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Experience description:  

when I was a child I experienced so much unexplainable, other phenomena.  It would take a book to go through all my experiences.  I remember each one vividly from then on and I'm 38.  from having uncontrollable anxiety a few months when my father was on his end stage with liver cirrhosis, I was agoraphobic. 

The day he died I needed no medicine. I was in my 20s then.  Hadn't been around my dad all that much.  from having unexplainable feelings of emotions so strong of just knowing someone I know died so much so when I lived in Las Vegas I made 3 trips back to Idaho for short 3 day visit each lasting over a week because each trip a close family member died while I came to visit.  To knowing my dad died before while on my way to the hospital. 

I was driving to my cousin's house last month and while on my way an owl flew down and almost hit the car.  It was night and plain as day.  Now her dad is in the hospital.  I'm dreading that feeling again.  I envisioned trouble coming my way.  I was warned, I saw a shower and brick walls with great detail just out of the blue one day.  Then I saw things and felt things I knew 110 percent If I didn't stop doing what I was doing I would end up in prison.  I did and the image that is still in my head today was the exact image of the wall and shower where I ended up. 

When incarcerated each time I got out of jail I knew I was getting out. I didn't know how but I told people around me.  each time I got out shortly after.  at the same time I knew when I was in jail one time I wasn't getting out.  from the day I sensed that I didn't see the light of a free day for a very long time.  these are some of the senses I have.  the out of body experiences well. I'm tired of typing.

Any associated medications or substances with the potential to affect the experience?     No      

Was the kind of experience difficult to express in words?          in 38 years I haven't talked about it until recently out of all the ones I experienced.  I mentioned it one time before and during that one time after I said it this woman that had never experienced one pulled out a book that she was reading currently.  trippy

At the time of this experience, was there an associated life threatening event?          Yes     first time I experienced it when I was in the eight grade at my baseball game I was trusted with an unexplainable emotion.  I knew then something seriously wrong had happened. my uncle hung himself during that game. after the game my parents told me. when they did I felt nothing.