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Experience description:  

 My brother O, who was 26 at the time of his death, had battled mental illness for about 5 years before he committed suicide on 6th November, 2003 after several weeks of extreme depression. My parents, particularly Mum, had dedicated themselves to his care & support for this entire time and he lived with them and spent all of his time with them. He loved his family dearly, but wrote in his suicide note that he was so sorry to do this to Mum, but he couldn't 'do it' (ie live with the anguish of his mental illness) any more.

On the night of my brother's death, my father was away with his work, and the people in the house were my mother and my other brother R. At 3.05am that morning, my mother was at the kitchen sink getting a drink and my middle brother R was upstairs asleep. At this time, my mother heard a noise that sounded like a metal garage door being let go and as she turned to her right to look towards the sound, she saw what appeared to be the solid brick wall vibrating rapidly as though there was a large earth tremor. In the split second that her mind tried to register what was happening, she thought that there was some sort of an accident outside the house, or possible a serious earth tremor. Within a split second of this noise & vibration, she suddenly felt something almost thud into the upper part of her back and the force pushed her against the kitchen sink. She then felt what she could only describe as a rush of energy, or air, pass through her chest and up through her throat. It was so real, and so extreme that it actually forced her to exhale the air out of her lungs. She thought for a second that perhaps she was having some sort of a heart attack or turn of some sort. She was extremely frightened and after she had gotten her breath back and started to feel a bit better she went to bed, passing the experience off as over tiredness and possibly ill health.

At exactly the same time, 3.05 am, my middle brother who was asleep upstairs, was awoken within what he thought was a dream. He saw a glowing form of a body, that somehow knew was his brother O. In this 'dream', O looked radiantly happy & healthy, and was holding both palms up at him as if to say 'it's ok..it's ok..'. and he seemed in a hurry, as though he was going somewhere or to something that he was really excited about. O seemed to leave the room just as R looked at the time on his digital clock. It was 3.05 am, and in a half dreamy sleepy state, he fell back to sleep. The next morning my mother & brother awoke to the sound of frantic knocking on the front door. It was the neighbor from the opposite house telling them that they had some terrible news about O. He had committed suicide in his car which was parked outside my parents house. The estimated time of death given by the coroner was 3.00 - 3.30 am. This was in line with the time that my mother and other brother had their experiences. I believe that my brother was frantically trying to contact his mum and brother before he passed on to wherever he was going, and immediately upon death entered the house and tried to hug or contact mum who was in the kitchen, then passed up to my brother's room to try and say goodbye.