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1513. Sandra M ADC 2407 2/18/2016 I was walking into my bedroom, and suddenly felt someone behind me. Something about the feeling made me think of my mom. She lived in WI and was 1000 miles away. I turned around and there was her loving presence moving toward me. It gave the impression of being basically a cloud at face-level and not a body. I said 'mom?' out loud. I was startled, but not scared. It was clearly her, and the message was entirely of empathy, excitement, happiness and love.
ADC from deceased mother prior to her knowing that she had died.


1512. Nicole S ADC 2/16/2016 I was relaxing, during the day, on my bed. I fell into a trance like meditation. I was with my deceased grandfather, at him home, in the back yard. He was sitting outside in the sun on a plastic chair. I was so happy to see him - beyond happy. We never spoke words but the emotional exchange was beyond intense. I sat on his lap and rested my head on his shoulder. He was wearing a sweater he always wore. I was so happy and then I started to cry because I knew our visit was ending. I was overwhelmed with sadness. When I returned my pillow was wet from tears and I was still crying. Though, uneducated about OBE's in knew with all certainty that it wasn't a dream. I knew I had a real and meaningful visit with my deceased grandfather.
ADC with deceased grandfather during meditation experience.


1511. Tom M ADC 1/31/2016 The setting was in Boston's old north station in the wide area in front of the ticketing counters. This was constructed from my memories stretching back to some wonderful times of my youth when we had attended sporting events together at Boston Garden. As we walked toward the 'train departure' area, we moved slowly, shoulder to shoulder. He was slow and shuffling which mirrored his last weeks of debilitated health. He was telling me how fun and wonderful it had been to have been my father and how I should make the most of every breathing minute. Above all he was telling me that he had to move on now and that it was natural and wonderful. That I should have no thought of sadness or worry on his account. He regretted not being able to contact me after that time but someday I would understand everything.
ADC with deceased father.


1510. Amelia R ADC 1/28/2016 I did ask him to please show himself to me, I believe that he tried but maybe he does not have that ability yet or I am not able to see him yet. All I saw was what appeared to be a white aura where I have a picture of him on my wall. I continued to beg him not to leave me and I felt a calm come over me, a calm that I only ever felt with him. A feeling that I was sure I would never feel again and asked him to please stay with me at least until I fell asleep. He did, I remember drifting off, and at that point I felt I had no control.
ADC from deceased boyfriend.


1509. Paul S ADCs 1/18/2016 The first one occurred in mid May. It was late evening approximately 9:30 pm. I remember being very sad and decided to watch a movie to take my mind off the grief I was experiencing so I turned off the lights and sat on the couch in my family room and clicked the TV on. It immediately clicked off, so I again turned the TV on and once again it turned off. I laughed and said out loud 'Tracy is that you ?.' I said if it's you do it again, so I proceeded to turn the TV on and once again it shut off. I said to her 'one more time'. Same result. Finally I said okay I know it's you so stop playing. I again turned it on, but this time it stayed on. I could feel her presence with me. The sensation I feel when she's with me is like goose bumps coupled with the hair standing up on my arms. I call it 'zaps" because I also feel her energy rushing through my body. It was the most wonderful sensation. I sat up and talked to her all night long experiencing that wonderful sensation. I told her I was leaving for New York the following day and wanted her to stay with me.
ADCs following death of girlfriend.


1508. Mandy B ADC 1/18/2016 Next to her bed was a grey ghost like, scary figure. I knew at once he was the Angel of death. She was afraid to go with him and I was also a bit afraid. Suddenly, I felt behind me, a large angel. Now, I don't see angel this way, I see them as normal people, like beings, but this angel was like a typical drawing or Christmas tree angel, with a flowing white robe, blonde hair and glitter. Huge wings. He stood behind me so I could not see his face, but I felt his face....I knew how he felt as a being! He told me it was ok. I was to help my mother go and it would be fine.
ADC on the night her mother died.


1507. Sapna S ADC 1/11/2016 From India. Curiously, I peeked inside my bedroom when I saw her and my father holding hands standing. She was looking thinner and healthier and her face shone with an unearthly joy. She was wearing a dress she loved while she was alive. My father looked in his thirties and handsome with joy on his face too. My sister was telling my father, 'Bordi is crying so much! We are so happy and Bordi is crying so much.' I watched stunned and the next moment I could see them no more.
Remarkable ADC from a physician in India.


