hair and distinct features. Slim in stature. Narrow face with a very thin black tie. Late 50's style. He was standing at the side of her. As I was wanting Colene {mother-in-law} to come and look at The beauty of the farm I had worked very hard on building. She passed before this happened. Now I was talking with her about the wonders all around us. She said to me "it's beautiful" as I looked over the landscape things were so bright with color. Greens and blues that to this day I remember so vividly. She had a white robe of sort with a gold necklace. It shined like sunlight. She looked to be about 30 years old. The gentleman with her was about the same age. I had no knowledge of this man.
ADC from mother-in-law and a man she had not seen before.  Later confirmed the man she saw was her mother-in-law�s brother that she had never met before.

907.  Lisa Experience 2/18/10  I picked the answering machine up to wipe away dust and was just getting ready to erase the empty sounding message when I heard a woman through the static and I could hardly make out what she was saying, barely audible so much noise in the recording, but I listened again, and had my son listen, then my husband listened, because I thought I was imaging things or hearing something I wanted to hear, but they heard her too. She said, "Can you hear me, do you hear me, can you hear me, I'm alright" then that was the end of the message. It was my mothers voice . I still thought I was hearing things because I wanted to.
Telephone ADC.

906.  James Z Experience 2/12/10 My next out of body experience was probably the most profound of all of them I have experienced. Marge was flying ahead of me, looking back and smiling at me. I didn't know where I was going or care as long as I was with Marge. We arrived at a place which I thought was the hall of life review. We were met by a very tall man with a robe. In my book I wrote he was a man with heavenly looks. There were books everywhere as far and high as I could see. The man asked me if I knew where I was and I said no. I was happy I was finally dead and back with Marge. I remember looking at the man and seeing he was standing on air. I then realized Marge and I also were standing on air. The man then told me I was at the hall of life review.
Many ADCs and other experiences.

905.  Annalisa Experience 2/12/10 From the Netherlands I was sleeping and for some reason I woke up. I was laying on my left side on the left side of the bed (my side) and I was sleeping alone. It was dark in the room. I saw a vaporous figure with a little bit brighter white outline of the shape which was my husband Johannes. He had the form of his earthly body and I could see the features of his face. He had golden curls of hair. What I particularly noticed was that he was very peaceful and he radiated happiness and calm. He was sitting on the floor next to my bed at eye height to me while I was partially laying down. He didn't actually speak with vocal chords (I couldn't "hear" him) but he spoke intuitively to me. I "heard" him in my head. He said my name and was quite comforting to me.
ADC from deceased husband.

904.  Julie R Experience 2/12/10  I was trying to sleep. it had been a very long and drawn out week. I was full of anxiety.  everyone in my house was down for the night and I was just laying there trying not to think of what I just went through that day. I was with my dad when he passed.  I heard something and looked at the end of my bed and there was a black shadowy figure. shape of my dad. he had his hands at his side. I gasped so loudly because I got so afraid that someone was in my house I woke my husband. he said what's wrong and my heart was beating so fast . the figure went away and my husband went back to sleep.
ADCs from deceased father.

903.  Kathleen B DBV 2/2/10 I began telling my grandfather that it was okay to let go and God would take care of him and to go toward God when I felt like I was being pulled toward a great bright light.  Not a harsh light but a light filled with warmth and peace.  I remember feeling and seeing my grandfather's had in mine and him telling me he was scared and he needed me with him.  It was bizarre as I was not dead or dying but I was having this feeling as if my spirit/body was being pulled toward the light at the same time as my grandfather was.  The light got brighter and then enveloped us. We were standing in a place that was illuminated but not with regular light or lamps or candles and there were other people there but I could not make out who they were nor was I frightened or surprised to see them.  My grandfather was on my left and we were still holding hands.
Exceptional experience of transitioning with her dying grandfather into the afterlife.  These types of experiences, along with shared NDEs, are among the strongest evidence that what happens in NDEs is what happens at the time of permanent, irreversible death.

902.  Rose E Experience 2/2/10 My husband passed away on 050107 due to pancreatic cancer.  In the early morning of 050107, The time was 3:30am, I hadn't slept for more that 24 hours, and was really tired and sleepy.  My husband was dying, I fell asleep and 30 minutes later he woke me up.  I saw him in my dream, he called my name, I saw what he was wearing, and i woke up. I ran to my husband bedside and he was already gone.  It had just happened. 
ADC dream at time of husband�s death.

901.  Kim B Experience 2/2/10  I received a call at 2:00 am that Heather had passed away.  I was very up set and sobbing.  I remember crying very hard my eyes shut and then suddenly feeling, (and this is so very hard to describe) a very peaceful calming feeling.  It slowly started at my feet and made its way up to my head.  It was the most beautiful feeling, as if to say "its alright, I'm fine!" Words cannot convey that feeling, I had never experienced that before and have not since. I looked up, because I was feeling so at peace and comforted and noticed a small ball of light hovering above me. It was somewhat stationary yet poised to move very quickly at any second. It hovered shortly and then zoomed out of the room.  I don't know what this was, but I definitely got the message that Heather was fine!
Two ADCs from friends.

900.  Karine P Experience 1/30/10 From France, Original in French translated to English by Jacqueline. I saw myself walking in a lovely garden, a pebble path of light gray (amazingly, they did not sound under my feet). The brightness of the place struck me. The light was very bright, intense but not at all dazzling, pleasant. The colors were indescribable, as we do not see on earth, green grass, blue sky, flowers, everything seemed much more beautiful and almost alive. There were people away, who were  talking quietly,  with a pleased look. They greeted me with the head and a smile and kept on with their conversation. They wore white robes without belts, to the feet. I felt at peace and safe. I saw a small white stone bench (like volcanic rock, but white), without back, on the edge of the road (I did not walk in the grass because it was so beautiful that I did not want to damage it). I sat and waited, certain that someone was coming to meet me, but I did not know who. I heard the birds sing a song similar to those of birds down here. They seemed aware of singing and being appreciated, even if I did not see them.
NDE-Like dream where she meets a recently deceased friend.

899.  Amy D Experience 1/29/10  Next thing I know, I am standing outside the nursing home where Josie lived. The most beautiful golden light was shining above and I was in amazement as I looked at the trees the light emitting from every leaf and it was Autumn; the colors had a vibrancy and brilliance never seen on earth. Next I heard my grandmother's voice "This place is not-ting but corridors!"  My heart again felt so heavy and I told her I understand and I am so sorry!  I did not see her physically, but felt her next to me. She then told me she was" leaving" and wanted to tell me how much she loved me.  Instantly, I felt what she meant and understood the Light.  I stood in awe. Everything conveyed was telepathic and was felt in emotion more than the words. The love exuded was felt full bodied and consuming
Shared Death Experience (DBV/ADC)

898.  Cassie Experience 1/23/10  As I kept praying I was standing at the railing at the hospital and all of a sudden about 5 min. After he passed I felt this strong force, I knew it was him next to me and I sat down when I sat down I literally felt his arms wrapping around me, hugging me. It was the strangest yet most awesome feeling.
ADCs from step-grandfather.

897.  Jessica B Experience 1/14/10  I rolled on my side facing the back of the couch, suddenly instead of seeing the couch like I should have I could see the stairs the lead up to our bedroom. On the steps was my husband who had passed away just under 3mth ago. He was wearing the tuxedo he wore for our wedding about 6mths ago. He had his full beard and hair (when he passed he had lost just about all of both due to chemotherapy. He appeared solid and in full color and had a soft glowing aura that was a whitish gold in color. He walked down a few steps and sat down. I immediately began to cry and told him how much I loved and missed him etc.
ADC from recently deceased husband.  They had only been married a few months.

896.  Joel J Experience 1/14/10  My Mother and father had come to contact me, I felt their presence and I knew somehow that they had come to communicate with me. They let me know that they were alright. My father said that I was doing well and they would not visit again. I got the feeling that was the reason for the visit, to check on my welfare, and to give me a message. My father said emphatically "Enjoy your life!" This was his message from beyond and he said it so strongly, I knew that was the most important reason for the visit.
ADC from deceased parents.

895.  DB Experience 1/14/10  I woke up a little while later and heard rushing, loud, bubbling water. I sat up trying to figure out where the water was coming from because it wasn't like water you heard in the pipes, or after someone flushes or anything like that. It was everywhere. It was big, like it was in the air. Also heard what sounded like a new car engine right next to my head. As I lay back down (because I was too tired to get up and check it out) I heard Helene's voice. She said "Der r r r r " Her voice, or the word trailed off. I don't know what she was trying to say but it shocked me. I never thought I'd hear her voice again.
ADC from friend.

894.  Moira C Experience 1/14/10  I sat in my father's chair, still sobbing, when a picture frame with a photo of my father's mother, fell of a shelf and landed on the floor a couple of feet away from me. The photo had been in the shelf for 2 1/2 weeks so my father could see it from his bed. Nobody had touched it. When this happened I immediately stopped crying and the feelings of panic went to be exchanged for feelings curiosity and almost disbelief this could have happened. I put the photo back on the shelf and tried to get it to fall off and land in the same place -- and it wouldn't happen. If it fell off the landing position was always much further away than had been the case when I was crying.
ADC shortly after father�s death.

893.  Robert N Experience 1/2/10  My son found her in the backyard.  Then he came running inside the house yelling "Dad, mom hung herself!"  She was a drinking that night.  I thought this can't be???  I ran out the back door.  The rope broke and she was laying on the ground.  Looking at her neck and the cuts from the rope.  I knew she was gone and I started to scream.  She was all I had , my love for her is beyond words.  All I knew is she was gone [darkness].  Then the most pretty light and she was under the that light.  My grandma was to the right of the light and my dad was to left of the light with his hands in his pockets.  My grandma was holding a handkerchief over her mouth looking down at me.  They were all looking at me, like when you break down at night and some one walks to you with the car lights behind them.  She was o.k. She's ok!!!!
Dramatic ADC shortly after he found his wife dead from suicide.

892.  Jeff K Experience 1/2/10 The next day I went to class at the University and cried on the drive in, but I wasn't too distraught because I believed in life eternal and was thankful she had not suffered.  When I got home I was standing in my bedroom when I felt/saw a white flash shoot across the room from my upper right to left.  I knew immediately it was her sending me a message.  Then I laid down to take a nap and was in that state between sleep and awake when I had a vision of my grandmother standing behind and slightly above a figure dressed like a monk in simple brown vestments.  She had her hands folded in front of her and head bowed.
ADC from Grandmother.

891.  Erika H Experience 12/20/09 I had just qualified as a state swimming official. This was my first experience of being the official announcer for a state swimming meet at an Olympic pool. I was anxious. I saw the deceased in the spectator stand for a few seconds. He was looking directly at me, nodded slightly, his body seemed to say, it's OK you can do it. I announced the event calmly. Looked back to the spectator stand and he was gone. The seat he had been sitting in was vacant. He appeared again to me about one month later while I was swimming laps outdoors.  No visual appearance. Just his voice spoke. "Tell Elaine" (his wife) I told his wife about the experience and she fully  believes me.
ADCs from deceased friend who died from a brain tumor.

890.  Lynn R Experience 12/6/09 The last time I went into the closet and came out the room was filled with what I can only describe as a golden warm light, there isn't really a word to describe it exactly.  I felt caressed by it, almost like being inside warm oil.  It was warm and comforting and seemed to eclipse the light from the bedside lamps.  I sat down on the foot of the bed.  While no words were actually spoken I felt like I was being told that everything was all right, and that I was to help my mother all I could.  There was a strange white shimmery light in the doorway to the hall, and when my brother came to the door he asked me if I thought he could come through it.  I told him yes and he sat with me on the bed.  He asked me what was happening, what the light was, and I told him to just let it comfort him and he did.  After about five minutes it began to fade away slowly.  I was left with a feeling of peace and the firm belief my Dad was in a better place.
ADC from deceased father.  ADC was also witnessed by brother.

889.  Rene' S Experience 12/6/09 & 11/1/12  At some point, I found myself hovering in mid-air above a glorious river, across from a gushing waterfall.  Above the waterfall, was my son, Carson.  He was surrounded by the most luscious, thick, green Ivy I've ever seen.  Carson was glowing.  I felt so warm and secure.  We began to communicate with each other, but not by mouth.  It was mind-to-mind.  I knew enough to realize that I was no longer in my earthly state but a whole new spiritual state and that I could comprehend what he was saying in this spiritual state, but not in my earthly state.
Dream ADC from son who died at 16 years old in auto accident.

888.  Jewel S Experience 12/6/09 From Canada In 1991 I had a cancer operation for cervical cancer I got too much gas just before I was put out in the operating room I saw my dead great grandfather Joe who died at 96 he showed up white hair and blue eyes and said in his English accent your going to be alright then was gone.  I was put under during the time I was out I found myself outside a beautiful white garden gate into a beautiful flower garden in golden light, as I looked into the garden , Jim came and took both my hands and said come on baby you have taken enough, I said no I cant leave the kids Jim looked sad I awoke 12 hrs later the hospital thought I was brain dead.
ADCs from deceased boyfriend, and apparent NDE.

887.  Kumar A Experience 12/6/09 From India. One night soon after her death, I got up from my sleep and turned around to see some thing pale grey harrowing up near my bed. I sleep sound and very few things frighten me. I am a smoker. My first thought was did I leave a cigarette burning? I looked for the ash tray and found no such signs. I turned and saw the smoke like thing still up there. Turned my back to it and went off to sleep again. O yes I put the light on to check the ashtray. Turned the light off and went to sleep.  Later I realized that it could have been her.
ADC from deceased wife.

886.  Margaret Z Experience 12/6/09 From Egypt.  I heard of my husband's death in Alexandria. He had to be buried before sunset same day. I spent the night with his sister. The next morning I forced myself to come home because we had two cats to feed and I also wanted to go home. He had died alone at home. When I entered our home I was numb and shocked. I walked into the bedroom where he had died. I stood beside the bed he had died in, and the two cats stood outside the door. I stood beside the bed, I felt a breeze (warm) it was March and reasonably hot in Egypt on my left hand, suddenly I felt a much stronger, for want of a better word, movement of air, to my right, and much, colder. I was startled and said 'what's that'. I (regret now) pulled my hand away. I hadn't expected that. I checked everything in the flat was closed, no windows open, nothing.
ADCs from deceased husband. 

885.  Karen N Experience 12/6/09 After mom's funeral, when I returned home, I checked her guestbook on legacy. I saw and entry with my mother's name on it, When I called Legacy and had them look at it. The had no record of anyone making an entry, When you make an entry, you must provide an email and no email was found. I believe when I asked mom to let me know she reached heaven, and she promised me she would, this was her word made good, and God's gift of reassurance to me.
Two ADCs from mother.

884.  Kay C Experience 12/6/09 I thought about the dream I had of dad. Then suddenly I turned and looked, about 20 yards away from where Ray stood and smiled at me, and there it was. The same exact rounded bench that dad was sitting on in my dream! Dad had come to me in a dream and now he had come to me in my life.  Dad wanted to get many messages to me and he did just that. He wanted me to stop being bitter, and to let go of all the pain and the hurt I had buried deep down inside of me.
Multiple dramatic ADCs from father.  The TV show �Unsolved Mysteries� wanted to do a show on this, but she declined when the TV show wanted to embellish the experiences.  We commend Kay�s decision.

