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ADC STORIES 2010-2012

These experiences, as all others we share, will be presented to fully protect the confidentiality of the experiencer, if requested.� We do not believe these changes will diminish our understanding of ADC. We do believe these changes are necessary for the integrity of ADCRF. 

ADC (after-death communication)

1287.  Anna R ADC 12/29/12 From New Zealand.  I was lying in my bed four days after my mother died and my father came down from the top right hand side of my bedroom kissed me on the cheek and left. a wave or surge like the size of a broomstick swept through my body with huge intensity and went out through my feet - It was so unexpected as he had hated me so much to last few years of his life. It was the top half of his body and it was like he swung down on a bungee cord. I couldn't believe it - I was not in grief, panicking, miserable or even properly asleep!! It was an intensely powerful experience.  In response to the below questions he was like he was there in person as he used to be when he was the "old " dad who I loved!! He actually kissed me on the cheek as in real life. I felt him. He didn't say a word.
ADC from father.  Very healing in that father had been mean to her during his last years of life. 

1286.  Sari K ADC 12/29/12 From India.  I became aware of a faint metallic sound coming from my left. I thought it was coming from somewhere outside the kitchen and ignored it. It became a bit louder, I ignored it again. It continued and kept becoming louder and louder and I kept ignoring it because I did not think it was of any significance. Then it became so loud I could not ignore it any more. It clearly was trying to attract my attention. When I turned my head to my left I was awestruck! One of the serving spoons was jumping up and down on top of the lid and as it touched the steel surface of the lid it made that sound. My mind went completely blank. It was the only time in my conscious life I have experienced that kind of state of mind. There were no thoughts, nothing. My brain had stopped working. Then for one moment I thought I should extend my left arm and catch hold of the spoon to stop it but I just kept standing and looking. In hindsight I think this went on for thirty to forty seconds but at that time it seemed like it went on for a long time. Then it stopped and the spoon again lay parallel to the other spoon exactly as it lay before this happened. All this while the other spoon did not move at all� What was being communicated was that the deceased existed as energy, that all was not lost, that he could hear what I said to him and he was responding to my request of contacting me, that he was still my uncle and we could still communicate.
ADCs from deceased uncle. 

1285.  William H ADC 12/29/12 I smelled a deeply musty type smell, like a scent associated to a body that needed washed, or something wet and moldy.  I sniffed around my immediate area, the pillow, the covers (I thought one of my children may have spilled something on the bed), I even sniffed my wife to see if she possibly needed a shower.  Two or three times I pulled the covers to my nose to try and find the source of the smell.  I then got up and started my day by waking the kids for school and getting ready for work.  The scent seemed to stay in my bedroom but was not as pronounced after I showered. I left for work a little after 7:00am and forgot about the smell.  At around 9:00am my sister in law called and informed me my mother had passed away a few moments ago, she had been at home under the care of hospice for possible dimentia and age related issues.  I got to my mothers house about 10:00am and noticed the smell I had sensed in my bedroom was the way my mothers house smelled. 
ADC from grandmother.  Relatively rare purely olfactory ADC.

1284.  Jim D ADCs 12/28/12 One morning, fifteen months after his death, I was shaving when suddenly the globe from a swag lamp two feet away from me fell to the counter.  I said, "Merritt, if you want to say 'hello', there are less startling ways to do it!"  I had to unscrew the set screws to get the globe to fit back in the fixture.  Two months later, again shaving, the same globe fell out again.  This time I turned the screws as tight as I could.  A month and a half later, shaving, the globe fell out of the other fixture.
Series of ADCs from son.

1283.  Mika M Probable ADC 12/15/12 From Sweden.  I woke up sometime nighttime, did se a dark cloud and thunder right above me and a warrior like laugh, and then nothing, I wasn't sure what it meant, only sure it wasn't any good. When I get up in the morning I got the message that my father died that night.  Typical him to send me or whatever happened that night, that kind of a appearance/vision� I did sense that I felt something was more bad the good.
Probable ADC from father who died the night that the experience happened.  If this is truly an ADC, it is rare in the sense that evil was sensed with the presence of the deceased.

ADC with Uncle.

1281.  Cindy R ADC 12/11/12 One morning upon awakening I reached for my phone turned it on and this site was on it I thought what is add stories and started looking. Thinking about my father not or other that have past I looked up peoples they have written and ,I wonder if this is some sort of a sigh to me so I started looking at birthdays of people that's past and decided it what stories were told on those days. I didn't come up with any reason this site had come up until I read the story someone had wrote on my birthday its number 1241 talking about a very close friend was in a wheel chair and did not have the ability to speak due to a brain-injury and how they could read each others mind and after she passed away and was driving down the road one day her faced appeared and she heard her speak and said I love you. I love you. I love you. Please be happy. After I read that story I knew was also meant for me and from my father.
Mystical appearance of this (www.adcrf.org ) website on phone ultimately led to awareness of message from deceased father.

1280.  Masha ADCs 12/11/12 Original in Hebrew, translated to English by Gil.  I've seen him and asked: "What are you doing here? After all, You are dead."  He answered: "I am not dead, I have only passed to another place."  Why Menachem (my husband) is not contacting me and not coming to visit me? He looked young, healthy and smiling.
Several ADCs.

1279.  Marsha G ADC 11/30/12 Then one of the wisps pulled away and came toward me.  I knew it was Aaron and was so happy!  At about a half-way point, I could no longer see anything but felt Aaron's arms around me.  We were both crying and hugging each other so tightly.  Then there was a frantic conversation between us.  I never knew any of the words- not even when the vision ended.  Yet I am just as certain today as I was then that he was explaining things to me and I was arguing with him, begging him to come back to me.  Then I felt his arms letting go, and I pleaded with him not to leave me.  Suddenly I could see again and he was at that same half-way point.  He clearly said, "I will be back if you ever really need me."  He returned to the other spirits, for I knew that's what they were.  Without words, they communicated that their job was to teach Aaron something.  The vision ended.
ADC with son.

1278.  Lorraine H ADC 11/30/12 After that happened, I still don't know if I had a body and I don't know how much time passed but it was like I was free. Like I never existed or had no feelings, I was light and happy.  Again I don't know how much time passed when I sensed my husband Lloyd beside me. I didn't see him but somehow I knew he was there. This is something that still bothers me to this day. He filled my tummy with sadness and I can't figure out why he has sadness. I always thought of him as an angel without any sins because he never did wrong to anyone and always helped.  After that I sensed my dad who had passed away in 1996 and then I sensed my only daughter who died in an accident when she was 13 in 1991.
ADC with deceased family members during OBE.

1277.  Julia M ADC 11/1/12  I was talking to my mom on the phone and at the same time watching my Facebook feed...I begin to tell my mother the story of the dogs from the night before and in the middle of it on my Facebook feed, ( this is on my main page and not the little feed on the right-hand side), appears the following:  Riley M "likes" Paranormal Activity.  At first I didn't quite realize what I was seeing...I guess at first I thought a friend had mentioned Riley liking Paranormal Activity...But, when I looked again I realized that this was coming directly from Riley's personal Facebook account, i.e. it was Riley saying he liked Paranormal Activity...I was stunned, especially considering I was in the middle of telling my mother about the incident with the dogs from the night before...I immediately got several screen-shots of it and after that began to try and figure out other possible explanations besides Riley using his Facebook account to communicate with us.
ADC with mysterious message on facebook.

1276.  Eddie ADC 11/1/12  Suddenly a fear/panic came over me then what felt like forced thoughts and they came like waves one after the other, first was my Aunt's name, Ludes then my cousins, Angel then my other aunts name Assila, then my Dads, and New York, and Bakery, and back to my aunt then back to my dad, this was just coming in waves of forced thinking I could not think of anything else. I was just frozen with a kind of fear/ panic and Nancy said I was just wide eyed she thought something was wrong with me, and just as all this was happening my brother comes in and Nancy calls out Danny something is wrong with Eddie. I remember seeing him and telling him Danny something bad happened we have to call Assila, , My aunt in west palm beach who lived next to my grandmothers and felt like we had to reach her. but Danny tried but could not. I just knew something was wrong but could not connect it.
ADC with sense of fear around time of cousin�s drowning.

1275.  Sandra M ADC 2167 11/1/12  I often have very lucid dreams that take me outside of my body. Very crazy dreams.  This one in question however was very different. I was awakened and I felt that someone was stroking my forehead.  I opened my eyes (when you have an OBE, out of body experience you think you are physically opening your eyes) but you are still asleep.  So when I thought I opened my eyes, I was in reality still sleeping, but awake in an OBE. I saw my grandmother's face. She was much older than I remembered her 20 years ago. I hadn't seen her in 20 years because we had lived in Iran and moved in the early 80's to the U.S.  I felt it in my heart immediately, I sort of thought Hi Grandma, Oh my God what are you doing here?  (this is all telepathically BTW)  She said, in our language: " I came to say by Honey, I have missed you so very much.  I'm leaving now. Bye!...The whole time she was stroking my forehead.  I started to cry and say but I miss you please stay longer, she said I can't. I have to go!.  Bye, I love you! ... she had a certain vocabulary that is associated with the accent she talked in.  She used that during this experience and that's how I KNEW that this was real and not made up or a Dream
ADC dream on night of grandmother�s death.  Grandmother was in Iran, contributor had moved to the United States.

1274.  Julie A ADC 10/16/12  The very next instant in my dream I was somewhere else (it was not home where we lived) but a very open place with nothing around us, and I saw my mom walk above (like on a walkway the best I could describe) and I could see all of her just clearly walking above me and with her was my most beloved dog who passed away 3 years ago and was following right behind her. I remember yelling up at her to hurry up to come down to where I was, and then I was instantly awoken from the dream by the phone ringing and just knew what that phone call was. Sure enough, it was the hospital informing me that she had just passed away, it was 1:10 AM. I do believe my mom was letting me know she just made it to heaven, even before the hospital got the chance to tell me.
ADC dream from mother at moment of death.  Also in ADC was deceased pet dog.

1273.  Kanwal ADC 9/30/12 From India.  Now time passed by and it was now about 5 days that he had died. On this fifth day I was sitting on a chair in the night in my room and studying as I had a class test in school in the morning. All of a sudden I felt a bit dizzy and what I saw was a broken bus which had met with an accident and things scattered everywhere and my cousin brother all in blood and trying to come out from the bus. At that time my pet dog started barking and I felt a bit scared and uneasy and thought to call my mom. The dog behaved strangely and he barked furiously and jumped at the door of my room and tried to push that open. He pulled my clothes and barked at me to open the door. (When my cousin brother used to visit our house he always brought treats for my dog and also took him on his lap and used to love him) Seeing my dog at the door I felt as if someone was at the door and I got up and opened it. No one was outside. Only dark night but the dog barked continuously and went towards the terrace of my house. No sooner the dog left I heard a strange sound. Some male voice which said �I am dead and you all don�t know Take me out from the bus please. Please take me out.�
Remarkable ADC about �cousin brother� with specific information about the cause of his death that was later verified.

 Crysta K ADC 9/30/12 I felt as if I were in someone else's mind, experiencing their thoughts and feelings.  this lasted for 2 to 3 minutes, it seemed, though it might not have been that long.  and then it suddenly ended and I felt quite myself again.  I could not remember, even immediately after it was over, what the specific messages had been.  but I was left with the distinct and unquestionable conviction that I should stay in this church.  it bothered me that I couldn't remember exactly what I had been "told" were the reasons for that decision, but I remembered feeling during the event a sense of "of course, it is perfectly reasonable -- how could I have ever thought otherwise!"  a few weeks later I did consciously try to remember what the messages were, but I was only able to discern that the general message was about complete forgiveness and compassion, even toward the people at church who had done me wrong in the past.  I feel certain this communication came from my friend who had passed away the previous day.
ADC from friend who died the day before with information about her church attendance.

 Hope H Mother's ADC 9/30/12 He told me that he saw Paul on the couch in the living room.  That if he were on the love seat Paul was on the other couch sitting there smiling at him.  Paul would stand up to walk towards him and would disappear.  He admitted that he saw Paul in his room after treating me disrespectfully and he would be frowning with his arms crossed.  He told me that he was in the classroom at school before a test and he saw Paul at the blackboard smiling like "Hey you can do this!"  This encouragement allowed him to successfully take the test without worry.  This admission took days to get out of him.  He really did fear that I would think he was crazy.
Second-person ADCs of deceased father as told by his mother.

1270.  Laurie ADC 9/30/12  Then one night as I was falling asleep a young man that looked just like dad at about 25 approached me. He held out his hand and said Laurie ,wake up its me dad. Come with me there's something I need to tell you. I took his hand and it felt like I got up out of my body and we waked into a room that was all white with no real visible walls ceiling or floor. There was a white table with a white chair. Dad asked me to sit. He looked very nervous. First he said Laurie I Love you and I need to tell you to stop worrying. Everything you said was true. Then seemed at a loss. I asked him  so did you make it? He said no not yet. I still have some work to do. But I will. Then he glanced nervously over his left shoulder a light flashed and dad was gone. I was standing alone I yelled no wait, I Love you! The star flashed again at it felt like I fell into my bed and woke with a start. Then just laid there awestruck. I believe my words were whoa! That was awesome!
ADC dream from deceased father with important information.

1269.  Agnes DL ADC 9/27/12 From France. Original in French, translated to English by Simon.  At that moment, everything seemed very real to me, I was in my room, I heard my father's step on the stairs, I believed I was awake. I thought, "Well, this is a strange time of night to come round for coffee". Still dreaming, I got up, opened the door on to the landing and saw him as he climbed the stairs, just as he was in life. He seemed old, tired and sad. I was surprised, but not alarmed or astonished. I asked him, "Papa? What on earth are you doing here?" His reply was something I don't wish to repeat here.  I replied to him that I loved him, and in the blink of an eye he appeared younger and relieved, he seemed to light up as if he became luminous, then with a broad smile he  disappeared. 
ADC with father.

1268.  Susan C ADC 9/24/12 I visited my father for 3 hours in the day. He was in pain from hurting his back but other than that he was fine. We had a wonderful loving day together. I went home and went to sleep. I was a little sad because he was in pain and 80 years old. I woke up from a dream in which he was about 45 years old and smiling with his arms reaching out to me. There were large crystal shaped totally clear raindrops falling around him. I thought this was strange, went to the bathroom, took a sip of water and decided to think about it in the morning when my thoughts were clearer. I looked at the clock and it was 2:40a.m. My phone rang at 6a.m. It was my sister telling me my loving Father passed away. He passes away approximately at 2:40a.m. Per my stepmother.
ADC dream.  Met with elderly father, then that night had a dream that he died unexpectedly.  Dream was approximate moment of death.

1267.  Xander ADC 9/24/12 My girlfriend and I recently purchased a new home 2 months earlier, we had gotten home from our apple picking outing with my family because my grandmother passed 3 days earlier. We just unloaded groceries and i went to the bathroom.  I had walked from the bathroom into the kitchen through a hallway when I saw my grandmother� She appeared to be acting normal. She was acting like she always did when we would meet in the hallway. Holding her night gown on her say to the bathroom. It took a lot of energy for my grandma to get up and off the couch and walk to the bathroom. So she looked sick, I didn't see her face she had been looking down, I don't think she even saw me really. Like it was no big deal for her to be walking in my hallway of my new house. Normal� She healed my relationship with my girlfriend, and she connected me closer to my family, I know my mother would want to know that her mom came to make sure that I was ok. She would find that very comforting.
Saw deceased grandmother in hallway.  Experience was associated with healing.

1266.  Marcus L ADCs 9/24/12 From Australia.  He generally just talks to us in real time (through scrabble tiles) about anything.. He tells me when one of my friends or loved ones is ill... He has told me some about being in spirit and the afterlife.. He has been with a loved one when he passed from cancer recently and told me he would take him to the light.. "Les" tells me he is an ascended master and can move through the spirit realms freely...Sometimes when I ask if I can film him levitating items etc he has said I will ask.. Always coming back a couple hours later and writes "sorry I'm not allowed".. But he has shown me and my wife and 3 coins morph into the other sides of the coins.. From heads to tails like a morph that takes 1 second .
Multiple ADCs from brother in law.

1265.  Larry J ADC 9/23/12 I was at Duke at a conference and was alone in my hotel room. I was resting after a lecture.  The TV was not on.  It was quiet.  I had NOT taken and medications, drugs or alcohol.  All at once an indescribable sense of inner peace and love enveloped me.  This was NOT subtle.  I heard "it's OK" over and over but not with my ears.  I was able to ask questions and receive answers - what is OK?  The answer was "everything is OK.  The whole of human history is like a grain of sand on an infinite beach. . . . About  30-60 min into the experience I received the call that my grandmother had died.  I believe the experience occurred at the exact time that she died.
ADC with Grandmother.

1264.  Steph W ADC 9/16/12 I looked at this picture ( as I had many times before) and I noticed what I thought was a strange glare.  I thought it was a reflection from the window or a weird bend in the picture. I went close to the picture and I could not believe my eyes.  It was a distinct halo above my dad's head. I was in shock because that halo had not been there before. I called my husband over and he was in shock too. He confirmed that the halo had not been there before. I also called the nanny over who had seen the picture before and after and she confirmed the same thing. The other odd thing is that the halo was also on the small picture that I gave my baby to hold.  I had my husband check the original digital picture and we could not believe it was on the original too. It was definitely not there before and a digital camera of this quality does not make distinct halos like that. I showed my mom the picture the next day and we both broke down in tears. I told her it was his way of saying that he is in heaven and will be waiting for her when it is her time.
ADC in form of halos above head of deceased father in his pictures at his funeral.

1263.  Tanna A ADC 9/16/12 I was sound asleep when I was abruptly awakened by someone urgently calling my name.  I did not recognize who it was although it sounded familiar.  I immediately looked around the room to see who it was but the room was dark and everyone around me were still sound asleep. I didn't know what to make of it.  It was not a part of a dream.  I know I was awoken when I heard my name being called out and there was a sense of urgency to the tone.  I was wide awake now so I picked up my phone to see what time it was and to see if maybe I had missed any messages from my sister, Teresa.  It was 5:41 in the morning and there were no messages.  I immediately wanted to call my sister but then thought better of that idea.  I didn't want to wake her if she was asleep so I decided to text her instead.  I figured she would answer a text if she were awake.  So I texted at 5:42 in the morning the question "How is mom?" Less than a moment later Teresa called me on the phone.  As soon as I answered she said, "Tanna, mom just passed away!  The nurses are here in her room right now turning off her pacemaker!"  I stayed on the phone with her and was able to be with my sister emotionally during this very difficult moment!  I knew immediately that it had to have been my mother calling out to me and I am sure it was with her urgent desire for someone to call Teresa to be with her at this exact moment so that she would not have to handle the moment of my mother's death all alone! 
ADC at moment of death that helped one sister help another sister at the time their mother died.

1262.  Allison G ADCs 9/9/12 & 12/28/13  & 1/19/14 & 6/21/14 & 8/23/14 & 11/23/14  & 1/21/15 I was asleep when it happened. I was dreaming that I was in my kitchen and I looked into the living room, where I saw my mom! She was as clear as day! I saw that she was dressed in a floral printed dress, and was quite a bit thinner than she had been last time I had seen her. She appeared to be free to move and in no pain, whereas, while still here on this earth, she was always hurting and in pain. I also was wearing a floral printed dress, but I'm not sure of the significance of the dresses. I ran to my mom, and was able to reach her, but in the back of my head, I knew that she had passed, even though she was in our living room. I know for a fact that this was a sleep state ADC because it was very clear to me.
ADC dream from mother and other ADCs.

1261.  Sarah F ADCs 9/9/12  With my grandmother, Anne, I would smell her on and off for about five years after she passed.  Her smell to me was one I would describe as "stale" perfume, i.e. perfume that had been sprayed on the day before, but had blended in with her natural scent by the next morning.  Sam, my grandfather, came to visit me about a month after my son was born.  I believe he was coming to meet him.  He was a smoker.  He would smoke with his car windows rolled up, so he had that embedded in smoky smell.  My father, LeRoy, came to visit with a house full of people a week and a half after his death.  My friends came to my mother's house to help write thank you notes.  Out of nowhere, with no one physically doing it, the TV came on to my dad's favorite TV station, Fox News.  The TV had not been turned on since he had passed and did not turn on the rest of the time I was at home.
Three ADCs from family members.

1260.  Kim M ADC 2150 9/2/12  I had lost an emerald ring that my then husband gave to me 12 years before.  I searched all over the house for the ring at the time. It was very important to me. I was convinced it was somewhere in the house, and as we were moving, I eventually told myself I would find it once the entire house was cleaned and emptied out.  About 6 months after our move, the thought of the lost ring cropped up again in my mind.  I was feeling very guilty for being careless and sad that it was gone forever.  This went on for a couple of days.  Then, one morning, early in the morning, I had a very clear dream, but there was no vision in the dream.  It was only the voice of a woman telling me that she could help me find the ring.  At the time of hearing the voice, it was very strange, because the voice sounded so, so familiar, but I could not place who it was.  There was an Irish brogue to it.  The voice told me to go up to the attic and go to the first box at the top of the steps.  Open the box and pull out the top pair of jeans.  Look inside the pocket and there will be the ring.  As soon as the voice finished, I literally jumped up out of bed, went to the attic, pulled down the steps and damn if there wasn't a box sitting by itself at the top of the stairs.  At this point I remember thinking, no way, this can't be real!  I must still be dreaming!  Then I opened the box and it was full of old jeans...I really started freaking out and quickly put my hand in the front right pocket and there was the ring!!!!!
Remarkable dream with very specific information from deceased mother allowing her to find a ring that had been long lost.

1259.  Adrian ADC 8/27/12 I noticed my father was standing in front of mosque and eagerly walking to and fro as if he was waiting for someone. He was sick at the time of death (he was 62 at the time of death), but in dream, he was fine as in healthy and walking perfectly like a young man. As soon as I saw him, I felt like flying and hugging him, but then I noticed that I am holding Quran in my right hand. I looked around for a neat and clean place to put Quran before I could come back and hug him. I again flew to the end of the street to place Quran and then flew back. As soon as I approached my father, I saw strong man coming from the side. He was of extremely good height (my father was 5'3 and I think he must have been 7' plus). He looked like human. He hold my father's hand and told me in my native language 'hurry up, we are getting late'. I look at him and requested 'Please give me few seconds', with tears in my eyes. He stepped back. I then hugged my father and said 'forgive me, if I have ever done something wrong and you were not happy with it'. He replied ' I have forgiven you my son'. While I was hugging him, I felt a physical connection into my body as now I could notice heart beat goes 5,4,3,2,1 (as someone was counting) and then I opened my eyes. I am not sure if it was my heart beat coming back or my father's ending.
ADC from native of Pakistan who is Muslim.

1258.  Vince S ADC 8/27/12 I had chest pains before going to bed last week.  Finally I fell asleep.  I was dreaming that I was walking in my grandmother's apartment building.  I walked past the laundry room and saw the back side of her doing laundry.  I realized it was her and I tried to go back to see her.  There was a tremendous force holding me back as I tried to walk to the room she was in.  I was being pulled away from her as if it wasn't my time to be with her.  I was moaning in my sleep, my wife heard me and woke me up.  It was so real. Every detail.  I used to think all people who post things on websites like this were "crazy".  Not anymore.  This was a life changing experience.
ADC with deceased grandmother.

1257.  Jeri S ADC 8/22/12  I was at the hospital because my dad had been brought in by ambulance for stomach pain and breathing issues.  After a couple of hours they said he was stable and I could go home and rest.  I went home and for some reason I could not get out of my car so I went back to the hospital.  My fathers had visitors and I asked them to leave his room so I could have a moment alone with him.  I began sobbing and saying goodbye to him and thanking him for being such a good father.  I did not know why I was saying good bye.  I left the room and went into the hallway of the hospital and sat down and cried.  My brother asked if something was wrong with dad and I said no.  He said, "why are you crying then"?  I said, "I can feel him leaving".  Then a nurse walked by and said there was a chapel on the 7th floor so I went upstairs and knelt on my knees on a pew.  I was sobbing and I heard my father giggle in my ear.  I said, "dad how can you be here when you are downstairs in the hospital bed"?  Then he said, "my work is done baby, and yours isn't".  He then left the room.  I went down stairs to find out he had passed.
Unexpected visit from deceased at apparent moment of death.