1506. AL ADCs 1/10/2016 From Germany. Original in German, translated to English by Marguy. The lifeless body was lying on the mattress and my real self was looking down from the outside on itself. Then I, my real self was breathing in and out strongly. Then this same voice said: 'Welcome in the new homeland!' And my self heard, you are dead, like at the time of your near-death experience. Quickly my self asked: 'What is it that has separated from my body before death?' 'Well it's consciousness, of course', came a disappointed answer, as if I had not known it. 'Consciousness?' repeated my real self.
ADCs from deceased husband.


1505. Peter R ADC 12/21/2015 It was a normal day. As I walked through the back hallway of my home, which was NOT the home my deceased wife and I shared, I smelled the distinct odor of burning leaves. No smoke was visible. There was no unusual visual manifestation that I was aware of. I asked my wife to come back where I was and tell me if she smelled something. She did and smelled the same thing. We were unable to locate any normal source of the smell. The smell persisted for about an hour. We agreed that when we thought about it, the smell was actually that of burning Marijuana.
ADC from deceased wife via scent of medical marijuana.


1504. Jennifer A ADCs 12/20/2015 As I lay in bed feeling myself going into the state where you know you are going to sleep soon but consciously you are still awake. Possibly a lucid dream state. As I lay there, I could see a tunnel sort of forming in my mind. Without hesitation, I jumped into it. I suddenly entered a room. There was a young man in the room and I immediately saw that it was my son. I started walking over to him. He turned his head and glanced at me then he took off running through the house. He ran around a table and tripped over a chair then fell to the floor. I continued toward him and when I nearing him, I reached down to assist him in getting up. It was then that he recognized who I was and jumped up wrapping his arms around me giving me the biggest hug ever.
ADCs from son who died at age 15.


1503. Posha ADCs 12/19/2015 Two/three days after her death I woke up one night to find a blinking blue light in the sitting room. The light came from the dvd reader flashing 'Goodbye'. The machine says goodbye when you are turning it off. But this was flashing sign like I had just turned it on and should actually read 'Welcome'. Any ways crazy things happen with electronics. But what I cannot disregard is the feeling that she was sitting on the sofa. I could not see or smell her but I did feel her.
ADCs from grandmother who lived in India.


1502. Radoslava E ADCs 12/13/2015 From Germany. One night my sleep was disturbed by my granddad. He approached to me, his hand stretched closed to me as he reached my dad to fade him out of me. He said to my dad: Martin it was enough. His voice was strict but without anger. It was like a scene in Ghost with Patrick Swayze. They where both kind of white smoke.
ADCs from father and grandfather.


1501. Jeanette ADC 12/12/2015 I know I was half asleep, I had my eyes slighly opened but I still felt them heavy, I heard my mom's voice, she was having a conversation, I think with my dad, I usually heard them speaking to one another in the mornings. I tried to listen to her talking, she sounded like her calm self, I just felt so happy I wanted to jump out of bed so damn quickly because I thought I would see her, but as I did get up to put my slippers on, her voice was completely gone. I sat on my bed for a moment, I said "thank you mama, I heard you and I feel happy that you came by, I love you!" And that was it. My mom has communicated with me several times already through strange electrical stuff, but today was the very first time I clearly heard her talking.  
ADC from mother.


1500. Patrick W ADC 12/11/2015 It was exactly the same as the breathing sounds my Father In Law made before he passed away. The sound was not moving around it was approximately 3 feet from me and to my left. These sounds continued for a couple of minutes. Loud and clear. At first I was startled and a little afraid. But then after I made the connection in my mind to my Father in Law I asked him why he was still breathing like that and stated out loud 'Is that your way of letting me know it's you? You know you don't have to do that. Thank you but you need to go with Jesus now daddy.  
ADC from father in law.


1499. Elizabeth E ADCs 11/24/2015 A couple months later, he appeared to me, while asleep, showing his glowing rapturous healthy face, and made his hand and arm materialize so I could see the ring on his finger. He then faded back into the darkness. I have never felt such love and comfort, and knew that everything was going to be okay. He has since come to let me know that the ring was our ring from a previous life (he had picked it out from estate sale). He has left many other signs, missed phone call from his defunct cell phone, moving things. He always chided me for using too much toilet paper.  
Multiple ADCs from deceased husband.