883.  Debbie C Experience 12/6/09 It was the day before my birthday, April 12, 2008. My sisters, brother, mother along with my daughter and son, treated me to a dinner at my sister's house. I had requested for them not to sing "Happy Birthday" to me. Dinner was great, we had dessert and my two kids were headed out to a party. I decided to head home. My husband was working the midnight shift, so I didn't expect him to be home until 7am. I left my sister's at 11:00pm and arrived at my house around 11:35pm. I decided to shower. I was feeling the sadness and the pain of the loss of my son and didn't feel like watching TV or doing anything else, so I decided to go sleep. As soon as I laid my head on the pillow, I felt a soft kiss on my temple and my son's voice say, "Happy Birthday, mom." As I looked at the clock on my nightstand it was 12:00 midnight (April 13).
ADC from deceased son on her birthday.

882.  Robbrina A Experience 11/21/09 I seen my friend sitting at the end of the couch by my feet. His name was Adam & was a good friend of mine. He had died months earlier suddenly,...after being released from a long prison sentence he came home & died 2 weeks later as a result of a overdose. He had decided to try heroin again after being clean for years, & died alone in his room. I was overcome with joy by seeing him by I suddenly had a rush come over me...like a feeling & I received the explanation that it was Adam doing these things to me for the past 2 weeks. I got annoyed with him & said, "It was you? You were doing this to me? Why??" It felt like I was moving my lips but the question came inside my mind. He answered," Because I am mad at all of you. God made me die for a reason, so you all would stop getting high & you ARE ALL STILL DOING IT!" I knew he was talking about the circle of friends we had, which all of them used heroin�
STE with life-changing encounter with deceased friend.

881.  Melanie K Experience 11/21/09 I could feel his thoughts and emotions, we could communicate through our minds. I instantly knew he'd just died and told him through my head that he wasn't to worry, he had just died. I told him that everybody was waiting for him on the other side and go towards the light, I told him he needed to move on and not to be afraid (I just didn't know what else to say, I wanted him to calm down and give him some words of advice on what to do). He then just disappeared, although I couldn't 'see' him, I knew where he was in the room before he 'went'. I felt quite comforted. I then turned round to my friend and told her my granddad had just died and he was just here in the room in front of me. Next day, rang mum in the UK because of this, she said he had died the day before. I knew he was ill but not on his death bed, we weren't even close! He died the same time this happened to when working out the time difference.
ADC from Grandfather at the time of his death.

880.  Sandy F Experience 11/15/09 My mother showed up to me (I knew she had passed away in the dream, but I could hear her and see her.  You couldn't.)  So her and I were talking, and you and I were talking.  Mom and I were having such a nice talk.  I said I would be over at your house later because I wanted to stay and spend this time with my mother.  You said ok, but you seemed a bit worried that I wouldn't "come back to reality", sort of.  Nonetheless, Mom and I spent some time together, and we talked and I said how wonderful it was to see her again, and how much I missed her and loved her.
ADC Dream with deceased parents.

ADCs from deceased father.

878.  Kary L Experience 11/15/09 I was doing hospice work and just gotten home, it was about 1:00 am.  I was sitting in the front room, listening to meditation music, when I saw a full body apparition. This man floated up to the loft , where his bedroom was.  The next day I ask my employer, if there was something that she had not told me about her cabin. . she said. " Oh, are you talking about Ted, Ted died in his cabin that he built !'  After that , Ted was seen by some family members of mine, while I lived there.
ADC from a hospice worker.

877.  Marilyn B Experience 11/14/09 Shortly before dawn I awoke suddenly to see what looked like mist or smoke in the corner of the room opposite the foot of my bed.  I quickly sat up thinking maybe there was a fire...but then suddenly the mist/smoke began to move toward me and as it got within arms reach it cleared and there was my Mom wearing the dress she wore to my wedding, looking beautiful. All the ugliness and pain of her cancer was gone and she looked young again.  She smiled and then reached out and took my face in her hands (and I felt her hands on my cheeks) and said, "It's OK baby"...then in an instant she was gone.  I was wide awake and in shock!
ADC from deceased mother.

876.  Karen C Experience 11/14/09 While visiting the site of the Oklahoma City bombing in route to Ft. worth Texas I began taking pictures. There were hundreds of people there. I did not have a chance to view the pictures until I got back home to my computer. That's when I nearly fell of my chair. I had a picture of my son Bret. At the memorial site--standing across the reflection pool looking right at me. He was the only one in the picture. Hundreds of people were there. Baseball cap pulled down, same slope of the shoulder, same build, blue jeans, white T, Black tennies and Bret's stance. It was Bret. What a gift this picture is.
ADC from son who mysteriously appeared in a picture.

875.  Laura L Experience 11/14/09 As soon as I entered my father's room in the hospital I sensed her presence.  I went into the bathroom at some point (for some privacy) and I did what you are supposed to do - I told her that I was very grateful for the experience, but that she should not remain behind just because of me - she should cross over when ready and continue her new life.  At that point, I was filled with her ecstasy.  I could sense her wonder and bliss at the freedom of her new form, and how free she felt now that she was not longer trapped in her diseased body.  This feeling lasted for about two weeks.  During that time, my body reacted as you would expect - I could not eat, I broke out in at least a dozen cold sores.  But emotionally I was all tied up in her ecstatic state and felt as if my relationship with her had not changed at all.  I prayed a great deal giving thanks for this experience.
Multiple ADCs from deceased mother who had committed suicide.

874.  MRG Experience 11/8/09 Aug 2008- As my brother passed, I was leaning over the side of his bed hugging him and telling him it was ok to go. His partner was on the other side of him leaning over and hugging him, saying similar things. His partner felt this sensation as well, but he no longer has any contact with me, but he confirmed it as it was happening, that he could feel it too. The rushing feeling I had go through me was right about where my torso was hugging him. It felt very fast moving and almost felt liquid like, but not really. It was almost a slight sensation of being breathless, like at the top of a roller coaster hill, but I had no problems breathing, it was just a slight sensation like that as this rushing sensation was occurring. It was very much not a part of me, it felt "other". Like belonging not to me. It began a few seconds before his machines no longer detected a H.R. and stopped very shortly before his Dr. "pronounced" his time of death to the nurses.
Shared DBV and possible ADCs.

873.  Elizabeth S ADC 9/28/09 I got back home after his death in Aug and my husband and I decided to go to a ball game for Dad, ordered tickets where I knew Dad could send me a foul ball. I had told several people that we were going so I could get a ball from Dad...on the way into the stadium I told my husband that it would probably end up being like the time I was a kid and Dad accidently threw a hard ball to me and hit me square on the nose. Bottom of the 10th and beginning to give up hope, I caught a foul ball with my face!!! It was hit by a player Dad and I had talked about and seen at the 1 spring training game I could get him to in Tucson.  It was this player's 1st time to appear in a MLB game:)
Unusual ADC from father.

872.  Roxie P ADC 9/28/09 I walked into a room and stood at the foot of my mother's body, fully aware that she had died, even embalmed.  I was sad as I reached down to to rub her feet that looked soft and beautiful. Suddenly she opened her eyes, which appeared a lighter green than normal, and opened her arms widely to hug me.  I noticed she had a golden glow about her as I was stunned.  I said to her, Mom, are you dead.  She said yes, honey, I'm on the other side. She finished hugging me and disappeared. I never at any time was afraid of her.
ADC with Mom.

871.  Jeff C ADC 9/6/09 My Grandfather lived at my Mothers house, and I spent a lot of time over there before and after he passed away.  One evening while I was in his room,  I felt a presence, and then followed by what I might describe as an aura or spiritual mist.   It was floating around the room, and going here and there,  I knew it was my Grandfather's spirit, this was very soon after the time of his passing.
ADCs from Grandparents.

870.  Donna C ADC 1656 9/6/09 In my dream, I was with my mother who passed away two years prior.  And by "with"... I mean in spirit because she had no visible body form.  It was like we were ascending down from an aerial position on a huge white building which looked like something Greek or Roman in architecture.  It had huge white columns in the front and many rows of steps going up the entire width of the building.  I had a definite feeling that it was very religious in nature. On the steps were what seemed like hundreds of people all dressed in white.  I saw Michael standing on the very left.  As I neared him, I could see that he was smiling.  I felt an overwhelming sense of joy, love, and peace, which I knew was his, and I felt happy for him.  Not one word was spoken.  I smiled back at him and I kissed him on the forehead.  I woke up crying.
ADC from co-worker.

869.  Robert E ADC 9/6/09 Midday as I was walking up the steps of our home, I heard as clear and as audible as any conversation I've ever had, the voice of my now month long deceased Mother say God Bless You Son and I do recall that this experience occurred in my right ear.
ADC from mother.

868.  Krista B ADC 9/6/09 All of a sudden I was looking down a deep river bank, with huge mountains and glaciers, like the ones Bill would describe to me in Alaska, of which I had never seen or been to. I was in awe of it, it was so beautiful, and I knew he was there, he was right behind me sitting in a chair. I turned and sat down in front of him. He said "Hi" but this was not spoken it was understood. We were talking to each other without words but with our hearts. And it was so real, I can only describe it as like somewhere between the subconscious and reality. It was not a dream.
ADC from friend.

867.  Gerry D ADC 9/6/09 From the UK  I was standing facing a doorway, the door was closed but then it opened and out stepped my son. Behind him was darkness and around us were fields, no houses or people. My son glowed with a soft pale white light. I remember thinking, 'he's dead, this cannot be true!' Matthew walked towards me and we both held out our arms. As I walked towards him, he was smiling and really happy. All trace of his cancer and illness was gone, he looked so healthy.
ADC from son.

866.  Ellen K ADC 9/2/09  My twin sister and I were in bed asleep. It was the night of Uncle Pearl's funeral. Uncle Pearl came into our room.  We both saw him.  He didn't scare us at all and we both knew that he had died.  He told us to, "Take care of grandma for him" and then he left.   Some people say my sister and I were dreaming, but how could we both dream about the same thing?  We were happy to see him and were weren't scared at all.
Shared ADC with her twin from their uncle.

865.  Beverly W ADC 9/2/09  I had just about convinced myself to "knock it off and get it together" when I felt (rather than heard) this voice telling me to turn around.  Immediately behind me was Toby...or an image of Toby.  He was wearing faded blue jeans, white short sleeve shirt, and he smiled at me, put his hand out in a wave, and then very very slowly dissolved...!
ADC from friend she didn't even know had died

864.  Sally P ADC 9/2/09  I was lying in bed after crying myself to sleep on Dec. 26th, 1972, the day my Daddy was buried. All I remember is that I was praying so hard to have him back right now, and then I woke, suddenly, in the dark, wondering what woke me. I felt warmth, something heavy, or pressure, like the space around the bed was a cocoon with me and the bed inside. It was still, peaceful, and I opened my eyes. I knew that Daddy was there before I opened them. I sat up in bed. Like someone else said in another post, he was standing at the foot of my bed, and there was a hazy aura around him, like he was stepping out of a cloud, and the circle framing it all was faintly glowing.
ADC from father.

863.  Fred R ADC 9/2/09 It was just a moment in time. The room was dark and the family sleeping. I woke up and just sat on the edge of the bed looking in the direction of a window when there was an explosion of bright light in the corner adjacent to the window. My Mother appeared with outstretched arms with her face in the middle (nothing else) and she spoke the following words ... "Bobby, I am glad you came to see me" ... I jump up and went in her direction and the light and my Mother went off like a light bulb. It is as vivid today as then!
ADC from mother.

862.  Peter L ADC 9/2/09  I was in my bed when suddenly the while room was shrouded in bright light, the common features of the room remained and my girlfriends mother sat on the side of the bed next to my girlfriend, she told me how we were all doing well and how we shouldn't cry for her, especially my girlfriend. Then it ended as soon as it had started and I settled down to sleep, I didn't feel afraid but comforted.
ADC from girlfriend's mother.

861.  Suzanne C ADC 9/2/09 Then I looked upwards and through my tears, cried, "Donald, you have to help me. I don't know how I'm going to get home." I was very distraught. I looked down again and right between my feet, where I had been looking at nothing but grass and gravel just a moment before, were my car keys. At first I lost my breath, and then I was kind of spooked, so I left the area immediately.
ADC from husband

860.  Wanda E ADC 9/2/09  As it got closer to the one year anniversary of my husband's death, I began to have flashbacks to his last weeks in the hospital. It was very upsetting and intense. I still felt that he was with me, that he was there but in the  background. One evening, about a week or two before the dreaded first anniversary, as I was thinking about him and crying in the shower, I saw my husband standing in front of me. It was like he was really there, dripping wet in the shower. I sensed that he was stroking my hair. I tried to put my arms around him, but there was was only empty space. And then I heard his voice, coming from somewhere just outside the shower. He said, "goodbye, sweet", and he was gone.  
ADC from husband

859.  Bernie S ADC 9/2/09 With Norman I found the computer on at 3 am when I let the dogs out.  It kept going into safe mode-I had told him to let me know if he was okay before he died.  There were pennies found (and still are) heads up a lot.  I often feel his presence, but have never seen him.  My 9 year old was only going on 2 at the time, but she claimed to see him a couple of times waving at her and then in her room while playing.  Often can feel his laugh or a comment he would make. . . .With Gary I have not seen him.  The 9 year old said she did at a railroad crossing as we waited for a train and he asked her if I was taking his death too hard and that he wished he was alive.
Several ADCs

858.  Cindy ADC 8/31/09  I heard Marie speak to me.  It was like a thought in my own head, but it was clearly Marie.  She said, "aww, honey, I love you", like she had spoken to me many times while she was alive.  I answered her, " I love you too, Marie".  She said, "I need you to do me a favor".  I felt certain that she would give me a message of love for her daughter or something along those lines.  I said, "Sure, Marie, what is it?"  She then said, "I want you to get off Jill's back about Mark."  Jill is Marie's daughter and Mark is Jill's long distance boyfriend.  Jill is my age.  Marie then went on, "Jill grew up with love in her life, Mark didn't.  He was an unwanted child, and not shown love like Jill was, and if anybody can teach him how to love, it's Jill." 
ADC received from a friend about her daughter and boyfriend

857.  Mary S ADC 8/31/09 My sister Dorothy and I both went to Home Depot because she's an artist and she needed to buy some tile. Well it was right when the sun had gone down, but it was still bright, any way this sounds really crazy, but when we came out the doors I was talking to my sister, and she was right behind me and she said something like ssshhhh! be quiet! and at that moment we both heard from the other side of the parking lot call out DORSE, DORSE, la la la (he was saying something but we could not understand what) I'm not kidding we both saw our brother Calvin.
Shared ADC from brother.

ADC from deceased father.

855.  Jack S ADC 8/12/09  During that time I would fall into bed exhausted and never stir until the bell went off at 5;30a.m.. "Praise be to Jesus Christ," the bell ringer would say as he flipped on the light in the dorm.  "For ever and ever amen," was the expected response but I was usually too sleepy to do anything but force my eyes open.  Except for one night.  One night, about six months into the eighteen month stay, I sat bolt upright when I heard a voice say, "Jack. everything is wonderful, but I have to go." I heard the voice not with my ears but with my entire body,  I sat there stunned.  I had a vision of a beautiful young girl moving away from me, as if floating.  She looked over her shoulder and smiled at me and then she was gone.  Mrs. M must have died I thought� I knew grand mom was sick but I did not expect that she would die.  Also, the experience was more real then everyday reality.
ADC at time of Grandmother�s death while he was in Catholic seminary.  Shared 45 years later.

