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In my dream I started to cry remembering my mother's words she used to say before she passed away two years ago. I was hearing her voice telling me how happy she was when she has passed away that she doesn't have to suffer anymore from the terrible illness she went through. I got out of my bed and tried to figure out where her voice was coming from. I realized that I wasn't walking I was floating with my legs slightly bent and my arms sticking out at thirty degree angle. It was an amazing experience, I felt free and peaceful and full of energy. I have never experienced anything like this. When I got to the living room it was slightly lit from the light from outside light I didn't recognize the place. I went back to the bedroom and I realized that I was a lot higher level than my ceiling was. I was above looking at my husband and my two children who were sleeping in my bed. My husband opened his eyes and looked right at me and noticed me floating. When I started to talk to tell him that I was floating, I had no voice to my words and I tried so much to talk but I couldn't. Suddenly I woke up and saw my children and my husband sleeping beside me. I looked outside and the morning light was starting to dim through curtains.