1256.  Rowland ADC 8/22/12 From South Africa.  I remember clearly that Thursday as I was in a field on my farm pulling out some small trees with the tractor when all of a sudden two orbs of light appeared , they where the size of tennis balls and I can only describes as a clear silvery color like a cell appears under a microscope except there was a silver shimmer. The two orbs seemed to hang in front of me for a while and then they ascended into the sky a a unbelievably fast rate. It was 5 minutes later that my phone rang and it was my wife telling me the instructor had passed away. Unfortunately the young student passed away about a week later. I firmly believe that that day the instructor had come to say goodbye before leaving this world. I have seen small lights around people before like little silver glowing stars but the size of a pen tip but never so large and clearly. the instructor had a saying which I believe is relevant and true. He stated "where there is trust, there is love and where there is love there is God and where there is God then nothing else is needed." Anyway this is my story which I hope brings you happiness.
ADC from friend.

1255.  Jennifer S ADC 8/22/12 From Switzerland. Two experiences. One is constant since two days before he died to present.  It's an aroma I can only describe as the smell of chocolate. Its significant because I have never experience the smell before and it comes and goes, no matter where I am.  The second experience: My father came to me in a half awake state, I knew it was his essence, he didn't say anything, I just felt complete love and peace.  I was about to wake up but somehow my father helped me to go back to sleep.  I woke up just knowing that was real.
ADCs from deceased father.

1254.  Grace S ADC 8/22/12 From the UK.  Anyway my legs floated right up. I did a reality check to make sure I was fully conscious and had normal awareness (asked myself what my name was, what approximate time it was, what day, what date, what I was actually doing at that moment (i.e. lying in bed for a rest) etc) All answers were correct, and I felt myself to be fully conscious, Not dreaming.  I had no more pain in my hands when they were out. I was glad. Then I wondered if I might see my dog, but also wondered if she might have moved on in the spirit world. I thought I'd risk trying, but guessed I might be disappointed and prepared myself. I called her name. In a flash, I heard a "stumbly sound" in the room, then a little bump, and though I couldn't actually SEE her, my hands found her head as she jumped against the side of the bed. I recognized the feel of her. It was so clear, so distinct. She was warm, just as she was when alive. The warmth of her surprised me by the incredible sense of life in her. She started moving as I rubbed her ears, her head and neck. Her ears got a bit bent back by my hands and I could feel their texture just as she was when alive. I was so very very happy I can hardly describe how. There was no death. Just love. From her and from me. It was a very plain and simple experience but truly showed me there is no death. Just transition to other dimensions.
ADC from deceased beloved pet dog.

1253.  Patty C ADC 8/11/12  From Germany.  At the related incident, I was sitting by the oven in my work room, sobbing and inner-talking.  Suddenly the presence of my deceased father approached my from the left side, putting his hand on my shoulder and instantly comforting me to happiness. He made my know, without words, that everything was just right and nothing was there to complain about. So, within less than a second I was all content and reconciled and just sure, that he was all joy.  After that, I have been sad that he passed away, but everything felt right.
ADC from deceased father. 

1252.  Tom V ADC 8/11/12 She passed that Friday morning. My wife and I were going to the hospice house  to see her body. While we were doing that I told my wife to look at this penny I found it at the hospice parking lot, She told me that, Tom this is an English penny. I started to get the chills. I told her that Mom was telling me that two English ladies visited her Tuesday and telling her that everything is going to be all right. Then the day of her funeral were staying at my mothers house with my Dad. my kids and I and my wife Debbie were getting ready for the funeral. everything was off in the house. Debbie was getting read  and TJ my 5 year old son was back there with her. Sophie my 6 year old daughter was with me. Then all the sudden we heard the sound of England's Big Ben. we all acknowledge each other and said " WHAT WAS THAT". My mother always called me doubting Thomas. I feel this is her way telling us that she is here.
Deathbed vision of his dying mother, then ADC after she passed.  Remarkable connection with England given that experience occurred in Missouri, USA.

1251.  John F ADC 7/28/12  My Dad clearly said "I'm sorry for putting that burden on you buddy. I wanted you to take care of your sister."  I should note that the last words my father spoke to me we're "you're the man now. Take care of the family." being only 5 years old when he passed, I took that to heart.  My Mom told me that I needed to let her go and not worry about her, and that she is happy, loved, and secure. With that they stated that they had to go. This time she and my father walked to the elevator. When the doors opened, they got in, and I felt this weird force push me back.  I  guess I gave them a weird look because they just smiled and said "no Jackie, you are not allowed to come you have much to do.. We love you" and with that the door closed and they were gone.  I woke up immediately after that.
ADC dream with deceased mother and father.

1250.  Bobbi F ADC 7/28/12 I was sitting on a bench facing the check in area for hospital patients and looked up and saw a woman dressed in a 3/4 camel vest with black knit top and camel slacks and she looked exactly like my best friend's mother who had recently died.  The vision was of her in a much healthier state.  The vision came toward me and the turned to the right, walked past my other friend, out the electric doors and then vanished into thin air.  Both of us immediately asked each other if we had actually seen our friend's mother and the answer was yes.  Neither one of us has been able to stop thinking about this.
ADC witnessed by two people.

1249.  Sam ADCs 7/21/12  I was staying alone in our former family home, which was essentially deserted and on the market.  I was sleeping in my parents' former bedroom and at approximately fifteen minutes past twelve I was awakened from my sleep by something unknown to me at the time, but which successfully pulled me from my sleep state into one of instant consciousness, at which point, I distinctly heard a woman's voice call my name. My name was called just once and so I could not discern exactly whose voice it might have been, but I could tell the tone of the voice and that led me to believe it could well have been my deceased mother's voice� One added note about this experience is that for a day before and two days following the experience, I smelled the strong fragrance of fresh flowers in the house, although upon searching everywhere for the origin of the fragrance, I could find no flowers in the house at all.
ADCs following death of mother.

1248.  Mark N ADC 7/21/12  From the UK.  I slept again and had a further dream in which this person became a presence. This was brief and surreal but I recalled clearly feeling their presence in one part of my dream. It was not visually vivid and I did not recognize the person visually in the dream but it felt uniquely like that person and how I remember her in terms of ambience and personality. In the dream the being, though shadowy, embraced me and 'told' me telepathically, they had also thought of me (perhaps this explains my unusual preoccupation with thoughts of her the previous day). When I awoke, I had a clear memory of this dream and a strong, intuitive feeling that communication with a spirit presence I could clearly identify with this person had taken place. Interestingly, I never think of this person as being dead and gone i.e. though they are deceased their existence is still somehow vivid to me.
ADC dream from friend who died 18 years previously.

1247.  Victoria C ADC 7/15/12 From Australia.  At first I thought I misheard the words and maybe what I heard was "Coon heaven" and that Shelley had just gone to heaven. However, a week later I googled the words "Coon Haven" and found much to my surprise that it was the name of a Maine Coon breeder in my state. More out of curiosity, I called and asked about the availability of a red Maine coon kitten. The lady advised one of her cats may be pregnant and that there is a possibility of a red kitten. Some months later the litter was born and the first kitten out was a red boy (which we had reserved). Shortly after the birth, my other cat, whom I also owned when Shelley was alive developed the same disease, which is very rare and pretty much unheard of in scientific circles. We had to euthanize him as we didn't want him to suffer. We then phoned Coon Haven again and reserved the last available kitten to be a friend to our little red boy.  I believe from this dream that Shelley was telling me she was coming back to me but as a red Maine Coon and that she would be bringing a friend.
ADC dream from deceased pet cat with information that led to two new pet cats.

1246.  Allison ADC 7/12/12 On the right side of the table, a couple of feet away was my son's neon flash sparkle toy. The toy suddenly rolled towards me and touched my hand and there was nothing prompting it. I always ask my mom to give me more signs of her never ending love for me and my dad and son. After this happened, I told my dad and my son who were in the other room when it happened, and they completely believed me because this is not the first time we have received signs from my mom. I felt so happy and that she really is not that far away.
ADC from mother.

1245.  Wendy L ADC 7/4/12 From Australia.  The most vivid memory of an experience I have is of floating gently out of my bed, through the ceiling and roof, and then at breakneck speed higher and higher. I met a young woman who appeared to be in her teens who spent time with me, she didn't say it but I knew she was my daughter. I had not given birth to her but I had a miscarriage when my oldest son was about 18-20 months old. I am sure this "being" was her or her spirit. She told me that she had wanted to meet me and that she was breaking the rules by doing so and that if caught she would be punished. I have never seen her again.
ADC with remarkable encounter with stillborn child.  Other OBEs.

1244.  Rose M ADC 7/4/12 When my mother appeared at the end of the bed, she was in a full figure form, but made of of a kind of purplish light, in a web like fashion, like a hologram. I was buzzing and full of energy from her presence.  I became very nervous. She had died more than two weeks ago, and I was panicking that she would leave if I got nervous. Suddenly, she telepathically started talking to me. She said so much� she beamed love at me! It was more LOVE than I have ever felt--ever--in my whole life. It was like a light that she transmitted to me, and it caused me to stream silent tears of joy...From there, she moved into describing through pictures where she was, with places of learning, Elders, Love and Healing and the pursuit of Beingness, all hard to describe. From there, she told me to tell my brothers and sisters that she had come to me, and that they should also get quiet, and then she could come to them, before she went onto the next level, which I did not understand. Then, she said she would send a RAY of herself down, in the form of a pet dog. I would know the dog when I saw her. Then she started to fade...saying good bye, but also now smiling and full of mirth...The next day, at a dinner party, a friend said he had seen the most AMAZING golden retriever puppies. We went to see them, and of course, the destined female dog came up to us.
ADC from deceased mother with information that they would find a special pet dog.

1243.  Vanda B ADC 7/4/12 From the UK.  We received a voicemail from my son, on Tuesday, 5 June, 2012, at a time when the phone did not ring (we were sat by it watching Jubilee celebrations on TV).  I picked up the voicemail a day or so later and it was James, of that there can be no doubt.  I let his friends and family hear it, without giving a clue as to what it was, and they all had the same reaction of slight shock, embarrassment, sniggering, then asking "Yes well ... it can't be can it???"
ADC from voicemail.

1242.  Nicola ADC 7/4/12 On December 24, 2005 (Christmas Eve), it was very clear that he was close to passing away.  He was admitted to a hospital in palliative care.  I was alone by his bedside when I realized that I had not bought him a Christmas gift.  He had been in the hospital so long, and I honestly hadn't thought he would live until Christmas, so I hadn't bought anything� Around 8pm I realized this.  I desperately wanted to get him one last gift.  The hospital gift shop was closed and there were no shopping malls open nearby because it was Christmas Eve at 8 pm.  I drove around in vain until I found a grocery store and went inside to get milk, etc. for my kids which was needed at home.  In the grocery store there was an aisle of Christmas merchandise so I looked through it to find anything that I could "give" to my father.  Nothing seemed appropriate, as he was barely alive.  I finally saw a small 3D red cardinal (bird) which was meant to be a Christmas tree ornament.  Somehow when I saw it I almost burst into tears.  I had to have it for my father although I wasn't sure why it was so emotional.  I took it to him and told him how much I loved him. My mom immediately said "Really?!  You like cardinals, too?  Your father LOVED cardinals!  I remember years and years ago, when we were first dating, I told him that if I died I wanted to come back as a butterfly.  He told me that he wanted to come back as a cardinal....  He said it again to me about a year before he died... He really loved them"� I was absolutely stunned.  I had no idea that my father loved cardinals.
ADC from deceased father in form of cardinal birds that he loved.

1241.  JD A ADCs 7/4/12 We were very close; she was in a wheel chair and did not have the ability to speak due to a brain-stem injury.  Despite that fact we had no trouble communicating when she was alive; it was often like we could read each other's minds� As I drove home I started apologizing to Laurie for being such a jerk right before she died� and right as I drove under a metal walkway on US60 near Mill Ave the euphoria kicked up 1000% and Laurie appeared in front of my face (I was driving).  Her face was translucent and it rippled slightly like a sheet in a soft breeze.  Only her face and the inside part of her torso was visible.  Her face drifted into mine and then I heard her speak.  She said "I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU. I LOVE YOU.  PLEASE BE HAPPY"  During that very brief contact I was again connected to her and I felt again transported outside of 'here' and again connected to everyone and everything.
Remarkable ADCs from close friend who could not talk in life, but ADCs with verbal content and important information for  his life.

1240.  Kelly L ADCs 6/24/12  I had a really vivid dream where my husband and I were sitting at the end of a long table.  We each had a radio made of concrete and written on the radios were Egyptian hieroglyphics.  My husband was tuning his radio on a particular station as I was doing the same action.  My husband said to me "now remember, you will be able to contact me, but I wont be able to contact you".  I often think if this is his non verbal way of saying, "I'm here".
ADCs from husband.

1239.  Constance M ADC 6/24/12  I was sleeping very soundly. My father who had been deceased for several years came to visit during my sleep time.  I knew it was more than a dream. My dreams are usually very vivid and I have enough spiritual experience to know the difference between a regular dream and a spiritual visit.  We spent quality time together and he let me know how much he loved me.  The whole experience was to let me know that he loved me. He put his arms around me and let me know that I was very much loved.  I had never had much loving attention from my parents as a child.  It was mostly from my grandparents on both sides of the family.  I awoke with a feeling of happiness knowing I had connected with my father during the sleep state.
ADC dream from father.

1238.  Randy T ADC 6/23/12 I also remember feeling her presence.  Or she was making her presence felt - gently. This was accompanied by a deep conviction that she was breaking rules.  It wasn't a strong presence - just a sense that she was there.  I spontaneously stopped drinking, without thought or effort. One day (I think a month or so after she had died) I was standing just  inside the door of the room where she had lain for so many weeks and I felt myself go into a strange 'grey' zone. I was no longer in this world, but not in the next. Her voice came to me and told me 4 things.  These would not be of any importance to anyone else but to me were intrinsic. I remember feeling I'd forget them and I repeated them over and over before the moment passed. I remember her voice was inside me. Not in my ears. She spoke without passion or emotion but not like a robot. Her strong, warm familiar voice was inside me.
Interesting set of experiences with his spouse before and after her passing away.

1237.  Iain M ADC 6/9/12 From Belgium.  My Grandparents house in Belfast was a wonderful place to visit and somewhere my sister and I always looked forward to visiting. I remember the experience starting with my grandfather beckoning my sister and I up the stairs of his house and into the spare bedroom where I always slept on visits. He sat us down and spoke with us telling us he was going on an important journey. Although he died age 79 years, he was the image of a 30 year old exactly from a photo I have of him in his WW2 naval uniform. I remember his voice being so clear and concise. The experience was more real than any other dream (good or bad) that I have ever had� I have never experienced a dream to be as real as the experience I had. This has led me to believe that it was very real.
ADC from Grandfather.

1236.  Wanda N ADC 6/9/12  Two weeks after my husband died, I was waiting in my car for my sister.  It was about 8 PM.  I was crying because I was going back to work the next day and not sure if I was ready emotionally.  I looked up and there was a really bright rainbow in the sky ahead of me, and I felt like he was telling me I was going to be okay� I was at my grandson's football game with my son and his family, and a butterfly flitted around us and then went out on to the field where DJ was and flitted around him for several seconds and then flew away.  At the same time, my son said, "There's Dad." and I said, "There's Bob."
ADCs from deceased husband.

1235.  Alex D Possible ADC 6/9/12 It happened 20 years ago, when I was 21 to be presence.. I went to bed to sleep. I woke  up with a strong message and image in my head: I saw a big book  with a lot of pages and I saw the book closing and I KNEW somehow that the book was representing someone else's life , it was a  " book of life" , so strange I know, anyways , I saw the book was closing and a message in my head " the book of life has ended "  ( or something like this). I was disturbed because I was not sure what it was, whose book/ life was it and I felt uncomfortable. Well, guess what happened next: 20 min later my sister called, she was crying, she said our grand mother suddenly just died. THEN, only then I realized that that strange vision in my head or whatever it was was about my grand ma dying.  And now, years and years later when I read about those who visited the spiritual world they keep saying about seeing some "book of lives". Isn't is strange ???!? 
Short Experience.  Although it is hard to say if this is a communication from her grandmother, it does show that at a minimum there is a connection between her and her grandmother and that subconsciously Alex knew her grandmother had died.

1234.  Ray D ADC 6/9/12 Suddenly my brain allowed me control over the experience, and it occurred to me at once that she couldn't be there, with me, that she had died, and I became so scared, like being left behind, or out of the loop. I can still feel the adrenaline that began pumping at that moment. I recall being incredibly worried that if I said so, reality would kick in, and she would be gone again. I asked the question anyway: "But... you died, I am thrilled I can see you, but you are dead. How can I be with you?"  She said, "I know, but they've let me come back. I'm back! You see?" And she said it with such incomprehensible joy and excitement, with that impish, giddy, girlish look that I love so much; the face that screams "Come on, let's go!". I had this feeling that everything was as it should be, and I likewise was filled with her infectious excitement and something else, like hope, but more like absolute trust, or faith, in what she was saying. It had a timeless quality to it as well. But there was also the emotion on her face that time had passed; that she had had experiences someplace else and had only recently been �released�; like she was older, and more knowledgeable.
ADC Dream from deceased wife.

1233.  Friedemann S ADC 6/2/12 I was walking home from a meeting of a gay male discussion group on the subject of living as a gay person and dealing with life and romance as a gay male.  The walk was about 1 mile in the downtown area of Long Beach, CA.  Half-ways home I started crying and subsequently sobbing uncontrollably - almost convulsively.  Suddenly, Marty (my deceased partner) appeared in the form of a head and shoulder view outlined by many points of light.  I do not know what my body was doing (walking, crying or standing still), but I remember becoming totally quiet.  We looked at each other for what seemed a long time (maybe 10 minutes).  I did not feel sad nor was I crying.  It was a meeting of complete logic.  After the approx. 10 minutes, Marty seemed to take hold of my head and slowly move it 90� away from his face toward a bright light.  I understood this gesture as telling me that I needed to re-direct my attention to another phase or person in my life.  Upon the end of this phenomenon, I found myself walking slowly and well-controlled to my home, without any feelings of sorrow.
ADC following death of beloved partner.

1232.  Hope H ADCs 6/2/12 & 7/4/12 & 9/9/12 I came home after a 10 day trip to Niagara falls with my sister-in-law and son.  Several months ago my son had knocked down the towel rack pulling on it.  Thankfully it was a simple job the screws had come loose.  A simple fast repair.  However I left a vest on the rack and now it was on there permanently until I unscrewed it again.  I had not done so, when I left for vacation it was on the towel rack as it had been for 2 months...When I came home, it was on the floor. No one would have had any reason to come into my home and unscrew the towel rack to get the vest off.  The towel rack was sturdy and not loose.  Just kind of strange to come home to.  I had been missing hubby during this trip and wished for a sign from him that perhaps he was with me and able to view the beauty of Niagara Falls with me through my eyes.  Was this a sign?  I do not know but I do know that it is one of the strangest occurrences though simple.  ADC from deceased husband.  Two nights prior we had got him a massive stair master since he would not be walking in the winter.  Bringing the contraption through the door was no easy task and in doing so we broke the front doorbell.  Within a week of his death the doorbell began to ring with no one there.  The working kitchen door bell would ring as well.  When I was having bouts of severe grief the doorbell would ring as if to say, I am still here...Please do not cry.  I would snap out of the deep sobbing confused when I went to the door and no one was there.  After a bit I accepted this form of communication and felt quite warm and calm when it occurred.  I even began to smile when it happened and respond I Love You to its ring.  The front (broken) bell even began to change tones after a while.  ADCs involving ringing doorbell.  I have written previously about doorbells ringing in my house after My Love died. I am convinced that he rings the back (working) bell to say hello.  But when I am in dire need of help and guidance, he will ring the front (Broken) door bell as to convince the skeptic in me Yes I am really here and am watching over you and our son� I have often smelled his scent.  I have also smelled honeysuckle when none was blooming.  A favorite fragrance of mine.
ADCs mainly from husband.

1231.  Sandra JC ADC 6/2/12  As I walked towards the front doors I removed my ear buds with my right hand and placed them in the left hand to open the door with my right.  I walked in and asked my question on his tree. While speaking, I immediately began to feel my right hand sweat and feel a clenching pressure.  I opened my hand to find a shiny 2011 nickel.  The girls on the other side of the counter asked me if I was okay.. (I must have looked shocked) to which I do not know how I responded.  I turned and walked out and smiled and shouted up towards the sky. Here's why. First I have no idea how that nickel came into my palm.  Why its significant is that both my father of 86 years of age (as I said it was his b-day) and my husband collected nickels.  As my husband passed in 2010 his collection did not have the 2011 nickel, nor did my fathers.  You see my father took my husbands passing very hard and 6 days after my husbands service my father collapsed on his birthday January 9, 2011 and has not walked since.
Mysterious appearance of nickel in her had related to death of husband.

1230.  Samantha S ADC 6/2/12 It was me, my mom, and the same friend (Nikki) from the other day. Celeste sat us down and she was like oh wow. He followed in right behind you guys. She accurately described what he looked like and kept saying Okay Dave I'll help you Dave but you have to relax, your coming on a bit strong. She described how she felt from him...the same druggy feeling. She told me all you have to say is back off...he's not doing it on purpose he was just really anxious and because he died from drugs very recently he still was feeling that way. (NOTE. all I told her was that I thought my step father needed help he just died and was like harassing me but I was too scared to let him talk through me again). She could let him talk to her and she would translate but sometimes like me she spoke in 3rd person like it was him talking and she would have to say back off that she could talk for him. The first things he said were that again he didn't kill himself. He was at the hotel and was shooting the same amount of heroin he always does but he immediately knew something wasn't right...he tried reaching for the phone but then he was out of his body. Then he told us to stop telling him to go to the light �Its not beam me up Scotty...its everywhere�. He said he got like �uploaded� with information. That it was pretty crazy over here He was saddened to see that there weren't any angels over here. He said but its amazing. Even the crappiest guitars sound amazing over here (he was a great musician and singer. that was his passion on e earth. Music) We asked about his kids (who were in foster care) and he said Johnny (7 yrs old) saw him last night. He said he was watching him sleep at the end of his bed and Johnny said �Dad?� Dave was happy but didn't want to scare him so he left him alone.
There are a lot of experiences in this one!

1229.  John A ADC 5/30/12  I had this super realistic experience one night during my sleep.  This was a dream that I had which took place in a different (neutral) location that had a swimming pool and somewhat of a party going on around us. During my swim my old high school friend Malcom (deceased) waded up to me and began chatting with me. We shared surprised greetings and quickly caught up on my life events (since our last meeting) such as my new wife and young child. He seemed totally at peace and happy and it was super exciting to get to talk to him.  I cannot stress enough how "real" this experience was. The next morning I sat up in bed astonished at my dream!  It shook me to this day and when I tell people about it I really stress how realistic the event was.  The experience was as real as me talking to you today in person.
ADC dream from deceased friend.

1228.  Alice ADC 5/30/12 In my dream I remember being surrounded by darkness yet facing me was a bright light that didn't hurt my eyes. Suddenly Pepper appeared accompanied by a male figure that I couldn't see. He was so happy to see me! he jumped up and licked my face. I felt so much love. The next day at work I received an email from my ex-boyfriend saying that Pepper had died the previous afternoon. I felt that Pepper had said goodbye to me and thanked me for loving him the last few months of his life.
ADC dream from deceased dog of former boyfriend.

1227.  Robin C Possible Pre-Birth Remembrance and ADC5/28/12 I never spoke much of this because others tell me it is impossible, but in my heart I know it was real. This experience wasn�t a NDE experience, I call it a NLE meaning near life experience. I remember the day I was feeling comfortable and the same feeling others had from NDE experiences a warm friendly nurturing place in my mothers womb, thinking to myself just as normal and old as I am now, (mentally 37) I thought what a lovely place I like it here and I was interested in the pretty colors of her organs very lovely. But before I knew it I saw a white light, it was earth, then nothing more since then.
Possible pre-birth remembrance and ADC.