1498. Dee S ADC 11/24/2015 As a result he died brain death… I bent over and picked him up onto my lap and cradled him in my arms. I was at this point overtaken by emotion and began to weep. Although he had not yet begun to speak more than a few single words while alive he said to me in a full sentence, "don't cry mommy, I will be back in seven". The next thing I was aware of was once again laying in my bed overwhelmed and feeling a tremendous sense of peace and joy with what had just happened. 
ADC in a dream with possible prophetic message.


1497. Paula T ADC 11/7/2015 I visited my dad's grave site prior to going to court for a divorce. My car smells of cigarette smoke. After visiting my dad's grave site and kneeling to hug his headstone..returning to my car it smelled extremely strong of lemons. I can not associate the smell of lemons with my dad. I don't know what to make of this. The smell lasted about 3-4 minutes. 
ADC from father prior to divorce.


1496. Maria B ADCs 10/30/2015 I held the leaf and it seemed to fall apart. But it was folded. I unfolded it and it was a $20 bill. I felt really strange like everything around me had gone away and I was standing there with this 'leaf'. I couldn't breathe or talk and could only think, Dad, Dad. This is Mad Money from Dad. The overwhelming feeling I got was one of profound hope and reassurance that my Father was present with me and that we would surely see each other again. After some time I gathered my composure and began walking toward the counter where my husband and daughter were standing. I still was in shock. Just then the clerk said to my husband, "that will be $19.99". 
ADCs from father in most unusual manner.


1495. Patricia ADC 10/27/2015 While I was standing there, within five minutes or so, I saw my nephew walking towards me. All of a sudden, a light breeze touched my cheek and something red caught my eye. I looked down to see a red Poppy on top of my foot. Just as my nephew approached me, he saw it too. I had tears streaming down my cheeks. We both remembered that my father always wore a poppy on his jacket in honor of war veterans. We can only surmise that because there was no wind that day, except for when the poppy appeared on my shoe, it was my father acknowledging our love for him and letting us know he is still with us. 
ADC from deceased father.


1494. Tina A ADC 10/20/2015 I was in the shower after a long two days following moms passing. Eyes closed, washing my hair. I heard "Tina" in a distant like voice. It had a hint of panic to it. Mom was only 61 and had so much anxiety about death. I have some people that love with me so I thought it might've been them but my door was still locked and I asked if they had come in and they said no. I know it was her. She was trying to reassure me. We grew up in a terribly dysfunctional household and I have always carried the weight. I am Catholic so naturally I was worried about her soul. It kind of worries me that there was a hint of panic in her voice but she always did have such bad anxiety. 
ADC from mother who died three days previously.


1493. Craig G ADC 10/18/2015 I then scanned back to the door into the living room and levitating in the living was my mother Edna. Not levitating as you would normally imagine but having great difficulty she was moving her arms around to gain motion it didn’t seem very natural or dignified to her if I was to be honest. She then levitated over to me and held my hand and was talking to me I couldn’t understand what she was trying to say. Her face seemed serious no smile but this could be due to no face muscles I am not sure. 
ADC from deceased mother. Atypical ADC content.


1492. Susan J ADCs 10/11/2015 after six months or so, I was seeing how gray my hair really was under the brown dye. In the front, there is a very white patch. I was looking at it, and said out loud, 'I like the white part... I feel ancient. Ian, you wouldn't even recognize me now!' And I heard 'Ma! I see you every day!' In his voice, in his tone, with the same style of sarcasm.  
ADCs from deceased son.


1491. Kathy K ADC 10/11/2015 As soon as I had this thought to myself I looked slightly to my right and my Mom was standing there. All she did was reach down and pick up my hand and held it in hers, and with her other hand just started stroking my hand, heavily, but very slowly. I fully remember it felt like it conveyed to me NOTHING BUT LOVE.  
ADC Dream from deceased mother.


1490. Leslie K ADC 9/27/2015 Mom was in the form of a bird, perhaps something akin to a dove. Then the bird disappeared and I saw Mom's human form sitting in a beach chair. She had died from brain cancer after wasting away to a skeleton prior to death. Yet, here she appeared whole again, wearing a swimsuit she had last worn on a beloved trip to Hawaii. Behind her was a bay, or inlet, and a fence flanking a canal leading to the bay. There was a red sign leading to the bay that was in a foreign language and understood to be a cautionary warning. We could communicate telepathically, mouths were not necessary.  
ADC dream from deceased mother.


