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My father had a crystal chandelier hanging in the entry hall of his home. It was enormous and very dirty. It needed to be taken apart, cleaned and washed. Every year he would tell me the same thing... ''I am going to straighten that chandelier out and clean it this winter''.   I think he was afraid of it because for five years he put off doing that very thing.

When I got out of the hospital I had my arm in a cast. The next morning after I got home I decided to tackle that chandelier job my Dad had never gotten to do. I think it was an emotional statement on my part of some kind. I took the whole thing apart, washed all of the garlands of crystals and crystal cups and the long ice sickle shapes. I had it laid out on 15 towels in the living room. It took a couple of days. I had to make some new rivets for the garlands.

My friend Edith came to stay with me for a few weeks from my home town. We invited the woman that lived next door to the big event. After coffee and cake, I was going to go up the ladder and hang the bottom crystal ball on the chandler. We all walked out of the kitchen into the entry hall, I was leading the way. As I approached the entry hall and opened the double doors and the LIGHTS CAME ON, ON THE CHANDELIER!!! No one was near the light switch, it was in front of us all on the other side of the room.

My next door neighbor turned pale and went home. She suddenly needed to do a few things before her son got home from school. My friend Edith said... I think your father is trying to tell you something. I am sure he was. He was telling me he would always be with me.