1226.  Jane G ADC 5/19/12 Just a few months after he died, a family friend reported that in the middle of the night she awoke to find my father standing in her bedroom.  She said he had a flannel shirt on and a ball cap - his usual attire.  He told her, "Ronnie, tell the Ma and the girls I am alright."  She was so freaked out that she jumped up and tried to find one of our phone numbers to call but couldn't.  She did later the next day.  I have four sisters and they all wanted to know why would he come to her and not them.  I reasoned that he did come to her because if he came to any one of his daughters, the others would feel hurt at the time. This was his way of keeping the peace.
ADC and second-person ADC. 

1225.  Kathleen S Shared Death Experience 5/14/12  In July 2009 her quality of life had deteriorated and we decided it was no longer fair to prolong her life. We called our vet and she came over to our house to put her down. I sat on the floor with Nelly and stroked her and let her know how much I loved her. The vet had given her a relaxing drug and when Nelly was relaxed enough our vet would give her the injection to stop her heart. When this injection was given to her, while sitting on the floor with Nelly, I heard a very loud whoosh noise and I could actually feel that Nelly was no longer in her body. I remember looking at her body and thinking that was all that was left. It changed my life forever and I know I will be with her again someday. We all are just shells for the soul within them.
Shared death experience with beloved pet dog.

1224.  Cheryl M ADC 5/14/12 Touch lamp in my bedroom would turn on. At first I noticed when I came home from work that it was on, so I turned it off.  I never used it.  It got to the point that I would wake up in the morning and it was on.  I would turn it off, go downstairs and when I came back to my bedroom, it was on.  It happened 10 times before it hit me that maybe it was Bobby letting me know he was ok.  It gave me comfort and sometimes I would say "Good Night, God Bless, sweet dreams & I love you when I went to bed�  After a week of the lamp being off, I was feeling down.  I was in my room getting ready for bed and I said, Bobby, I know that you are probably visiting your friends or helping someone, but please come back to me when you're done.  I sat down on the bed and that lamp turned on...  I just cried.  I was sure his spirit was with me.
ADC from deceased son.

1223.  Kristin B ADC 5/14/12 I was talking to her and asked her if she could, to give me a sign- that she was okay, that she could hear me, that she knew I loved her and missed her. About 3 days after I asked that, I was at work. I was outside at lunch standing next to my car having a cigarette. All of a sudden I saw something flying near me, and moved away because I thought it was a bug. Right after I moved it came back- it was a beautiful black and orange butterfly. It then landed on me. I have been to many places with butterflies all around, where they land on everyone else, and have never in my life have one land on me, so that was special in and of itself. Immediately upon the butterfly landing on me, a thought came into my head that I haven't thought of in such a long time- my mother used to tell me and write on my cards- "Be a butterfly- be free". I instantly knew that this was the sign that I had asked for- my mom was telling me that now she was free, and she would always be with me.
ADC from deceased mother in form of a butterfly.

1222.  Ron M ADC 5/14/12  "Don't mind the way I jump my thoughts around ,because it is all new to me.".  "I can walk and talk and think, but I can't see just yet, I am not worried about it because I know it will happen".  "I am very happy and content, I missed chewy tube for a while. I couldn't bring stuff with me. What I do have are beautiful memories and thoughts."  "I had so much love and gentleness during my life and could tell who was with me most of the time".  "Sometimes I would get very frustrated but didn't know what it was all about". Some of my love and happiness I tried to pass on to Sarah, I hope it works". " I have no form as such, I know I  can walk and talk and run if I want to, but all I have to do is think of somewhere --------and there I am".  "My bath, now that was one of my best times, it was comfy".  "Wind in my face, especially if there was some rain in it, that was exciting, It's amazing how much I understood but couldn't do anything about, now all I want to do is talk and talk".  "I used to get a great kick out of you granddad, when I did a huge pooh---the relief was great and you used to say "you little devil you.  It used to crack me up--it was brilliant."  "My memory of all the love and care that I got was lovely I will treasure it always".
Stunning and exceptional ADC from child who at birth had brain hemorrhage and was unable to see or speak until his death at age 7.  Shared by his grandfather.

1221.  Marisa D Probable ADC 5/5/12 I went to my boyfriends house to take care of his dog. I called him to update him and told him about the news and the overly friendly cat....the lights started flickering. When I went back home, it was waiting for me on my deck. I went to bed creeped out.  The next morning it was on my deck. It watched me make coffee, and breakfast from my sliding glass doors. It stood there...watching� She was a loving but persistent redhead with green eyes. Was she saying goodbye??  Did her spirit send the kitty as a gift? I don't know... She was a redhead with green eyes who had the same qualities. She was always there, loving persistent and aggressive.
Probable ADC from deceased friend as a cat.

1220.  Cliff C ADC 5/1/12  Second experience was double rainbows,,  single rainbows day after day,, no rain in sight...  right out the dining room window where he sat for years and years,
ADCs from father in law.

1219. Lois S ADC 5/1/12  Suddenly a feeling that is so hard to describe began to wash over me. It felt like intense love, like an all encompassing embrace. There seemed to be communication with out words, a knowing that Joy was present and was saying "guess what, momma". This experience lasted for almost an hour that seemed to pass rapidly. Then the intense feeling dissipated, leaving me astounded and wondrous. I was sure that if anyone had walked into the room at the time, they would have seen me glowing.
ADCs from deceased daughter.

1218.  Rimi M ADC  5/1/12 From India.  It was a winters morning in London, eleven months after the sudden death of my Mother in India and I was travelling the next week to perform the final prayer ceremony for her to end the one year mourning period we observe as Hindus for our parents. The blinds were shut and I woke up. A picture of my Mother which is at the foot of my bed had a bright, blinding beam of light, so bright that it was hard to look at and it shone exactly on my Mother's face. There were other pictures but this beam was only on my Mother's picture.. I took many pictures of it and it appeared to be the side profile of a girl with long hair. It then disappeared within seconds but the sun was still shining� I have photographic evidence and as the blinds were shut no light could have entered at that angle on to the picture. It defies the laws of physics and light refraction.
A mysterious light appeared on deceased mother�s picture.  We�ll let readers look at the light in the picture, shadows in the picture, and decide for themselves.

1217.  Michele ADCs  5/1/12  As I opened my eyes, she was laying next to me in bed, watching me sleep. She wasn't the age that she passed at (77); she was much younger, probably in her 50's, but I still recognized her right away. When my eyes opened, she smiled her usual happy closed mouth smile, and then faded away� I decided to lay down and take a nap (which was unusual for me at the time). I hadn't been asleep but for maybe thirty minutes when I heard my uncles voice say to me, "Goodbye. I love you." After this happened, I sat straight up and opened my eyes and told my brother that Uncle Ricky had passed. Just as soon as the words left my mouth, my dad called and broke the news to us. But I already knew.
Two ADCs.  From grandmother and uncle.

1216.  Alisa A ADC 5/1/12  The response came back, you wouldn't cry for me if you knew where I was.  I looked around and then I saw it. There was a ball of light floating just above the door. It was brighter than any light I had ever seen, it was not too large, it seemed more like a ball of energy that gave off light, maybe. The light was intensely bright but did not hurt my eyes it was shimmering in a way I have never seen, vaporous?  Then the voice said, here I am going to let you see where I am and then you won't be sad for me. As soon as I heard/felt those words, the ball of light formed into a doorway shape with beams shooting out of the side of it and it opened ever so slightly. As it opened and I looked at it, I was flooded with, with EVERYTHING! The answer to every question I ever had was right there, I felt no doubt anymore only certainty, there was no pain, or fear or sadness, an enormous sense of relief and peace and love came over me it was the best feeling I have ever had and was so full and then WHAM the door shut and turned back into a ball and the voice said, Now do you understand why you shouldn't be sad for me? In just a moment I had known, I had glimpsed what I knew had to be heaven.
Absolutely exceptional ADC/shared death experience.  Remarkable glimpse of the afterlife.  Information learned during experience verified later.

1215.  Marg M ADC 4/22/12 From Canada.  I was fully awake when I heard a "snapping" at the end of my bed and sat up.  There was nothing but a blank wall in front of me.  Suddenly, an image, approximately 3 feet off the floor began to emerge quite quickly on this blank wall. It was a circle that grew to approx. 2 feet in circumference.  Within this circle, it looked like a snarl of elastic bands, snapping and filling the circle. i believe these "bands" were slightly moving among themselves. I don't recall seeing any color but tend to think it was a neutral shade - beige, maybe. The outside of the circle appeared to be black, almost a void.  I stared at the circle for a minute or so, listening to the snapping, then told it to go away. It shrank into itself and went away and the last I saw of it was a black dot which disappeared.  I have never experienced anything of this nature since, nor before her death.  I was not frightened, but instead just curious.
ADCs from deceased mother.

1214.  Lucy C ADC 4/15/12 "In my dream" I got lost in a forest rapidly it became dark and could not find my way back home. I kept walking until I found myself in a forest clearing and OMG  there in front of me there was this huge wall that extended to right & left for miles !!  Right  in front of my eyes the was this TALL, TALL IRON GATE.  On the other side of the gate there were lots of people, they were very happy and celebrating.  The light " on the other side " was amazing, but not blinding.  I climbed the iron gate because I wanted to SEE & talk to my dad, I NEW  HE WAS THERE.  I did not see him or anybody... they were invisible but  THEIR  ESSENCE WAS THERE.  MY DAD  TALKED TO  ME and told me  I could not enter the gate, ONLY DEAD PEOPLE were allowed  inside. I insisted that I want to be with him even if I have to die.....another  person took my hands  OFF  the  gate and told me  that I'll be there sometime but  for now i should go back  to  where I came from, I should GO back to my mother and my sister.
ADC dream from deceased father.  Shared 57 years later.

1213.  Cheri B ADC 4/15/12  He just held me for awhile.  Perhaps he spoke to me then, but I no longer remember.  But presently he began to walk slowly towards a swimming pool, which was nearby.  But the pool area wasn't bright like the white expanse.  It had some light, but it was much dimmer with more of a shadowy expanse around it.  My dad walked straight into the pool, carrying me gently through the warm water.  He spoke to me softly then, telling me something that I have never been able to recall--something about which I've always felt a keen disappointment.  As he spoke to me, he continued to walk through the water, until I saw my husband waiting motionless at the other end.  When my dad approached him, he gently transferred me into my husband's arms, and my husband held me close.  I knew then that our visit was at an end and that my dad was once more--and for the last time--"giving me away," as he had at my wedding� , I understood that he was indicating that my husband needed to take my dad's place as my protector and provider and primary source of love.  It was like a reminder that my dad's role was done and that this was really goodbye until I should die, myself.
ADC dream with deceased father.

1212.  Paula C ADC 4/15/12 I laid down and went to sleep and ended up in this room that was all white with other people sitting on benches as I then realized I was sitting on a bench also.  I was looking around turned to my right and realized there was a basket sitting next to me.  I looked in and saw my son.  He opened his eyes and smiled that beautiful smile he had.  He was always a very happy boy.  I reached in and picked him up.  He was a very healthy boy so he was heavy.  I  sat with him and he talked with me our lips did not move it was only with thought back and forth.  He told me he was okay and he loved me. We sat for a long time and then he said it was time to go. I gave him a hug and kiss told him I loved him and placed him carefully back in the basket.  Rees said "Please don't cry mommy" and then the baskets were all gone.  I realized the other people around me were there to say goodbye to their kids. 
ADC dream following death of 8 � month old son.

1211.  Trish Shared Death Experience 4/15/12  All of a sudden we both heard very loud, as though it was just outside on the street, a Naval whistle that military Naval ships blow they call "piping onboard." It's the long 3 notes they sound during different times, as when dignitaries or such are coming on board the ship. My sister and I both looked up at each other and found out we both heard it as it was pretty loud. I ran to the door and looked outside and no one was there. I checked to make sure no TV's or radios were on and none were. It was just as quiet as before the whistle sounded. My dad that evening quietly passed away. We both believe that maybe my dad's buddies came to get him. I guess that sounds crazy but I have never heard any whistles or any such noises such as that before or after that day and I have lived here for 11 years. Plus, those men and that ship meant a lot to him.
Shared death experience witnessed by two sisters shortly before their father�s death.

1210.  Sandy L ADC 4/8/12  The last time I was in a bad car wreck I shouldn't have walked away from. After I got hit head on my SUV started spinning around my Roby was over my right shoulder saying your not coming with me it's not your time then the SUV stopped. After realizing what happened and what he said I was so pissed off he wasn't coming to get me but had left me again.
ADC during auto accident from Roby, her fianc�.

1209.  Angie D ADCs 4/8/12 The strangest experiences is having people who are deceased that I never knew contacting me to give messages to people who are alive (and sometimes not all that close to me).  However, the messages were well-received and very significant to the receivers.  Interesting, if I choose to ignore it the deceased keeps visiting until I pay attention and give the message.  Then they never come again (you would think a thank you would be appropriate, eh?)� in all cases, it was true, helpful and I knew nothing about it prior.  For example, my brother Bob came to me and told me to tell his son Jimmy that he should "go for it-Ohio"  I had no idea what it meant.  When I told Jimmy he explained that he got accepted to 3 medical schools (I didn't even know he had applied).  One of them was Ohio and he had no idea which one to attend.  He went to Ohio as a result of his Dad's advice from the grave and he has done well.
Multiple ADCs with accurate information for the living.

1208.  Natylie B ADC 4/8/12 The third experience started (as usual) when I had retired to bed for the night and was trying to go to sleep.  I was tired from everything that had been going on since my father's death but had not quite fallen asleep yet.  Suddenly, I had a popping sensation in my ears, similar to when your ears pop while riding in a car or airplane.  After the popping sensation, it felt like my hearing was sealed from outside sounds and I began to hear a soft male voice like I had heard the other two times.  The voice was not like a regular voice heard externally.  It was more like it was communicating to me in an internal way.  This is the part that is somewhat hard to explain.  It said or communicated to me: "It's okay.  I'm sorry.  I love you." This time it also said, "Keep writing.  You will have a family."
ADC with information from recently deceased father.

1207.  Lynne J ADC 4/8/12 I had recently returned home from my great niece's funeral.  She was only 4 and died of a brain tumor 7 months after being diagnosed.  My father had died 3 months before Sophie.  I was in terrible pain over Sophie's death and while working in my garden began asking my dad to show me a sign that he was with me, and that he was taking care of Sophie and that they were "ok".  I begged him for a sign and all at once a little butterfly started flying around my head as I knelt in my garden.  I told dad, "thank you sooo much!"  But then I thought, I'd know for sure that it was him, and that Sophie was ok, if it was a monarch butterfly( because that's the kind of butterfly that we always had in our yard when I was growing up and monarchs meant something special to him and I. Well....the thought wasn't even totally out of my head when a monarch butterfly began flying around my head WITH the smaller butterfly!!!  I was filled with thankfulness and wonder!  And I KNEW that dad was with me and that Sophie was "ok".
ADC from father and great niece, who died at age 4 from a brain tumor.

1206.  Claire T ADC 3/31/12  When I went to bed, I was not upset or even thinking about Steve at the moment. Sometime during my sleep, I became completely aware. I was in another place, or rather, my SOUL was in another place. I was with Steve and we were floating in a red ambience. The red ambience is very difficult to describe. There was no sense of direction or gravity. It was similar to a cloudy haze, but totally otherworldly. Steve and I held each other, both so glad to have this time together. There was no talking at all, everything was mentally communicated. We were both aware that this was a special gift and that I couldn't stay there, we knew that when my body started to wake up, my soul had to go back. SO this was a very bittersweet meeting. I could feel him and see him and it was as real as anything. I clung to him. He let me now that he loved me and he wanted me to be happy and strong, and that this was the way things were meant to be. As I began to wake up, it ended abruptly. I sat up in bed fully awake and cried, so thankful for my short time with Steve but sad I had to wake up, and I couldn't stay there with him. But this answered my questions, was Steve okay, where was he, was he happy? I was able to go on and be strong for my kids, knowing there is a purpose for everything and nothing is senseless.
ADC dream with deceased fianc�.

1205.  Kerrie H ADC 3/31/12 From New Zealand.  At a quick pace over the 25 meters my mind ran through possibilities of what could be emitting this noise. I found the never before activated, smoke alarm sounding. I removed it from the ceiling near my bedroom where it had been placed over ten years before, taking notice of it only when I replaced the battery. Disconnecting the battery gave relief of the noise. There was no hint of anything to set it off. I tested it by replacing the battery and it sounded, taking it outside to try again, it sounded. After a few hours of it sitting on my dining table without a battery I tried it again to find it was in perfect working order. This is when the thought came to me.....I couldn't remember saying good morning to Muffin. Although I remain at a loss without her I feel she found this mysterious way to let me know she is still here with me.
ADC from beloved pet dog.

Shared death experience that started while she was asleep. 

1203.  Lynne J ADC 3/24/12  During a period of sleep, I dreamed that I was saying goodbye to an old boyfriend, Richard.  I was very emotional, overcome with sadness, and very very cold.  The sadness I felt was overpowering.  I woke up and proceeded to tell my boyfriend, John, what I had dreamed and how sad I felt� And he read me the article that stated Richard had been boating two days before and had run his boat aground on a rock jetty off the Island of Nantucket.  He and his friend waited until dawn and then Richard got onto the rocks to push his boat free.  He fell into the cold water (it was Oct.) and the fast current carried him away and he drowned.
ADC dream occurring around time of death of former boyfriend.

1202.  Dorothy W Experience 3/24/12  Mike was a skeptic, but two weeks before he died, and he could understand me, I asked him to let me know, if there were any way, that he was still living, though his body was gone. I believe these alarms, and the clock were his way of letting me know he is definitely still a living being.  He confirmed that to me when, 3 weeks later, on March 13, 2013, he set one of the alarms off again for about 10-15 seconds. I believe he used the alarms because of his career as a city firefighter, something he loved.
Multiple ADCs involving smoke detector alarm from deceased life partner who was a firefighter.

1201.  Margaret E Experience 3/22/12 I was asleep in Norfolk England when I met up with a friend, who lives in Jamaica, in a dream.  There were thousands and thousands of people standing outside (what I thought was) a hospital and I was one of those people.  It was a huge brightly lit area with only a door and no windows.  Then my friend Abey came walking along a bright shining path towards that door.  I called to him and he stopped.  With him were (what I thought) two doctors, dressed in bright shining white clothes and with impassive faces, one on either side.  I had visited Jamaica the previous year and despite phoning Abey he had not come up from Kingston to visit me and my husband on the North Coast.  I asked him in my dream to promise to come and see us the next time we were there and he laughed.  It was as if he knew what the joke was and no-one else around did.  He told me "Sure" still laughing and walked with the doctors into the door and vanished from my sight.  This troubled me greatly and I awoke from sleep sitting bolt upright and told my husband that I had seen Abey going into a hospital and perhaps I should phone his mother.  My husband pointed out that me having a dream in England about a friend in Jamaica and phoning his mother in Florida was not exactly going to make me look normal.  He said that if Abey was in the hospital they would phone the mother.  Two days later I got the phone call.  At exactly the time I had the dream Abey had been murdered.  He did not make it to hospital as he had been shot to death in a mall. I did not see a hospital and he was not with doctors.  I had just assumed in my dream that big white buildings and people in white clothes constituted a hospital experience.  I don't entirely understand what happened but I must have seen my friend and spoken with him after his death.
Short ADC with friend.

1200.  Kimberly J Experience 3/7/12  All four of us were sitting at our kitchen table.  The two boys were playing a game and Tara and I were talking about Jake and watching a memorial video of  the Breedlove boy who died this last Christmas.  We were crying and talking about the possibility of life after death when our Tiffany lamp over our heads at the table got really bright and blew out!!  I tried turning it back on to no avail.  My friend Tara and her son witnessed the first ADC with us and she and her son totally believed it was Jake sending us another sign that he loved us and he was ok.  All night the light would not turn on (all other can lights around it on the ceiling were FINE).  The next morning when I turned on the kitchen lights the Tiffany light was working again(2 of the 3 bulbs were blown out)!
ADCs from son who died at 6 years old.

1199.  Tina Experience 2088 3/7/12 It was a few days after my brother had passed away and I was pacing  my Mother's driveway just after  midnight mourning my brother and asking God to send me a sign that he was okay. I felt confident that he would as while my brothers friends had gathered that evening and we began to talk about him the living room light flashed a few times. After everyone left I was pacing the driveway speaking to God, mourning and praying. I looked into the sky and a light came down almost like a firework, through the tree across the street with shimmering sparkles and was there briefly it came very close to me and then pulled back up into the sky. It was very real so real I asked my friend/now husband if he had just seen what I saw and he said yes that was not of this world as sad as I was I believe I had just received the answer I was looking for.
ADC from brother.  Remarkable visual ADC witnessed by others.

1198.  Mary A Experience 3/4/12 Bob was there! I ran up to him and he hugged me real tight. I remember telling him " I miss you so much" and he said "I miss you too" and we just stayed hugging for what seemed like minutes and we just kept telling each other we miss each other and that's when his hug gave me what I would describe as a feeling of relief like I felt chills or a sensation like that thru my body. It almost felt like thru the hug, I was getting rid of the tension inside of me. That's the last I remember of the dream, it just seemed like we never stopped hugging. When I woke up it seemed SO real! I have had dreams many times with relatives who have died but they were more like things from the past. The thing that really made this feel so real is that it was in "the present". There wasn't a time when he was alive where we would have been apart long enough to miss each other so intensely. And Bob was a typical guy who wouldn't have expressed it so intensely either.
ADC dream from friend who died of suicide.

1197.  Rosemary H Experience 3/4/12 When I was 3 years old my grandmother who died when my mother was 7 years old asked me to tell my mother she never left her. that is the very first one I can remember.  In recent years there have been so many.  About two years ago I began keeping a record of the communication I receive, see, experience.  I believe my messages, my insight has helped ease the suffering of many.  My brother Paul was killed in Vietnam in 1969.  At my son-in-law's fourteenth birthday party, I saw him standing behind my son.  My son was sitting in a chair across the room from me.  He was magnificent. Tall.  Statuesque. He told me he was with my son protecting him always.
ADCs from the age of 3.  She is currently 68 years old.

1196.  Lora Experience 3/4/12 My dad came to visit me and my sister. First he spent some time with us together and we had a great time. Then he spent time with my sister. Then he spent time with me. I greatly enjoyed my time with him. After some time with me, he then said, I have to go. I started to cry and asked him, cant you come back (to earth) and be with me? Cant you go back to the day of the accident and redo that day and stay here? (this is odd b/c he died of a rare blood clot disease, three weeks in hospital, not in a sudden accident so I am not sure why I asked him this question?) He said no I am happy where I am. I began to cry a lot and grabbed at his shirt as he drifted away, upwards towards heaven. He gently removed my hand and released it so I wasn't holding on to his shirt anymore. He then said again, I am really happy where I am. I lowered my head, sobbing, and nodded b/c I understood that he was truly happy where he was and that was more important than coming back to be with me. Right then I suddenly woke up.
Dream ADC from father.

1195.  Jessica C Experience 2/25/12 Then at that minute, the intense sadness and inability to stop crying that had been constant all that day, stopped. It just stopped. I noticed the dog looking in the kitchen and I then saw my cat playing in the doorway, rubbing her face on the doorframe and messing with the door jamb and rolling around as per her usual (pre sickness) antics. She messed with a part of my daughters toy pony that was on the floor, and had it in her mouth and had looked like she was about to run off with it. She was constantly stealing my daughters toys and the ponies were her favorite. I think I either had to yell at her to drop them, or chase her down to get them back at least 5 times a day. When she picked it up this time, I was about to yell, but I stopped because I was certain I was going nuts and was not about to alert the house to that fact. She kept playing then moved on to the kitchen and was gone.
Multiple ADCs from beloved pet cat.

