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Experience description:  

My wife and I had a friend, a kindred spirit, whom I had known since 1991 and my wife had know them since 1968.  Barb developed Parkinson�s Plus (Systems Atrophy) four or five year back before her death in July of 2005.  Her whole family was very Christian.  Barb did not ever preach, she allowed her actions through her loving heart in her every day life would beam her spirit and her love for Christ.  In 1991 after finding our selves homeless and no where to go, I and my now second wife, went up to her long time friend�s house to ask for directions to a campground to live at.  We were taken in by Barb and her family for eight weeks until we got a home established.  

On Wednesday night services I once a month had Communion.  Twenty five college kids sat in rows of chairs and after silently praying to our selves, at the time we are ready in our hearts, each member walks up and to a small table and takes a small cracker and a small juice filled thimble and we go sit back down.  On one particular night, I changed my prayer routine.  This time I prayed and asked the Great spirit to fill my heart with his love and the blood of his son, and to forgive every one who ever had sinned against us (Us being all of man kind), and for them to forgive me for ever sinning against them, (I have always be taught to ask for my own forgiveness, but I truly believe the power lies in to things, complete faith and in a total giving heart void of my own needs and wants for personal gains)  so I wanted to put every one else first and me last, all of this done very humbly.  I was suddenly overcome and filled with immense joy, and a rush of warmth and a great filling of love came over me. (This is important to note here) I had then known that I was being filled with the Holy Spirit. 

It only happened to me one time after that, four months later.  Barb had just passed away a few days before.  A day after her viewing, was the Funeral.  It was in a country side Pioneer Cemetery.  My wife and an out of town  visiting guest and I were driving along a sunny country road.  As the two ladies were talking, I was feeling very melancholy.  I would not let my heart be filled with sadness, I prayed and as I had in the Wednesday night service.  I prayed for the filling of my heart with the Great spirit and the blood of his son, the forgiveness of all, and I started to think of my friend Barb in a very loving heart filled way and of all the times we had together and I was again over come with the great immense filling of love and joy.  Even thought the Ladies stressed that maybe we were traveling on the wrong road, I said "no" we are getting very near now.  I didn't know, I only felt that this is so.  Three miles ahead we saw a bunch of parked cars on a hill top with great big Pine trees towering over the hill top. 

We approached and walked up as the Pallbearers where carrying the casket to the grave site. We were the last three to arrive.  We started to hug everyone as they were all very sad and in great pain of hearts and distressed.  I was sad but still would not let go of my happy feelings for my dear friend Barbara.   I stood there with my arm around a tough old Biker friend as he was sobbing.  My eyes and all eyes where on the pastor saying the sermon, and every one was so sad and crying except me.  I could not take the big grin from my face, I was so worried that some one was going to see me smiling and club me for being happy, or declare me as deranged or something.   I stood there and my sight was taken from the funeral to a field before me.  I tried to look at my body but could not do so.  I felt as though I was peering through my eyes, but I could not see my nose or anything of what I can now (my mustache and lip, and nose). I was looking straight at a flowering plant directly in front of me about twelve feet away.  The plant appeared to be five foot high in all, one tall greenish stalk, and from it were six very bright a vivid yellow trumpet flowers.  Each one was perfect in shape, round like that of an old phonograph horn.  The lower ones were the biggest and each one up was smaller, three in each vertical row.  One vertical row was facing me and turned to the right.  The other row was perfectly mirrored to the left.  At each level, each flower was the same size, color and shape as its mirrored twin, but all six where the exact same color � yellow, vivid yellow.  At the top of the plant was a green knobbed point.  Behind this was a open field of tall green grass, almost green yellow in color and the trees behind this field where huge with many small, rounded-like-a-spear leaves.  There was no wind movement, no animal life, no other beings, no birds, or nothing.  There were no signs saying heaven or Shangri-la, nothing but the strongest thing that I viewed next to the very vivid yellow perfect plant was no sign of any plant decay or bent blades of grasses. 

More interesting was the very bright sun light, but nowhere did I see a shadow.  It was as lit under the trees as it was upon the flower as it was all around in every direction.  Being as it was so bright, I did not have to squint and I had no eye pain.  In fact it was all so overwhelmingly pleasant to be viewing.  When it suddenly started to fade out from my sight as though I was falling to sleep or closing my eyes, it was going slowly.  I could do nothing to get it back into view as it was feeling so damn good to be there.  Then I found myself viewing the casket being lowered to the ground and noticed I still had a very huge grin across my face.  At that moment the pastor looked up and stared right at me while I was smiling.  He looked surprise and he almost look as though he was searching for an understanding or why I was grinning and not crying.  It shocked him.  All I could think to do without talking and explaining what I was going through was to put my two hands together in a praying hands fashion and then point my right index finger upwards. He smiled back and nodded as though he really understood my crazy smile, and look of puzzlement over my vision.  I stayed very joy full for an hour more and I talked to the family and told them what I had seen. This consoled them.  It gave the adult kids joy once again and they know I was being blessed with this vision of their mother.