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Experience description:  

In 1989 my mother was dying from intestinal  cancer. We shared our birthday and it was obvious she would not live another 3 weeks until our birthday. I told her she could make it rain on our birthday to let me know she was ok on the other side. She was excited and told my father what I had told her. We lived in the San Francisco Bay Area which was in a state of drought and she died on St Patrick�s Day exactly two weeks before our birthday. That day there was a single cloud in the sky in the shape of a sick person which I felt was a sign. I had spent the next two weeks in the Santa Cruz Mountains and it rain a little every day for the two weeks and stopped after our birthday. Then every year for the next 11 years it rained where ever I was on our birthday.

In the year 2000 my father had bypass surgery that went wrong and was sedated for three months. When they brought him out of sedation the nurses said he was complaining that it was raining in his room. Before this my father was an Atheist but he had experienced something that turned him around spiritually and told others in the family �you know I think Bill may be right� referring to my afterlife beliefs.  He had a collection of books about life after death he was reading and died 2 months after coming out of sedation. We took his ashes to the top of Mission Peak in Fremont, California and by time we got to the top it was raining. I held the bag of ashes up and poured them out, they mixed with the wind and rain and much of him blew over the mountain. It was late October and when I left with a rental truck with my share of his belongings it snowed so hard that chains were required to cross the Sierras and snowed across Nevada on the way to Colorado. It was as if I seeded the clouds with dad�s ashes and he decided he would throw in the snow and ice. Then on my birthday in 2001 I was in St Petersburg, Florida having lunch with my son when a storm popped up and was dropping heavy hail. The hail was so heavy I had to run to the parking lot to throw a sleeping bag over the hood of my new car to keep it from getting dented.

On the anniversary of dad�s death I was living in Merritt Island, Florida and a storm was headed East from Orlando to Cape Canaveral north of me when it made a 90 degree right turn and came straight at me. It was like a mini hurricane and another sign from mom and dad. Since then the rain has stopped being consistent but does still more than not come on my birthday.

I believe that the dead can manipulate weather to give a sign as long as non believers know nothing about the message and are not working against it. I had discovered the ability to gather clouds in a hallucinogenic experience years before my mother died and felt that she could control the clouds to give me a sign.