854.  Diana CB ADC 8/12/09  I was asleep one night and the phone rang.  I answered,  and my brother,  in a faraway voice, like he had just woke up,  said "hi there",  as he always used to,  it was his voice. I told him,  "I knew you would call!!!!,  Are you alright?"  He said "I'm okay,  I don't even miss cigarettes."  (If this were all in my head,  cigarettes would have been the LAST thing I would think of,  I am a non-smoker,  and he was a heavy smoker.  I said "What's it like?"  He said "amazing.....there are just no words to describe it."  I asked him how he was able to do this,  and he went into an explanation about energies and frequencies,  and how he could "tune in" to my frequency,  just like I could tune in to my favorite radio station.
ADC dream from deceased brother.

853.  Sam ADC 8/11/09 From the U.K.  I had been asleep for what seemed only a short while when I felt my father's presence in front left of me, a bright white light (like a really powerful torch) beam pure white shone down on my father and dots appeared in there, he was to the left.  My father was crying out "my son won't let me go, he has to let me go" in Guajarati (Indian language). Dramatically in front of me appeared a black wolf faced black clothed being, it looked to its right to my father and then looked directly down to me and came right close up to my face and snarled very loudly, that's all it did, I could sense without it saying anything to me to let go of my dad. As it snarled the scare made me let my dad go from my hand and I could feel my dad drift away from me. Within minutes it was all over.
ADC after father died.  Both father and son were/are Muslim

852.  Cornella R ADC 6/7/09 I opened the door and it was the most wonderful feeling I have ever had.  I looked at him and I knew he had passed over and was at peace.  It was my brother but not like he had ever been.  He was beautiful and very calm.  He was wearing all white, I think a robe like garment, and he was glowing with a light that I could see not with just my eyes but with my heart if that makes any sense.  I could not speak, I just listened to him.  What's so funny is that his voice was the same and the words he chose were things that only he would say and the way he would say them.  He said "I'm ok. It's ok. I wanted to go" and knew in my heart that he really did want to go because we both had had really horrible childhoods and been through a lot.  I knew he suffered from deep depressions, drug and alcohol abuse and a violent temper.
ADC Dream from deceased brother.

851.  Diane CB ADC 6/7/09 My brother had a special knock that he would use when he came to visit so that I would know it was him.  Being a divorced mom of two young boys,  he always told me not to open the door without knowing who it was.  His knock was 2 short regular knocks, then 5 rapid knocks using both hands.  While lying in bed thinking about a doctor appt. the next day,  suddenly,  his special knock pounded on the closet door in the hallway,  extremely LOUD. 
ADC from deceased husband.

850.  Lisa D ADC 6/6/09 Sometime later I was startled to feel an orb of electrical energy filling my entire head. I could sense that it extended beyond my head. I immediately said to myself "Oh, Mom!". I was laying on my left side. I reached up to place my right hand on the outside of the orb. As my arm reached upward I noticed that my "real" arm remained in place, while a milky vision of my arm is what actually reached up and felt the orb. As I watched my milky arm raising upward I thought to myself "That's weird." I held the orb for a few seconds and then fell asleep again.
ADC from Mother. 

849.  Ranja ADC 5/30/09 From Greece. That night I was crying so much and had decided to keep the candle lighting all night until she blew it, until she put it off. I asked her in tears and with all my heart to do me this favor. I said "I know you can do it in the form you are currently, just show me something so that I don't cry so much anymore". I cried and begged, over and over, for about an hour. I finally got tired, stopped crying and closed my eyes, very disappointed. I felt I did not deserve my mother's response. May be she was angry with me, this thought made me feel extremely, unbearably sad. Calming down gradually, I heard the specific sound of blowing a candle or a match. I opened my eyes wide and -yes!- it was dark, she had blown and put off the candle! She stayed with me all night, I felt a cold current of air cuddling me up and down.
ADC from Mother. 

848.  Marilyn M ADC 5/30/09 something I can only describe as a Vacuum effect was sucking me through this Dark tunnel and I was scared because I didn't wanna leave my mom as I felt this pull I lost my moms grip and saw this light far above as I got sucked in further it grew and grew and I could see people around me some traveling past me and some I passed and I heard a voice not yet my child then suddenly I was back but with the knowledge that there was life after death nothing more just that. I told my Dad what I saw and how I saw him giving me CPR and how our boarder was blowing in my mouth without touching my lips like blowing up a balloon and how my mother held my hand in both hands pleading for me to come back. They said my eyes were shut so how did I see and hear everything if there is no afterlife?
ADC from fianc� with information that she would get his motorcycle back.  Also NDE at age 9 from apparent accidental medication overdose.

847.  Amber ADC 5/30/09 July 29th 2009 I had a dream that my Grandfather who was previously deceased about 2 years brought my Grandmother to me (who at the time was alive, and living with me). He didn't say anything, and just stayed in the background, and she told me that she had only 10 months to live. I was scared, and shocked by this, because she was not sick at the time (or so we thought). I shared my dream with my mother, and boyfriend, and also recorded it in a dream journal I have been keeping since the time of my Grandfathers death. I did not share the dream with my Grandmother, I did not want to upset her. In February of 2009, my Grandmother was diagnosed with cancer, and was given a few months to live. She passed May 24th 2009, 10 months 3 weeks and 4 days after my dream.
Premonition and ADC involving Grandmother.

846.  Sally C ADC 5/30/09 I just woke up in the middle of the night with the words "fly fly fly" very clearly in my mind. And I "knew" that I needed to understand what that meant. I "knew" (had an intensely strong feeling) that they had something to do with my dad, and something to do with Elvis (Presley). Hahaha. Don't laugh. This isn't an Elvis dream. I don't know who communicated with me - dad or God or holy spirit or who. But I felt that it was a knowledge, not a dream. I knew this was different. But I logically tried to downgrade it and tell myself it was just a silly memory or something...see below.
ADC from father who communicated just three words that led to a discovering a song with remarkably NDE-like lyrics.

845.  Linda ADC 5/16/09 My mother and I had stayed overnight in a room near to the ICU where my father was on life support after a serious stroke.  At approx 8am, after a few hours of light sleep I was just waking up, but not quite fully awake when I had a vivid vision of my father.  He was in the ICU room where he had been for the last day or so, but he did not have the breathing tube in, and he was quietly taking the tubes off his arms and chest. He looked serene. Then I woke up.  We went to go see him in his room in the ICU.  I believe it must have been around 8am that they turned down his oxygen...his heart finally stopped at 10:18 but I have reason to believe that he may have passed earlier due to this vision.  (or was preparing to pass)
Vision shortly before father�s death.

844.  Kathleen C ADC 5/16/09 I used to cut his hair and I did a great job, but I have to admit that who ever cut his hair in Heaven did an awesome job!!) I loved the side burns....he would never let me leave side burns....but, what he was showing me was the back of the left side of his head, just above, and slightly behind the left ear....(where he had had a 5" long opening in his skull)......he was showing me that it was just fine. All healed......like nothing ever happened......no injury at all....
ADC dream involving her son.

843.  Olga K ADC 5/11/09 I was laying on the top of the bed looking at the window when a force came in (I only can describe as an electric force, full of life) it touched my face and it was warm, it was inside of me and around me. When I turned my head I could see the reflection of the bathroom light now ON. I went to the bathroom to see what happen and the 3 phosphorescent tubes (which they did not work for months) were on, the light in the ceiling were intense as when we look at the sun. I was standing at the bathroom door shaking, I could feel the force in me, and I asked please mum do not scare me, which I regret because a few seconds later I switched off the lights, laid back in bed, I could still feel the force in the middle of the room, then she left.
ADC a few hours after her mother�s death.

842.  Jo-Ann T DBV 5/11/09 This is not really MY NDE, but rather a "vision" that occurred when I was lying in bed next to my dying mother. I was called to the hospital at 6pm, and arrived from Pennsylvania at around 11pm. My mother was unable to speak. She had tubes in her throat and did not open her eyes. I asked the nurse to leave, turned off the TV and the lights, and crawled into bed with her. I began to sing some songs that my grandmother (her mother) had sung to me as a child. I noticed a light on my mother's side of the bed. It wasn't bright-more like an aura, but it was white. I saw my grandmother, flanked by her other daughter and son. All were wearing white robe type garments. Their faces were young and unlined, but not real distinct. They seemed to be walking through an orchard with a canopy of trees. In the trees and on the ground were blossoms (I think apple blossoms-white and light pink), and I smelled a sweet apple smell. I told my mother it was okay to go - and I saw a white wisp of her going to them. I then heard the hospital machine beep continuously - and the vision was gone - and my mother had died.
Empathic DBV shared at the time of her mother�s death.  Interesting account in the spectrum of near-death experience.

841.  Summer D ADC 5/3/09 This time, in the blink of an eye, we were no longer standing in the kitchen of our childhood home, we were walking in a busy area - like a mall - completely unacknowledged by anyone around us. He then played a joke on me. He said he wanted something to eat and I bought it for him. When I went to hand it to him, he laughed and said what was he going to do with that now. I sat there for a moment and then he slapped his knee and laughed and laughed. I smirked at him and said, "You played a joke on me!" and he laughed and nodded.

840.  Cathy ADC 5/3/09 I was in the living room seated on the sofa, after having been gone all day with my husband and daughter.  Husband was downstairs. I picked up the remote and pushed the "on" button. The screen became pure white and then a bright red heart appeared in the center of the screen, there was no sound and no channel indication only the pure white background with the bright red heart in the center of the pure whiteness, I stared at it for several minutes expecting it to change, I thought perhaps it was a commercial about a perfume that made one fall in love or think about love, because of the heart, but then I started to think that this was not any TV program�
ADC from deceased daughter.

839.  Andy W ADCs 5/3/09 7/22/08-Woke up around dawn, it was semi-dark in the room. Saw Jerry in bed next to mine.  Was lying on his stomach as if he was sleeping. I reached out my hand to put my hand on Jerry's head.  When my hand got to where Jerry's head was, I felt nothing.  Then I waved my hand back and forth where his head was and still felt nothing. Then Jerry suddenly disappeared with my hand still stretched out toward him.  It seemed very strange to by lying there with my hand stretched out toward nothing.
Two ADCs from deceased friend.

838.  Liz S DBV 5/3/09  It was around 1:00 AM and I was asleep. I thought I was dreaming a very "real" dream. In the "dream" I was lying flat on my back with my hands stretched out. I was in a place that seemed like a beautiful green grass field, bright sunlight coming from above. Everything was crystal clear and at the same time slightly unclear. I felt the feeling of being there -everywhere- and also of laying down in the field to my right. I could feel my arms heavy. I could feel the sensation of something in my throat. Nothing hurt, I just knew I wanted to get "up" and join what was there. But at the same time I could feel a sense of "peace" unlike anything I have ever felt before. There was no struggle. No sense of time. I was not cold, hot or uncomfortable. I was observing and yet being observed. I could feel the presence of everyone that had ever been.
�Dream� at time her father was dying. 

837.  Lori/Adam ADC 5/2/09   I wanted to share this wonderful sign from my son, Jay, see the email below from my son Adam.  My daughter, Jayne just saw this today and called me crying saying she has Jay's signature at home on some checks and it is exactly the way he signed his name.  This was very comforting, yet sad, knowing he is no longer of this world, but comforting because he must be near us somewhere. 
ADC from Son.

836.  Debbie Z ADC 4/25/09  So today I decided to check out your site about ADC experiences. I had read several and was getting into other people's stories when my door bell rang....the bell that you push at my door has not been there for about 6 months now, as a matter of fact the wires are cut at the door with no button there...I was not thinking about that and my dog was barking and she went to the door...so I followed to open up the door and nobody was there of course...there is no button to ring the bell...It just verified for me that he is watching over me and sees that I still love him and one day we will see each other again. It was a great experience.
Several ADCs from deceased husband.

835.  Utaline ADC 4/24/09 About 12 hours after my mother died as I was lying in my bed ready to sleep I had the vision of a tunnel made out of brown clouds and at the other end of this tunnel was THE LIGHT, the light was love and it came through the tunnel bathing me in such strong love that I had the thought and regret that in my life I hadn't experienced such a wonderful deep love.  Also I 'saw' my mother floating in the tunnel towards the light ... but she was invisible!!!  Forever the word LOVE will have changed meaning because it can say only very little compared with my experience.
ADC from deceased mother.

834.  Nancy Y ADC 4/24/09 I asked Peter (the deceased) to reveal himself to me and to give my aging mother a message that everything will be o.k. when she passes away.  I then asked Peter if he was enjoying it on the "other side" and if he was doing any fishing (a favorite hobby of his).  He didn't get to go fishing nearly enough times during his last days on earth.  A few days passed by and I got a telephone call from my mother who lives 2000 miles away.  She told me she had a dream and in her dream she was out at a lovely lake with Peter doing some fishing and he was "showing her the good places to go fish."  I never told my mother about my request for an answer from Peter (my beloved) before this happened and did not tell her about my request after she told me about her dream.
Two dream ADCs.

833.  Angie R ADC 4/24/09 The day after his accident when he contacted me through my son, I felt relieved to know he didn't take his own life.  I know he took his eyes of the road, probably texting or changing the radio.  I don't know, but I truly feel in my heart he took his eyes off the road for one second and that was it. When my son was dreaming he was crying and saying over and over "I should have kept my eyes on the road".  My son was barely 4yrs old, he didn't know how Lil' Ronney died.  He didn't know he was in a car accident. He was talking in first person.
Remarkable apparent ADC described by her son, age 4.

832.  Anjelika J ADC 4/24/09 The first experience was being woken around three in the morning with the feeling of a huge force at the side of my bed knowing instantly it was my mum I was I must say in awe and not scared at the time she didn't show herself though but the force energy was very very strong, I shut my eyes quick and opened them three times expecting see her but I didn't so I shut them again and said in my head to her I love and miss you mum I don't know what to do, then she spoke to me in my head wish was her voice but high pitched and like radio waves, she said what do you mean what are you suppose to do and said my name at the end as though she was calling me then all of a sudden I still had my eyes shut a huge force came over me I couldn't move my body it was that strong held me down and I got a huge rush all through my body of for at least a minute.
ADCs from mother.

831.  Rose ADC & DBV 4/24/09 That evening as we went to sleep on a pull out sofa in my sisters home, lying back to back, I heard a radio playing in my head, it's hard to explain but it was just as if a radio was on in the house, I even rolled over to ask my daughter if she had on her walkman radio, which she didn't. The song that was playing was by the "Doors" and it was "Touch Me". The words are touch me babe, can't you see that I am not afraid, I'm going to love you till the heavens stop the rain, I'm going to love you till the stars fall from the sky. Well the next morning I asked my sister if she had a radio on upstairs and she said no and I replied well then mommy sent me a song last night to let me know that she is OK, she is not afraid anymore.
ADC from mother, and DBV.