1194.  Debbie G Experience 2/25/12 It was much more real than a dream. He stepped out from behind a stand of pine trees dressed in a white robe and appeared to be in his 20-30's and very healthy - not in the cancer-riddled state I'd just left him in hours earlier. He said 'Don't worry sweetheart, everything is going to be ok. I love you.' Then he stepped behind the trees. I sat up calling out 'Dad, come back.' My husband woke up and I shared what'd happened. Three days later on the day of the funeral, I followed the procession to the cemetery and we took our seats under the tent. I looked over to my right and saw the exact stand of pine trees... The best way to describe it was my father and son's soul spoke to my soul. It was so deep inside of my head and body.
ADCs from father and son.

1193.  Sandra J Experience 2/25/12 We were sitting at the kitchen table discussing whatever and alone as the kids were playing in the yard.  All of a sudden I felt a hard poke three times on my right shoulder and jumped from the kitchen chair.  The neighbor asked me what was wrong and I told her Geez, it felt like someone just punched my shoulder.  We just stared at each other in amazement as no one was in the room but she and I.  I sat back down and dismissed the incident and we shrugged it off when not five minutes later the phone rang.  I got up and answered it and it was my aunt in Michigan telling me my grandmother had just passed away� There is no way the experience wasn't real. I jumped a foot after being poked.
ADC shortly after death of grandmother.  Shared 44 years later.

1192.  Andre F's Mother's Experience 2/25/12 From The Netherlands.  She told us her cell phone rang while she was resting on her bed and reading a book. When she looked on the phone display it said "ENGELENZENDER". This is Dutch for ANGEL SENDER or ANGEL BROADCASTER. Now this is very weird, to get a message in Dutch on the display of the cell phone while residing in Southern Italy. No telephone company with that name is known in The Netherlands, Italy or even Europe. None of her contacts stored in the cell phone have this nickname. Also, we don't know anybody with that nickname. Later we found out that my mother's other son (my brother) tried to call her from the Dutch Caribbean Island of Saint Martin at the time point her phone displayed "ENGELENZENDER"� Telephone call was made by my brother. But if he calls, just his name shows up on the display and certainly not ANGEL BROADCASTER. Could it be a higher power interfered?
ADC from contributor�s mother. 

1191.  Ainsley Experience 2/19/12 The following morning, the stalk had grown about a foot  and was covered in beautiful, pink flowers.  I was shocked beyond words.  I showed it to my coworker, and she said that it had absolutely no resemblance to the cactus plant that had inhabited the pot.  Every morning, when I would arrive in the office, it grew in height and width, and became an enormous bush, covered in the most unique pink flowers� I took a photo and emailed it to my sister, who had lived with my mother her entire life.  She immediately called to tell me that this bush grew in their backyard, and was my mother's prized plant.  I eventually had to repot it as it was now 3 ft high, and about 2 ft wide, and in constant bloom.  I brought a clipping to my sister, and she too now has the same plant in her home.  I cannot explain how a pot of dry, unattended soil created this beautiful plant, but I can say without any doubt in my mind, that my mother had everything to do with it.
ADC from mother in form of her favorite flower inexplicably growing in a pot of soil.

1190.  Faye M Experience 2/19/12 I laid in bed for a second, still wrapped up in that beautiful feeling. My body literally felt different, as if I had been in heaven or something.  Then, in my head I heard my brother say to me "Faye, you know that feeling you felt when Dad was hugging you?"  And I was shocked to realize that was my father who had died when I was 2 and I had not recognized him because there are very very few pictures of him. My brother went on to say "Well, that feeling you felt for a moment is how I feel every moment now"  "Don't worry about me, and let me go, I finally get to play ball with my dad".
ADC from brother.

1189.  Renee R Experience 2/19/12 My cat, Dexter, had a sudden, tragic injury and had to be put to sleep.  I was devastated and stayed in bed grieving him through the second day of his passing, not able to get past the suffering he endured and losing him that way.  Some time that evening, before my husband came to bed I was lying there and felt Dexter jump on my bed and then curl up against my legs like he always used to do.  I was shocked and started to sit up.  At that moment I got the message in my head, "Everything is okay.  It will all be okay." and it came from him somehow. I instantly felt a peace and relief I hadn't since he died, and I laid back down and went to sleep feeling him against my legs� The communication is hard to describe.  I felt the words and their meaning as plain as if they were spoken, but they weren't.
ADC from deceased cat.

1188.  Lakshmi Experience 2/19/12 My dream is as follows :I was at work and I called home, surprisingly I hear my father speak, I am very aware in the dream that he is no more and I hear him speak. He told me 3 things, the one I remember is that He loves me very much and then I see this big number 509. This number is not my phone number or house number or any special days. Earlier I had experienced a strong pull of energy or force on the top of my head. It was so strong as if something was being pulled out of my head. It happened on the 10th day of his demise and once when I was sleeping. I also had a dream as if he was travelling and feeling very very cold as in frigid temp and I thought maybe it was his way of telling me to donate bedding to the needy.
ADC dream of deceased father.  Contributor is Hindu from India, living in USA.

1187.  Andy Experiences 2/19/12 A husband and a wife who were relatives to me were sick and both needed to be stay in bed due to sickness. They were married for a very long time, I would say 50 years or so. They were always together . They even got sick together, but husband decided to go to hospital and the wife stayed at home.. Long story short- he was rescued by treatment while she died at home.  While he was in the hospital, exactly the time she died he witnessed two shadows and a third one above him that hugged him. He felt at peace. The shadows turned from black to white and went away�
One day, an hour before work I was in my kitchen and felt like electricity go into my head and out. It was not just unusual. It was something I could not understand.  You know  when something is wrong with you or your hearth is running too fast ? My feeling was I am 100% OK, but something like electricity went in from one side and got out from another side of my head.  Anyways, an hour later I found out at work that she just died from hearth attack.
Second-person ADC where husband had experience at time wife died, and ADC at moment of death of co-worker.

ADCs from deceased mother.  Her mother may have helped keep her from injury in a severe auto accident.

1185.  Robyn Experience 2/11/12 I woke up to find something on the end of my bed. it was a blue plasma (gassy)  outline...very detailed outline. the message was that my dad was sick. I wasn't scared. it was my brother. I don't remember a voice...more like an understanding without talking this happened around 3am. I called my dad on the phone after it was no more and he reported to me that my brother had just delivered him the same message. my dad was diagnosed with colon cancer a few months later. my partner at the time did not question that it happened.
ADC delivered to Robyn and her father with information that her father was sick.  Father was diagnosed with colon cancer a few months later.

1184.  Steve C Second Person Experience 2/11/12 My mother-in-law passed away last week. One of the other woman musketeers was also very sick. Her son came to my mother-in-laws wake and my wife asked if he had told his mother that her mother passed. He informed her that he had not that she was very ill and did not want to stress her out any. He went on to tell us that his mother just yesterday was telling him that my mother-in-law had visited with her and that everything was going to be all-right. She passed away 1 week later.
Second-person ADC from deceased individual that they were not aware had died.

1183.  Jeffrey J Experience E020212  2/2/12  Approximately ten years ago my life was changed immeasurably by my experience. I was laid in bed after finishing a night shift, suddenly I was in a dark place and all I could see in front of me was the outline shape, of an old lady. She was very frustrated and she was pushing against what appeared to be an invisible barrier. I consoled her and informed the lady that if she wanted to get through this barrier she would have to believe that it was possible to pass through it. In a space of time that I could not measure a beam of light shone down from what seemed to be above us, but to be honest the perspective of this I am unsure of. I could see a person within the light and the lady appeared to know who it was because she greeted him by name. I followed them both and to my amazement was in a room that was flooded with light . And  when I looked around the room around the perimeter I could distinguish the shapes of people that all wore the same clothing, and this was like a monks robe and all of them wore white with their hoods up.  For some unknown reason I approached one of these beings and asked through my mind if my Mother was ok ( she had died many years before). Before I could ask or say anything else a huge book suddenly appeared before my eyes and opened at a page. This page had many photographs on it but only one was clear. This photograph was one of my Mother sat beside a river laughing with other people. Just as suddenly the book shut and disappeared. I had this awful feeling that I shouldn't be in that place and felt like a naughty child. Just as quickly a became aware that I was back in my bed again but a much changed  person for having this experience. Just to make things clear if this was a dream I had never dreamt of my Mother before this experience and have never had a dream about her since. She passed twenty four years ago.  Short ADC.  No link because this is all there is.

1182.  Melissa Experience 1/29/12 When he died I wrote him a letter with my feelings, telling him how sad I was we would never get to have a relationship. I also told him how I wanted to be there with him because I was so sad I wanted to kill myself.  I told him many things I wanted to say and I ask God and him to please give me a sign that he read the letter.  I folded the letter up and put in in my jewelry box in the top of my closet.  I forgot about it. Then about 2 years later I remembered it when I was with a friend and wanted to show this friend the letter.  So, I got the letter out and there was a star burned out in the middle of the letter.  I wondered if someone had found it and lit it on fire and then blew it out, but I have no idea why anyone would do that. I had never touched the letter or told anyone about it before then.  I believe it was God or my Dad telling me he got the message.  I still have the letter today.
ADC from father who committed suicide when she was 13 years old.

1181.  Molly M Experience 1/29/12 I was taking a nap in the living room of their house 2 days after her passing and I woke up to tomato sauce cooking. I quickly asked my father if he was cooking and he said no. I actually had to get up, go in the kitchen and even outside to see where the smell was coming from. It was her sauce. No doubt.  The 2nd experience was on the 3rd day after her passing. My brother had set up a memorial on a coffee table which had 4  candles. He was to light them all and leave them for 30 days lit. I woke up and one was lit and no one had lighted it.
ADCs from deceased mother.

1180.  Gert L Experience 1/29/12 My Mother told me that a ex-teacher at the high school I had went to had passed away. He hadn't been my teacher and I didn't really know him, but I decided to look up his obituary online a couple weeks later. He had lived in a small town about 20 minutes from where I live. I found the local paper for that town and began looking through the short list of obituaries... before I reached the obituary of the ex teacher, I stumbled upon one for a coworker I hadn't seen in 20 years. Randy had died one week before I found his obituary. The day he had died a bird began perching on my porch light every evening. The bird didn't fly off when anyone opened the door... I thought it was unusual and by the third day I knew the bird was a harbinger or messenger and that someone had died. I never saw the bird again after finding Randy's death notice.
ADCs from friend/coworker she knew decades before.

1179.  Deborah B Experience 1/29/12 I was counseling a cancer patient in his last stages.  He had a fear of leaving his family and death.  We talked about death and used hypnosis to help with his pain control. Spoke about options. After 3 weeks of working with him, I woke up about 1:30 am and looked at the bedroom door.  There he was standing there, glowing, happy; I got the sense he was telling me everything is okay now.  I called the hospital the next morning about 10:00 am and the nurse told me he passed in the night, perhaps about 1:00 am
ADC from cancer patient that she was counseling at or shortly after time of death.

1178.  Kieve S Experience 1/29/12 It didn't take long for me to fall asleep. But I remember suddenly being JOLTED out of my sleep! It was like an electric shock hit me in my sleep! Its like I popped up and laid right back down to sleep! Like toast in a toaster! I didn't think anything of it at, the time.  I just figured I had dozed off and jumped in my sleep, like so many of us do.  By the next day, my thoughts had changed. I would start to believe that the jolt in my sleep, was the time my mother shot herself in the head� She asked me if I was feeling ok. I said," Loren, My Mom is going to kill herself today!" I said it so matter-of-factly! It just rolled off my tongue, almost before I even formed it as a thought.
ADC involving mother who committed suicide.

1177.  MKF Experience 1/29/12 From Switzerland I don't see him in my dream, it's not a visual experience. It's a physical one. I can feel him hugging me through the blankets. The last time I said to him "hold me" and he did it. I said again "hold me tight" and I could feel his arms trying to push harder through the blankets. It felt like a very "familiar" touch, I simply knew it was him! And then I wake up and the feeling of physical contact immediately vanishes. The first three of four times I thought it was just my imagination, but since the last time, about 10 days ago,  I'm not so sure that it is only a dream or a kind of hallucination. If it was a dream why should I feel the pressure through the blankets? I would probably feel the contact of his hand directly on my skin, but it was so clear that the blankets were an obstacle. This detail made the experience so real!
ADCs from deceased husband.

1176.  Cindy J Experience 1/29/12 My mom passed away unexpectedly on Oct. 24, 2011. She suffered a cardiac arrest at night with my dad present and they were able to revive her briefly, and took her to the hospital where she was pronounced and my dad found out she was deceased. This was mid morning, maybe 300am or 330am. At this time, my husband and I were staying in a hotel in New Hampshire, traveling back from a trip. I was not aware of my mom passing. At about 4am, I was getting ready to get up to use the bathroom, this object, brightly lit and about 10 inches long hovered above my bed. It was moving in all directions, up down, sideways, and I hid my face briefly under the sheet. I than looked up again and it was flying around more quickly. I put my left hand out, and it seemed to land on my extended finger. I did not feel anything but a great joy and calmness and peacefulness. I called out to my husband to look at the angel in the room, and it began to hover over him and than disappeared into the wall. The room was than again dark. There was no actual figure noted. Only some outlines that contained a continuous light. I didn't see a face or what looked like wings, but there was definitely something moving in both sides of it keeping it afloat. I felt so good, and eventually awoke my husband. We left for our home that day and when we were almost home, I was called and told that mom had passed. My dad had tried to call me earlier that morning, about 730-800 am and left a message for me to call him. I didn't see that on my phone.
Short ADC.  No link because this is all there is.

1175.  Robert L Experience 1/23/12 I was in the upstairs bedroom meditating and asking Danny, my son who died to help regarding his Aunt Diane's dream in which he appeared to her.. My wife was upstairs on the computer in the study.. All of a sudden the smoke detector went off ( no battery, it is connected by electrical wires).. It just kept blasting.. Than I said "ok let me go on the computer and write to Danny".. It just stopped.. I went on the computer using Dragon/program and he wrote to me ( I call it semi-automatic reading) concerning Aunt Diane's medical condition.. I than called Diane on the phone and told her what Daniel said.. She started to cry and said that is almost exactly what her Dr told her this afternoon. The smoke detector has not gone on since.
ADC from deceased son.

1174.  Paula F Experience 1/23/12 From the UK I was asleep in bed and my boyfriend woke and went to the toilet and I heard the telephone ring I sat up reached onto his side of the bed and picked the receiver up, my nana's voice said "hello Paula" I scanned my brain and thought how does my Nan know I am here , did I give her this number, I had not long moved in, I said "hello Nan!" she said "hello Paula" again and again and at that point it dawned on me that my Nan was was dead, my boyfriend walked into the room and said what are you doing, I looked down into my hands and realized we did not have a phone in the bedroom, I said My Nan just rang me"
ADC via phone call without a phone.

ADCs Dreams from India from deceased father.

1172.  Carolyn G Experiences 1/23/12 I was driving down the street towards town when I began to smell him very very strongly and I knew he was sitting in the car next to me, so I said Hi Will!, I drove straight to the nearest phone and called the nursing home he had been for about a year and asked about his condition and they told me he had passed only moments prior to my call.
ADC from deceased friend. 
I was in the school office, I did attendance first thing in the morning before going to help a teacher, the head secretary took me aside in the back and told me (so and so) had killed himself, I felt a plunge in my soul and heard in my head "It's not your fault" This moved me to tears and I went straight to the file to check the name with a picture to see if it was the child I thought it was, and yes it was he, I began to cry and he put his hand on my shoulder and whispered in my ear "You were right" � I had told him that God never ever gives us any challenge that we are not capable of conquering and that there was always a solution available, help for him, but if he did do something as drastic as killing himself he would only have to face the problem again in his next life and it would be even harder next time. So I knew he had made a special point to come back and let me know I wasn't to blame and was correct in my assessment.
ADC from former student in the school that she worked who died by suicide.

1171.  Alan K Experience 1/23/12 My mother died on the ides of March 1988.  She was a very lonely person with varying degrees of visitation from three children.  Her main form of entertainment was her television - she watched it day and night.  My sister stayed at her house for a while before she passed.  My sister did not work - was and is an alcoholic and would sell anything she could to get a drink.  While driving to the funeral home a few days after her death with my brother and sister I heard my mother say to me "make sure you get my television."  Even though I had one it was older and not in good shape but no one had talked about what to do with the little she possessed - her television being I suppose her best friend.  When I heard that I knew immediately what she meant.  She knew my sister would sell it for booze or drugs and I would use it not only to watch but to think of her every time I looked at it.  I expected some resistance from my sister but at that time I said "I want mother' TV."  The words were as if she was in the car with me.
ADC from mother and father.

1170.  Marlene B Experience 1/23/12 My mother had been in Hospice at home for her stage IV Lung Cancer and for almost a week all four of her children had been in her home taking care of her as her health declined when we moved her to this skilled nursing facility.  She got there at 6pm.  By the next day, she was in a bed by a window on an unusually warm January day with 10 of her loved ones gathered around her when she passed away.  Approximately thirty minutes after she passed away I smelled a very sweet, very pretty, smell of roses and asked out loud if any one else smelled any thing, and others said yes, roses.  My mother's favorite flower was a rose.
ADC involving the fragrance of roses, witnessed by others, shortly after her mother died.

1169.  Ulrich J Experience 1/23/12  I went to the back of the yard and was feeling rather blue over losing Holly...started crying somewhat and then stood up and looked to my right and I saw a cat strangely the same color as my holly...red and white hair. Holly was a golden retriever...the cat took an instant attraction to me and followed me as if it was a dog...I threw a ball and it chased it...it snuggled up to me and let me be affectionate to it many times...it was very cute. I actually wanted to take it home but it looked like someone owned it...and I also have sever allergies to it...so I thought either God sent the cat to comfort me or holly came to tell me in her own way she's ok...sounds crazy I know but that's what I got out of it.  That cat appeared out of nowhere, very peculiar.
ADC after pet dog died.

1168.  Lori Experience 1/18/12 I was lying in bed reading, and I fell into a very light sleep, the kind of sleep where you're halfway between sleep and wakefulness. I started dreaming, in which I was in my parents home. I wandered upstairs to their bedroom, where I saw my brother and dad on the bed playing cards. Even in the dream state I knew my father was not alive. I remember thinking "my dad is here". I came over to the bed behind him to give him a hug, and at that moment I woke from the dream. At that exact moment I simultaneously felt him hugging me. I could feel the hug and the warmth. I also heard VERY clear and distinctly in my right ear him say "I love you". I didn't say it out loud but thought "I love you too dad". The hug lasted about a minute or so and slowly the pressure of the hug released.
ADC Dream from father.

1167.  Jennifer B Experiences 1/18/12  A few days after that, I was walking out of the grocery store and saw a very clearly defined, bright rainbow that was in a complete arc from one end of the horizon to the other. There was a fainter one behind it. I could not help but notice, but did not think anything more of it. A couple days after that, my dad asked me if I had ever read any of my brother's poetry. I said "no". He then showed me one of his poems. In the poem it said "when you enter into the brightness, send me a rainbow to shine through the bleakness (of this life)" He wrote it to a very close friend of his that passed away several years ago.
ADCs from deceased brother.

1166.  Jean F Experience 1/18/12  I was laying there in bed crying silently to myself because I was not sure what I should do, it was dark in my room but plain as day I seen some sort of form, it was not a body but it was like smoke or cloud but you could see thru it and I heard my brother say in his voice its OK and at the very time I was thinking I was going to trade and from that moment on I never had another ill feeling about the issue and I feel still today I done the right thing� I have heard of ghosts and spirits and I thought I would be afraid but when my brother came to me I was overjoyed and it did not scare me at all and I am so glad it happened I would never be afraid again.
ADC from deceased brother with information that was helpful.

1165.  Gail Experiences 1/16/12 My Mother visited me a few weeks after she passed ( she had had cancer and incoherent the last 5 years of her life and had been sick since I was 5), I was 21 and staying the night at the hotel I had been working at and had just gotten ready for bed and just got into bed and my mother appeared before me, young and beautiful and said "Gail be good and kind to all and all good things will come to you", I felt so much love and I was the only one she visited out of 5 children and I felt that it was important to her and me, since she had not had the chance to raise me.
Several ADCs and other experiences.

Jessica D Experience 1/16/12 Three weeks later I had a dream of my father.  I have always been a fairly vivid dreamer--I dream in color, I have many and varied adventures--but I cannot stress enough that this was the most unique dream of my life.  In the dream I met my father in the kitchen of my childhood home.  He was standing before me, smiling.  I told him I knew that this was a dream, and that he was dead.  I became very angry at him, asking him why he was coming to see me.  I screamed and cried, I asked him why he had to smoke (which led to his cancer), why he left us.  He listened to me very carefully, nodding.  Then he gathered me into a hug and said "Don't worry, I'll love you forever."  The hug felt like a physical reality.  And every detail of the dream--every sensation, every movement--was absolutely crystal clear reality.  I really did not feel like I was dreaming.  I felt only partially connected to my body.  Instead, I felt like I was traveling. 
ADC from father.

1163.  Jennie T Experience 1/8/12  I instantly felt this calmness and then felt like someone was embracing me. I stood there for about 5 minutes with that same feeling then it finally loosened up so I walked back into the kitchen and sat down at the table again. I looked up and just said Thank You Mom
ADC from deceased mother.

1162.  Maria Experience 12/31/11 I had just returned to my student job at the university after my mom's death. I was looking out the window when a scarlet tanager landed on the ivy that was climbing up the side of the building. The window was open and the bird was so close to me, looking at me and making some soothing sounds. It stayed there for quite some time. I knew this was either a message from my mom or mom in spirit form. She had been fascinated with scarlet tanagers in life and as a kid we would always be on the look-out for one. I am forever grateful for this experience.
ADC from deceased mother. 

1161.  Jessica M Experience 12/31/11 My mom was deeply mourning on a Sunday afternoon around 4 pm. About a month after Josh's passing. She was really worried if he was ok or not, wanting to make sure he made it to heaven. When she walked into the living room she saw a circular rainbow light above my brothers picture projected on the wall. The circular light projected a rainbow hologram above our family picture on fireplace mantle. It started small and grew a little larger. She said it pulsed and she instantly felt like it was Josh communicating with her. She could hear him almost speaking to her in her mind and she spoke back, as though in a conversation. He told her he didn't mean for this to happen but that he's ok. And that he loves her. It was an incredibly emotional and healing experience. It truly changed how she grieved. She knew for a fact that Josh was alive. It lasted about 3 minutes. My dad has a picture of the light. He witnesses the entire thing.
ADCs from deceased brother.

1160.  Beth K Experience 12/31/11 Shortly thereafter, the phone rang and it was my fianc�. Not more than a minute into our conversation, the living room lamp started blinking wildly, and I mean blinking like I had never seen a light blink, and certainly not like when the light bulb needs to be replaced. My father was and electronics hobbyist. The light went so bright, and the entire room lit up more brightly than usual, like it was illuminated by my father's spirit. I absolutely knew it was him coming through with a message like, "there you go, Beth, I helped him get through on the phone for you!".
ADCs from deceased father.

1159.  Franciose CM Experience 12/30/11  From France  �a phone call I got on the 14th at 12.30. A far away masculine voice asked to talk to Jean Michel Lumi�re (light) I checked over the internet, there is no such person in the phone book in France... During the whole ceremony, a very bright  light flashed behind me, seen by 4 people� We were brutally torn apart. I take these signs as reassurances that Phil is feeling Ok, it was a way of saying " goodbye and  I love you, I'm still next to you" and I felt his protection and knew he was in the light.
ADCs from deceased husband. 