1489. Sandy R ADC 9/23/2015 As I was sitting in the van while he pumped gas, I heard, mentally, (not outloud) one of his daughters say to me: 'You will be sad for a while, but then you're going to be alright.' That was all she said, but I could not figure out which twin had said it and this bothered me because they are so much alike. Plus, then I was struck with true sadness and grief as though someone had died and I was mourning already. I felt this way all the way home which was about 2 miles. We got home and my daughter said the police had called while we were furniture shopping and to call them back. I did call them. 
ADC shortly after death from deceased step-daughter.


1488. Anan B ADC 9/20/2015 From the UK. I then floated to the hatch and said to my Nan 'So you made it to heaven.' My Nan replied, 'No, I just found God.' Then she turned to point out the window and as she did, I felt myself grow very small as I floated through the hatch. Then I floated towards the window and there was a net curtain on the window. I floated between the fibers of the of the curtain without disturbing them. In a great rush, I flew towards the sky and it was the most dazzling blue I had ever seen. I felt at peace. 
ADC dream with deceased grandmother.


1487. Eileen D ADC 9/10/2015 From the UK. Almost without realizing it, I found myself sitting with my legs over the side of the bed, facing the bedroom wall directly beside the open door. At this point, I noticed a light coming from the landing but didn't seem to register it as strange (no lights were on when we went to bed). Then I became aware of the light becoming brighter and appearing before me (about 5 - 6 feet away from where I sat) by the bedroom wall I saw a vision of my mother in the clothes she was buried in. 
ADC Dream from deceased mother with important message of reconciliation.


1486. Jon D ADCs 9/9/2015 From Scotland. I was told of his death at 5pm on April 27th 2013, I was greatly distressed. At around 9pm, I became very calm. Then I saw a figure outside my window - not a reflection - there was a figure of a man standing there in my garden. I live in a most isolated location, so this was exceptional. I felt no fear or alarm even though I live alone in a remote place. The experience lasted for a whole minute or more. Then the figure was no longer there. I believe someone had come from the other side to see if I was OK. I am not saying it was the deceased, but it might have been. That was a Saturday. The following Wednesday morning I again became calm, having been in distress for the intervening period. After I calmed, I fleetingly saw the deceased just outside my window at 10am in full daylight. 
ADCs from deceased friend.


1485. Sharon G ADC 2382 8/28/2015 So, right after talking to him, I got my laptop and opened it up to Facebook and started a message to him. I clicked on the top left side of the message box where you start typing a message. The cursor kept starting over to the top right instead. I tried several times to start on the top left, but it always popped over to the top right. So I started typing. The words came out backwards from right to left like this. 
ADC from deceased grandson.


1484. Émilie M ADC 8/23/2015 From France. Original in French, translated into English by Marguy. This golden light radiated such an intense joy that I had the impression that on my face a big smile was forming, covering my face completely. This immense joy, I had never experienced on earth. Yet, the joy was familiar to me and was putting a comforting balm on my heart, instantly wiping out my suffering. Inside of the ball were two bright forms with vague outlines. I could only see the form of a head and chest; I saw neither arms nor legs. It were as if they were looking at me through a window. The being of light at the right seemed female to me. She was like a guide accompanying my friend, who was at the left from my viewpoint. It communicated with me by thought, 'There is a dear being that wants to see you a last time.' I sensed a feeling of compassion and sadness for our earthly sufferings, coming from the guide. I immediately reached towards the light, with what I think was my 'energetic hand.' I grabbed a protuberance resembling a hand of golden light, that came out of the light ball. 
Shared Death Experience from friend.


1483. Katrina ADC 8/23/2015 I was in tears because I knew his time was approaching the end now. I hurried and grabbed the last item from the capsule: a simple strand of aurora borealis colored beads (possibly prayer beads?). 'Before you go, Dad, tell me of this too... please.' His voice cracking and barely above a whisper, he said this: 'That is my promise to you, Kate. There is magic after this life is done. There is so much magic afterwards and I love you.' ... and with that, he closed his eyes and took his last breath.  
ADCs from deceased father.