830.  Dee ADC 4/4/09 I left work because I was unsettled with a feeling something was "wrong" I got home, and called the police where my mother lives to explain could they do a well check as I am afraid something has happened to her. We talked on a regular basis, but this morning we didn't. The police called me back an hour later to tell me they found her passed away on the couch. I had just talked to her the night before, about 12 hours before I got that feeling. I felt it in my heart she had left, and I was crying and praying to God before the police called me to break the news. I also pulled my son out of school before I got the news, and called my adult son to hurry to the house by me, and I called my husband home from work. I felt an overwhelming sadness and loss and emptiness feeling and the only way to explain it is I knew before I was told. I felt it.
ADCs and probable NDE.

829.  Kimberly W ADC 4/4/09 Kim, she said, you will just treasure this.  I was in my classroom yesterday, cleaning out my files, getting ready for a new school year.  A lone file folder fell on the floor.  I reached down and picked it up and on the outside I read  �Liz W Essay.�  I opened it up and discovered an assignment I had given out over four years ago.  The assignment was to write a letter to one of your parents, in French, telling them what they represent in your life.  Kim, this is a letter Liz wrote to you!  Now, I don�t speak French, so Jan translated it for me.  That letter was a mother�s dream.  In it Liz told me how much she loved and missed me in so many different ways.
ADC from daughter.

828.  Celeste P ADC 3/21/09  Yesterday I had to work on my taxes.  Of course, I saw all of the bills associated with Chris� death from 2008.  Afterwards, I felt so sad and tired, I began to cry.  I went into his library and touched some of his things, and a picture of him with Rollo.  I cried and sobbed for about 15 minutes, until I felt more tired, and even relaxed.  I allowed myself to stare into the mirror.  I just sat there in front of the mirror and stared, even closed my eyes from time to time.  After a little while I saw a dim face looking out at me.  It was Chris, and he was actually looking at me, this was not like a home movie or a photograph like the previous mirror experience.  His face moved closer, and then receded, always looking at me and smiling, as if to say, �It�s okay, Celeste, everything will be okay.  I�m here for you, I have not really left.�  The image of his face moved back and forth several times, and then faded.  I felt comforted afterwards.
ADC from deceased husband.

827.  Celeste P ADC 3/21/09  Chris appeared to me just as I was about to wake up.  His apparition may have been what woke me.  He was standing at the foot of my bed, where I often feel him, but this time I saw him.  He was standing in a background of cloud or mist, and I could see him from the knees up.  He was wearing a blue denim shirt and jeans.  His hair was as he had  worn it just before he got sick again, long enough on the top to comb over to the side.  He was healthy and smiling, and he was not speaking with his lips, but his eyes were saying, �It�s okay.  I�m here for you and I love you.� I opened my eyes and his image was gone, but I knew he had been there, just as sure as I felt Quincy�s warm little body against me in bed.
ADC from deceased husband.

826.  Celeste P ADC 3/21/09  I had some sort of a nightmare, and woke myself up by yelling out. I don�t know what it was about, but when I opened my eyes, I saw a soft light with a sort of tail like a comet move into the room and hover over me.  It had a concerned face staring down at me for a few seconds, and was gone.  I believe this was Chris, but the face was unearthly.
One of several ADCs from husband.

825.  Cindi B ADC 3/21/09  Before my Mom passed, I asked my Mom for three butterflies as signs from her. When I went to Church three days following her passing, I went to a church I had not been to before and in each corner of the church wall/ceiling were 3 huge paper mache butterflies as a set in the corners of the walls, on each side, 3 each� I saw a butterfly outside on my house and I just knew it was Mom. I told the butterfly: I love you Mom. And right then the butterfly landed on my cheek and I felt a human kiss and the butterfly flew away, circling around me as it left.
Several ADCs from mother.

824.  Celeste P ADC 3/14/09  Last night I dreamt that Chris was walking around places with me, that he was healthy and smiling.  He seemed happy and restful, and he looked youthful as he did in his late 30's.  His smile radiated that unconditional love that he always showed me.  When we ran into a group of people, they greeted us, but a few clearly said that Chris had to go back from the place he came, that he did not belong to �here�  any longer.  Chris and I walked on.  We seemed to be on sidewalks, on a pleasant day, and then stopped at an arched doorway that seemed as if it might have been an Italian caf�, as we used to go to.  I though we were going to go in together, but he made no move to enter with me, but spoke to me as he did when we were out on a weekend, relaxed and content. I don�t know what he said to me just then, but it was calming. I asked him if he had to go and he gave me that beautiful, sweet smile that he always had, and said,� I can ask Nietzsche anything I want to, now, and hear Beethoven play piano anytime I want to.�  I knew he was in a good place. 
Two dream ADCs.

823.  Dr. HG ADC 2/28/09 From Mumbai It was around 5 or 5.30 A.M. and I was sleeping on a cart just by the window, which was opening in the road. She entered in the room from window grill in the form of bluish grey cloud. Her figure was carved out from bluish grey smoke. She was so clearly seen with a red big 'Bindi' on her forehead, green blouse and beautiful sari. She comfortably and calmly sat towards my feet. Her face was egg shaped. Her hair were long and untied and spreading down. She appeared to be around 30 years of age. I was startled and asked her 'Who are you and why you have come to me?' To my surprise, she sweetly replied, 'I am a ghost. I have died just few months back. I have come to visit the nearby house in your chawl, where I used to stay before my death. I saw you while passing, got attracted and just peeped in to see you.' I replied her, 'O.K., now you may go where you wanted to go.' She disappeared the way she appeared. � Next day, I confirmed with another neighbor if any young lady has died from the house she mentioned. I also confirmed the description of the lady, I saw. To my surprise, all details were exactly same as I was told by ghost and seen by me.
ADC from Mumbai.

822.  Thamarai S�s Mother�s ADC   2/28/09  From India This experience was happened to my Mom in front of my eyes. I was just back for summer holidays from my Engineering college. It was around 4 PM in the evening. I was reading some book, my sister was taking rest. My Dad was also sitting in a chair, looking on some accounts. My Mom was sleeping. Suddenly my Mom woke, She started welcoming her mom. We got confused. My Mom asked my sister to bring coffee for her grandma, We were literally confused and shook her to bring to reality. She thought it may be a dream. With in another hour we got the news from my grandma's village saying she died at 4:00PM. As there was n telephone, a person came to home carrying the message. As my mother was only daughter in the entire big family we thought she came to see her for a last moment.
Mother received ADC from his Grandmother around her time of death.  Grandmother was in remote village of India where they did not have phone service & her death was unexpected.

821.  Deborah R ADC 2/28/09  From Canada I must have fallen into a sleep-like state but I can remember all of a sudden being aware of a "warmth" or a "presence" that seemed to be warm in color (oranges and yellows and reds) that seemed to be staying in one spot, but pulsating or sort of breathing.....it was just to the left side of my bed and I could feel the warmth radiating from it. I knew that if I reached my hand out I would be able to feel it but I did not.  My eyes were closed and I remember thinking that if I opened my eyes, the presence would disappear or go away.  I was not at all frightened.  The really overwhelming thing is that the presence was communicating the most abundantly reassuring feelings of warmth, love peace and understanding to me in a most loving way, without any words being used at all.  I knew this was a "male" presence�
ADC from Stepfather.

820.  Patti B ADC 2/15/09 Then I felt myself just roll out of my body, through my forehead maybe, and Immediately Steve was excitedly talking to me, telepathically.  He said, �I love it here!  I don� have to eat, or drink, but I can if I want to. There�s no need to bathe, I�m an energy (astral body) I just zap around through space, and then suddenly we were going really fast, and I was in my astral body, and we were crossing back and forth, THROUGH EACH OTHER, and each time our energies touched, it felt warm, like a sweet loving hug, and this happened 5 or 6 times. Later on, I thought it felt similar to making love.  We were going really fast, and it was dark, and I never did see him with my eyes, but with my brain, and he was energy, similar to a swarm of bees, and it was him and his voice.  
ADC, which included OBE, at time she was asked to identify her husband�s body after a motorcycle accident.

819.  Kathy F ADC 2/15/09 He still said nothing but he reached for my hand and I at first held it back because I was a little bit afraid because I knew he was dead but still he was in front of me and it was like he knew what I was thinking and he just smiled and grabbed my hand anyway.  He pulled it toward him and then he put my wedding ring which had been lost or stolen for many years back on my finger and then he just said "I still love you Kathy" and as fast as he appeared he was gone.  I jumped up and immediately put my hand up to look at my ring he had just put on my finger totally expecting it to be there but it wasn't.  It was so real that still to this day I know I wasn't dreaming but I must of been or the ring would of been there.  That was the only experience I ever had since he died 15 years ago and I remember it as vividly as if it happened yesterday.
ADC from deceased husband.

818.  Tree S ADC 2/15/09 This is about a dog.  Merly died on my grandmother's 100th birthday. He has expanded my world extraordinarily since his death. Most of my life I have lived separated from my family and apart from relatives. "My" animals became my steadfast family. I am a fraternal twin. My twin brother, Daniel, died eleven days after we were born. For as long as I can remember I have felt he is watching over me...and that we both live, though perhaps not in the same place. A stray dog showed up in my life when a frightening period was beginning to unfold.  He came with the name Merlin. A cool little guy who was half Australian Cattle dog and half Australian Shepherd.  He was calm and intelligent, with prick ears, starred crown, and a black patch over one eye. The day he appeared is the birthday of a long-cherished friend.   He was a comic and a dancer. During the most frightening years of my life, he gave me love and laughter. His pupils were large with love when he looked at me. His coat was exquisitely soft to the touch.
ADCs revolving around death of  pet dog.

817.  Da'Lairr R ADC 2/15/09 Soon after my mother passed away in Sept. 08 I began seeing this small ball of light out of the corner of my eye. it seemed to be happening more often when she first passed (as in several times a day) and now it only happens once or twice a day. I mostly see the light in the evening. and most frequently in my staircase where I have a large picture of her hanging. when it first began to occur I called my aunt (my mother's sister) and told her of the strange happening. she told me that she too has been witnessing this light. she was practically finishing my sentences for me while I was describing the occurrences to her, indicating that she knew exactly what I was talking about. she went on to explain that she had at first felt that there was something wrong with her eyes and had actually scheduled an appointment with her eye doctor. after speaking with me we both concluded that it had to be my mother possibly trying to communicate with us or send some type of message.
Multiple ADCs.

816.  Daniel A ADC 2/15/09 While sitting at my computer, I noticed a fragrance that reminded me of "old ladies' perfume". It's a smell that I've always associated with something an older woman would wear, probably due to having smelled in on them in my youth. It's probably more of a bath powder than perfume, however. So, I smelled it and wondered where it was coming from. Sometimes the chemical plants in Pasadena, which isn't too far away, will produce odors when the wind shifts, but I think I've smelled all of them in the 7 years that I've lived here, and there are really only 2 that I'm aware of, and neither smells like perfume...
ADC from Aunt.

815.  Leah ADC 2/15/09  I many simultaneous thoughts, 1) how did that happen, nothing else had fallen or moved on the shelf 2) no one could have been in the house the alarm was set 3) if it had been a mouse or vibrations from a large truck on the street, something else surely would have moved and 4) how interesting that it fell and landed in a standing position. No more time for thoughts, my friend was honking in my driveway. We went out and I got home around 10:30. I was again at the foot of my bed taking off my clothes and getting ready for bed and again I noticed that the little rubber pony was still on the floor, but now its hind legs were bent and it was in a sitting position and I immediately knew it was my Mom. I knew that was her way of just connecting. When I had left home to attend college, I would visit throughout the year and upon getting back to my new home when I was unpacking, I would always find a toy from my childhood that Mom had snuck into my suitcase. it was her way of "connecting"
Several ADCs.

814.  Willa P ADC 1/25/09 Mom died unexpectedly while I was away at college.  I got home that evening, spent time with my dad and sister, then went to bed in the bed that mom had used for many years.  I was awake, devastated, and crying very hard when I suddenly became aware of a light, or glow, and feeling of warmth.  I looked up at the doorway and Mom was standing there in her old blue bathrobe, with the most glorious smile on her face and this light sort of in and surrounding her...she asked, "Why are you crying?  I am happier than I've ever been."  I immediately was comforted.
ADC from mother.  Experience shared 46 years after it happened.

813.  Jackie G ADCs 1/25/09  Lot of things happened with my dad's passing.  I live 1000 miles away and he died on 8/31/02 at 9 pm and mom called me at 11 pm at 3 a.m. I am talking to her again on the phone and packing as I do this at the same time I hear a pop on the phone everyone with her at her house saw a huge flash of light shoot thru the dining room (my father died at the dining room table after dinner).
Multiple ADCs

812.  Dorothy S ADC #2 1/17/09 Exceptional As we walked towards the exit which were the same doors we entered thru, as the doors slid open, my sister was in front of me and I was right behind her and she was talking about something when all of a sudden I heard "Dorse!". Now my name is Dorothy, but only my parents and all of my brothers and sisters have always called me "Dorse".No one else calls me that. When I heard "Dorse!" I stopped as I stepped out the door and both my sister and I just completely froze. I told my sister "Oh MY GOD!" "Is that Calvin?" We were stunned, I'm telling you we froze and he kept on calling me"Dorse!" and at the same time he was walking towards us-he looked, walked, and talked exactly like my brother. He kept on "Hey, Dorse!" and then he was mumbling something, but I could not make out what it was he was trying to tell me. My sister was like " Oh my God, Oh my God.." And I remember saying "Oh my God, is that Calvin? How can that be? but I saw him in the coffin?"
Stunning ADC from deceased brother.  Witnessed by her sister.

811.  Donella B ADC 1/17/09 So, thinking for a moment, I tried to sound casual, "Hey, when's the last time you saw a doctor?"  "Why?"  My brother asked suspiciously.  I thought for a moment.  "Uh, because Daddy told me to tell you there might be an issue with your heart."  My brother was noticeably shocked. "I didn't tell anybody..."  He began.  "But this weekend I was having chest pains and I went to the emergency room."  He then went on to say that he hadn't even revealed this information to his wife, who had spent the weekend with their son visiting her family.  He also went on to say that he submitted to a few tests but eventually wound up leaving the hospital without undergoing a thorough battery of tests because he was getting impatient with having to spend so many hours in the hospital.  I asked him to go back and he agreed.  Later, after undergoing a battery of tests, my brother emerged with a clean bill of health.  We were both grateful and amazed that Daddy, after all these years was still watching out for his children.
Clairvoyant dream with information about a brother�s possible heart problem.

810.  Eric ADC 1/17/09  I am Roman Catholic and was being confirmed. Usually in church, I sit with my family but when you are getting confirmed you sit with your confirmation class. What I am about to say is very important to the experience so please pay close attention. I was sitting in a group of people so there were people in all around me. If you are Roman Catholic and live in New England you know that people look straight forward and talking is very inappropriate. Everyone was looking straight ahead when this happened. I was thinking to myself "There is no such thing as God" and all this other negative stuff when I heard my name whispered 3 times in my ear. I felt a weird air pressure change in my ear and it was neither hot nor cold but somewhat tickled.
Several ADCs described.