1158.  Christophe M Experience 12/29/11 From France, original in French.  Translated to English by Jean Peter.  As a State sailor, I had to leave duty after my father passed away. On the day of the experience he was in the funeral parlor and I laid asleep on the couch in the lounge, I awoke suddenly and saw the TV sleep mode red light, and the dimmed light next to me in the lounge. Everything occurred very fast. My mother and my aunt slept upstairs, I heard footsteps upstairs and on the stairs. I immediately recognized the usual sound of my father going downstairs. At the same time I felt myself going out of my head under the form of a whitish mass, slipping and crawling on the floor to go to the bottom of the stairs. There, it seemed I raised my head and saw bare feet. I knew it was my father, I saw a smile on his face. I said, �It�s impossible!� he said, �Yes, I�m Daddy!� Then I got very fast back into my body.
ADC with father.

1157.  Bruis V Experience 12/21/11 From Belgium, original in French.  Translated to English by Magalie.  I opened my eyes and looked around me: everything was where it should have been and everything was normal, just like my friend�s visit. I had �forgot� he was dead and at that �moment�, he wasn�t dead� I got up and opened the door.  My friend came in and he looked younger. He had no scar from the disease. He radiates happiness and I was glad to see him. He spoke to me without words but I could hear everything he was telling me. He asked me to sit on the floor in front of him and I did. He pulled me towards him (something he had never done). He had such a soft smile, so ecstatic� and when he wrapped his arms around me I �went�. 
ADC with friend.

1156.  Franchon C Experience 12/19/11  From France, original in French.  Translated to English by Magalie.  All of the sudden I was out of my body to go join her, I entered a dark and frightening tunnel but it lasted only seconds. From far away I could see a powerful light and a ladder. I was climber the same ladder my grandmother was climbing. She was at the top of the ladder and I was about on the third step when she unexpectedly turned around and said: �Go back down my girl, you must continue with your life. Me, I have another life up here. Go on, it�s not your time�. But I was insistent and I begged her all the way to the top of the ladder. I could see many people up there: children, mothers, elderly, adults wearing white and this powerful white light, a sensation of well-being, a drifting sensation, to be well, filled with love, serenity. My grandmother reacted once again: �Go down� she loudly told me and then, I was back in my body, completely disappointed.
Remarkable shared death experience and ADC.

1155.  Connie S Experience 12/17/11 In my dream, it was space, no walls , you couldn't see where it began or ended. It was pitch black but there was a bright light shining from above on my father.  He was sitting down and we were separated by the same thing you would see in a prison when visiting. There was a window and a chair for me to sit in so I could "visit" with him. The weird thing is you could have stood up and walked 3 feet to the left or right an went around the visiting window, there was no walls. So I remember he was talking to me, and smiling with such a loving smile. I remember his mouth moving and facial expressions, and we were laughing towards the end�  My boyfriend at the time was there, and when I woke up I had told him about the dream and the details of it. He was also there for the phone call about my Fathers death , which occurred not to long after� Also, not to long before he died he was given a life sentence in prison.
ADC from deceased father who committed suicide shortly after being sentenced to life in jail.

1154.  Carly Experience 12/17/11  As I was standing in the hospital stat lab, preparing specimens to be run on the auto-analyzers, I had the distinct impression that somebody was standing directly behind me, watching what I was doing, and when I turned around, nobody was there, but I "felt" strongly that my recently deceased dad had just stopped by for a visit to see what it was, exactly, that I do. He was always interested in hearing about the lab work I do and how the instruments worked. After I felt like he had been watching me, my reaction was to smile to myself and think how typical of him, that he would want to come see my work in person, since he never did get to in real life.
ADC from deceased father at her place of work.

1153.  Lara S Experience 12/11/11 I SAID ALOUD that I thought my mom's funeral should have a rainbow appear at it but obviously that would not happen� My aunt and uncle were astounded.  There was the rainbow.  We all witnessed the violent storm come around out of NOWHERE and not on radar.  We all saw the dove.  We all saw the rainbow.  Three others heard me say, over my mom's ashes, that we needed a rainbow and the way the weather had been, a rainbow was impossible.  But less than 2-3 hours later, we saw a big one right over her grave.
ADC from deceased mother at funeral.

1152.  Candi Experience 12/11/11 The next day, my father called to tell me my brother had the same experience with two phone calls of the same caliber but couldn't make out the words. I know it was my mom because she always called me "her hippie child" and I know she knows that I'm inquisitive by nature with an open heart and would believe such. Also...like many others who I've researched...the phone ring was loud! I know it happened because I keep the ringer of my phone off as it startles me. For some reason that night it was on and get this...my dad was in the military for many years and kept military hours where they woke up EVERY morning at 4:30am! for over 40 years, mind you.
ADC via phone from deceased mother.

1151.  Leigh Experience 12/11/11 The day of her passing, I stayed home because I was tired of waiting for her to die. I planned on coming but I was dragging my feet. I jumped in the shower and a Hall and Oates song popped into my head. "She's gone" over and over and over. I answered myself saying in my head "no she's not, she's still here" Then I heard her tell me in my head "Leigh, I want you to make up with your step-dad and take care of him" I answered her saying, Mom you're not dead, stop it" As the song's chorus kept playing over again. I dried off, got my clothes on and went to my cell phone to find missing calls from my sister and a message saying that Mom had passed 10 minutes prior to showering. My partner walked in the door and I looked at her and asked her "she's gone huh?" She replied yes.
ADC at time of death from mother.

1150.  Sara M Experience 12/11/11  Her head was covered around her face. Her face was such a delicate face. I could see her hair a bit, a lovely chestnut brown. Petite mouth and nose, she was beautiful, but elegantly simplistic beauty.. She was pointing to the ground, and she was telling me something I did not want to hear. I cried out NO...and backed away. She was telling me my Father was going home soon, and that was what upset me. Where she pointed, was where he would take his final resting place. I cried and cried and left her.  �When we buried him, it was exactly on a knoll with tree's in a row, it was exactly where the Virgin pointed to me. I had no idea our family had a whole plot there with all our ancestors resting there.
ADC dream with Virgin Mary that gave her information about her father�s burial site shortly prior to his death that she could not have otherwise known.

1149.  Shabse W Experiences 12/11/11 The "experiences" ranged from dreams to numerical messages in Biblical passages to items on the radio.  The numerical signs are the most interesting.  In Hebrew, Sholom's name has the numerical value of 449.  That numerical value shows up in Biblical passages (in the original Hebrew) that spell out the story of his life.  The numerical value of "the frog" in Hebrew is also 449. I picked up a frog as I gardened on the morning Sholom would have been coming home from school for Passover.  The experiences are so numerous that I wrote a book about them.  It is called, "Zayis Raanan: The Book of the Fresh Olive."
Multiple ADCs from son.

1148.  Josephine C Experiences 12/11/11  I was sitting and watching TV when all of a sudden my phone started playing the song Crimson and Clover which was "our" song.  It was just sitting on the end table, I hadn't touched it and it has that song as a ringtone but it wasn't the ringtone, it was playing the complete song.  It has done it several times after that. �The fact that I have the feeling he is watching over me and letting me know he is fine is wonderful.  Showing his love for me by sending my granddaughter over because she dreamed he told her to give me daisies and marigolds today on his birthday when she had no idea my favorite flower is daisies which was my bridal bouquet cause he said it would make me smile really floored me because there was no way she knew about the daisies being my favorite flower was powerful.  Marigolds was what we always bought for my mother when she was still alive� I watched my husband reach out his arms when he passed and say mom as he talked to his deceased mother� When he passed, the look of peace on his face was beautiful and the feeling that came over me was that we were so fortunate to have known real love.
ADCs and deathbed vision involving deceased husband.

1147.  AS Experience 11/27/11  From Germany Elle, Grandmother, she died when I was 13. I saw her in the night of her death, standing behind my bed, like a dark shadow covering the space. I was absent at her funeral and so I visited her grave a few months later. I didn't know where it was, but then i saw a woman in a fur jacket with a hat with a feather dashing by and I followed her. Her hair style was old, like in the sixties, when my mother was born and she really looked like her. I followed her around the graveyard, but then she suddenly disappeared at the gate. When I looked around again, I saw a feather landing to a grave stone. It was my grandmothers grave. When I looked for old pictures of her later, I found one when she was wearing a fur jacket and a het with a feather. I never saw that picture before.
Multiple ADCs from 17 year old from Germany.

1146.  Sonia C Experience 11/27/11  I opened my eyes and could feel his phantom touch and I said hello daddy. I miss you and I love you so much.  I felt so much peace and comfort. On the night of the intrusion I plugged in my cell phone in the kitchen, and went to the living room to turn the lamp off and I heard my father's voice in my head clear as if he had been standing next to me and he said, "Sonia, always leave a light on" I turned the lamp back on. I then got my phone off the kitchen counter and plugged it next to the night stand, because the voice again told me; "tonight may just be the night that you need it. I believe that my father saved my life that night.
Frightening entity encounter and ADC from deceased father.

1145.  Alyce A Experience 11/27/11  About a week after my son died, I was in my garage and a butterfly flew in and wouldn't leave. It stayed near me for a long time, finally I reached out to touch it & it did fly out, but I think it would've stayed there if I let it. There have never been butterflies near our home before. Then a few days later, I was sitting in front of my living room window at my computer (where I usually sat) when I giant hawk smashed right into the window only 2 feet from my face. It's wings took up the entire front window & it made a loud crash. I opened the door & stepped outside & this hawk was standing right in front of me staring into my eyes for a long time. I finally reached out to touch it & it did fly away.
ADCs from deceased son.

1144.  Katrina E Experience 11/27/11  From the UK.  I touched her � she was solid and real and I could stroke her! She let me stroke her chest too and examine the fur there which I was amazed to find was now gleaming white, soft, thick and luxurious as it had been when she was younger. I leaned over to kiss the top of her head and breathed in her familiar Poppy smell. She allowed me to do this but she didn�t respond much and seemed to need to maintain an emotional distance, as if she was telling me that she had just come to tell me she was ok but she couldn�t stay.
ADC from beloved pet cat.

1143.  Jane H Experiences 11/19/11  After logging into my email account, my site has located at the bottom right hand corner "get updates from." It always list two names taken directly from your personal email contact list. Right after my mother died, I noticed her name, melba_p* as one to get connected with. This was not possible. She is not and has never been on my contact email list. This has happened over and over, but seems to happen when I'm in a rough spot in life.  The next two events occurred while I was lying in my bed watching TV. I saw out of my left eye/ my peripheral I could see an iridescence of color floating. I had a clear knowing this was once again my Mother.
ADCs from deceased mother.

1142.  Heidi D Experiences 11/19/11  I started to worry that I may never learn who it was that I dreamed about and. A week went by with no news about anyone so I started to think that perhaps it was a dream after all but I knew in my heart that it was different. Later in the week however, my sister called me and told me that she had learned from a friend in our hometown that David had passed away on the very night I had my dream. He had undergone surgery that day in another state far away from his family and was recovering at home when he started to have a lot of pain. The last thing he had done was phone his mother. She knew immediately from his voice (like I did in my dream) that this was very bad but could not convince him to go to the doctor. He was found dead the next day and it was discovered that the doctor had nicked a very important artery during the surgery so he died from internal bleeding. At last I knew who it was who had visited me and became very emotional.
ADCs Dreams of first love.

1141.  Sari Experience 11/17/11  About four days later after the funeral, I had a dream of her. She had a blue flowered dress on and a overcoat of blue. She was sitting on my mothers old couch in moms place before my Mom died. My other aunt who passed on the year before was on my right side, her name was Jean �I later asked my sisters who attended Anne's funeral if she had on a blue flowered dress? They were amazed and said YES, that's what she was wearing.
ADC dream with information she could not have known.

1140.  Karen Experience 2021 11/17/11 I said he is in Normandy today and flying home from Paris on Sunday.  She said, "I know, dear.  He is coming home to you. You are a beautiful mother. He is very lucky".  She told me that she was from Hungary and that Normandy is beautiful.  I loaded my cart to leave the store and turned around to offer her help with her own bags.  She was right behind me in the line when I was paying, and I had seen her start to check through the cashier, but when I looked back (only steps away from where I had paid), she was gone� I scoured through the store but couldn't find her.
Possible entity encounter with information they could not have known.

1139.  Pansy Experiences 11/12/11 From France.   I had a dream about Mildred (deceased) talking to me, I didn't understand.  The next night I dreamed of her with her daughter and grand-daughter.  They were standing together.  Third night only the daughter and the grand-daughter in the dream.  2 weeks later I received a letter from Sandra (her grand-daughter) that Mildred had a stroke, was unconscious for 3 days and died.
Series of ADC dreams at time friend on a different continent had died.

1138.  Marly L Experience 11/12/11  The next vignette was her other sister Christina, she pointed to two small candles and a round bowl in the middle with HER (my mothers picture behind them on a table), she likes it she said, and she said she also likes the painting she is working on with the beautiful blues in the background it reminds her of the  ocean and the pink hues she added and muted greens are beautiful.  She said to tell Christina she can hear her when she talks to her and to tell her to "stop concerning herself with others and to just get past it"� The next vignette I saw was her older sister sitting on the top of hillside overlooking a valley of some sort, in Italy, she showed me a blue butterfly landing on her sisters forearm and said, "Tell Florence I was there, and she knew it when the blue butterfly landed on her arm"�all information was verified as true when I told the people who she spoke about, they were beyond shocked at the accuracy, as was I .
Remarkable ADC with multiple vignettes from deceased mother involving observations of others.  All verified as accurate.

1137.  Cheryl L Experiences 11/12/11  For Marion, I was sleeping, I woke up and was about to take a trip to the bathroom however, before I could move he appeared at the foot of my bed.  Now when he died Marion was very thin and sickly and hunched over. However when he appeared at the foot of the bed he looked as he did when we were married 16 years before.  He looked healthy,  His words to me were "Cheryl, I am at peace, I am happy, and out of pain." I heard these words just as though he was talking.  Then I sensed him saying " I will be there to greet you when it is your time." Then he was gone.
Two ADCs.  One with husband, one with mother.

1136.  Dorothy D Experience 11/12/11 From the UK.   whilst lying in bed with my sister, I was explaining how I felt guilty for not wanting to sit with my partner (the coffin) I explained to her that the vessel which carried my partners soul did not look like him anymore, as he died tragically I was also silently asking him, was he ok, did he cross over, next thing my sister said, Dorothy look up, and directly above the bed the light which had been off for 20 minutes, started to glow, my sister is quite spiritual and told me that this was Jeff sending me a sign, and that this must have been taking a lot of his energy, I then asked him to stop and reserve his energy, the glow lasted another few seconds, but in total it was there for a few minutes, I remembering feeling overwhelmed and happy that he had found a way to let me know he was ok, I was then able to get through the funeral the next day, he also came through the next night as I had questioned the logistics of the scenario, the same room, light and this time another friend was with me and the glow was duller but there was an orange energy field around it.
ADC from deceased partner.

1135.  Marie M Experience 11/11/11  From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Jean Peter.  My husband and I were very close, no child, we lived for each other. I was asleep one night and I know this was no dream, I felt something, somebody laying just next to me and holding me very tight. Then I realized it was him, he used to hold me this way at night. He was there just against me. I remember holding his hand, I actually felt it and hold it very tight against my breast. I felt his breath on my neck and his particular smell. He was there I�m certain. Since then I feel well, even if I still grieve and burst in tears sometimes, but he came to comfort me. I know he is o.k. Since then I got the feeling he still is with me, he stands by me and protects me night and day. I still feel him against me at night. He is not dead, he really is alive under another form.
ADC from husband.

1134.  David Experience 11/5/11 My mother was actively dying of cancer in the living room. I woke up around 9, my partner still asleep. As soon as I came out of my room, my dad said "she just went" My mom had died in a 30 second window when my dad went to answer the door for the hospice nurse. I woke my partner up, and we went downstairs (the nurse was already in the living room with my mom) all of a sudden my phone rang. I ran upstairs to grab it and answered... no one replied...then a computer generated voice spoke "Goodbye"  click- the line went dead.
ADC from mother via phone call shortly after her death.

1133.  Linda A Experiences 11/5/11 I have a shed outside with a very heavy door that never stays open by itself.  We park the riding mower inside it.  Well, I finished cutting the grass and as I was approaching the shed door, trying to figure out how I was going to keep it open to put the mower away, it opened by itself and stayed open until the drove the mower inside.  Without even thinking about what happened, I found myself saying "thanks, honey".  I can't what I said and thought what the heck is going on.
Remarkable multiple ADCs from husband.

ADC from father around moment of death.

1131.  Karen Experience 2010 11/5/11 Before I could speak or scream, a calm feeling came over me and I didn't panic. The girl said, "Why don't you believe in ghosts?" (This is weird, because I do, despite a tiny bit of self-doubt which everyone likely feels).    Then she gestured with her head by lifting her chin and looking behind me toward the wall, as if she wanted me to follow her gaze.  When I looked toward the head of the bed there was a ball of ultra-violet light, about the size of a small soccer ball, rotating in the air behind my left shoulder.
Remarkable ADC from friend of her cousin and her father.

1130.  Razi S Children's Experiences 11/5/11 I was really surprised to hear that response, and I asked him what do you mean? He said that "Allah (God) was right there, and she told me that if I do this to my father, he will really like it, and it will make him happy". He explained more that "She spoke to him in a very soft voice, and that she was standing right there" and he pointed besides the bed. He said that he couldn't see her, but he could listen to her in his head and she talked to him in a soft and loving voice, and explained how to do the foot massage. My son was referring to what he saw or heard as God, but he kept saying "she" and I immediately knew that it was my mother who had spoken to him.
Two remarkable ADCs received by children, age 2 and 5, as reported by father.  Apparent Muslim family.

1129.  Ken Experience 11/5/11  One month later my wife and I were 6-7 hour from our home in a motel on a business trip. I went to bed at 10:30 pm, my wife decided to relax in the tub before she turned in. While relaxing in the tub, she began humming a song. Britney's voice came to her clearly saying..."Don't worry mom, everything will be ok, just sing". She could not remember what she was humming and so she started to sing the Barney song she sang to her when she was younger. Then she was gone.
ADC from daughter.

1128.  Alexa Experience 10/29/11  At one point I stopped feeling my body and felt light surround me, then I saw the image of my granny standing in front of me smiling and she was blurry because of the light coming out of her, she was in the same dress I saw her in ''my experience'' when I was six, I almost couldn't see my room anymore.  I just stared. The only thing I was feeling at that moment was peace and I also felt the love she gave me with that look in her eyes and her smile assuring me that everything was going to be alright.  I don't know how much time we stood like that - 5 minutes or an hour, it was as if time stopped and there was just me and her. When she disappeared I was no longer sad and felt my body again.
ADC at age 14 from deceased grandmother.

1127.  Marcy D Experience 10/29/11 I was wakened by a very bright light. I know Tom was in the light. A ray of the light came shooting at me. It shot me in the heart. At first I thought, I was dying. The ray hurt for a moment. But then, my whole body became warm. It was the calmest feeling of love. I knew that Tom was inside my heart. But he has been since the day I met him. After the warm feeling, I drifted back to sleep. Tom never said a word on this experience.
ADC from deceased husband.

1126.  Ashley Experience 10/29/11  I had a dream. In my dream I walked into my house. It was strange because my house was surrounded by trees. He was sitting on my counter with his legs pulled up and he was very swollen. I asked him was he ok. I also asked where is your car. I said Tomas where is your car and he just shook his head. I had never seen his car before but I knew it was a small black car. I woke up the next morning and thought that was odd. When I arrived to work I got on my facebook to tell him to stop messing around in my dreams. What would make him think I would want to dream about him. It was going to be a joke. Once I got on his facebook I saw RIP. It went on forever. I felt sick. I thought no way so I googled his name. He was killed in a car accident.
ADC dream from friend that suggested he was dead.  She investigated, and found he died a week earlier.

1125.  Angela Experience 10/29/11 From the UK  I snuck off to the bathroom at work and sat on the toilet, and I had a thought a comforting on that if my Auntie was in heaven she would be looking after all the children there as this happened the circular mirror on the wall swung 3 times and just stopped, I couldn't believe it, I felt like this was a sign from her, not to worry and that she was in heaven even though leading up to that point I had lost all faith, I did get a bit freaked out as I started contemplating eternity etc but that is just how my mind works and it does give me comfort to know she is ok.
Two ADCs.

1124.  Scott Experience 10/29/11 I started  going  to various web  sites  and  reading books  and  articles  on the subjects  on NDE in the  hopes  of  convincing  my self  of an  afterlife even though  I had  strong  personal faith  in god for me at least I could never be 100%   sure  of  what happened after death if anything  at all other  than total   lights out for lack of a better term  so id say for a couple  weeks I was reading  NDE on this  website hoping to at least get an idea  what  it was like for him  and others when they passed never even thinking about ADC then one mourning it happened  I was sleeping but not fully out u know when your half awake half asleep and  dreaming  when suddenly  it happened  I awoke in  what I would describe as a waiting room of sorts  all white and bright and sitting on a bench just sitting there looking around thinking  this is strange I knew I was just sleeping and now I'm fully alert and in a place not sure how I got here I'm not scared I'm more in wonderment of this room I am in. 
ADC dream from deceased brother.

1123.  Amy T Experience 10/29/11  I was lying in bed with my son and our dog, I do this sometimes before he goes to bed. We were talking for a little bit, and the nightlight on his dresser had been on since we laid down. The nightlight is a little house without a roof that plugs into the wall my mother gave him. We had stopped talking for only a short time when the light went completely out, I raised my head and was facing toward a wall and we saw a very very faint glow it pulsated/blinked slowly 4 times and it was about the size of a volleyball. She was the first person that came to my mind and I said to my son "Do you see that?" he said "yes" After that I had a feeling of extreme relaxation and peacefulness come over me and knew it was her, she had come to tell me goodbye and that she was not in pain any longer and that she felt peaceful� The child's parent's, they stated that she had made her presence known at their house as well and shared more than one experience they had as well.
Remarkable ADC from patient (contributor is a nurse) who died of leukemia at age 5.  ADC witnessed by her son.

1122.  Marlene S Experience 10/29/11  From Canada.  The number I picked, was one which was pertinent to our anniversary.  When the random number arrived I was going to destroy it as she had suggested, but thought I would just have a glance to see what it was.............it was the SAME NUMBER..............I called the credit card people again asking if they had intercepted my newly chosen number...I spoke to two different people because I just could not believe it.  They both assured me that all numbers are randomly picked and they were not allowed to know any pin numbers.  When I asked what the chances of the same number being picked randomly and entered by a customer the numbers were 9,000 to one.
Picked PIN number for credit card that corresponded to anniversary with deceased husband.  Credit card company randomly picked a number, and it was the same.  Odds of this happening are actually 10,000 to one.

1121.  SS M Experience 10/29/11  It was dusk and my apartment was nearly dark and silent - except for my quietly repeating "please, please give me proof" - I must have mumbled this 50 times and then something miraculous happened.  My television went on by itself (I was no where near the remote) and it kept switching channels - as if searching.  After six or so channel switches it stopped dead on the show from the 1990's called Unsolved Mysteries. Unbelievably, the program was on The question of evidence of the afterlife.  I sat in shock over what had just happened and watched the entire episode.  During the program I felt a warmth run through me - like a hug from above.  Looking back on this experience - I am confident that this was miraculous.  I did not have any electrical problems where I lived and my Father was an Electrical Engineer who in his career did a lot of work with early design of televisions.  This would be his medium of choice to communicate with me.
Exceptional ADC from father involving inexplicable TV turning on with show about the afterlife.

1120.  Larry M Experience 10/29/11  I was woken up at about 6:15 am in Los Angeles. I had an overpowering external sense of loss, sadness, regret, and some feeling of affection or connection. "External" meaning I did not feel that these feelings were mine, but rather were given to me by some other source, some other person. The feelings lasted about one or two minutes. During this time I was crying. I don't cry, in my memory this is one of two times I have cried since I turned 20. I also had the strong sense that the feelings came from someone female� I learned two days later that at the exact time I was woken up with these feelings, she was in Pittsburgh PA undergoing an abortion - the abortion apparently started at 8:30am EST� My daughter was clinically dead at the fetal age of roughly four months, but had no problem communicating with me.
ADC apparently from fetus as his girlfriend, without his knowledge, was having an abortion.