1482. Amanda ADCs 8/10/2015 I looked over and my older brother and my dad were holding my mom up on either side and they were walking her to the staircase, with her arms dangling uselessly around their necks and her feet dragging on the floor behind her. In the dream I thought to myself about how they were going to have a hard time carrying her up all those stairs because she was unable to help in any way. They were walking ahead of me and I walked behind them to catch her in case she fell. As we walked up the staircase my mom slowly gained more and more mobility until she was able to walk on her own without the assistance of my dad and brother. In the dream I even thought "Hey! Mom is walking again!".  
Remarkably beautiful ADC with five special gifts from her deceased father.


1481. Nicola ADC 2378 8/10/2015 She suddenly received a HUGE settlement, plus retroactive payments, right then on the anniversary of dad's death. The agent told her 'Don't sell your house. Your financial MESS is all sorted out!!! Merry Christmas! You must have a guardian angel!!!' My dream suddenly made sense. In my dream, dad was in the process of 'fixing the mess' and 'cleaning up all this shit' at mom's house. The mess / shit was a metaphor for mom's insurance nightmare and financial problem!!! Within 8 hours of my dream the problem was solved, almost by magic, right on Christmas Eve. It was a Christmas miracle from my dad, allowing mom's insurance problem to get fixed so we could enjoy Christmas.  
ADC dream from deceased father.


1480. Luzinar OP ADCs 8/1/2015  From Brazil I lost a cousin of mine. He was 21 years old at that time and was the youngest son among the children. My aunt got desperate when he got sick without any reason and died one week after only. I remember that when he was at the hospital I was at home preparing myself to go to work. My mother was with me and then she asked me if I was smelling flowers scent inside home. I told her that I could smell flowers scent as well and she found that very strange, especially because there were no flowers at home nor even nearby. I asked her why and she said it was a kind of presage, because my cousin was not recovering from his illness and the doctors had said they could do nothing else for him but wait for his recovering. Ten minutes later, after the flowers scent, the telephone rang. It was from the hospital and they said that my cousin had just died. 
ADCs, some dreams and some not.


1479. Mark F ADCs 7/26/2015  As I was drifting off to sleep, I heard my name. 'Mark.' I awoke with a start but did not make a move. I was frightened but tried to rationalize my experience. 'Mark.' it said again, and it sounded louder somehow although now I realize the voice was probably telepathically sent to me instead of being auditory. There was no one within earshot that would have called my name, especially in a male voice. I laid there motionless, and again tried to pretend as if I didn't hear. The third 'Mark!' was now loud and almost a shout. I was frozen in fear. 
ADCs from grandfather at age 11 in Philippines.


1478. Carole M ADCs 7/26/2015  After I was sitting down, a frog appeared by the pool. I had assumed that it must have been in the pool. It was a good sized frog, about 5 inches long, so I did not know how I could have missed it in the pool. I did not see any frogs in or near the pool when I went into the pool and left the pool. I thought it odd that a frog should suddenly appear. When 'real' frogs get caught in pools they have a hard time getting out without help. In retrospect, this must have been no ordinary physical frog. It jumped over to where I was sitting by the pool, turned to me an stopped. We spent a long time, maybe a minute, looking at each other. I thought to myself, 'Ray, I did not think you would be back so soon!' Then the frog continued to jump in the same direction away from the pool and finally it jumped in the bushes.  
ADC from deceased cousin.


1477. Robyn R ADC 7/7/2015  In my dream Pete and I were standing in the school hallway by the lockers. The school was completely empty except for the two of us. He was wearing a starter jacket, which were big at that time and to my knowledge he didn't own. He passed two weeks before Christmas and I often wonder if it was a gift he was going to receive from his parents. He hugged me and said goodbye. I kept asking him, begging him to stay and he said to me several times "this is my way out of here". He then walked down the hallway and disappeared. Dreams are often forgotten by the time we are fully awake, but this has stayed with me all my life. We had a special bond so without a doubt in my mind, this was him consoling me and saying goodbye. 
ADC dream at age 15.


1476. Lisa LY ADC 7/5/2015  I was asleep and he came to me. I could feel him inside of me. It was the most wonderful feeling of peace and it was HIM. I knew immediately it was Bryon. Nothing was said, but I knew he was with me. Just a warm sensation in my torso area. This has not happened again and I wonder if he was saying goodbye. 
ADC from husband.


