Brief Overview

fter Death Communication (ADC
) is a spontaneous contact or communication with a deceased friend or family member.  ADC may include any of the following (alone or in any combination):
Sensing the presence of the deceased, which may be described as a distinct knowing or sense they are present.  The deceased is generally described as a loving presence and the experience as joyous.
Seeing the deceased which may involve seeing all or part of them, clearly or incompletely.
Hearing the deceased, which may include one way or two way conversation.  This conversation may be heard externally, as we hear in our everyday lives, or it may be heard internally, as telepathic communication.
Feeling the deceased, which is usually described as a tap, hug, kiss or caress.  The touch is generally described as  typical of how the deceased used to lovingly touch the experience.
Smelling the deceased, usually described as a fragrance, aroma or scent which was associated with the deceased.  This may include the scent of perfume, cologne, flowers, etc.

    What is clear is that ADC is not a hallucination or mental/psychiatric dysfunction.   They are real.  ADC experiencers we talked with generally felt their experience was significant and meaningful.  ADC experiencers may have questions regarding their experience, yet usually have a deep sense the experience was real.

    We are impressed with both the similarities and dissimilarities of ADC experiences.   While some experiencers have a detailed and prolonged experience, others have a shorter and less "dramatic" experience.  We believe all ADC experiences are significant and important in our quest to learn their meaning.

    ADC experiences are very common.  Surveys of adults from around the world consistently find 20% - 31% of the respondents answer affirmatively when asked if they had ever felt they had contact with someone who had died.  When widows are surveyed, 47% - 51% believed they had contact experiences.

    ADC experiences are occasionally witnessed by more than one person.  Some ADC experiences convey information to the experiencer they did not previously know and could not have otherwise known.  Examples of such communication include the location of missing money or heirlooms, or a warning to the experiencer of previously unknown imminent danger. 

    ADC experiences may occur prior to the experiencer knowing about the death of the deceased one who appears to them.  This observation along with multiple documented ADC experiences occurring 10 or more years from the time of death of the loved one thoroughly refutes the argument that ADCs are only acute grief related reactions.  ADCs are real.  More information on ADCs may be found in Intro to After Death Communication.