1119.  Laurene S Experience 10/16/11 My dog was barking in his crate as I was sleeping on the couch, I woke up and sat up and yelled at my dog to stop it, then at the foot of the couch I saw him and I could tell it was him , his hair, his clothing ..I closed my eyes and reopened them several times to make sure I was really seeing this. The thing that bothered me about it was he appeared to be freezing cold, he had his hands in his pockets he was bent over and rocking in motion up and down like he was literally freezing.
ADC from former boyfriend who had committed suicide 15 years previously.

1118.  Maureen Experience 10/16/11 I felt a presence next to my back and on my shoulder, as if someone had laid down next to me and put their arm over me.  I immediately recognized this as my mother, as she had appeared to me in this way shortly after she died 9 years ago� As I said, she was only with me a short time, but she did say "you are doing fine" which was a comfort.  Then, she was gone again.
ADC from mother.

1117.  Mary E Experience 10/16/11  I awoke to find myself sitting up in bed with tears streaming down my cheeks saying "Frank! Frank!". At that moment, the Carillion bells from the Episcopal Church started playing. I know the time was noon, because that is the time when the bells would play sort of a big musical production. I had no memory of a dream, which seemed strange. Usually, when I awake suddenly, I remember what I was dreaming about even if the dream is something quite ordinary such as walking my dog. On this occasion I remembered nothing from the time I went to sleep until I woke up weeping� Monday, my step-mother woke me with the news that Frank had been found dead in his apartment from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. I wept again, but I was not shocked or surprised. I believe I already knew it in my spirit.
ADC around time her cousin committed suicide

1116.  Denise S Experience 10/10/11  Family just attended a repast luncheon after dad's burial.  We were saying goodbye in the parking lot of the restaurant.  A beautiful Monarch Butterfly fluttered downward directly in front of me and then gradually flew upward again.  I immediately felt a warm comforting feeling when I saw this butterfly.  I knew it was associated with my dad, either him telling me that he was ok now, or that he was moving on to a better place� I never heard of a butterfly being a symbol for life after death, rebirth, etc.  When this happened I felt it was, and then today I researched the topic and found that this is a symbolism of such.
ADC involving butterfly.

1115.  Michelle M Experiences 10/10/11  My first aunt that passed away died about 7 years ago.  I remember pretty quickly after she died, My husband and I went to bed one night and turned out all of the lights.  The next morning, when I woke up, the family room lamp was on.  I specifically remember turning it off before we went to bed.  I honestly thought it might be my aunt just sending some sort of message, but still wrote it off, although I have never forgot about it.  My other aunt passed away yesterday afternoon around 3:00.  My husband and I went to bed around 10:30 last night and turned out all of the lights.  I woke up around 2:40, sat up in bed and checked the clock on the bedside table beside my husband, since I don't use an alarm clock to wake up.  The lamp on the table was off.  Around 4:00, my husband woke up, noticed that the lamp beside him was on and asked me why and how it was on.  I woke up and could not believe my eyes.  I immediately remembered when my first aunt had passed away and that lamp being on, and now this had happened this morning. 
Two ADCs from deceased aunts.

1114.  DD Experience 10/10/11  I waited for @ 3 hrs for him to come home after work for supper. couldn't understand why he was so late. Keep looking out the door & window......Thought I heard my name called once but dismissed it??????  Later I went outside and found him in the driveway (it was about 10;00 or 11:00 at night in Dec. so it gets dark early. Ran inside, called ambulance, grabbed a blanket & by then my daughter could hear me and went screaming crying with me . I kind of remained calm to help him even thou I knew. I think he had hung on just long enough to see us before we went on the journey but clinically they said he had suffered a major heart attack & died when he hit the ground� I felt his spirit pass thru me around the stomach lungs section of my body. It was quick but I knew what it was. mind u in this state we were in from finding him ,we were not thinking about anything but the ambulance to get here to help.
ADC from husband who had died outside the house coming home from work.

TT Experience 10/10/11 & 2/25/13  I took a small piece from my mouth and handed it to my son while I was laughing so much.  My son was so adorable... he cried, shook his head and refused the small morsel that was handing to him but he kept pointing at my mouth as if to say, "I can't believe you ate my cracker!"  I was laughing so hard but then in my head I heard my Grandmother rebuking me, "Don't tease the baby Thao."  In the same voice that she often used with me.  Within less than a minute of hearing my Grandmother's voice in my head, my husband said, "Is that music coming from the toy keyboard?"  My son has a plastic toy keyboard (like a mini handheld piano) which only emits a sound for every key stroke.  Still laughing, I turned my attention to the toy keyboard laying upside down on the floor about 2 feet from where we were sitting.  I grabbed the remote control and muted the TV.  True enough.  The toy keyboard was playing a tune all by itself.  No one touched it before the tune started... no one was near it. 
ADCs from deceased Grandmother.

1112. Fran M ADC  10/10/11 From Australia  I was at the cemetery for the funeral of my beloved soulmate, my husband Lenny. As his coffin was lowered down in the grave, I felt I could no longer bear the pain. I was almost breaking down, when my sister-in-law, Linda called out to me and said, "Look up." My tears changed to smiles and joyfulness, when I saw a solitary white bird soaring in the sky just above Lenny's grave. It came out of the blue on its own, gently circled around the grave 3 times and then just disappeared, just as it had come. It was as if the large bird was gliding and gently dancing. In the last few days before he died, I had asked Lenny to give me a sign and he had said, "I do not know if I can give you a sign, because I have not died before and I do not know if I will be able to do it." Then when he passed away, he gave me numerous signs, but this sign at the cemetery was witnessed be a large number of people. I was filled with a tremendous joy and in my heart I felt Lenny speak to me, saying, "I am free now, look at me dancing".
ADC in the form of a white bird at the time of funeral.

1111. Jaouen ADC  9/27/11 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Simon.  I was next to my sister's grave and I was weeping copiously. I often had this dream. Suddenly, roughly, I came out of my body. I was like a ball, a sphere, and I could feel my sister's presence (also in spherical form). I established perfect communication with her, and she said to me in telepathic form: "So you're there", and I replied in the same way "Yes, I am here". I was floating in the air. Then she sent: "I still exist", and I replied, "OK, I get it". Then she went away towards the right.
ADC with sister.

1110. Sarah T Daughter ADC  9/25/11 Megan also said in her room she had bunk beds and one bed would be Hailey's one day. Then she told Hailey to tell me I was right, she is a guardian angel. I have never said that to Hailey, But I have always thought Megan's purpose for being here only four months was to teach me to be a good mom for my other kids. So I have often thought of her as my guardian angel. Before she left she told Hailey she would always be there for her and to tell me she loves me very much and not to be sad. Megan told Hailey she didn't have blue wings but her favorite color was blue. My friend, Christy wrote Megan a poem at her funeral about Megan asking for blue wings. Hailey never knew that. Hailey never knew Megan since she died three years before Hailey was born� Hailey can now sleep without nightmares.
Profound and remarkable ADC.  Megan died at four months old, and visited Hailey 13 years later, appearing as 13 year old.  Told Hailey a number of things that Hailey could not possibly have known.  A must read.

1109. Suzy W ADC  9/25/11 As time went on, I had a hard time dealing with Rogers' passing, on my knees, I was praying for God's comfort through-out Saturday. He had passed on a Saturday 7 weeks earlier. Sunday morning, I awoke still deeply in grief and got a hot shower and when I emerged, on the steamy covered mirror was a capital letter I and a perfectly shaped heart, clearly visible, untouched by the steam. In life, Roger  would always finger write love messages on the steamy mirror. I dropped to my knees thanking God. I was overwhelmed as nothing this paranormal has ever happened to me before. This message remained visible on the mirror only when I showered, for nine weeks as I didn't want to wipe it away. It reassured me he's around me...
ADC from deceased boyfriend as image on mirror.

1108. Jackie ADCs  9/25/11 My husband told me that my sister, her name is Julie was missing and we had to drive over to my Mom's house.  I didn't think anything worse than Julie was missing and the police must be looking for her.  As we drove over to my Mom's, my husband was driving and I was sitting in the front passenger seat, I suddenly felt this instantaneous feeling that my sister Julie was sitting directly behind me in the back seat of the car.  I then looked at my husband and he continued to not say a word and was still driving.  I did not turn around for some reason, but I thought "no that means that Julie has died."  And then I refused to believe it.  A few minutes later we arrived at my Mom's house.  We went in the house and my Mom was leaning over the kitchen sink staring out the kitchen window. My Mom's friend, his name is Ed was there too.  I said to Ed, " are they looking for Julie?"  He looked at me with a shocked look, then walked over and put his arms around me and said: " Julie died at 3:00 am this morning."
Two ADCs described.

1107. Kaci S ADC  9/18/11  Our friend woke up to his girlfriend twitching almost in a seizure like way saying "stuck, stuck". When he walked into the kitchen and there were footprints in the kitchen and hand marks on the windows. The feet did not belong to anyone in the house� The scariest has happened tonight. We dropped my friend off at his girlfriends house (same friend from first night). I called him when I got home to tell him something and he told me something just happened. Thomas was left handed. My friends girlfriend had been dreaming and she dreamed of Thomas in a reflection t-shirt like he wore when he committed suicide. She woke up and "I'm sorry" was carved in her right arm. She is right handed.
ADCs among several people after the death of a friend by suicide.

1106. Stephen R ADC  9/10/11 From the UK.  As I did so - I found myself staring into the face of my Father - not 5 inches away from my face! Time stopped and I simply starred into my manager's face in awe - seeing my father's face clearly superimposed on his. To my mind this event lasted just milliseconds and simultaneously - minutes. I forget how our meeting was concluded but I do know that Stuart, my line manager was not aware of my ''freezing in time and space'' to perceive such truth.
ADC from father.

1105. Mia E ADC  9/10/11 After my awesome cat Tabitha died I had a dream that she was dead but was visiting me to say goodbye and to let me know she was healthy and happy. I could feel her warmth and weight in my arms, I could feel her rabbit like fur rub against my cheek, I could smell her breath and was surprised it didn't smell like kitty food.  She looked so young, seemed super happy and I felt intense love and happiness, sheer giddiness.
ADCs dreams from father and cat.

1104. Gail V ADC  9/10/11 I pushed the dream aside and went about my day. When I got home later that day, I had a voicemail from my nephew Steve, the same one in my dream. He called to tell me that Charles had died. After I absorbed the information, it hit me that what I had experienced wasn't a warning about me dying but I think that I experienced what Charles felt right after passing. I think he was lost and he naturally went to Steve for help. His mother, my sister came to get him. I have been told that I am an empath and I think I felt what Charles was feeling right after his death.
ADC dream that may have been what the deceased was experiencing at the time of death.

1103. Louise B ADC  9/10/11 I jumped from my bed in gratitude and began thanking my mother and God for this amazing experienced.  My mother's face was very close to mine and I only saw her head, neck, upper shoulders.  She looked as she did in the last year of her life.  Although sick, she was an attractive woman who kept herself up.  She did not speak to me, she seemed to be gazing at me, possibly communicating with her eyes, which were watching me intensely.
ADC dream from mother.

1102. Paula J ADC  9/10/11 From the UK.  I was distressed about my uncle being gone and my mother was trying to comfort me with words about my uncle.  I said to her "you know its not the same.  You out of everyone knows it's not the same."  (meaning that my uncle being gone and in a better place he same as him actually being here and that he has gone forever).  Suddenly then I felt (physically felt) something I could not see speeding forwards me so fast it had an actual force and then I saw my uncle walk very quickly towards me and he got to where I was and he lent down and kissed me on the cheek.  I felt him do this.  I felt his body (shoulder I think) touch my chest and I woke up at his point.
ADC dream from uncle.

1101. Georgia A ADC  9/10/11 I fell asleep unaware of me sleeping in my bed, I "woke" up in an apartment sitting at an old white tin table and folding chair. I looked down at the table and tapped it with my fingers and chuckled, then I looked down at my arms and hands and started clapping them and touching them in disbelief and excitement. As I was doing this test of awareness on myself I suddenly heard a tinking noise. Tink Tink Tink. It drew my attention in it's direction and there stood my grandfather at the stove stirring something in a green medium sized metal pan with a metal spoon. ( I've never recalled my grandfather cooking or anything. nanny and grumpy were traditionalists). Anyways, I instantly asked him where he had been and I was so happy to see him. He responded that he has been here watching us the whole time.
ADC dream with grandfather.

1100. Kim H ADC  8/28/11 The evening of her funeral I was laying on my bed looking out of the window. She appeared in the window wearing the pink dress she was cremated in. She was smiling at me and said that she was ok. At first, I was terrified as she looked like a healthier version of herself but was not a solid figure but she comforted me by saying she was ok. I ran and told my parents that I saw her and she told me to tell them she was ok. Naturally they told me I must just be tired and to go to bed. I had several more encounters that my parents experienced after that as well. Now as an adult, I asked my mother if she remembered what I told her. She does remember but told me that I scared her� It was my first experience with death and I felt like I was coached through it by the deceased.
ADC at age 4 from grandmother.

1099. Janice ADC  8/28/11 I had a dream of my family sitting in my living room. My grandmother, my father's mother, was laying on the couch and speaking in gibberish, pointing to the ceiling often and calling it "the grate." My mother, in the dream, told me not to mind her because she was no longer "with it." My grandfather, another cheerful man in his time, came strolling in whistling and happy. When I saw my grandfather next, he was sitting across from my father, and a tear was rolling down his cheek. When I asked him why, he pointed to my father. I woke up.
ADC dream with message that her father was in trouble.  They took her father to the hospital the next day and found he had a rapidly fatal brain malignancy.

1098. Kasie N ADC  8/28/11 She was a beautiful woman before. for years I had vivid dreams of her suffering and could not sleep. One night I woke up to someone stroking by back as she used to do when I was a child. I was not scared but at peace. I then saw a brilliant white light that sat down beside my bed and spoke to me thru my mind. There was no interaction of words. She told me she was happy and healthy and to go on and live my life.
ADC from mother who had died of Alzheimer�s.

1097. Barbara T ADC  8/20/11  Seconds later, she showed me a beautiful scene of where she was, a park-like setting near water, beautiful green grass, flowers, and her friends who all were very happy.  Everything there, including the blades of grass, was so alive and vivid.  My mother looked very happy.  She wore a red skirt and a white blouse.  She stepped on a cloud and came closer to me.  I don't know where I was, but I seemed suspended somewhere in the air.  Nevertheless, she smiled as she sat on the white cloud, and within seconds, she was gone.  This was my first time experiencing this type of communication with someone deceased - communication in the spirit.  AND NOW I KNOW THAT THERE IS LIFE AFTER DEATH HERE ON EARTH, AND I'VE COMMUNICATED WITH MY DECEASED MOTHER.  I AM CONVINCED HEAVEN EXISTS.
ADC and shared death experience with mother in afterlife.

1096. Lena ADC  8/20/11 The man came to me and sit right next to me on my father�s grave, he was the father of little girl who died a few days before my father did, her name was Melanie, and everybody called her Leana (this is how my name sounds in Russian, very similar), he said that mom of his daughter doesn�t never come to the cemetery and doesn�t want to put a stone on the grave because she doesn�t want to believe her girl is gone.( Till this day there is no stone, on that grave, but you can see it�s a small one, for a child)
ADC Dream.  Remarkable encounter with deceased father with a small girl who the contributor found out was a small girl who died within a few days of her father.

1095. Suzanne F ADCs  8/20/11  Was playing a version of Scrabble on the computer with 7 tiles at the bottom.  Was stuck trying to come up with a word and kept staring at the letter "P".  Finally figured if I got up and got a cup of coffee, it would distract me and a word would pop into my head.  In the 15 - 20 seconds it took to look away from the screen and pour a cup, the letter "P" completely disappeared from the screen.  There were only 6 tiles at the bottom.  I also have another anomaly with the computer.  When I'm on Facebook sending a private message, there's a tab at the top that has my name.  I've actually witnessed at least 5 x in the last 4 weeks where my husband's name will simply appear in a tab right next to mine.
Multiple ADCs from husband.

1094. Sandra S ADCs  8/20/11 I woke up that night to hear  a car alarm  outside the house.  Chris had left his car there, and has been driving Jerry's,  and sure enough, it was his alarm.  No one seemed to  be in it.  Good thing, too, b/c I walked down stairs and opened the front door.   I didn�t have keys to turn off the alarm, so I called him.   We joked a little about the time being 3:30.  His car alarm has NEVER gone  off for no reason at all.  The weird  thing was that the alarm would go on for 5 minutes or so, then  stop and a few minutes later, start up again.  When he showed up with his keys, the car was unlocked.  So how did the alarm go off?  He left me the control for the panic, lock and  unlock.  It happened again after  he left.  The controls  wouldn�t work.  Finally the car became quiet.
Multiple ADCs, many involving inexplicable alarms going off.

1093. Liz H ADC  8/13/11 The warm rush, and tingling completely gone in just an instant, I FELL back onto the couch. At that moment of "impact" I jumped up from the couch- looked around. Not even a minutes time had passed on the clock- the TV was still playing the same commercial it had been the moment I had wrapped my arm around my daughter. I looked around the house and nothing was there- I just KNEW it was my sign that letting go had to be.
ADC from mother- apparently after her spirit left her body, but before physical death.

1092. Corinne S ADC  8/13/11 I could see everything in the room the coffee table the patio windows and Kerry was sitting beside me on the couch.  He said, "Don't worry, everything will be ok", he gave me a hug.  I felt so comforted and loved, that I just relaxed and fell back asleep.  In the morning around 9 my aunt phoned and wanted to speak with my cousin Helen, my aunt told us that our grandfather had passed away during the night.  I'm not sure if I told my cousin about what happened during the night, but when I went to my parents, I did tell my sisters.  I feel my brother had come to be there when grandpa died.
ADC dream from brother at time of grandfather�s death.

1091. Julianne M ADC  8/13/11 Since her death, I had been replaying events over and over again in my head to figure out what I could have done to have kept her healthier longer.  I was doing this one morning (replaying the events of my mom's illness in my head) as I was pulling the car away from the curb to head to work. Suddenly, I  heard my mother's voice cut through my mind's chatter and say, "You were fighting a losing battle, Jules."  I heard her voice in my head, but it was extremely clear, and  clearly interrupted the other things I had been thinking at the moment that were causing me guilt and distress.  My name is "Julie," but my mom used to call me "Jules".  I never refer to myself as "Jules" to other people. 
NDE from mother with some very reassuring information.

1090. Rob D ADC  8/13/11 My mother told me that she was fine and not to worry about her. She told me that we will all be together again and for me to tell the "others" (meaning my two brothers and my father). She told me she would not be talking to me again until we are back together. (It was that short and to the point and I still can't get over how vivid the dream was.)  At first when I woke up I couldn't figure out if my mother had died or if she was still alive. The dream experience was so real it caused me to be confused. I knew I had just talked to her, so how could she be dead? I had to concentrate as to whether she was still alive or had passed on. After a minute or two I had sorted out the reality in my mind that I had attended her funeral.  However, I had all the feelings and emotions a son would have after seeing and talking to his mother that he hadn't seen for awhile. The experience has left me with a lasting impression that I still strongly recall to this day.
ADC dream from mother.

1089. Ruth F ADC  8/6/11 "Yes, that was part of it, but I had a lot of Bobby (his Dad) in me, I realize that now. Reeves (his 8 yr old son) will become a priest you know!"  "I would love to have a priest in the family."� Immediately following, I told my husband. He told me he'd heard the dove, in fact it seemed that there were two doves cooing together.
ADC from deceased son with information regarding other family members and a prophesy that his son would become a priest.

1088. Patricia F ADC  8/6/11 I could feel that he was happy, extremely happy to see me.  This was so real to me that I said "from my mind to his, How can you be here with me now, I though you were dead.  Suddenly he disappeared and I was back on the futon, laying on the futon on my back.  I felt the reason he had come to me was to let me know that he was not in the pain and torment that he was in his final days.  He also was at peace, and he wanted me to realize that there is life after death and that we will be together again.  This experience I hold on to.  I am not well, life is a struggle for me, and he wanted me to just take life as it comes, try to find a tiny piece of happiness in the time I have left.
Probable dream from deceased husband.

1087. Mario ADC  8/6/11 I cannot remember what he said but I just have the impression that he was explaining to me why he was going to have to leave and that there was a reason I shouldn't remember the exact details. That is all I can remember about this dream. I awoke feeling terribly sad as I had not had such a dream with him before and it was all too similar to the one I had had upon my grandmother's passing many years before.
ADC dream several days prior to death of partner.

1086. Jennifer W ADC  8/6/11 She met (with my dog, Buzz) a gentleman interested in a dog right off of the highway on the way home and the man followed her to her home to see the larger of the two remaining pups.  The girl told me that she became uncomfortable with this man's motives because of some things that he was telling her as they were walking back to the area which she had housed the pups�. There is no way that the pup got out alone and they had to cross many roadways and busy areas to get to the deceased's home.  How did the dog find the pup and how did they make it all the way there. 
Possible ADC with intervention for pet dogs.  See what you think!

1085. Ben J ADC  8/6/11 I was asleep but suddenly felt as if electricity was running through my body so i woke up and could see my girl friend at work. She was sitting at her desk, then stood up and sat, stood up and sat several times. The meaning i got from this was her way of life was not for me and soon we broke up. Then i saw Abdul-Baha, Son of the Prophet Founder of the Baha'i Faith. I was very surprised and happy to see Him. He said, "I have been with you many time in the past and will be with you many times in the future." Those words are embedded in my Soul. Then the vision was over but i could still see Him.
ADC Dream with Abdul-Baha, Son of the Prophet Founder of the Baha'i Faith.

1084. Shar C ADC  7/30/11  Finally, my Mom said again that she loved me, she said to not be worried of her coming to me in dreams, that those were never dreams but a message she needed to bring me and she said she'd never come to me again....that is, until we were finally together again forever.  Mom, kissed me and said I would know when she was gone....she said, "When I leave the kids will call your name", she ascended and right than I heard the kids yell, "Shar, Shar"!  I sat straight up was wide awake like I had never been asleep!
Multiple ADC dreams from deceased mother, including dramatic final encounter.

1083. Mary K ADC  7/23/11 I was facing to the East towards their woods and I see a group of people walking towards me through a slight fog.  i stand there and wait.  I finally begin to make out faces and they are all smiling and looking at me lovingly.  They even have my Clumsy with them and he's grinning at me like he always did and snorting and sneezing. When they are about five feet away from me, I start to take a few steps toward them when my grandpa Lee holds up his hand to stop me.  I look at all them and see both sets of Grandparents, my Aunt and Uncle, and a few other people I don't recognize.  My grandpa Lee looks at me with such love and compassion as he tells me  ""Mary, honey, we have come to take him""   That is when I wake up and yelled who.  I told my husband about my dream, then later told my 20 year old daughter about it still wondering who ""him"" was.  About 5 days later we found out that my Daddy had stage 4 cancer.  He died about 5 months later.
ADC dream with possible premonition.

1082. Sue P ADC  7/22/11  My dad died in 2005 from complications following an abdominal aortic aneurysm.  Although he lingered for weeks, he never regained consciousness, and subsequently passed away.  At the time, I was recovering from a broken arm, and was sleeping on my back in a small twin bed in my son's room so that I could maneuver more easily.  One morning as I was waking up, my dad came to me.  My eyes were still closed, but I was still semi - conscious - I was "dreaming" that I was in the kitchen, facing the sink, and felt a tapping on my shoulder.  I whirled around in surprise, because I knew that no one was home but my dogs and me.  Standing there was my dad, laughing at me for having pulled a prank on me - he was healthy and younger in appearance. I remember asking him if he was OK.  Dad never answered me in words, but what happened next I will never forget.  As I attempted to raise my body from the bed, a powerful life force moved through me.  I couldn't move a limb, as if I was glued to the bed.  It was not unpleasant or painful or frightening - it was simply a spirit force so intense that my body could not move.  I knew that it was my dad letting me know that he was fine.  I still cannot really find the words to describe the feeling - I just "know" the feeling and will be able to recognize it immediately if I ever feel it again.  I have a deep faith and have always believed in life after death, but this experience reinforced everything I had ever believed.
Short ADC.