1475. Ray L ADCs 6/28/2015  When I awoke from a afternoon nap, it was like there was a presence. Nothing visual or fiscal, it was so real, I even asked if every thing was OK. It was then I realized that I was alone, there was no one or thing there .... the presence subsided, but I continued to think about it a good part of the afternoon. This seems to be a norm. It has happened on at least two occasions, with very similar circumstances. It is not longer frightening, however the first experience was a bit disconcerting for a short time after the occurrence.  
ADCs involving sensed presence attributed to deceased wife.


1474. Bonnie M ADC 6/27/2015  It was a bitter essay of vitriol and vile language. After typing it, I hit enter and instead of the hate filled rant being posted, this was posted instead "Angels are here with us" - my awful essay was no where to be found. As I looked at the sentence, I realized it was a link to another facebook page.  
Interesting ADC involving an inexplicable Internet posting.


1473. Robert M ADCs 6/24/2015 I woke abruptly and had a strange, urgent feeling about the dream and decided that we [my partner and I] would go to the hospital anyway, even if we had to wait till Glenn's Mother left.  We drove to the hospital, asked what room Glenn was in, and was told he wasn't there.  I said there must be a mistake because I spoke to him a few hour's ago.  Upon further looking, the reception person informed us that Glenn had Passed Away the same time I was having my dream.
Multiple ADCs over years.


1472. Christine V ADC 6/18/2015 From Canada. Original in French, translated to English by Marguy.  But I suspected that his soul left me, as during the massage I saw such an intense light in his eyes, the color of his eyes had turned into a bright green, like the new green in spring. The day following this tragedy, my Norman came to visit me, he was lost and didn't know what to do.  
ADC/DBV from soulmate. Also has an element of the Chinese perspective 'the light returns.'


1471. Noreen ADC 6/4/2015 In my "dream" I was in the living room and I saw my little sweet boy show up and I said to him, " Sweet Baby, I am so happy to see you. I have missed you so much." I knew that he wasn't supposed to be there because he was gone physically. In my dream, I called out to my husband and said, "Ken, you have to hurry. Sweet Baby is here and he is going to leave if you don't get here soon." I was overjoyed with seeing my little love and I rubbed his head with my fingers like I used to do and I could literally feel his little skull under his little furry head. 
ADC from deceased pet dog.


1470. Dawn K ADCs 6/4/2015  It was Easter 2006, at about 1AM. It was not hot or cold outside, so no AC was on or windows were open. I was praying and crying and talking to God about why He had taken my twin sister. My eyes had adjusted to the dark, and I was lying on my back. All of the sudden the ceiling fan, which I had been staring at as I prayed, started to turn around slowly. It did one complete rotation and then stopped. There was no draft in the room, nor had it been on for hours. I felt that she was saying she was somewhere...still alive. Also, at another time, I felt something touching the back of my head as if someone was playing with my hair. I had two dreams about her. One, she had left the hospital and we knew she was still going to die, even though she was lucid and seemed healthy. The other she appeared to me while I was sitting in a chair and I fell to the floor in tears. She knelt down beside me and hugged me and told me everything would be alright.  
ADCs from deceased twin sister.


1262. Allison G ADC 5/17/2015  Another ADC. From Mom on Mother's day.


1469. Dixie J ADC 5/9/2015  As we entered the hall we walked toward a man sitting on the arm of a chair. I realized it was my deceased husband. I walked up to him and said something to the effect of, "My God, Harry I thought you were dead. I must be dreaming." He said, "Look I am fine, touch me." I touched him and noticed that he was young and healthy looking. I saw no gray, just dark brown hair and healthy skin. " I said to him, I must have dreamt you died." He repeated, "I am fine." He didn't say so but the implication was clear that I was forgiven for past transgressions.  
Remarkable SOBE with ADC about one year after her husband’s death. Not a dream- she was standing throughout the experience.

1468. Joanne R ADC  4/14/15 Then I said, 'Hello?" Again, and I heard faint happy voices as if from a great distance. Then a woman' s faint voice spoke to me, and she sounded excited and happy, but I couldn't understand her words. However, the pitch of her voice was exactly my mom's.  "Mom? Is that you?" I blurted. The voice said something else, but the static was keeping me from distinguishing words. Then the other voices faded away, and the crackling calmed down and it got very quiet on the line. Scared, I hung up, feeling very confused. Rationally I knew my dead mom couldn't use a phone, but I was also sure it had been her. The phone worked fine after that, and it never happened again.
ADC from deceased mother involving a phone.

