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Elizabeth's ADC

Experience description:  

My husband and two children and I  were en route to the funeral service for my mother.  I was mulling over in my mind what I would say during the service if I were requested to speak.  I was thinking about my mother and all that she had contributed to others and to myself. I was thinking intensely loving thoughts about her, and trying to distill her "essence" or being into words.  I suddenly felt a wave of grief wash over me, and I silently asked her  "Where are you now, Mommy?" I looked up from my tears to see a flatbed truck just ahead of us, with a car bearing the license plate "BELIEVE."  My children saw it at the exact same moment and both commented on it.  A few moments after that, as I was watching the sky through the car window, I felt an overwhelming sense of joy which I have never before experienced.  It was astounding in its intensity and filled me with a sense of well-being and bliss.  It grew in intensity and lingered for at least a minute, perhaps more.  It is very hard to describe exactly how I felt. It was as though the universe was being revealed to me as as a world filled with love which was all-encompassing and accepting.  There was no room there for anything bad or evil. I distinctly felt that my mother was experiencing this love and was sharing it with me.  It was absolutely incredible and like no earthly love.  This feeling so shook me that I continued to feel its effects even after the actual feeling of joy left me, which happened gradually during the car ride. I was certain that my mother was no longer suffering and that she was experiencing this feeling of intense love wherever she was.