809.  Marie B ADC 1/10/09 We got very close and as we did I felt this immense pull/attraction like she was a magnet. She was wearing a very long blue dress. She said, "don't touch me", and then she said, "Tell Eugene to kiss me goodbye." She looked younger like I remembered her looking when I was a child. I then suddenly woke up. I didn't understand the message, but told my uncle anyway. I tried to tell him that she was indeed alive in that other dimension, but he couldn't understand.  He then told me that every night at bedtime he says to her picture, "Goodnight Jeana." But in my dream she was telling me she wanted him to kiss her GOODBYE. He didn't understand. He went on grieving for a long time, and then he joined her a few yrs later. He also told me that at the funeral she was wearing a very long blue dress...
ADC dream from deceased Aunt.

808.  Jeannie B ADC 1/10/09 The year 2008 had been a difficult year for my mom. It started in January as she had a heart attack and flat lined in the ambulance; she would tell us later that during that time, our father came to her and wanted her to go with him, but she told him she was not ready� My mom had been in the hospital and was having a lot of pain due to complications from a failed bypass on her lower leg. It would have to be amputated, but she would have to receive antibiotics for a week before, and during this time she cried out in pain all through the night and day. I read the bible and prayed for her as it helped her to rest. I was standing by her side, praying out loud as she seemed to be at ease for the moment. Across the other side of the bed appeared my dad and an angel. They were not in solid form, but I could not see through them either. The angel stood to my father's right side, and neither looked at me. They both had their right arms extended out to my mother. They were focused on her, and it seemed as if they were coming for her.
ADC from father near the time of death of her mother.

807.  LSA ADC 1/2/09 While I was there I picked several weeds from the grave site while I was talking out loud to him.  I tossed the weeds over outside the grave and then something came over me that compelled me to pick up the weeds, place them in the cup I had in the car, and return with the weeds to Atlanta.  When I got home I placed the weed in a flower pot.  My husband, who is a wonderful and very understanding man, asked me what in the world I was doing.  I explained to him where the weed came from and he just smiled.  That was in early July.  TC died on Labor Day in 1987.  This past Labor Day came and went - 21 years since he had passed.  It was the first time I had gone through the day without reliving the whole thing - somewhat of a sense of peace finally after 21 years.  That night I sat in the bathroom and realized that for the first time in 21 years I had not cried for him on that day.  I asked him to give me a sign - of course there was no lightning bolt or other immediate sign that we all expect, instead the next morning I woke up, went outside to take the trash to the street and there sat in the flower pot the weed I had picked with about 150 beautiful tiny pink blooms.  I began to cry as once again I knew that was TC's way of connecting with me.
ADCs from first love boyfriend.

806.  Stephanie M ADCs 1/2/09 They walked me out to my car. It was in a dimly lit part of the parking lot. The moment I stepped into the gravel of the parking lot, I saw him. He was sitting in the car, waiting for me. I could see his coat, his ball cap, every outline of him. He was sitting behind the wheel of the car. I paused, almost stopped, but I knew it was okay to move towards him. There was nothing for me to fear. I knew it wasn't his body, his earthly being. I knew it was him, his spiritual being, waiting to escort me home, to make sure I got home safely. I could see him move to the passenger's seat when I got to the car. They didn't see him, but I didn't fear that I was crazy or that anything was wrong. All was as it was meant to be. I drove away with him beside me. I talked to him on the way home. I talked to him about how to get out of the city he had died in since I didn't know how to. He told me but not out loud. I would have missed turns if he hadn't.
Multiple ADCs.

805.  Anita C ADC 1/2/09 He was also looking at himself up and down and thinking how strange he looked. I made a joke that it looked like he had Botox and he laughed. then we went outside on the street and I noticed that he was not walking but was almost 2 inches off the ground floating. I told him how upset I was and he said to me that I shouldn't be upset that where he went was 'cool'. he said to me do you want to see where I went and I said yes. by now I was holding our 9 year old daughters hand and he led me to an entrance, a large round glowing white light entrance. he told me I had to leave Anya outside and I had to come in but leave as soon as I went in to the circle.
ADC from deceased husband.

804.  Kerri ADC 1/2/09 The next morning on Christmas mom told me that at 11:50 pm (the time of his death three years before), she was looking at my dad's picture and also joking with him saying "this is your job.  you should be here to wrap this for me".  Suddenly the chandelier went from full brightness to complete darkness, very slowly. It wasn't like a brown out.  It slowly went pitch dark.  Then the lights went back up.  This happened twice.  She was overwhelmed with emotion.  When she finished crying she went back to the heavy box and turned it over no problem.  Her arm did not hurt again in the least even though she has severe damage in the shoulder.  She wrapped the gift effortlessly.  On Christmas Day she was nervous about lifting the turkey into the oven because it was so heavy.  Once again her shoulder instantly recovered.  When I told my mom I had asked dad to blink the lights and help her, at the exact moment that the lights blinked, she couldn't believe it.
ADC from father on Christmas Eve.

803.  Shannon W. ADC 12/27/08  **Ted, father.  1.  Immediately after he had passed we were ushered into his room.  I was with my mother, daughter, and husband.  We were all crying.  I suddenly had a feeling of peace and I said "It's okay, it's okay. Look, dad is not having any trouble.  It's okay."  I then "saw" what reminds me of the cosmos...or a black starry night spinning in my dad's chest.  It was spinning very very fast and moving up his body and finally exploding out of the top of his head.  It was beautiful.  2.  About one hour later I was sitting outside of the hospital.  I had my eyes closed and suddenly could feel my dad standing behind me with his hands on my shoulders.  I don't know if I felt or heard him say (in my head) that everything was okay and that he loved me.
Multiple ADCs from several deceased individuals.

802.  Joanne H ADC 12/15/2008 when I opened my eyes there he was in living color, I sat up and asked him why he was here he said I want you to tell your mother that I have just put a yellow envelope in the bottom dresser drawer for her only it is not for anyone else but her, so I said ok and then he asked me how was doing and I said ok but I miss you, he said I know but you don't need to worry I'm doing great, make sure you watch over your grandma, soon I will be coming for her, and then he said he had to go, he leaned down and kissed me on my forehead and then he was gone� here's the kicker the next day my mom had told me that my grandfathers cane and jacket were laying on top of the dresser, she insisted that the items were put in the closet and the drawer where I said the envelope was, she said that she had cleaned the drawers out but when she opened the drawer it was filled back up and the envelope on top.
Two ADCs, both evidential.

801.  Vicki W ADC 12/15/2008 They said a blood vessel burst and it was only a matter of time. No one wanted me to go in the room alone but they were typing to help my grandmother. I told them I was going in no matter what.  I walked in alone and as I stepped to the end of his bed something happened.  I could not feel sadness. It was like an overwhelming sense of joy, peace, love, warmth, and a sense of knowing that its ok.  It was something more then words can ever describe.  I walked to the side of the bed and said goodbye grandpa and all I could do is smile because I was so filled with joy or something I couldn't explain and knew he was fine.  After that I handled his death very well helping my grandmother deal with his death.
Premonition of Grandfather�s death and ADC.

800.  Susan ADC 12/15/2008 I proceeded to my parents' house afterwards, and sat down at their kitchen table to visit with my mom.  Valentine's Day wasn't far off, and she happened to have a dish of "conversation" candy hearts on the table.  I nonchalantly grabbed one, and looked down to see that it read, "Miss Me?".  I couldn't believe it.  What were the odds?  I couldn't even remember seeing that message on a candy heart before.  I proceeded to take a series of hearts from the dish without looking, and recorded their words, in order, until they no longer seemed to compose a message.  My message, from my grandmother, read like this:  "Miss Me?  Yes.  Foxy.  It's True.  See You.  Goodbye.  Smile."  I still get goose bumps when I read this!  "Foxy" was the nickname my grandfather had given me when I was little -- even giving me a placemat with a red fox on it one time.
ADC in remarkable manner from deceased Grandmother.

799.  Sherie M ADC 12/15/2008  I was preparing to go to sleep.  I have just closed my eyes then I heard the door of my room open and close but there was no one there because it was just me and my husband at home and my husband was fast asleep.  Then, I closed my eyes again, and there--- in front of me is a spirit.  I asked the spirit who it was and she said she's my beloved maternal grandmother who passed away in 2002.  We had a short conversation but what was weird is that we spoke through mind/feelings, not with the use of physical body. I didn't see my grandma's physical form but I just knew it was her.  She said she just wanted to see me and know how I was doing.  I heard her chuckle as well but I heard this through feelings.  After this conversation, I saw her kiss my left cheek and she said goodbye.  Throughout this whole experience, we used feelings, not the physical body. And while this was happening, I wasn't afraid.  It was as if this was the most normal thing to do-- to talk to a deceased grandmother.
ADC from Grandmother.

798.  Scott J ADC 12/10/2008 My mom died hen I was in my mid twenties (I'm now 45). She came into my room the night of her funeral. I wasn't asleep but was on the bed, lying face down. I was totally wigging out about her being gone, other issues that weren't good and had just jumped onto the bed and I had my fists clinched under the pillow and my teeth clinched and my face buried in the pillow. She came in near the wall and ceiling, I didn't look, I just felt it. I could feel her presence - it was unmistakable. She said to me (like straight into my brain, but in her voice) "Everything is okay." I got the sense she was talking about my life and not where she was. My gut reaction was BS! and then the list of why not's. She patiently waited for me to finish and then said it again: "Everything is okay". It was at that point when I realized I was having a conversation with my mom, who had returned from the other side to talk to me and I'd better tune in. She said it again and I asked her, what do you mean, everything? And she simply said "Everything............." but she said it in a way that was truly all encompassing and I could feel her pulling back right at that moment. She went out like a subtle whoosh and when she did, she pulled all that emotional negativity I had in me right out through the top of my head, my fingers and toes. I had the most awesome sense of peace. Too cool.
ADC with mom.

797.  Heather ADC 12/8/2008  A few moments after closing my eyes I appeared in the living room of my grandparents former house.  I looked out toward the plate glass window that led out onto their back deck and saw my deceased grandmother looking out the window.  I began to approach her and she turned and smiled at me.  Then she said very matter-of-factly.  "Heather, you have to tell Brenda to go to the doctor.  She has cancer."  (Brenda was my mom and her daughter)... She told me my mom had cancer and my mom did have cancer.  Had it not been for the vision I would not have urged my mom who was against doctors to go and get checked.
ADC with possibly life-saving information.  Also, a NDE is briefly described.

796.  Dalry M ADC 12/1/2008 From Malaysia Monday, June 30, 2008��I�m asleep in my apartment in Malaysia. Suddenly I'm wide awake and sitting up. They have come to me ...the dead people who had been blown up in the suicide bombing I�d been witness to in Jerusalem. They surge into my consciousness on the crest of a cleansing wave. When they have my attention they speak as one. 'We're so pleased that you've finally got it right �.what you've written about the bombing. Now at last we can move! I ask the question that�s been on my mind for 6 years �What about the ..... bomber?�  In one voice they reply �The young woman who fate chose as the instrument? She�s here with us��she�s one of us� she has forgiven and been forgiven. She has taken responsibility for her life�.and for her death. Now she is free! That�s why we�ve come. To let the world know�..not just humans but the WHOLE WORLD and EVERYTHING ON IT�.. that if WE can forgive THEY CAN FORGIVE!
Background: April 12, 2002: At least six people were killed and more than 80 wounded in the blast, which detonated near the crowded Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem. Police said the bomber, described as a young woman, loitered near the open-air shopping area before setting off "a very powerful bomb" at a nearby bus stop.  A planned meeting between U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat has been delayed at least a day�
Dramatic witness to carnage after bombing and message from those killed in the bombing.  Call for a Freedom Week: �This is what you�re to send out:  ON BEHALF OF ALL THOSE OF US WHO MET A VIOLENT END��.WE CALL ON YOU THE LIVING TO INITIATE A FREEDOM WEEK to conclude on the 11.11.2011.�

795.  Patti O ADC 12/1/2008 About halfway through the flight I closed my eyes - still not tired - and saw her - she looked beautiful.  There were hundreds of people around her, and she was raised on a platform - at the time I described it as looking like the marble steps at the Lincoln Memorial, but now I don't remember seeing the steps.  She was raised up, sun shining on her, hair blowing in a slight breeze.  There were colors more spectacular than I've ever seen, and the people around (below) her were loving and peaceful.  She smiled at me and waved with both hands raised about as high as her head.  Then I woke up.  I wish I looked at my watch, then I'd know if that happened at the exact moment that she died.
ADC from Mother before she knew she was deceased.

794.  Katherine S ADC 12/1/2008 Then I went out into the hall and looked at our secretary, where my mother�s statue of the Blessed Virgin had turned all the way to the right, facing our bedroom.  (There is a story that goes with this statue.  My mother was a very devout Catholic.  At one time in her spiritual journey, she used to say the rosary and picture the Virgin Mary in her mind.  When she would open her eyes, she would find that her statue would have turned facing her.  This happened several times, and it scared her, so she stopped praying so intently.  Since then, she had given the statue to me, because she knew I honored her experience.)  I had just looked at it the day before, and it was straight.
Multiple ADCs from deceased mother.

793.  Teresa C ADC 11/28/2008 Here is the really weird part.  I called my mom later that day  to tell her about this experience because it was so vivid and seemed so real. After we had been talking for a little while she asked me what Uncle Joe was wearing - I told her it was strange because he had on a long sleeve khaki shirt and pants and soft suede-like work boots. My mom then gasped and said that I wouldn't have known this, but for the last 2 years he wore a khaki shirt and pants every day to garden in. In his retirement, Uncle Joe had a wonderful garden (as did my grandpa before him) and sold produce at local farmer's markets. I was unaware that he wore the khaki shirt and pants frequently as I had been living in Arizona and returned to the area where my family lived only within the last year.  I had seen my Uncle only 2 times, once at Thanksgiving and once in April at my Grandmother's 90 birthday party.  He was not wearing khaki shirt and pants at either event.
Dream ADC with interesting observation of clothes he wore in life that she was not aware of.

792.  Yamilka G ADC 11/21/2008 From the Dominican Republic Original in Spanish, translated by Amy.   I started walking towards where they were and when I arrived I felt an indescribable peace, perfect harmony, it was so good being here but all of a sudden one of the women began caressing my skin, I was standing right in front of her this lasted for a while until I started to wake up. At that time I was living with my Aunt Milly. I remember that the fan was right at my face, I was lying face down and slowly was waking up but at the same time still felt the caresses on my head, I opened my eyes and was surprised because she was there in front of me caressing me. My deceased sister Katy was so real that the fan was moving on her skin, it was her, I saw her. I was so astonished I almost died from fright and then in an instant she disappeared.
Dream ADC with sister.

791.  Gay S ADC 11/16/2008 From the UK I was suddenly aware of a beautiful shimmering light in the corner opposite the window.   It was approximately six foot high and about eighteen inches wide and looked rather like reflected light on water, moving, shining and very vivid.   I wasn't startled, just puzzled, and looked out of the window to see what was causing it: perhaps some car headlights (although it was daylight).   There was nothing external causing this light and as I turned back towards it, it faded.   I was left with a feeling of tremendous love and peace.
ADC from deceased son.

