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Experience description:

I lost Adam, age 23 Oct. 3rd,2001 due to a Heroin overdose. Adam was my first child of three. I was sitting out on the porch 2 weeks after we buried him and I was visualizing him sitting next to me as he always did and I just wanted to remember him from head to toe as I saw him last. I felt the need to receive a hug from him and I felt this great feeling as I visualized leaning on his shoulder and I felt as if I had gotten a hug from him. I felt a peace come over me.

A week later, same porch, both experience's were in broad daylight) I wanted to go back and receive another hug. I shut my eyes and my vision all turned to a light red like when you do when you sit in the sun without sunglasses. At that very moment my sites and sounds, everything clued in and it sounded like a vacuum noise at the same time felt like I was zoomed mentally to this place. I saw thousands of people at what seemed like to me as a beach setting ( just seemed to me to be the logical answer for it was daylight there and so many people) I was thinking to myself as this was taking place that this could not be real for it was daylight, and I was not dreaming nor was I on any medication to help deal with my loss)

As I noticed all the people I was zoomed in to my son Adam walking down a path. I seemed to be with 4 or 5 feet of him. He turned around as if something had distracted him and had a look of puzzlement on his face that something had called his attention but he knew not what it was. Before Adam passed he had buzzed his hair and in this vision his hair was all one length and to his shoulders. It seemed as soon as I saw him and he turned around distracted, then he turned and proceeded and I lost the vision and I opened my eyes in total happiness that I had seen him again, peaceful that I had seen him and I knew he was safe but puzzled that he did not know it was me that he turned around for.

I had been praying to the Lord to show me that he was in his care for I was living in doubt that he was safe. I just wanted to share this for it is so amazing and wonderful that I was given this vision. I hope to have more later. Maybe I am not to have another, but I feel a prayer was answered for me in that one time and I know that we will see each other again. Thanks for listening and letting me share this awesome experience for others to hear. I believe with all that I am that this was very real and I was given such a gift from the Lord to see my son on his way.

Love and Peace, Adam's Mom, Denise