1081. Mary E Daughter's ADC  7/17/11 Daughter talked with him in a lucid dream and he gave her a message for me. She did not know what it meant, but it was for me about the grief box I was working on as homework for my grief group. He told her "tell your mom to take the important pictures out and put them in the back of the box." I was struggling with a photo album that didn't fit in the box. There is a lip in the back of the box where a handful of photos fit perfectly, once I knew what to do! My daughter didn't know anything about the box project.
Daughter of deceased had dream, and the deceased gave her important information to pass on to her mother that the daughter could not have known.

1080. Gerard E ADCs  7/17/11 He then told me that he was going to give me a hug.  I asked if it would hurt my physical body to do so, and Anthony then said that if I moved slowly and carefully, I could 'press in' to the soul pool but not cross myself over the border, kind of like the way a water strider insect can rest on the surface tension of the water without actually going into the water� As I sank into the hug I was completely flooded with a piercing love more perfect and unconditional than anything I had ever experienced on earth.  I was reminded of the statue of St. Theresa in Ecstasy, with the tenderly smiling cherub aiming a dart right at St. Theresa's heart, and now I realized why the cherub in that statue was smiling!  I understood that this 'All Love' was the ground of being (which is why it felt so familiar) and then recognized that it had made itself felt to me in small, diluted ways during my waking life.  Just momentary glimpses of our true home.  I also felt a great understanding about the how and why of the universe and of 'All That Is', but I knew that this would be hidden again to my conscious mind once I was focusing my attention once again on the ordinary physical world.
Remarkable ADC dream with deceased personal friend.  There are 3 separate ADCs contributed.

1079. Sharon R ADC  7/17/11  It had been about two weeks since my beloved son had passed away from an accidental overdose. I was extremely grief stricken. I was asleep. My son visited me in my sleep. He opened my bedroom door and stood there for a few seconds looking at me. He looked so happy. He was radiant. His skin looked so youthful. I remember thinking how healthy he looked. Radiant is the best word to describe his face. He came and laid down next to me on the bed as he had done many times before in the past when he was alive. I put my hands in his hair. I could feel the softness of it and I could feel the substance of his body next to me. He looked up at me and said "I am happy mom, and I want you to be happy too" He then laid his head back down and then I woke up. I knew he had just been there. I could still feel the softness of his hair in my hand.
ADC Dream from son.

1078. Dee E ADC 1946  7/11/11 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Maria.  When I saw my brother sick at the hospital, in bed, receiving chemotherapy, I recalled that dream I don't know why, then I understood that it was him who was going to die. /His words before his death are the following.  He saw himself at his burial, say goodbye to his friends, then a nurse telling him she could not do anything else for him, it's him who told me that a few weeks later before he died. 
ADC with Brother.

1077. Nancy B ADC  7/10/11 "Grampa and Q...(her cousin) are in the light. They have been with me for days now and they remind me to push the button when the pain gets really bad. They're here to help me make it over".  I burst into tears and she immediately felt sad, and apologized for telling me, saying she didn't wish to scare me. I assured her I wasn't crying because I was scared, we all knew she was dying very soon, but that I was so happy she had them there to help her as they were very much loved by her and everyone else.
Mother died at age 29 from breast cancer, with a five month old child.  Aware of deceased relatives in deathbed vision and later ADC .

1076. Mary's Son's Other  6/30/11  Son's drawing in first grade is premonition of death at age 20.

1075. Madi M ADC  6/25/11  He asked me where I wanted to go to which I responded the happiest place in the world - he took  me threw the window, holding my hand the whole time and we flew to a tiny village just across the border of northern Italy.  There was a wedding party and we danced and danced to the folk music together, laughing and smiling and hugging, cheering on the bride and groom along with the rest of the village. We danced just on the edge of the 'real' guests. After this he took me to an apple orchard in full bloom just behind the village, he explained to me that he was living in 'space-time' and I asked 'in between space and time?' and he said sort-of, not exactly but that is close enough. He then said here, let me show you and suddenly he made all of the apple blossoms come into fruit, he stopped and smiled at me, then he made the orchard being to ripen after which he picked an apple and handed it to me - smiling the whole time. Isn't this beautiful my love? he asked me, often as he had while alive.
ADCs from deceased husband.

1074. Laurie's Son's ADC  6/25/11  My 11 year old son tells me that he speaks with deceased persons at least once a week. He has told me that this occurs when he is having difficulty getting to sleep. He says that his body is resting on his bed, and that his soul goes up to heaven to speak with my father, brother, sister in law etc. He describes this experience as fun, and says that they all have a great chat ? I asked if he is tired when he wakes the next day, as he tells me he spends many hours with these people, however he says that he is fine cause his body is resting in bed whilst his soul is with deceased relatives. He also says there are people that talk to him that he doesn't know, and when I asked for a physical description of this person, it turned out to be my deceased brother, who my son doesn't even know ? I am really worried about these stories my son is telling me due to the fact that the things said are exactly what has happened, which my 11 year old has no knowledge.
ADCs Dreams from 11 year old son.

1073. Michael R ADC  6/25/11  I was sound asleep when I was awakened by the sound of something haven fallen in my room. I looked around from the bed and saw nothing. I went to have a cigarette to help put myself back to sleep and I couldn't find the ash tray.  I looked around and found it on the floor 4 feet away from the night stand it had been sitting on. One week later I was told by my cousin that his mother-in-law died that night.  She was a smoker who died from lung cancer.
ADC from mother-in-law of cousin with message to stop smoking.

1072. Stephanie S ADC  6/5/11  I had the cat in my lap and all of a sudden it was like she saw something and was following something with big eyes until it stopped right behind me as I was sitting on the sofa.  I could feel a bone chilling cold and it felt like it was all around me.  I picked up my cell phone to check a message on the voicemail which came in completely clear but after it ended I could hear static and what sounded like voices.  Next thing I hear is our secret word and it sounded exactly like my husband's voice.  I had the phone on speaker but when I shut off the phone it was still going and all I could hear was static. It lasted for at least a minute, maybe longer. I could feel him in the room.  I know he was with me.  Later after I felt he was gone I checked the phone again to see if I could hear it again but everything was clear and there was no static.
ADC from deceased husband.  Communicated secret word that they were to share after one of them died.

1071. Cindy ADC 1936  6/5/11  At this point, I now feel a gentle caress on my top leg (atop the duvet) in a manner that someone would caress another in order to relax them. This soft caress moves from my knee down to my ankles and then back up again to my knee. With eyes WIDE open, I look directly at my husband who is lying there beside me but is sleeping... so I definitely know that it is NOT him doing the caressing. My gut tells me it's my dad (or my mom) ... so I'm not scared but I say to myself (inside my head), "Okay Dad if that's really YOU, then you had better do it again .... just so I know for sure ". All I can tell you is I was wide awake and I distinctly felt that same gentle caress 2 more times (from my knee to my ankles and back up to my knee). So, now I'm compelled to turn myself over to see who is sitting there behind me. Of course, I see NO ONE but I feel the presence of someone and it's comforting.
ADC from deceased father on the day of his death.

1070. Rebecca ADC  6/3/11 I had visited her in Texas prior to her passing over.  I had returned to California.  I went to sleep and my grandma woke me up.  She was standing by my bed, hands palm-side up in front of her.  I sat up and put my hands in hers.  I felt like a pulling throughout my body and my spirit came out through the top of my head.  My hands were still holding hers when I looked down and saw myself lying in bed.  I told her that I haven't lived and had children, so couldn't go with her.  I awoke with the windows billowed, the bedroom door slammed shut, and the windows were closed.  I saw her walk past the bed and out of the bedroom.  I got up and followed her to the living room.  The curtains billowed and the windows closed.  The front door slammed loudly despite being locked with 3 locks.  The rocking chair was rocking.  My dad came out of his room.  the phone rang and he answered it.  It was my mom saying that my grandmother had just passed away.  I told her what happened.  My dad had heard the locked door slam and saw the rocking chair still rocking. 
Witnessed ADCs with grandmother and father.

1069. Sunee S ADC  5/29/11 Sunee was sleeping on the plane and dreaming when her mother entered the dream and asked where she was. Sunee explained that she was dead. Then 4 monks came to get her mother and dressed her in a white gown. After that the light appeared and her mother asked what she should do and Sunee told her to enter the light and she would be fine. She enter the light with the monks and the dream ended. Sunee woke up happy knowing her mom was OK.
Second-person ADC Dream.  Experiencer is a native of Thailand and the deceased was from Thailand.

1068. Holly A ADC  5/29/11 On holiday in Turkey May 2011, I had gone to bed thinking about my daughter who had just found out her twin babies had died inside her at 16 weeks. At the time she did not know the sex of the babies. During the night I again had a similar experience as before. I entered a room where I could see a lady sat in a chair with two tiny babies in her left arm both wrapped in blue shawls with just their little faces showing. I could not see the lady's face but as soon as she spoke I realized it was my mum  and  realized  these were my daughters babies . I sensed she was very proud of the babies and so pleased to have them. She said ' I have come to collect the babies, I will look after them they are safe with me'. Again such peacefulness was unbelievable. The vision then started to move backwards and fade away. Two days later my daughter gave birth to baby boys Edward and William.
Two ADCs.  One a shared ADC with sister.  Second ADC was dream with deceased mother holding twins that died before birth.

1067. George F ADC  5/29/11 The visual experience is all I will address here. Sunday, 7:30 am, 01-15-11, my eyes were closed but I was preparing to arise to prepare for church. My cat was lying beside me but started butting me with his nose.  After several butts he began to meow and when I finally opened my eyes I saw my deceased wife looking at me from a distance of about 5 feet. Apparently the cat had seen her first. She was beautiful, looked to be much younger, was wearing her glasses which is how I always remember seeing her.  She appeared to be wearing a white robe or gown which gave her a saintly or angelic appearance. I lay watching her in awe for what I would judge would be 15 or 20 seconds before she just slowly faded out.
ADC from deceased wife.  Experience occurred and was shared by contributor when he was 89 years old.

1066. Pat ADC  5/29/11 from Vienna.  What I can recall is that at 5 am in this very morning it knocked on my door. I instantly jumped out of bed and was starring at the door, where it knocked again. I was to afraid to open it, but I'm 100% sure this was in some way my deceased Granny. I lived at this place there with here for a very long time and since she was ill I lived there again.  After and shortly before her funeral I somehow believe to have felt her presence from time to time, but I sadly don't have any final proof that it was her.
Several prophetic dreams and ADCs.

1065. Gail R ADC  5/29/11 One night Lew came to me...I could see him in my head...HE WAS SO SO UPSET...and needed to give me information to Tom ASAP.  HE told me that Tom needed to go downstairs at Lew's home ( I had only been in that house twice and never went downstairs...but I could see it all)  There was a desk that was backed up against the staircase...In/on the desk there was a "black portfolio" (his words) and Tom was to find it...He was so upset and I felt I needed to call Tom right away the next morning.( no cell phones then). When I called tom I told him of what LEW needed him to do.
ADC Dream with specific verified information that was important and that she could not possibly have known.

1064. Keri S ADCs  5/22/11 My first experience was at the time of finding out that my partner was found dead.  I was crying uncontrollably when I heard and saw a little blue wren tapping on the window and flapping his wings like he was trying to get my attention.  There were two people with me at the time but only I seemed to notice it.  My partner Darren knew I had a fondness for these birds so it seemed to me he was letting me know he was ok.
Three ADCs from deceased partner.

1063. Barbara P ADCs  5/22/11 My Mother was crying and the other were consoling her. I asked what they wanted no one answered just seems to be so close to my Mother crying. I said I love you and I will be fine don't worry about me I need to get some sleep for tomorrow. I don't recall them really talking to me just felt as though they had met my Mother and were preparing to help her to the next place and she just wanted to say and show me goodbye.
ADCs from a number of relatives in two experiences.

1062. Janet T ADC  5/22/11 I found out that Warren had not been killed in a accident  but died 12 years later from a brain tumor; just about 6mos before the image of a man appeared in the bedroom .. She also sent photo   of Warren  standing in a checkered shirt , blue jeans and a dark blue base ball cap ...The next time I saw my grand daughter she con firmed that was the man she had seen that night..
Shared ADC with granddaughter from a deceased friend.

1061. Lee M's Grandmother's DBV  5/22/11 All at once, she began smiling and was extremely happy, and began talking.  I asked to whom she was talking, and she began naming names - they were all people who had died.  She said they were all around her bed, and she was very, very happy to be seeing them again� There were more than just one person there - there were several, and they were her deceased relatives - I think a husband, a child, maybe others.  I got the feeling it was a family reunion!
Deathbed vision by individual who was about 103 years old at time of death.  The deceased was a traditional Cherokee and respected elder.

1060. Joyce L ADCs  5/17/11  My 5 year old cat was by my side on the couch.  No sooner had I just shut my eyes (still wide awake, but trying to go to sleep) I heard this very loud jangling sound from the kitchen.  Between the living room and the kitchen is a large cut out window.  I sat bolt upright and said to myself "What the H _ _ ll was that!"  I jumped up at the same time my cat jumped up and went flying through the cut out window, onto the kitchen table and onto the kitchen counter.  She was going crazy, looking all over the place in the kitchen.  I said to my self, "I swear that was chimes ringing loudly, but we have no chimes� Next morning got up and went into the kitchen looking around asking myself "what made that chiming sound."  I then remembered something.  Looked up and right above the kitchen sink were the heavy metal chimes my daughter gave me as a gift one year."  I shook the chimes with my hand, and there was the same exact noise as the night before.
ADCs- one dream, one non-dream.

1059. Paul A ADC  5/13/11  What happened was that I had to get up at 3 AM to take a medication and decided to go sit in my easy chair and have a smoke. As I was sitting there not thinking about anything in particular a voice in my head spoke and said �I died of a heart attack� it was just like hearing it over a telephone. I immediately thought of my friend and was enraged at that terrible thought and did all I could to kick it out of my mind. I was not going to give such a terrible thought a home. Usually I can cancel out bad thoughts, but this one would not cancel.  Later in the day, a mutual friend called me and asked if I had heard about John. I said no, what? He then told me that John had died at 2:58 AM that morning.
ADC from friend.

1058. Sally D ADC  5/7/11 From Canada.  She was having a quiet moment and she was crying and she was �talking� to her boy.  She asked him for some sort of sign, to show her that he was okay, that he was at peace.  She waited a few moments, and then he came to her.  No, she didn�t have a vision, and no, she didn�t actually hear the words out loud. Rather hard to explain exactly how he came to her but suffice to say, he did come to her.  What he told her was the following:  �Grandma, I�m okay, and please tell mom I�m okay.  Watch for the bird.�
Amazing ADC involving a swan.

1057. Kyle J ADC  5/7/11  I glimpsed up for a split second and half way down the stairs appeared a white glowing figure.  It was just straight up and down, no arms, no legs, and no face.  It was just a full size human figure.  It walked up the stairs as the same speed as a  human. I froze and went into complete shock. I had the chills all the way through my body. My dog Harley had no way of seeing the figure because the counter was completely in his way.  All of a sudden, my dog's ears perked right up.  He acted like this snack I was making didn't exist.  The room that this figure went into was the guest front room which was all of my grandmother that passed in 2004 from a stroke.  Everything in the room was a gift from her; a picture of her, a piano from her and a picture of Christ on the wall etc. My dog walked in there as if he knew the figure was there and has seen it more than this.
ADC from grandmother.

1056. Michael H ADC  4/30/11  My mothers sewing basket was 3 feet in front of me. It was constructed like a picnic basket with large handles folded on top of each other. Suddenly one of the handles moved from the folded over position up in the air  and gently over all the way to  the bottom of the basket. There was no air movement, no one had touched it for days. I also had a feeling of a presence of some one in the room, and at the same time  I also looked up at my fathers clock which was sitting on the fireplace mantle. I believe  that the presence I felt was looking at it and at me, I then felt an overwhelming presence of my Father. It scared me at first, and then I figured that it wasn't anything but my imagination and went on watching television.  Later that after noon I received a phone message telling me of my Fathers passing in the early hours of that morning. After the phone message I am convinced that  my Father came by to see me.
ADC from deceased father before he was aware his father had died.

1055. Tracey J Possible Pet Dog NDE  4/30/11 The puppy was neutered last week and it developed complications during the surgery.  It flat lined momentarily but was revived.  I recently brought him home wearing the "cone" and I am not supposed to give him very much activity because of his stitches and the surgery ordeal� In the drawer there was a photo of my dad, upside down, which I stuck in the drawer a couple of days ago planning to put in an album one day.  The dog usually goes crazy for his brush.  He sniffed around in the drawer and his tail wagged like crazy and then he pulled out the photo very carefully and gingerly carried it in his mouth.  He put it in his crate.  He has never carried paper before without chewing it apart (he absolutely loves eating paper).  This was so odd.  He can't get in the crate because his cone is too large but he set the photo in the crate on his pillow, just inside the door, then went to sleep on the floor� I believe that during my dog's "flat line" moments in surgery, he must have seen my father.  Nothing else explains him putting dad's picture in the crate, or rushing off to dad's grave when he had no way of understanding the significance.
Possible pet dog ADC with complication of neutering resulting in flat lining, then inexplicable awareness  of contributor's deceased father.

1054.  TT Experience 4/23/11  From Vietnam Suddenly, we hear a melody from the mini keyboard.  I picked up the keyboard and examined it.  My son was so excited.  He jumped up and down, screamed very loud, came over and started hitting the keys on the keyboard.  The melody continued for about a minute or so and then suddenly stopped.  I have tried to hit every keyboard in different combinations to try to replicate the melody but no luck.  Now that I've thought it, I think my Grandmother who passed away on January 16, 2010, came back to say "Happy Birthday" to my son who turned 2 on April 1st because the music occurred around that time or shortly after the 1st.  The 2nd incident that occurred on April 15, 2011 was for me -- she was playing the mini keyboard to say "Happy Birthday" to me.  My 40th birthday was on April 20th and she wanted me to know that she remembers.
ADC from Grandmother.

1053.  Martha D Experience 4/23/11  From Canada  When I started to close my eyes a voice (female) said softly "if you go to sleep you will never wake up. The house is toxic."  It scared me so much that I jumped up and turned on the lights to see where the voice came from.  I got scared and went in to check the kids...they were sleeping...I picked up my baby and stumbled down the hallway and grabbed my phone to call my next door neighbor.  I was confused and a bit incoherent, and told her something was really wrong....I met her at the door and handed her the baby as I passed out.  She called 911 immediately and the firefighters arrived first....their carbon monoxide detectors they carry with them were blaring, and the fire fighters grabbed all the kids, and the pets and brought us all outside.  Our lives were spared that night...because of a "voice".
Multiple ADCs from father in law.  Also dramatic account of how a voice saved her and her family from likely death due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

1052.  Patricia Q Experience 4/23/11 . I asked her if she was buried in this specific corner of the garden and she said she was. I could barely close my mouth when she told me. It was exactly what I had seen! All I had asked is what happened. Up to that point, I did not believe in my vision myself. I had spoken of it to no one, nor had I even written it. The validation of her story was incredible to me.
ADC from pet cat with vision of death and burial at the time of death.

1051.  Suzanne F Experience 4/21/11 Would love to know if anyone has ever experienced the issues I'm having with the broccoli and Brussels sprouts.  I adore hot (spicy) food and was known to douse my pasta with hot sauce.  Never green veggies.  Invariably, there will be one piece of broccoli or Brussels sprouts that is raging, fiery, spicy hot.  It happened this morning (yeah, I know, I had steamed broccoli for breakfast) while I was talking to my sister on the phone.  Was totally into our conversation when I almost choked from the intensity of the heat.  Had to get something to drink.  She was laughing on the other end...she was here the night he died and it started that night.  Only with me...her dish was normal. 
Several ADCs since husband died.

1050.  Judy M Experience (no link because is so short) 4/16/11  Three years ago on March 20, 2008, my 21 year old daughter, Amanda, died.  The next day I was alone driving back into my neighborhood and a voice came into my head.  It wasn't audible, but I felt like it was Amanda.  She always called me Mama.  The voice said, "Mama, God is love and anything that you do that is not done in love is invalid."  Well, I almost drove off the road.  I had never used the word invalid, but after seeking the advise of several ministers, I realize why that word was used.  She wanted me to know that she was enveloped in Love and that I needed to have complete love in my heart.
Short, but profound, ADC from her daughter.

1049.  Cathi D Experience 4/16/11 In a dream, I saw my dad's face through a window that was placed up high - I could not reach it if I wanted to. Light was shining from behind him and I heard his voice say, "I'm ok... please don't worry about me.. I am doing fine now... but, I can't talk much right now" His voice was a little like static coming through a radio that wasn't tuned to the correct channel. I wanted so badly to say something and have a conversation with him but, as soon as I saw him and started to speak he was gone and the window faded away.  My husband said that he sensed my father's presence in the kitchen when he woke up in the morning.
Dream ADC about her father.

1048.  Lisa A Experience 4/16/11  My sister who studies metaphysics, myself, my son and my daughter's boyfriend were walking around the cemetery looking for the best spot to place her ashes. There were several large oak trees, which Kristy loved, and we decided under one of the trees would be appropriate.  I asked her boyfriend which one he liked and he couldn't decide.  While we were having this conversation the lights in the cemetery came on as it was approaching dusk.  My sister asked out loud, "Kristy, which tree would you like?"  At that moment the light over a specific oak tree went out.  My sister asked again out loud, "Kristy do you want this tree?", a few seconds later the light came back on.  We all knew at that moment Kristy communicated with us and had picked her tree. We all felt her presence and placed her ashes under the tree. It was an emotional experience that we all shared and I felt she knew we loved her and our actions were a labor of love for her.
ADC from deceased daughter.

1047.  LR S Experience 4/16/11  The experience consisted of myself observing and assisting my pet chocolate lab...Shane....at the moment of last breath when the "Spirit" arrived to accompany Shane's spirit and to touch my soul with a miracle by allowing me insight of his passing... I only could feel the spirit at the exact moment of his last breath , I took the breath into my lungs....at that moment I could physically feel my dog's spirit leave this earth and the angel that was there touched me and I slowly laid down next to his body and began to sing to his corpse...My wife in tears sitting in front of me seeing me become completely calm ...it was amazing!!   �I know that for sure " all dogs go to heaven".......and I feel extremely blessed for the experience� my wife and I both experienced or witnessed the event together and afterwards taking the time to write it down while  it was still fresh  in our minds
ADC with pet dog at moment of death.  Remarkable shared experience at moment of death with dog.  Wife also shared in experience.

1046.  Mary C Experiences 4/16/11 A few days before traveling to visit, Maria had a dream in which she saw the favorite dog.  In the dream, Maria opened out patio blinds to see the dog sitting on the edge of the concrete facing away from the house.  When Maria opened the blinds, the dog turned toward her, seemed to smile by the way she opened her mouth with the tongue partially sticking out breathing.  Turning its head, the dog got up on all fours and started walking away from the house all the while looking back at Maria.  The dog was extra ordinarily clean.  It was again a cleanliness not of this world.  It was highly notable.  The next day Maria called her sister to discuss her visit and to tell her the time she will arrive.  She asked about the dog.  The sister told her the dog had died.  It had died the night Maria had the dream.   Maria did not know this until that moment yet she had had that vision of the dog in her dream.  It was as if the dog came to say goodbye.
Multiple interesting experiences including prophetic dreams and ADCs.

1045.  Cora D Experience 4/11/11  In a dream, I saw my dad's face through a window that was placed up high - I could not reach it if I wanted to. Light was shining from behind him and I heard his voice say, "I'm ok... please don't worry about me.. I am doing fine now... but, I can't talk much right now" His voice was a little static, like it was coming though a radio that wasn't tuned to the correct channel. I wanted so badly to say something and have a conversation with him but, as soon as I saw him and started to speak he was gone and the window faded away.  
ADC from Dad.