790.  Mara S ADC 11/16/2008 From Canada My husband Brian was waiting for by-pass surgery, went to bed and died during the night.  He started down to the tunnel to the light. He saw his parents waving to him, they were in their 40'd he said.  He had no pain anywhere just complete bliss and wanted to keep doing.  He then felt our son to the side of him pull him back into his body as it was not his time.  My Brian is an accountant and very conservative.  When he experiences an ADC it is quite profound.  Another time involving my Brian was when he was at our country place alone.  It was in the winter and he came out of the house to go snowmobiling.  He looked across the field and someone was riding Matthew's snowmobile. He went after the person.  They reached the end of one of our roads, turned around with the face visor down, looked at my husband and vanished.  My sons snowmobile was safely in our barn.
ADCs from only son who died of suicide.

789.  Jessica ADC 10/19/2008  do not recall seeing anyone.  But she said to me "Your mama needs you.  She needs you. <then i don't remember what she said but there was something else here> then she said, "He died nearly three hours ago."  Immediately, I woke up -- scared of what I dreamed.  Even though I never called my mother, "Mama" I thought perhaps something was happening to my own mother.  I was panicked.  I looked at the clock, the time was 3:58.  Two minutes later, at 4:00 am, the phone next to my bed rang and it was my mother-in-law.  She said, "Sorry to wake you, but Bill died... about three hours ago."
ADC dream with information previously unknown about the time of death of a relative.

788.  Stan K ADC 10/19/2008 Fred told me that he had come to tell me some very bad news.  I grew concerned and asked Fred what the news was.  Fred then told me that he now couldn't tell me.  I was taken aback and kept asking him what the news was growing more frantic.  Fred then told me that he could not tell me the news but I would know in three days.  He began to walk away as I woke up.  I was somewhat upset for a short time about the dream but went back to sleep a short time later.  Three nights after this dream, almost at the same hour, I got a call from my department.  I was told that an officer on my shift had suffered a heart attack while at worked and had passed away.  My mind raced immediately back to my dream and I knew this was the news that Fred came to give me.
ADC dream from deceased co-worker Fred with apparent prophetic information.

787.  Patricia C ADCs 10/11/2008 From Spain, Original in Spanish, translated to English by Amy  Several days after this dream I was on my way to the supermarket and felt suffocated, as though I couldn't get any air into my lungs. And then the other day, under similar circumstances, on a Sunday I went to rest during the afternoon, my husband was resting beside me, we weren't doing well, we were going through a crisis and had found no way out, and I fell asleep and dreamt that at the bottom of the stairs, in the kitchen, I see my mother washing dishes, I say hello, I turn around to go back upstairs, I say to her, I see you, which meant that I could see her through the staircase as though it was transparent, she said to me, I know that you can see me, but you have to do things differently because as they are now they're not working, I went all the way up the stairs, got to the very too step and woke up. Another time, in similar circumstances, I dreamt that my mother was curled up by my side and told me to gargle with a certain medication for my sore throat, when I awoke I thought to myself what nonsense, I feel fine, and that same night I developed a fever and was diagnosed with ulcers for which they had to give me a prescription for infection in the throat. I couldn't believe it!
Precognitive dreams with her mother.

786.  Pamela B ADC 10/4/2008 I was on my way back from the store pushing a double stroller, when a truck pulled over.  I looked as anyone would when someone pulls over to you.  When I looked it was my husband behind the wheel, he was smiling and really happy to see us.  It was almost like he had not seen us in a long time and he was excited.  I also felt like this was a kind of telepathy going on because neither one of us spoke. But I was like in a paralyzed state. I didn't think of this until later.
ADC from deceased husband.

785.  Tina ADC 9/28/2008 I was kneeling in front of my uncle's casket at his wake praying. I saw a transparent image of him rise from his body facing me. I heard nothing, but saw his mouth moving rapidly and gesturing as if he was trying to tell me something. I remember thinking he seemed very distressed. I looked away self-consciously, thinking is this for real? When I looked back the vision was gone.
ADC from deceased Uncle at his wake.

784.  Narendran ADC 9/28/2008  After a month of his condition becoming a worse, one very early morning I had a dream of him getting out of a black Cadillac, he got out of the rear door, he was wearing black, he waved me a good bye, I could see a kind of sad smile on his face, it was not a happy face, most interesting fact is the place where the car was parked was in between his house and mine, and there is a fence around his house, and this was at my side of the fence, his body was cremated at this spot at his side of the fence, and I could not see anything else other than him, this car, and a tall coconut tree under which the car was, there really is this tree at this spot, other wise everything else was dark black in the dream. After this incident I called home and talked to my mom and related this experience and she said he expired a day before.
Dream ADC from India.  He is Hindu.

783.  Connie J ADC 9/27/2008 The next day, my son and I were sitting out on that same porch and he said that "pappy came to see me last night"  I was a little caught off guard by his statement but not too much so since he regularly said he saw my father (pappy as he called him) He then went on to tell me that "pappy got killed by a bear"  I said "that must have been a really bad dream buddy"  He said, "no, mommy! Pappy got chased by a bear and it made his heart stop "beeping" ".  He then told me that my father told him that he was at his prayer spot praying and a big bear came.  He said that my father told him that he tried not to run but he was close enough to his car so he ran and the bear was chasing him.  He said that my father told him that he was laughing and drove away but then he felt his heart stop "beeping" so he stopped his car.  My son said that my father told him to make sure he tells mommy what happened because it was really important for me to know.
Exceptional!  ADC dream from three year old son.  Highly evidential in the sense that the son received information he could not have otherwise known.

782.  Quina S ADC 9/13/2008  Midday on 5/4/06, I was riding my horse (named Rooster) out on a trail ride. It was a beautiful spring day with the sun shining, blue sky, light breeze, temp. in the mid 70's. The ride was very relaxing, and as we walked down a gently sloping hill, I felt the presence of two aunts who were dead (My Aunt Mary and Aunt Helen). I thought it strange that I felt their presence with me as I hardly ever thought of them, but I truly felt their presence in a fleeting manner. These aunts were very close to my Aunt Julie in their younger days. Later that afternoon, I received the news that my Aunt Julie (who lived 1000 miles away) had been in a car accident at about the same time which I had felt the presence of Aunt Mary and Aunt Helen. Aunt Julie died a few hours after the accident. I believe that my two aunts came to escort Aunt Julie across to the afterlife.
ADC from two Aunts at moment another Aunt was in fatal car accident.

781.  Christine D ADC 9/8/2008 I was walking down the canned foods aisle.  There was no one else in the aisle with me either when I first entered the aisle or as I walked down it.  I got about 3/4ths the way down the aisle and the smell of my mother hit me right between the eyes.  It was unexpected like walking into a cloud and "in my face" is the only way I know how to describe it.  My mother had a very particular smell- not unpleasant-but just an "old lady" smell.  It was NOT a smell associated with medicines, perfume, hairsprays, or anything else like that. I smelled it for about 3 seconds and then it was gone.  My first thought was "MY mother is here!" or "It's my mom!"
Olfactory ADC from deceased mother.

ADC from fianc�.

779.  Ynez N ADC 8/30/2008  I woke up in the morning and while still in bed, looked out the window and said, "It looks like it's going to be a nice day."  I felt a presence in the room, thinking that someone was laying on the couch.  I looked up, and stunned myself into the reality that no one was there.  A few years later, I was half awake almost waking up from a night's rest.  I was trying to remember the name of a bay which Peter and me anchored our boat in.  I then said, "Peter what was the name of that bay?"  I heard his voice very clearly and he said, "Helms Bay."  I then was wide awake.
ADCs from deceased husband.

778.  Barbara S ADCs 8/30/2008 After we turned out the light, I told her about my experiences and I said that I thought it might be Daddy. She said, "Oh, yes, he's been in and out of here all night!"  I asked, "What do you think he wants?" And Mom said, "I think he just wants to make sure we're alright and to let us know he's okay, too." I felt she was right about that and I no longer felt 'frightened'. We both heard him walking back and forth outside the bedroom door. The floor boards in the hallway kept squeaking as if someone was walking on them. We both fell asleep knowing he was keeping an eye out on us and that he always would. And he always has.
ADCs from deceased adoptive father.

777.  Monika ADC 8/30/2008 But the voice kept insisting... several times I heard "Pay Attention!".  I looked around and couldn't see anything. The whole time I felt like I had a power-search going through my body, sometimes a little stronger, sometimes real weak.  Then I parked my vehicle to check a gate when I saw the vision.  My little grandma had been dead for quite a few years, but here she was hovering over me and telling me "Pay attention!".  Then my not-dead grandma (who lived in Germany) appeared in my vision  I heard her say "Tschoe Monische" (Bye Monika - and only my grandma used this nickname).  Then the vision disappeared.  I was left feeling scared. 
ADC with her deceased grandmother and a rare vision with a living grandmother.

776.  Marie O ADC 8/17/2008 While explaining to my children that Grandma was about to die and to get ready to go to the hospital my eldest child's face was turned side ways to me as she was telling me that she did not want to see her step Grandmother that way. As she spoke I saw a puff of neon green smoke exit her mouth or else it came from behind her and only appeared to come from her mouth. When we reached the hospital the grandmother was dead already. I don't know exactly the moment of death but it could have been at the moment of the appearance of the green smoke. I have considered over the years what the significance of the green color was and my only conclusion is that Connie's birth month was May and we had given her a beautiful Emerald ring which she had returned to me shortly before her death to give to my youngest daughter. For some reason I feel intuitively that that is the significance of the green color.
ADC from Mother-in-Law.

775.  Sharyn J ADC 8/17/2008 As my sister and I shared favorite memories of Curt, the snow began to fall hard against the window panes, its icy crystals tinkling against the glass in the wind. An enveloping silence blanketed the room and the wind died down. My sister glanced out the window at the bottom of the stares and became very still.  "Did Curt ever wear a green shirt?, she asked as she described his favorite hunter green pullover. "Yep, in fact, it's upstairs, I said. "Why?" Because he's in the window wearing it, she said softly looking steadily at the panes of glass.
ADC from husband witnessed by her sister.

774.  Jack M ADC 8/14/2008  Ms. Browne says that the deceased will leave signs indicative of their personalities, so I figured that my buddy, who loved to play tricks on me almost constantly, would have to do something really weird and dumb.  I wasn't disappointed.  Because the next morning I went into the kitchen and found an orange belt from a pair of summer shorts hanging from a nail high up on the wall.  It was less than 6 inches away from a picture on the wall that I straightened the day before.  There is no conceivable reason why anyone would ever hang that there, and the only other key to the front door was in the possession of my 24-year-old son, who was then confined to an army base 800 km. away.  I was in the house alone.
Several ADCs

773.  Diane B ADC 8/14/2008  The experience I wish to share is one in which my father passed over and I witnessed him leaving. I saw a little whirlwind leave the top of his head as it fell into my arm. Then I saw my mother extend her hand and I heard her laugh. I do remember thinking , "Science is trying to measure what I saw."
ADC witnessing a whirlwind come from her father�s head at his moment of death.

772.  Ravee ADC 8/14/2008 From India. At around 12.30 that night, when I was sleeping, I had a dream of him, which I do not remember, but I woke up and sat up in my bed to find someone standing at the door (towards the foot of my bed) leading from my bedroom to the living room and watching me intently. I knew that it was someone's spirit (was not scared at all) but could not make the connection. I prayed for the poor soul, and went back to sleep. Got to know the next morning that he had died at around the same time that I'd seen him. That's when it hit me that the soul I'd seen looked like him, the build etc.
ADCs from deceased boyfriend. 

771.  Quartny ADC 8/14/2008 The first night I spent in my father's/my room after his death.  I woke up at 4:30am and was wide awake.  I was looking out of the window in bed and got many different "feelings."  One was strong in that I need to contact and see my father's daughter from a previous marriage (10 yrs older than me), see her children.  My father had a falling out with her when she was 20-21yrs old (about 13 years ago) and had not contacted her since.  He seemed to really want me to repair the relationship.  I also got a strong feeling that I was to help an illegal immigrant that had befriended my brother.  Lastly, I was thinking about the age at which my father had died and how that wasn't such a bad age to go and I got an almost verbal response of "just wait until you're 56!"  This response was like a thought in my head, but it wasn't my thought at all.  I hope this makes sense...I didn't hear anything outloud..just internally.
ADCs from deceased father.

770.  Kelly B ADCs 7/28/2008  One night while I was telling Kendall how I suspected some things happening were signs that Bowie was okay and that there is life after death, we both heard a muffled dog bark. This happened during this conversation so we felt it very strange indeed. We both agreed it could have been Bowie saying, 'hear me for Pete's sake!'
Multiple ADCs from deceased pet dog.

769.  Raney S ADC 7/6/2008 The morning she died from a cardiac arrest, (I am pretty sure it was an M.I.), I had the experience of being aware of my surroundings, my clock and the early morning time...I think sometime before 0600am.  I felt like I had died, no pain, no nothing, just a consciousness that I had died.  It was not like a dream but a more powerful feeling, I thought I died, but it was wonderful, uplifting and the sense of peace was overpowering.  Then my alarm went off.  I went off with the alarm.  I shared that feeling and I literally said, "I died" to my ex husband.  I went on and on all day and felt like I had died, there was a God and the feeling was utter and complete peace.  At that point and to this day, I remember somewhat the feeling, however, now, I just remember that I had that overpowering peaceful feeling.  I new there was a God from it, and it was wonderful to be dead, I knew we went on from that. 
ADC at the time of Godmother�s death.

768.  Martha B ADC 7/2/08 Kathy - I had a dream . .this one was the most vivid dream I have ever had in my life by a long shot . .it totally felt REAL . . .it was the night after her service . ..I remember feeling like someone was moving my legs around . .(I swear - I had a guest over and I told him if he had come into my room then, I'm sure he would have seen my legs moving around . . .this is interesting as I later learned her fianc� had this leg-movement experience once, too, and thought it was from her) . .I KNEW at that moment that it was Kathy giving me some evidence that she was still around (she and I had talked about it a lot) . ..then, in my dream, I noticed I was in a big bed with a metal headboard and metal frame at the bottom . .I was in a typical Sonoma County scene - in a meadow with a rolling hill in the distance with a big spreading Oak Tree. . .it was dusk . .all of a sudden Kathy popped up from under the covers - sort of right in my face . .I was soooo amazed and astonished at not just seeing her but also getting info that death is not the end .  .we just hugged and hugged and she was all happy and laughing and looked like this picture I had seen of her from a time before I knew her - younger (maybe 30?).
Multiple ADCs

767.  Deidra G ADC 6/30/08 I went to check on him and his body was cold, he wasn't breathing, and had no pulse. The medical personnel came in and pronounced him. I was so upset that I was asleep, I was in the bathroom talking about with my mom. We went back out into the room and I looked at him, and he was breathing! Mom and I both went over to him, and touched him and his body was warm. Called medical staff and they couldn't believe it. They said nothing like that had ever happened before. No one dies, is pronounced and comes back. I took his hand, told him I loved him, told him I would miss him, but if he was ready to go, I'd be alright. He nodded his head. He left then, and was gone that time. I firmly believe he came back so I could say good bye.
ADC from husband while in hospital.