1467. Robert K SDE  3/27/15  The love I had for my mom was dwarfed by this light, made it look like a single grain of sand in the middle of the Sahara, indescribable. All I could see was light, like it was me and I was it. There was a 3 part message, and then things I just sensed, things I just knew. 
Shared death experience with mother. 

1466. Hannah D ADC  3/25/15 I awoke (very emotionally charged, sad, but comforted) from dreaming of a "white picket fence", then quickly switching to being in my grandparents' home..I looked over and saw my grandfather to the left of me, sitting in "his chair" a recliner that for years had been "his chair" (I must have been sitting because he was at eye level). The dream changed quickly and we were both standing, facing one another...he was holding me, and told me "Deborah, I love you" "I love you very much". And as quickly as the dream came, it was gone, just like that! Very quick, and to the, just realized that that was my grandfather's personality, quick and "to the point"...very interesting:) But again, the dream seemed as if it only lasted a couple of minutes...just long enough for him to make his point.
ADC Dream from grandfather

1465. Laura D ADCs  3/16/15  My dog starts to act up. Throwing toys, jumping on back of couch, but looks very happy. Suddenly and swiftly, and I thought I heard a swoosh, I can smell and feel my husband on my face. On my chest he moves right in. I can see his freckles on his shoulders. I can see his damp hair right in front of my eyes. I can't see him physically, but I see these things.
ADCs from deceased husband.

1464. Jack A ADC  3/3/15  I  have had a number of ADC’s since my wife's passing.  I have to admit, a number of them had me scratching my head in bewilderment.  Some happened a second time and only then did I realize the first occurrence was an ADC and not my imagination.  Well, this last weekend there was an ADC that could not be mistaken for a natural  occurrence.   I was spending a night in a Marriott property on my way to So.  Cal to visit my family.   The room had a TV/sofa area along with a desk and lamp for working with the computer.  There was a small wall separating this area with the bedroom.  After I finished working on the computer,  I turned off all the lights in the “living room” area, including the desk lamp and headed towards the bed.  It was dark in the room and  I remember stumbling against my Laptop bag and knocking it over.  When I went to bed,  I left a small spot light on above my side of the bed – it was a soft light,  not a bright one.  My back was toward the “living  room area”.  Around  5 or 6 AM I woke up with a minor nose bleed.   When I opened my eyes,  I noticed that there was light coming from the “living room area”.  I got up to check it out and discovered that the desk lamp was on.   I knew I turned it off,  because my laptop case was still knocked over.  I knocked it over because when I turned the desk  lamp off,  it was pitch black in the room.   So this one time I immediately knew I had an ADC with the desk lamp coming on.  There was proof and no doubt I turned that desk light off.  
Short ADC so there is no link.

1463. Pearl L ADC  3/1/15 From the UK. I was in a white room with my dog and it was unclear where the boundaries of walls where, almost as though the only physical things present were myself and my dog. He then leapt with his front paws onto my shoulders but instead of looking happy as usual, he looked concerned.
ADC dream at time of death of pet dog.

1462. Robert B ADC  2/21/15  As I approached I felt wild energy.. I fell to my knees in front of a picture of her on the bank next to the highway. That's when it happened. She flooded into me... energy like I've never experienced... She answers every question I thought I would never know, eased all my doubts.  The person that brought me to the spot was screaming. As I stood finally I wasn't me... I was her. Her last moment.. Her fear, what she seen.. then a huge red flash a giant heart beat pulse darkness fear a bright pin point of light racing toward it, then blinding light.
ADC from friend at time of death 1200 miles away

1461. Gary G ADC 2358  2/15/15  10 minutes later, suddenly the picture came on. I still could NOT do anything with the remote, change station, turn TV on and off, nothing, so I repeated the above steps and re-booted the system, again, blank screen and could do nothing with remote, 5-10 minutes later, poof, picture came on.
Inexplicable mal-performance by television.  Attributed to deceased mother.

1460. Leigh ADC 2356  2/10/15 We were on a dirt path but we weren't walking. More like floating along. I say walking because it seemed like we were in a way. When she went through the gate like structure there was a stream that turned into a river but it was not wet nor did it seem to flow. It was just sort of there and got bigger. Next there was this light. And then there was a left and right and both sides were equally beautiful. But my mother was still standing on the river. She walked to the right. There was a lady there who I didn't recognize . My mother did. And a sort if tree house made of bronze but without a tree. Just like stairs and house. The grass was green but more green than real life. There were animals there too as far as I could see.
ADC dream that included great grandmother- her aunt had a very similar dream that included the great grandmother. 