1044.  Stephen H Experiences 4/5/11 Then one late morning I found myself drifting off to take a nap.  I was asleep about an hour, when once again, still asleep, I saw a sudden bring light shining to my my left.  I looked and saw my wife, but this time her brightness was too bright to stare at.  I could see her, but I was unable to stare at her very long.  As she held out her hand I noticed something shining in it, but her brightness overshadowed it so I was unable to make out what was in her hand.  No communication as in the previous encounter.  As she approached me (she was levitated off the floor about two to three feet) I remember approaching her out from my fully extended recliner trying to give her a hug.  Just as I was about to embrace her she disappeared.  No contact was allowed as in the previous visit. I awoke and found myself in total shock.  What beauty I saw.  Beyond words.
Several ADC dreams from deceased wife.

1043.  Deborah P Experience 4/5/11 It was approximately 3 am and I awoke suddenly from sleep, saying out loud, "Oh my god, there's a ghost in this room!"  Then I sat up partly and saw to my right a figure of a man standing by my bed.  He was about five feet nine or ten inches tall, was surrounded by small sparkles, and had light brown hair.  I could not determine who he was.  All I knew was that he was a relatively young man, and he had a rather sheepish or embarrassed expression on his face.  I sensed the emotion of slight embarrassment, and a little surprise, on the part of this semi translucent man.  He then vanished.� Suddenly I recalled the vision of the young brown haired man.  It occurred to me that I had seen this vision around the time of my friend D. S.' death.
ADC from friend.

1042.  Mariah R Experience 4/5/11 My husband this time was sitting in the living room and he came and got me and he also had thought it was me in the kitchen. When he went in the kitchen the light again clicked off. It was shortly after midnight and my son was working. They were married on my birthday. Since it was shortly after midnight, I understood it was her wedding anniversary.  Months later I was in the kitchen trying to clean out some old jars that were saved and boxes that were outdated and almost empty when the globe on the light came down a couple of inches by my feet. I felt she was not happy I was getting rid of the things she had saved.
Variety of ADCs.

1041.  Adi A Experience 4/5/11  At the age of 16, I had a severe case of Jaundice. My Indian doctor took me off all food in order to shrink my liver. For 21 days I was fed intravenously with Glucose injections. I lay bed-ridden. My muscles atrophied enough to so I can enclose my thigh bone between my thumb and index finger. Around the 15th day and after, I began to feel that I can get out of my body and float around feeling very peaceful. I felt like Captain Marvel of the comics. It was a pleasant experience. I was able to control myself going in and out of my body at will. I used to look forward to the experience. It went on for several days until I was given small amounts of food on the 21st day. I slowly started to regain my strength while my liver completely regenerated.
SOBEs while he was living in India at age 16, which was 64 years ago.  Also ADC.

1040.  Sharon K Experience 3/28/11 The force continued to lift and drag me away in a tunnel surrounded in the most beautiful bright light. I felt such happiness like nothing I had ever known and beauty all around me. I wanted to go I wanted to continue to see what else was there. I was aware that my friend, the reflexology technician was calling me back but I still moved on and up. next i was aware that to continue would mean no return and a guilt came over me, my children what would happen to them and I returned.  I remember failing back down with a thud and a fearful face starting at me still holding me feet, I then heard my grandfather, he told me he had come to thank me, that I was right re the trip to "heaven", everyone was there he told me happily and he wanted to be sure I knew I was right.
Remarkable ADC from deceased grandfather.

1039.  Beth F Experience 3/28/11  It was a dream.  After her death my mother became a red nebula in the universe which turned into (became) her hand, like god's giant hand reaching down from the heavens to hold my hand to transfer her strong, powerful LOVE energy to me.  The vision of her, a huge, star-like nebula heavenly hand reaching down holding my hand (which reached up in the universe to hold her hand) and feeling the pure essence of my mother and her giving to me, transferring, her love to me.  By holding my hand.
ADC dream from mother.

1038.  Mary M Experience 1903 3/22/11 In the first one my husband finally came to me. He was young, the way he looked when we first met. We were in a darkened room. I asked him if he was hungry. He said he didn't need to eat. I told him to remember to take his medications, but he said he didn't need them. Then I gave him a back rub, a massage, and our sons (there are four of them) came to speak with him while I massaged him. At the end, he sat up, and we embraced. I held him close, and then I woke up. My arms were crossed and I still felt him there.
ADCs Dreams from deceased husband.

1037.  Debbie Experience 3/13/11  It was the eve of my 45th birthday, April 12, 2008. I had just come back home from my sister's house. My siblings and mother had prepared a dinner for me and purchased a birthday cake. I felt very sad. I missed my son, Richie, and had requested for my family not to sing "Happy Birthday" to me. My husband was working the night shift. After dinner and cake, my other two children left for a party and I returned home alone. It was 11:40pm, when I arrived home, I decided to shower and get ready for bed. After showering I hopped into bed. A tear rolled down my cheek as I grieved for my son. As I laid my head on the pillow, I felt my son's soft voice say, "Happy Birthday Mom," and immediately felt a soft kiss on my temple. I glanced at the clock and it was precisely 12:00 midnight of April 13, the day of my birthday.
ADC from deceased son with special visit on her birthday.

1036.  Dawn P Experience 3/13/11  He was bigger than life (I am taller than he was), but in this dream I stood to his chest I didn't see nipples on his body just unblemished skin. Next I see us laying together in a bed he was holding me I was peaceful, comfortable and happy I don't know how long we were there. he gets up and I followed when I was half way up he goes to pick me up and carry me. ( I am bigger than he is in life) so in this dream I am thinking he cant do this and he did, effortlessly he stands me up I look and see my chest we are naked he carries me to a different bed and lays me underneath him and says "this is for you " and started to make love to me" I cried out "oh sweetheart" I could "feel" him. I awoke a few minutes later trembling with excitement , my heart racing , I could "smell" him in our bedroom I walked around our bed his smell was everywhere. My dream was in color until we went to bed from then on it was black and white.
ADC Dream from deceased husband.

1035.  Wendy Experiences 3/13/11 After finding out he had passed, I had a dream that night. In my dream, there were these cupcakes with beautiful butterflies on top of them. when I traveled home the following day for the funeral, my husband and I went to the grocery store. In the bakery, we came across these cupcakes with butterflies just like I'd seen in my dream. THEN, at the wake service for my dad, someone had sent a nice wreath and there were BUTTERFLIES all over it....I then started to think my dad was trying to reach me. ....After we came home ( I live 9 hours from where he died) my son immediately went back to school. When he came home after school, he'd been given a necklace. It was a BLUE BUTTERFLY.
ADCs from father involving butterflies.

1034.  Suzanne P Experiences 3/13/11 My earliest memory was just before birth and suddenly indescribable light and whirling around. Indescribable harmonious melody, peace, oneness with all. Communication was extremely fast like a vibrating buzzing sound within the all engulfing light and a total understanding of the purpose of the event. The event was moving so fast I asked to "please help me remember".  I am 70 years old now� A sense of complete oneness, unity, peace, assurance, acceptance. The "light" is indescribable and all encompassing� The information was coming fast. I felt a sense of calmness and oneness.
Probable pre-birth remembrance (shared 70 years later) and ADCs.

1033.  Brian Experiences 3/1/11  I was a child around the age of 3-4.  I remember waking up from what I called a 'dream' at the age.  I told my parents that grandma visited me and we played games, watched movies and sung songs.  I also described exactly what she was wearing upon her burial yet I never actually saw her or attended the funeral as a child or had little understanding of what had happened.  Now as an adult....I remember it better.  There was a feeling of innocent, utter bliss and happiness but with an underlying theme of power/strength shown through this light that surrounded everything.  I felt that I was there and we did stuff for a long long long time but it also felt like it lasted 2 seconds.  It really felt amazing.  I was there for maybe days but it only lasted 3-5 seconds as a dreamy type of theme.  The last thing I remember is my grandma floating up directly above the bed waving goodbye with a bright glow around her�   the day I woke up I told my family and they were surprised because I was just a child and was saying things/details I wouldn't of known otherwise
ADC dream at age 4.

1032.  Kim M Experiences 3/1/11 From Canada. Then on day 3 first thing in the morning the spirits started coming.  First my grandmother came with a few messages which I delivered.  Then my brother in law came with a few messages which again I delivered.  Then my mother & father in law came & again the cycle repeated enough times that I found myself asking for validation less & less� I would hear their voice then visualize them they were all deceased from my current life.  Then I heard a voice I didn't recognize, I had to ask who is this then I new it was my sister that was still born 2 yrs ahead of me her name is Tracy we have the same voice that's why I didn't recognize her.
Multiple ADCs following difficult hospitalization.  Met her sister who was stillborn two years before she was born.

1031.  Sarah S Experience 3/1/11  One night, whilst sleeping, I had what can only be described as a dream which felt "real." It occurred approximately 7 or 8 years after his death. In this "dream," I saw a white, formless shape upwards and to my left. The sky was behind it as it approached me. As it drew closer, I realized it was my father but it did not look like him. The next thing I knew, this "cloud" passed through my soul. It was my Dad's own SOUL! I could FEEL Dad's soul INSIDE of my own soul! He was filled with pure joy, pure happiness. It was the most amazing thing/feeling that has ever happened to me! No verbal words were exchanged between us. It felt as though he wanted me to know how happy & joyful he was. That feeling lasted for less than a minute. Then, in some way I cannot explain, he communicated to me he had to leave.
ADC Dream from father.

1030.  Margaret S Experience 3/1/11 From Canada. After my grandmother's funeral everyone gathered in a hall for tea and cakes.  Some of my cousins who are middle aged were sitting at a table together talking. A woman came up to them and told them she was Aunt Dossie. That she wanted to tell them that there was a cracked blue vase at one of my aunt's house that belonged to someone else.  Then she turned as if to greet someone.  They said she seemed to turn to greet Gran.  Then she was gone.  They went over to mu uncle Leslie later and asked who Aunt Dossie was. They had never heard of her.  Leslie informed them that Aunt Dossie was my Gran's oldest sister and she had been more of a mother figure to my Gran than her mother had been. They had been very close. Aunt Dossie had died in the 1940s. This was 2007.
Shared ADC at her grandmother�s funeral.  ADC witnessed by several people.

1029.  Margaret S Experiences 3/1/11 From Canada.  As we drove down the road and neared our house, I wanted to tell my husband to keep driving. Rosie was back at the house and I could feel that she was furious that I had not allowed her to die at home! The feeling lasted until we got inside the house. Later that night, I felt her again but now she was exhilarated and happy. She was so thrilled to be feeling good.  One year later while I was out helping my husband fence, I suddenly had a strong sense of her again. I wasn�t expecting it or waiting for it, it just happened. I decided to call out to her and tell her I loved her. Her presence grew stronger and filled with love. She seemed very pleased.  A couple of years later I lost a third pet, my cat Dexter. He died of a heart attack due to diabetes and bad insulin. When he suddenly appeared in my mind's eye, he too was ecstatic about his new state of being and feeling good. He looked up at me in this very solid vision as if to say, "what?! I'm busy!" I couldn�t cry for almost a year because I had to laugh every time I thought of that happy face that had filled my mind after his passing. He was so thrilled.
Pet ADCs.

1028.  Margaret S Experiences 3/1/11 From Canada. The first time I felt a strong sense of presence was shortly after my beloved pet dog Charlie had to be put to sleep due to cancer. Within an hour of his passing, I was overpowered by the sudden feeling he was in front of me and his thoughts of love and thankfulness were incredibly strong. I had never experienced this sort of thing before so I felt stunned by it.  I was profoundly affected by the strength of his presence and the emotions.
Pet ADCs from several deceased pets.

1027.  Prash B Experience 3/1/11 From India.  I  was in my bed, in my  bedroom when this happened. I was extremely sad and to relax my mind I was watching TV.  Dad was in the kitchen. suddenly I saw a  flash of light through the corner of my eyes. When I turned my head towards it, a shawl (woolen garment worn by Indian ladies) that was hanging on a chair was moving by itself (all the  doors and windows were closed at  that time). I kept staring at it with astonishment. I knew who it was.
ADC from India.

1026.  Jennifer Experience 3/1/11 Then, just in a space of a few seconds everything started to click for me. the expression on his face was wrong for our conversation. I had made a joke and he didn't laugh. He told me to fight, He said I would have to fight for his daughter. That I needed to make sure she would be safe, and loved.. Again, I knew something wasn't right by the look on his face, it looked almost like regret. No anger, no fear, more like disappointment. But, still I kept talking as if we were speaking about him leaving the country. I said " Jamie, I will take care of your daughter, I would give my life to see that she is safe and happy."� I had a son that passed away ten years ago, that's when I knew Jamie had said goodbye, when he said " Take care of mine, I got yours" I knew he meant my son.
Exceptional ADC dream around time of death of her brother, before she knew he had died.  Remarkable information from brother about need to fight for the custody of his daughter.

1025.  Lisa I Experiences 3/1/11 As I pulled into the parking lot at the college where I taught, one of the students came speeding out in his car from one of the side lots and almost ran out in front of me. I was in the middle of turning my steering wheel to make my turn from the main road, when suddenly my car horn blew by itself, just as the student started to pull out. From the angle of my hands, there was no way I touched the car horn. And if the horn hadn't blown, the other car would have hit me, because he wasn't looking to see if anyone was turning in from the main road. Before she died, my mom used to go places in the car with me all the time, and she had a habit of reaching over and honking my car horn if she saw some danger that she didn't think I saw in time. I truly believed that on this occasion, she honked that horn to save me from an accident.
ADCs from mother.

1024.  Lisa I Experiences 3/1/11  Suddenly, a basket of flowers that had been hanging on the wall across the room came flying off and landed halfway across the floor. Now, I lived in a log cabin at that time. The walls were thick logs, and the nail that the basket of flowers was hanging on was firmly embedded in the wall. It was a large nail, and the hook on the back of the basket was very sturdy. I got up and checked to see why the basket would come flying off, but couldn't figure out any reason for it. That basket had hung there for over six months, and after I returned it to the nail, it hung there for another year before I took it down and packed it when I moved. There was no reason for it to have fallen, let alone land 6 feet from where it started.  �I had surgery and during the surgery I found myself standing in a dark tunnel which opened into an area of bright white light. My mom, who was in a coma and dying in another hospital across town, was there. We talked for awhile, then Mom told me that I had to go back now, and that she would be going on shortly, but that she'd see me again soon. She died less than a month later.
ADCs from mother, and shared deathbed vision- during surgery she encountered her mother who was in a coma and dying.

1023.  Lloyd R Experience 2/12/11 I had been sleeping and woke up.  The light from a fixture outside on the patio lightened the room enabling me to see into the room.  I looked out the bedroom door and saw my wife standing just outside the bedroom door looking in. She was  in a bluish dress.  She had a somber, almost sad expression. Then I guess I went back to sleep.  It was sharp and vivid and I was well aware of the details of my apartment.  I have no psychic ability.  We often spoke and read about life after death and agreed that whoever died first would contact the other if possible.
ADC from deceased wife

1022.  Steven M Experience 2/12/11 I open freezer door and saw a teaspoon, a tablespoon and both beaters from my hand mixer laying on top of the ice in the ice bin. I did not put those items in the freezer and Nobody else could have done it, I live alone and have not had any visitors in my home since January 28th. Nobody was able to get into my house, doors were locked and only I have keys. None of the items were in the refrigerator the evening before when I got the iced tea and put ice into the glass�. Whereas a whisper can be in explained that may have in your imagination, seeing objects that were put in places I would never have put them is undeniable and absolute proof, especially when I know for a fact I could not have done it and nobody else could have done it.
ADCs from deceased wife.

1021.  Bas E Experience 2/12/11  From the Netherlands  It was about 6 o'clock in the morning of the 1st of June in 2001 when I wake up from a strange way of breathtaking of my wife Wilma. I immediately saw it was bad. I called 112 (similar to your 911) and after I called my wife stopped breathing The ambulance was within 10 minutes at our home at started reanimation. They tried long and just when they wanted to stop they got a heartbeat/rhythm. She was brought to the hospital, but the damage was to big and finally she died in the afternoon. After some time I went home with family. When I was sitting in the chair suddenly I felt a moment of great peace, it felt if I was told that it was good. I liked the moment of it also made me confused because I felt almost happy. That is rather strange if you lose your wife at the age of 35 years. Later it helped me a lot.� I experienced that it was my wife who said goodbye. On the other hand it was confusing.
ADC from wife who died at age 35 from cardiac arrest.  Contributor is from the Netherlands, and shares the account in English.

1020.  Stan Experience 1/30/11 So last night my best friend and I are driving and I tell her umm I think my mom is next to me hugging me and telling me its ok son. My mother is very, very happy. My friends  jaw dropped and she started crying. I thought she would think I was crazy, And she thought I would think she was crazy but at the exact same time she was watching my mother die in a hospital bed with the doctors working over her. We both had chills and goose bumps at the same time. It was like a rush of energy hitting us both. I cant believe it happened myself so I don't expect anyone else to believe it. Yet I swear it happened and I have a witness that shared the experience with me!!
Shared ADC from mother who died when he was three years old.  Shared at same time, with different content, by friend who was with him.

1019.  SW Experience 1/30/11 I was stunned to find myself in a car being driven by my cousin because I knew he was supposed to be dead. I asked him if he was "all right" to drive. He laughed, and said emphatically that he was fine, absolutely fine, but that he had something to tell me. I remember thinking how young he looked and how healthy. He then said, "I wanted to tell you that you and I wasted a lot of time when we were young. You have a lot of important work to do, and you'd better get on with it."  � I knew for certain that he cared about me and wanted to get a message to me and that he wanted me to see that he was well and happy. What he said was true and I needed to hear it.
ADC dream from first cousin.

1018.  Lisa L Experience 1/30/11 Suddenly I was having a very vivid dream. (I rarely ever dream!) I was in our church in Florida that we had attended for over 15 years. Some friends of ours were sitting behind me and asked me how my mom was doing. I turned to them and said, "Oh, didn't you know? Mom died a few months ago." As I was talking to them, I looked down the church aisle and saw my mother walking toward me. She looked so young and so beautiful and was dressed in a very lovely, colorful suit. She walked down the aisle and came and sat down in the pew next to me. She looked at me lovingly and said, "Honey, I saw you crying tonight. Please don't cry anymore. I'm right here with you, and I'll see you again soon." I woke up from this experience, and from that day on, I was no longer depressed.
Dream ADC from deceased mother.

1017.  Christina H Experience 1/16/11 An officer waved me in the opposite direction, away from the accident scene. I turned around and went back up 12th St. to take a different route home. As I slowed my vehicle to cross railroad tracks, the hair on the back of my neck and head stood straight up, as though energy were coming toward me from the back of my car. I felt the man's presence in my vehicle, in the upper right-hand corner of the passenger side. Although I didn't try to look in that direction, I sensed what he looked like (dark hair with beard). I understood what he was telling me - telepathically - he told me simply that he was okay. Then he was gone. The whole experience probably only took about 4 or 5 seconds, but it was very powerful.
ADC from person shortly after they died in a car accident.

1016.  Aaron L Experience 1/13/11 It was about 10 minutes into the funeral service and all of a sudden about 15 feet from the casket, and approx. 50 feet from where I was seated, by the wall of the church a candle went flying off of the candle holder, like someone had gone up to it and slapped it. The service went on for about another 5 min. and from the opposite wall another candle went flying off the candle holder like someone had slapped it. It was the single most confusing and strange experience of my life. It was at that point that I started to believe that there was life after death� Most of my family also seen exactly what I did, and have the same memory of how it happened.
ADC at funeral involving two candles.  Apparently witnessed by dozens.

1015.  Kimberly V Experience 1/13/11 Woke up early couldn't sleep at 5am day of burial didn't want to wake my friend so I grabbed my cell phone and I recently to play words with friends with my sisters and letters that appeared for me to use were Elias my fathers name.
ADC in which letters appeared that spelled her father�s name.

1014.  Donna S Experience 1/13/11 Normally when I have a dream with someone it is right at the time of their passing. With my father I saw him in this dream on the floor with a pair of bright white tennis shoes on. That is what made me pay special attention to this dream because my father was very specific about the shoes he wore and they were always grey new balance. I have had communication like this for most of my life so I went in search of my father// finding out if anyone had heard from him etc.. he lived in New Mexico and I in AZ. Nobody had heard from him so we had a neighbor open his house where they found him deceased on the floor of his bedroom.
ADC dreams at time of death.

1013.  Leti D Experience 1/13/11  I knew the second I found myself there that I was there to find my dad and I had a feeling of urgency ... I knew my time was very limited. At the end of the hallway, I could choose to go either left or right.  As I approached I saw my Grandmother, she had been dead for about 12 - 13 years at the time.  As I started toward her, she said ... without words ... Laura Dew, I know you are in a hurry but I knew you were coming and I just wanted to tell you that I love you. I told her that I was sorry, but I had to find my dad and I only had a little time. She already knew this before I told her. All of the "conversation" flowed all at once.  It wasn't as if I spoke, then she spoke, then I spoke, then she spoke ... it just was.    The meeting was not as I would have expected it to be.  Seeing my Grandmother was natural ... like seeing a family member that you see everyday coming home from work or school.
ADC dream which is very detailed and often NDE-like.

1012.  Kristol K Experience 1/13/11  I sat at the top of the basement steps just off the dining room. I was looking at a toy my Grandma had given me earlier in the day. I heard this shuffling noise coming from the bottom of the basement stairs. I looked up and saw a elderly man in a black suit. He was hunched over and had a lump on his back between his shoulders. He was very pale with white hair. He also was using a cane and had arthritis bad. He was walking past the bottom of the basement stairs. I remember just freezing. I didn't breathe or move. He paused for a minute and turned his head slowly towards me. We locked eyes and I heard his thoughts. He thought "oh its just her" he was expressing the emotion of shock, not expecting me to be there or to see him. He then just turned his head back and shuffled off out of my view� About 5 years ago, I received a large box of very old family photos. In those photos was a black and white photo of the man I saw that night. On the back it was labeled Otto. This was my Great Grandmas Husband who passed away before I was born.
ADC from Great Grandfather on the day before Great Grandmother died.

1011.  Kiri R Experience 1/1/11  My late husband (Mick) came to me and took me somewhere I didn't recognize. I felt as if I was not on this earth, possibly the astral plane?? His aura was clear for me to see, lots of softly flickering colors of varying hues. I felt so safe and comfortable with him, as if we had never been apart. We discussed at length his death and how he felt at the time and what happened directly afterwards. By that I mean he explained the excruciating pain he suffered for a split second prior to his death and then the calm feeling afterwards. We seemed to speak for some time and then he was gone as quickly as he came and I fell into a deep restful sleep. I awoke 2 hours later feeling a little sad, a bit more confused/perplexed and a little more accepting of his death.
ADC from husband.  Interesting comments from husband about his moment of death.  Experience happened in Australia.

1010.  Christian V Experience 1/1/11  from Germany It began with a friend of us who telephoned to me two days after Monika died. She said: I prayed, then I felt deep peace. Then I went to bed, and, half sleeping, I heard Monika's voice. Monika said: "How beautiful is it here. Oh, if I had known this ... It is so beautiful. Don't grieve for me." The friend who told me this did not know when Monika died, she came to know it one day later, but she heard her voice exactly in the hour when she died! I was very happy when I heard this message from Monika, and I had no doubt that it was really Monika who spoke to our friend. From this time I felt better, my grief has become moderated, but I still mourned.
Multiple ADCs.

1009.  Pawla Experience 1/1/11  My dog was hit by a car and was dying.  I held him in my arms while a friend was driving to the emergency vet.  The dog was whimpering and I was talking to him, consoling him.  The moment he died, I was leaning over him and felt a warmth pass through my body that was over him.  I was in great distress because I loved my dog, like a child, and he was dying in my arms.  However, at the moment of death, when I felt this warmth pass through me, there was a peaceful feeling and a smile appeared on my lips.  I will never forget it.  I knew that it was okay. When we got to the vet, I told them he was dead and they said they would examine him.  When they returned to tell me he was dead, they asked if I wanted his body and I said, no.  He is no longer there. It brings me great joy to know that animals have souls and live on.  I have no doubt about that.
ADC at moment of death by pet dog.


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