766.  B's Shared ADC/DBV6/30/08 He consciously watched me until 4 breaths before his last exhale. By that breath I was TOTALLY aware of how perfectly calm everything was. As I sat there holding his hand I witnessed a unexpected sight. I SAW not with my natural sight, however I SAW what looked like a whitish, wispy, cloudy human form lift out of a lying down, to sitting, to lifting form leave his body. It went upward and diagonally across the ceiling corner. I even said aloud �This is wild�. And I KNEW he was no longer inside the shell of the human body. No question about it. I even felt like I was a part of it. Everything seen and unseen was connected in perfection, and a joyous peace. I am also positive that T and another presence were in the room, located in the corner of the ceiling behind my left shoulder. I felt like I could join them. I was connected I sensed knew that T needed to be sure that I was okay with his leaving before he could/would leave to go on.
Dramatic ADC with husband immediately after his death.

765.  Nadine ADC 6/22/08 Kim's brother and I were sound asleep.  Kim came to me smiling, took me by the hand and I looked down, I saw myself sleeping, unable to move,  we traveled to a medical building, we were holding hands, we watched above a body being worked on, lots of doctors, huge needles, she was telling me something, I was agreeing, but can not remember what she said. she was happy, was comforting me, took me back to my bed, kissed me on the cheek, said goodbye.  I felt a slam into my bed, woke briefly.  7 am the phone rang, her brother asked to speak to my fianc�, their brother, he announced there was a car accident, 2 am, that night while we slept.
ADC from Sister-in-Law to be on night of her death.

764.  Amy ADC 6/22/08  I was deep in a dream when I heard my mother's voice calling my name.  It said my name twice, which interrupted my dream and I woke up with a start.  I saw a figure sitting at the end of my bed and I screamed, "You scared me!" thinking it was my mother. This woke up my husband and I realized there was nothing there.  I was convinced that my mother had called my name to wake me up (I thought it was to tell me that my grandmother had passed away) but my husband looked into the hallway and saw that no one was there.  I then looked at the clock as we were getting back to sleep and saw that it was 4:22am.  This morning I found out that my grandmother died around 4:15am.  Although my mother did not get out of bed or come into my room (or even say my name) she woke up at the same time because she heard her cell phone ringing in her room.  She discovered that her cell phone was actually downstairs but did not have any missed calls listed.
ADC from Grandmother at time of death.

763.  Kit E ADC 6/14/08 In the sitting area we always shared to watch the deer and listen to the birds, sitting in my chair, his now empty with my heart breaking......two yellow butterfly's with none other around flew in front of me and then one landed on my arm and the other one on my leg and they stayed that way for a long time, at least five minutes. Never once in my lifetime has this happened.  It made me quit crying and I started to smile and then I laughed and I knew it was from Gordon. It was so comforting.  One other time shortly after his death and I was in a wheelchair recovering from a very badly fractured leg ( yes, it was quite a bad year ) with the door open reflecting on losses and crying my eyes out with the big door open, a hummingbird flew into the garage, all the way into the middle and hovered in front of my face and stayed that way forever it seemed. Just looked at me in the eyes unafraid as if it were studying me. It had the same effect as the butterfly's.
ADC in form of visit by butterflies and hummingbird.

762.  Robin C ADC 6/6/08 After her funeral, I was watering plants on my deck. Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement.  Flying parallel to me was a butterfly. It flew directly in front of me and turned flew towards my face touched my lips an fluttered and then flew back to the course it had been on turned and flew into the near by woods.  I was kissed by a butterfly.
ADC from Great Aunt.

761.  CR ADC 6/6/08 The following morning, we went to a popular restaurant for coffee. It was very busy - their computers were down, so it took a long time to get the cappuccino I ordered. The barista made it quickly, automatically, and when I opened the lid on the paper cup, there was a perfect, beautiful, and intricate heart, formed from the interlaced white and brown foam. I showed the girls, and we agreed that it was a message of comfort for me. My daughter then said that the previous night, on the way to the restaurant, she'd felt a definite warm presence beside her in the back seat.  Since then, I've felt his warm presence several times - especially when I put on a favorite tune and dance. He loved to dance.
ADC from deceased husband.

760.  CJC ADC 6/1/08 My father passed away last year.  I am not in the same city, and he had been ill for some time.  He was in the hospital and we knew that he had only a few days left.  I awoke from a deep sleep hearing myself say "Dad" and there he was standing, holding his hands together in front as he always did.  I knew immediately that he had come to tell me goodbye.  My family told me that those last few days they would ask him where he was he kept saying he was at "Cindy's" and you see, he was. 
ADCs from deceased father.  The first described is apparently a death bed vision (DBV).

759.  Godiva S ADC 5/27/08 I then went inside and wanted to lay down in my bedroom and not be alone.  My husband then put on the TV. I laid down with him and our dog.   As we were watching the television, the colors of the people where changing.  I then asked my husband what was going on and he could not explain.  He then switched the channels to see if all the channels were having the same problem and the distortion continued.  We the witnessed my father's torso and face appear on my plasma television.  It was an unbelievable experience as I did not believe in spirits.  I still can't believe what happened.
ADC from deceased father with appearance on malfunctioning plasma TV.

756/758.  Sandy N ADC 1444 5/18/08, 5/9/11, 12/17/11 Despite the church being filled to overflowing, the seat next to my husband remained open. No one ever sat there. Our family friend said she knew Jacob was sitting there, even though at that point she could no longer "see" him.  Several ADCs from son who died at age 18 in car accident.  We tried multiple ways to get it to play with the Smart Cover closed, but nothing worked.  We have no explanation for what happened other than to say Jacob was near once again or God allowed that to happen to encourage us in our work on Jacob's behalf and to comfort us. As always, we are grateful and give God praise for such things.  Inspiring ADC from deceased 18 year old son.  Because we had run into this couple outside of the restaurant, we were able to have a wonderful discussion without interruption or distraction.  As we spoke, it occurred to me that the voice I had heard that morning said, "Put them together."  That's when I realized it must have meant to put Jacob's and M____'s parents together.  I don't know whose voice it was that I heard.  It didn't seem to be my son's voice, but it was clearly male.  When I shared with this couple that our daughter had a dream where she was told it was time for us to see their son, the mother began to cry.  She went on to tell us that in fact her son had learned of our son's death exactly one week earlier.  He had finally asked the questions that led to her telling him about Jacob's death. My daughter's dream had revealed the truth, and the voice I heard seemed to have directed the seemingly random actions on all of our parts to meet up at that restaurant that afternoon.  It felt like the voice I heard was something from the spiritual realm--like angels being told to do a certain task on our behalf.  ADC from deceased son.  Involved several people in markedly serendipitous events.  As I lay there, I had a vision of my son standing on the side of my bed.  He bent over and kissed me, but as he did that, it was as though our minds blended briefly.  I could sense what he was thinking and he could sense what I was thinking.  Ultimately, we both were thinking about how we wanted to be together.  My heart was warmed to experience such a sweet vision on Mother's Day morning.  I began thanking God for such a sweet present for Mother's Day.  To me this was no Hallmark greeting; this was a greeting straight from Heaven.  I started to feel my husband move about and get up out of bed.  Our little dog would frequently wake up in the early hours of the morning to go out, but I would never hear her because of my ear plugs, so I figured he was just getting up to let her out.  Before he returned to the room, I fell back to sleep.  Later that morning, my husband said, "I think Jacob was here this morning to wish you a Happy Mother's Day."
ADC from deceased son.  Remarkable shared ADC.

757.  Grace L ADC 5/18/08 From Australia Something woke me up from a deep slumber and with a start I looked up in surprise when I realized that my darling was standing at the end of my bed.  With a cry of joy, I reached out to him and he came into my arms immediately.  I was so elated and overwhelmed with happiness that I never questioned why or how he was there.  After hugging me and holding me close, he gently pulled away from my arms saying that he had to go.  I asked him if he would come back, but he said that he did not know.  He then walked toward the wall; in fact, he walked through the wall as if it did not exist.
ADC from prior boyfriend who is presumed deceased.

755.  James M ADC 1440 5/6/08  I then say you must answer some questions for me, before you go.  He felt solid to the touch like any other living person, and looked very strong and healthy for his age of 69.  He always took three one hour walks everyday despite the weather.  He appeared exactly as he had prior to his death. he was wearing glasses and had a full head of silvery grey hair.  I first asked what he had been doing since he died. He replied " I've attended a hearing convention."  This was likely a joke. Dr. King was a comical fellow with a great wry wit.  At his funeral I had learned that he had experienced some hearing loss.  He then again said " I have to be going now."  At this point, knowing my time was running out, I quickly rolled off a number of questions.  Did you have a life review? "Yes, somewhat of one." Are you now aware of all your past life identities? "Yes."  Have you seen your parents? "Yes."  He then again said "I have to be going now."  At. this point, the dream ended when I was awakened by my four and a half year old daughter.
ADC with Dr. King.

754.  Pamela P ADC 5/3/08  The first time, I was at my Aunt's home after the funeral and a bright, white light flew across the room and burst into a star burst on the door knob. No one else saw that when it happened.  The second time, we had just gotten back from the hospital seeing my Step Father in Law after he died. Outside the window there was a bright light that flashed and went away.   The third time, I had a dream that I went down to my neighbor's house to see how "Bob" was doing. His wife told me she couldn't talk because "Bob" just died. The next day I received a phone call telling me that "Bob" passed away unexpectedly.  I didn't tell anyone about my dream, too embarrassed that if I had said something I could have possibly saved his life. Then when I saw his wife, we hugged and talked then she said she couldn't talk anymore and went inside the house, just like in my dream.
Several ADCs.

753.  Sandra M ADC 5/3/08  I wasn't shocked at hearing his voice because I'd heard it daily for 25 years except for much of the previous three days when he was increasingly unable to speak.  He was saying something about what an amazing place he found himself in, and then I realized he had died just hours before.  Now I was fully awake, not wanting to move and possibly interfere with his message, and heard him say very clearly and with happy excitement, "I'm getting some of this for us, baby."  The last syllable of "baby" was truncated as if something had broken the connection. When I was certain there was no more, I got up, went to the hall, saw nothing different, and went downstairs to the computer as I often did when I couldn't sleep.
ADC from deceased husband within 24 hours of his death.

752.  David W ADC 4/27/08 Mother past away in November,2008 and she is so happy now and I'd like others to know of this most unbelievable wonder, so I try� Mother past away in N.C. I was in FL.  That morning, just before I woke from my sleep I envisioned my mom's hospital room and in a split second I saw the flash of a brilliant white light and I knew that  was what my Mom was seeing and that she was going into the light.  I immediately woke and got out of bed got dressed and drove to work; received a cell call from a relative informing me that Mom had just passed away that morning, I said, I already knew it.
ADC from deceased Mother.

751.  Debbie C ADC 4/27/08  However, there was one flower that always caught my attention, this was the sunflower. �It�s a pretty flower, but a bit ordinary for the cemetery,� I always told myself and my husband, and we never chose it.  One day, while dressing up our bed to then visit the cemetery, I glanced at Richie�s photo on my nightstand and I heard his voice in a soft tone say to me, �Yellow flowers.� I quickly ran to my husband and told him what I heard. �Our son wants yellow flowers.� I said. �How do you know?� he asked. �Because I heard him,� I replied.
ADC from deceased son.  Beautiful account involving sunflowers.

750.  Lena H ADC 4/27/08 From Sweden.  I than said loud and clear "mother now I want to have a sign to but not tv sets going on or off or clocks stopping I like you to if possible send and animal to my house a fox or something". About 1-1� hour later I was hearing as strange sound outside and opened the door it was evening around 7 and still some snow out so I could see the darkness of an animal all of a sudden it "barked" so powerfull it made me jump and it ran back and forth "barking" like that for about maybe 2-3 minutes than it took of to the forrest again. it was a fox I recognized the "Barking" I started smiling saying "oh mamma you managed it". It was a very magic feeling I called my sons they both got very happy as did my sister. My husband also heared the fox and was amazed it had come so close to the house and was right outside our livingroom door. For about 2 weeks after this experience we kept seeing foxes allot crossing roads or running over fields. That when our area is not that fox rich.
ADC from deceased Mother. 

749.  Barbara ADC 4/24/08 I called out.  "Sylvia where are you.!!  Sylvia where are you.!! " Then I said, "Oh No! Sylvia is dead.  If Sylvia were alive I would be concentrating on her and not my problems.  Nothing is going to help me out of this turmoil, not even prayer, just Sylvia."  Then I turned my body to the other side and closed my eyes.  Now I tell you I was still awake, but looking into the blackness of my eyes.  All of sudden, I saw vivid gold.  Out of the gold, I saw Sylvia.  She peered deeply into my eyes for about a minute with intense love.  Then all of a sudden it went black again.  I also felt her presence next to me.
ADC from deceased pet cat.

748.  Francesca S ADC 4/24/08 I woke up by the sound of the popping of a champagne bottle and the voice of my husband, telling me to get up and not to sleep through the New Year. He poured champagne in glasses and kept telling me to wake up and get up, he wanted to celebrate. I actually answered him, I told him to let me sleep, I was too tired to celebrate and anyway with all this noise he would wake up the boys. And he said I have to wake them up anyway to see the fireworks, he kept talking and talking to get up and drink with him in celebration of the New Year, he stood in the doorway of my bedroom calling me lazybones. Finally tired of listening to him nagging at me, I got up. What a surprise, he wasn�t there and I realized he could not have been there, because he passed away 5 months earlier
ADC from deceased husband on New Years Eve.

747.  Brenda M Experience 4/24/08  I suddenly realized that he was stood next to me, but looked chubby and well, like he did before he got cancer. He then took me by the hand, lifted his left leg and we flew over a wall that was at the end of the market. We flew around for a while, then landed. I then saw my mum and one of my aunties talking. We stood next to them, and my stepdad was trying to talk to my mum, but she couldn't hear him. He was getting really frustrated and said to me that she was shutting him out. I then looked down at my hands and realized that I had 2 rings on. One was a purple diamond shaped ring on my 2nd finger on my left hand. The other ring was on my wedding finger. He told me that the rings were left to him by his grandmother and he was leaving them to me. I then woke up.
ADC Dream.  ADC from deceased father.  Interesting that information was given regarding rings that she did not previously know.

746.  Alicia C Experience 4/24/08  Two and a half months later, when my son was legally declared deceased, I was holding him and I experienced this feeling of not really being aware of my senses. Although I was holding him, I couldn't feel him and it seemed if though everything was standing still. And as I looked at him I saw that same yellow light I saw when I was in the tunnel two months earlier.
During delivery, OBE into tunnel.  Saw light.  Later while holding deceased son, saw same light.

Lyza P ADC, Possible NDE.   4/24/2008  While I was "asleep" (because I'm not sure if I was or if I really did die) I had the strangest thing happen. I don't call it a dream because it was so clear and vivid and emotional. I remember a long tiled hallway, like one in a school or something, but no lockers or anything. As you looked ahead, it got narrower and brighter. My dad was halfway to the end, and I was running, and screaming and crying for him to wait for me, but I just couldn't catch up to him. By the way, he was walking fine, without a cane, and didn't look sick, maybe just melancholy, but he was awfully sick when he died. Finally, he stopped, and looked at me and without his mouth moving, I could hear him telling me I couldn't go, that I had to take care of my mom and my niece, but he was glad I came because he was scared to walk alone, yet a little angry because he knew what I did.
Overdose of sleeping pills, then encountered father.

