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My Father was an addict, and yet he was a great man.  He cared about others, and wrote great songs that touched people where they lived.  I loved him completely but could never depend on him.  This created a deep sadness that I carried throughout my life.
One night I had a Technicolor dream.  My father stepped out from behind some bushes. The setting was like a back yard , country type of thing. He was wearing his wide brim hat, and had no shirt on.  He looked at me, said nothing, but his eyes said "I love you, and I'm proud of you.  He came walking toward me , moved to my left, and as he did, he gradually faded away.
I heard myself saying "Daddy!!...Daddy!!... Daddy!!!.  Out of the center of my chest it felt like a hand reached in, tore my sadness loose, and wrenched it out of me.  The experience woke me completely up, and it took hours for the feeling to go away.  But when it did, I no longer had the pain.  I felt like a 10 ton weight had been lifted off of me.  A 10 ton weight buried so deep that nothing had ever been able to reach it.
We were a troubled family and it effected me deeply.  I have learned to forgive as I go in life.  It's a Moment to Moment thing.  Everyone's dead now except me they've all crossed over.  After my experience, I wrote a piece of poetry for them that released me and hopefully them as well.
FORGIVENESS  (For My Family Crossed Over)
I reach across time, and space
To touch you once again
In a place
That was always here
But never found
Only revealed
When I came around
Brother, can you hear me
We passed each other in the dark
Never to see the glow
that traced our pathway
To the Heart
You forgave but I could not
and then you were gone
I lost the chance to set things right
Now, deep within
I see us dancing in the Light
Mother, can you hear me
Your spirit feels like a little child
As was I
When I was helpless at your feet
We were lovers in an ancient time
Torn from an embrace
That left us yearning incomplete
You would not let me go
I understand
Hold me now
Ever to know that I love you
Now, at last
We're free
Father, can you hear me
In death you've never left my side
In life the demons that never let you rest
Took you from me
While I cried
Through me you speak to my children
They feel our love, our touch, our caress
Know now that within me
In a forever that has no beginning
And never ends
Love is, and we are
Dave Woods and Family
Copyright 2001 Callicoon Music ASCAP