1459. Franziska R ADC  2/1/15 From Switzerland. #1 Not very long time after Andreas' death, one night I woke up for the first time on the flower meadow. I'm able to remember, how at first I was slightly disoriented, because I couldn't understand, why I wasn't in my bed. But then I saw Andreas, who out of the expanse of the sky walked towards me in his white 'Jesus dress'. And then I felt that Love was poured over me. He looked beautiful as usual, had his three-day beard as usual.  He came towards me and smiled at me. I was standing up to welcome him with a hug. We were walking a bit through the meadow. It was beautiful. Somewhere further back a sparkling little brook, was meandering through the grass. This brook was the border to heaven. On the opposite side of the meadow there was a forest
#2 my daughter clearly kept looking at someone for days and crying as soon as I left her alone for a second. that's why I then called the clairvoyant. the clairvoyant told me, that my daughter (aged 1 year) wanted to tell me, that my twin sister was here to tell me, that she existed. I had throughout my childhood believed, my parents would have given my twin sister out for Adoption, but they kept saying, I had no twin sister. we then found out, that my twin sister died, when she had been for about 3 months with me in my mothers womb. my mother thought she'd loose me due to heavy bleedings in her pregnancy - but we lost my twin sister, and didn't know. 
Multiple ADCs, many quite remarkable. 

1458. Kaarlo ADC  2/4/15 From France.  Original in French, translated to English by Marguy. 
 I'm rushing towards Christiane, take her hands, I feel her hands ( I notice and am amazed that I can physically, materially ??? feel her hands. I sense a kind of static electricity, type 'pins and needles'). I ask her why did you go? Why did you go? I make sure that the answer is not coming from me, but from outside, I'm conscious and I want an answer.  Chri – I changed subject (I love you?), answers given several times.  Christiane looks young, blond hair, half long, flat with a part on the side. (I don't remember having seen her like that).
ADC dream from deceased sister.

1457. Margaret L ADC  2/1/15 I dreamed I was very sad because Harry had passed away.  I was crying in the dream, and I said I can't show Harry love anymore.  Then he broke through my dream out of no where, and he stood before me and smiled.  He said it's okay sweetie, and opened his arms for me to come to him.  I knew I should go to him   We embraced, and the hug was do real.  Even after I woke up, I could still feel it.  I felt very comforted. It seemed like it gave me strength to go on.  I woke up after that, but it was as if I had not been in a deep sleep.  I woke very gently.  What amazed me most about this dream was the great feeling of love that seemed to surround my experience with my brother.  There was such a tremendous feeling of love.  Love like I have never known in this world or could ever know here.
ADC dream from deceased brother.

1456. Christy F ADC  2/1/15  my mother was standing there right in front of me.  She was whole and beautiful and looked like she was the prettiest age I can remember her, in her 30's probably.  She suffered through 8 years of cancer and treatment and was frail and gaunt when she died.  She was just standing there and she told me everything is going to be ok.  I did not move or say anything,  I just stared at her.  'It's going to be ok,' she said over and over.
Possible dream ADC from deceased mother.

Allison G ADCs 9/9/12 & 12/28/13  & 1/19/14 & 6/21/14 & 8/23/14 & 11/23/14  & 1/21/15  I was asleep when it happened. I was dreaming that I was in my kitchen and I looked into the living room, where I saw my mom! She was as clear as day! I saw that she was dressed in a floral printed dress, and was quite a bit thinner than she had been last time I had seen her. She appeared to be free to move and in no pain, whereas, while still here on this earth, she was always hurting and in pain. I also was wearing a floral printed dress, but I'm not sure of the significance of the dresses. I ran to my mom, and was able to reach her, but in the back of my head, I knew that she had passed, even though she was in our living room. I know for a fact that this was a sleep state ADC because it was very clear to me.
ADC dream from mother and other ADCs.

1455. Gennette F ADC  1/14/15  During the experience, I heard my Mother in the living room talking to my youngest child. It was as if I was just awake enough to hear her speaking but, still somewhat asleep. I couldn't see her but, I just knew she was sitting in the recliner in the living room with my child. It was a "gut feeling" as best as I can describe, that she was physically there and where she was sitting even though I couldn't see her.
ADC fom mother who died a few days before experience.

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