744.  Minerva Experience 4/18/08 My father was walking up the stairs from the basement toward the entrance door.  I seen the top of his balding head going up the stairs.  I was frightened at first, as I was the only one home, then the figure disappeared as he reached the top of the stairway.  I realized that it was my father, and I said "yes dad, this is my home, it's kind of nice isn't it?"
ADC from deceased father.  NDE from assault by former husband.

743.  Celso L Experience 4/18/08  That night about 1:35am, I was laying in my bed thinking about my beloved mother, my brothers were awake with me, so were my sisters, we were talking about our mother, and how much we loved her, when suddenly a purple beam struck through the window, it then became an electric ball, and began levitating. The ball was purple violet, and had alot of static surrounding it, seconds later the electric ball faded, I thought it was my head playing games on me, but suddenly it appeared again, and floated towards the center of my bedroom, that's when me and my brothers jumped up, and ran to my stepfather. We talked with a catholic priest and he told us that this is our mother, communicating with us, and saying her goodbye's to us. two days later we saw the same static ball, this time it was in the kitchen, and it made a whistling noise.
ADC from deceased mother in form of ball of purple light.  Witnessed by several family members.

742.  Barbara M Experience 4/18/08  I was asleep in bed with my new lover, when suddenly I was awake and flying down the stairs literally. My feet did not touch the ground. There was someone there, floating next to the refrigerator. She was telling me, without words that there was something she needed to tell me. Begging me to listen. I was so scared that I refused to listen and screamed back, without words, to get the ______ away from me. She begged for a few more seconds which seemed like minutes and I again refused. I was so traumatized. Then as fast as I was whisked out of bed I was back in bed� Then I shared the experience with my lover. She asked what the person looked like. I told her. Female. Young. Blonde hair. Dressed in a summer dress or nightgown. Big girl. Not fat just big. All the color went out of her face. I asked what was wrong. She told me I described her younger sister who had committed suicide 3 years earlier.
ADC dream with apparent encounter with deceased sister of her lover.

741.  Tiffany B Experience 3/16/08 I was playing board games in my room with some friends. When my phone rang, I answered and it was a bad connection cutting in and out with static but through it all was my fathers voice. He said, "This is you're dad.  I love you." Right after he said that, it clicked and went silent. He was gone.
ADC from deceased father via phone.

740.  Cathy N Experience 3/16/08 Out of the corner of my eye during my meeting I saw a light, it appeared to be coming from the fluorescent lights on the ceiling in the room, so I ignored for a brief moment, but something made me look again and when I did I realized it was now at the level of the table where I was sitting with other nurses at this meeting. I watched it come towards me it very bright shaped like a half circle with points of light radiating from it, it continued to come towards me, I watched as it surrounded the person sitting next to me on my right it went from the top of her head down to her back, kind of outlined her, she never turned to look at me, and I kept thinking that others must see this too, but they did not, the person who was talking during the meeting, I kept thinking she was going to say something about this light, she did not. I closed my eyes and I could still see it and then I opened them and it was still there, I should say that it was vibrating very fast.
ADC from deceased daughter.

739.  Pamela F Experience 3/9/08  IN the dream I saw my father-in-law.  He did not talk but he showed me that I urgently needed to go in an old shed that was on his land in Fayette County.  He showed me that I needed to either have someone look under a piece of plywood or cardboard it the loft of the shed.  I had no idea what shed he was talking about, I had never seen it before.  Somehow I was given the impression that his son would know.  I awoke suddenly and expressed the dream to my husband (his son).  He knew about the shed but it was in total dilapidation and very unsafe to enter.  I continued to push the subject until he said he would look.  I accompanied him to the farm.  He went way back into the woods to the old shed.  He came back a good while later with a civil war saddle and mule harness.  He had no idea where it had come from and knew that it had not been there before.  It was located in the loft of the shed under a rotting piece of plywood.  I still have it to this day.  My children will inherit it one day.
Dream ADC.  Was told to look under plywood in dilapidated barn.  Looked and found civil war era relics.

738.  Carolyn M Experience 1408 3/9/08 When I laid down that first night without him , it was hard. As I lay there I did not feel him jump on the bed but I felt him walk on my legs back and forth just as when he was alive. After a few times I raised up on my elbow hoping to see him in the body but there was nothing there and the steps stopped. I did not feel him jump on the bed, I believe my precious son carried him to the bed and I take comfort in knowing they are together.
ADC from deceased cat.

737.  Agnes G Experience 3/2/08 On Saturday, I came home in France and although I had experienced this, was still going on with plan to kill myself.  At 2am; I prepared the rope - sorry for the details- and went on...my mother, OUT of NOWHERE; woke up - she had been sleeping in the room next to mine- and rushed to my room at the EXACT same moment I was fading away.  She resuscitate me; thanks god and called the paramedics.  3 days after, she then told me that at the EXACT time I was doing the unthinkable; she woke up in terror and saw a bright light in front of her standing in front of her; very very bright light and instantly thought of me.  She then went to my room and cut the rope.  The paramedics did tell her that 2 months after, it would have been too late as I was starting to be in a coma - I didn't recall myself this as instantly after I tied the noose I was in a complete darkness. 
ADC from deceased Grandmother.  Then her mother had an ADC from Grandmother that alerted her to save her daughter�s life from a suicide attempt.  Remarkable!

736.  Patricia B Experience 3/2/08  I had just finished feeding my new son when Dad appeared at the foot of the hospital bed. He was dressed as he always dressed. He didn't say anything. Then he was gone. I felt very comforted and happy, but not giddy.
ADC from father shortly after she gave birth.

735.  Dora Experience 3/2/08  A couple hours later, I was awakened because I sensed a presence in the room.  I could feel the presence of someone pacing and circling the bed.  Further, I sensed it was a male presence.  Further still, I sensed it was a paternal presence -- that of a father.  At first, I wondered if it was the spirit of my deceased father. Then I picked up the feeling that the deceased spirit of a father was not concerned about me, but was concerned about my fianc�e.  I then realized it was the spirit of my fianc�e's deceased father.  The presence was very worried and upset.  It kept circling the bed, pacing the floor.  It would come around to my side, and then pace back around to my fianc�e's side of the bed.
ADC from fianc�e's father.

734.  Silvia G Experience 3/2/08 I suddenly had an intense feeling that something passed right through my body. It was like something passed through my tissues, in between my cells.  It came through from above me to my right, and passed through me on a diagonal, down to the left. I lost track of it as it quickly exited my body because I was engulfed in sudden warmth and love. The entire experience probably lasted about one or two seconds, but I felt a tremendous relief from the grief for quite awhile after that happened.  This experience has made me really wonder about this illusion we all carry around with us that we are solid beings.
ADC from deceased partner.

733.  Cary C Experiences 3/2/08 #4 About one month after the death of my Dad, I was home alone and feeling low. The doorbell rang and I got up to answer it. At the door was a young couple, who told me that their friends had just purchased the property adjacent to ours and they wanted to come and say hello. I have no idea how things transpired, but the woman handed me an angel in a box with a beautiful poem. She told me she had just bought it and didn't know why. She felt that she had to give it to me, as it was meant to be mine. They then turned around and left me with this beautiful angel and the lovely words of love and reassurance that came with it. I have never seen these people again and no one knows who they are. 
Multiple ADCs.

732.  Joann H Experience 3/2/08  I had a friend in the hospital and had been going to see him for 4 days he was by best friend and on the morning he died I was sleeping but I was woke up by something and I opened my eyes and saw a bright light over by my bedroom wall and it moved up to the ceiling and disappeared and I remember thinking why is that light in my room and I went right back to sleep. About an hour later my phone rang and it was my friends mother telling me that my friend had died and would I meet her at the hospital.
ADC from deceased friend.

731.  Pamela M Experience 3/2/08  The first thing I remember was that I was walking along side my mother, she was smiling, we were on a grassy path with very tall pine trees on either side, there were the most beautiful flowers everywhere beneath the tall trees and they were very tall trees, the colors, oh the colors, ethereal, not of this earth, it was so beautiful, and the flowers, lush and so indescribably beautiful, the grass was an emerald glistening like nothing here on earth, it sparkled, it was dewy and so lovely, there were the most beautiful birds everywhere, it was so overpowering, and she was sighing in delight, and saying to me, "Oh, Pam, isn't is so beautiful here", I could feel what she was feeling, and the air, it was so incredibly fresh and sweet and smelled like nothing I have ever known, and walking on this dazzling emerald grass was like floating on the softest thing..........the peace there, the light, she kept sighing in such peace such a feeling so indescribable.
ADC in heavenly realm shared with deceased mother shortly after her death.

730.  Sarah V Experience 2/11/08  It was a picture Michele had taken of my brother and me playing blackjack. And sitting next to me at the table is my grandfather (mom�s dad), who died 7 years earlier. You can see � of his face, but it looks exactly like him� features, glasses, posture. It�s incredible. I loved my grandfather very much and get was crazy about me. I know he would have given anything to be at my wedding. And with this picture it�s like he was.
Was playing blackjack in Las Vegas.  Picture taken at time appears to show deceased Grandfather beside her.

729.  Dave W Experience 2/11/08 My Father stepped out from behind a large bush.  He was wearing the wide brimmed hat he used to wear.  He had no shirt on.  He looked at me.  In his eyes was a greeting, but it was far more than that.  I was immediately filled up with feelings of acceptance, of being appreciated, and loved.  We were totally as one.  He came toward me, and as he did, I heard my self screaming "Daddy! Daddy!. And as I was saying this, I felt those feelings of the long buried sadness come ripping up out of my chest.  It had to be the most intense emotional experience I've ever had. He was there! He walked toward me, and as he did, he began to fade and become transparent. then He disappeared.  I woke up with the remnants of that feeling in my chest, wide awake, and feeling weak, but feeling like a 10 ton weight had been lifted off of my life.
ADC from father to clear the past.

728.  Mikell A Experience 2/3/08 Standing in front of the door was my Grandfather, he seemed younger around 40's, when I looked at him, he disappeared. I then told my mother about it the next morning. A few weeks ago my deceased Pet Dog Bandit a Peketese (Pekinese-Maltese) mix came to me. I was sitting on the couch and saw something out the corner of my eye in the hallway. I looked and Bandit was staring at me, looking around the corner. I looked at him and he jumped into the air and disappeared. He was like a brother to me. It does not scare me.
Two ADCs.  One from Great Grandfather and the other from pet dog.

727.  Alison T Experience 2/3/08 I was awakened in the middle of the night.  I sat up in bed and could feel the temperature in the room drop.  There felt as though someone was there with me, but I was not afraid.  I heard my Grandma say, "thank you, thank you for all that you did", (my grandfather was also ill and I was always went to the rest home to visit him).  I asked, "grandma, grandma where are you, are you OK".  Then the other presents spoke to me telepathically and said, "you can not ask her any questions".  I continued to ask my grandma where she was and if she was ok, again I was told she could not answer any of my questions.  Grandma told me thank you again and then I could feel them both leaving the room.  The room temp just seemed to change.
NDE from deceased Grandmother.

726.  Jane S Experience 2/3/08 From Canada Around Thanksgiving of 2006 I had asked Jerome to send me a sign or ADC that represented the year we met - 1988. Several weeks went by and nothing. I even went looking for something myself with that year on it - tried to find Christmas ornaments, anything with that year (I realize this may sound corny to some!)  On Christmas morning I opened up a gauze bag of chocolate foil coins sent to me by my mother from a chocolate shop in Canada that I happen to like. The coins had the year "1988" embossed on them. I checked with the chocolatier to see if '88 had any significance to the company as far as an anniversary.  It doesn't. I spoke with my mom to find out if she knew anything. She replied that she didn't and just randomly chose the bag not thinking about the year.
ADC from deceased spouse.

725.  Silvana Experience 1/27/08 My husband and I were at hospital ready to submit our daughter for a Medical procedure under sedation. I was worry and my kid was fighter to be at the hospital room. A rainbow encircle us and between the colors there were small balls of different colors, very bright.  Then, one week later I was at the park with my two daughters, they were riding rented kid's motor vehicles, the rainbow appear doing big circles around us, very fast, very alive. In both occasions, there were a happy and peaceful feeling that help me heal from the pain of grief.
NDE from deceased mother in law.  Contributor is a physician.

724.  Davina P Experience 1/27/08  "Maam, I had a leading to give this to you." She then handed me a placemat with writing on it & I took it. She then went on, "I'm sorry, I just had this sudden need to write this & give it to you. Do you know what this means?" It appeared she had never done this before. I told her I did know and told her I had lost a close friend the day before. She broke into tears, apologized & hugged me. I was overcome and told her thank you. The feelings were very profound & I remember wanting to ask her for her phone number so I could find out more, etc. but then I felt it was a gift and I must take it. I left and went to a friend's house where I shared my experience with my deceased friend's husband. He read what was on the placemat & looked at me & said, "Rumi, Cyndi loved reading his poems & had a book of his poetry." This was very amazing & brought us both much comfort.
ADCs from deceased friend.

723.  Darren P Experience 1/19/08  From Australia. I was well awake by this time and saw a peculiar light emanating from the plaster Ceiling above Me, and as I watched it for a few seconds it began to grow in Size and Intensity. It started out as a dim light about the size of a Five Cent Coin but continued to grow and became Brighter as it did, until after about a Minute it was at least as large as a Dinner Plate and as bright as a 60 Watt Light Globe, but with a Slightly Bluish Tinge. Like nothing from this World. The Light was Very Directional and in fact made a circular or oval beam down to the Bed that I was laying on and basically illuminated only the area taken up by Me. The rest of the Room was in complete Darkness.
ADC from deceased friend. 

722.  Harriette J Experience 1/19/08 Felt a cold chill starting in toes and moving up through body and out of head.  Then saw deceased father in room seated by side of bed.  He was mostly solid, a bit transparent.  Was surprised but not afraid.  There was a wonderful sense of peace and calm.  Father was dressed in dark colored slacks and white shirt, looked healthy and appeared to be in his 60's (died at age 77).  They just sat there enjoying each other's presence for 30 to 45 seconds and then the image disappeared.  There was no talking, was calm and went back to sleep.  Then woke up again at 4 A.M. and again experienced the chill and thought "Dad is coming again".  This time he appeared at the foot of the bed, had on an army uniform and was walking back and forth.  He looked younger, late 20's or early 30's, much like a picture that exists of him.  Again, they didn't talk, just felt love, peace, tranquility.  Got up out of bed this time and went to living room and woke up husband to tell him "I saw Dad".
Two ADC visits from deceased father in one night.

721.  Romy Experience 1/13/08 It was Christmas eve night and I was feeling sad and thinking back on last Christmas, I was remembering how I was alone last year at the same time on the same day, my father stopped by to wish me a merry Christmas and to tell me how happy the family's night was ,he was so happy like I'd rarely see him. As I sat there crying in my room I was speaking to him as though he was there with me, I told him how much I missed him and loved him and talked on how he stopped by last Christmas, for the 15 min. that I cried I never really expected what I was about to see, as I turned around to my left I saw a big almost glittering with color bright light hovering, to my surprise I jumped back in shock, as I jumped back the light quickly disappeared as thought it knew it scared me a bit.
ADC from deceased father.


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