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Experience description 6/30/13:


A beam of light appeared in my living room but this time it was without any prompting from me.  Last time, with the first picture I sent you, if you remember, I asked my mum out loud to appear to me in the form of an orb, and the massive beam of light just appeared right away.  This time however, I was sitting making fondant toppers for the cupcakes that I make.  I had lost a family friend just a week previous, he died very suddenly of a massive heart attack, he was in his 80's and had been a true gentleman.  He was on my mind as his funeral had just passed so as I worked away making the toppers, I heard a noise from the corner where the book case was (if you compare this picture to the previous picture, you will see the same book case and clock in the room)  When I heard the noise I paused the television and picked up my camera phone and snapped away.  I will attach the picture and you will see a sort of mist all around the room but a definite short beam of light just in front of the bookcase.  This is on only one of the pictures even though I took more right after.  

Experience description 4/5/13:  

I came across your website after hearing Anita Moorjani talk of you in a youtube video I was watching.  I have never had a near death experience but I have had two very profound things happen to me whilst very much alive and awake and I thought you might like to hear of them. 

The first happened when I was around eight years old (1967).  I lived in a very old, very damp Victorian terrace house in Liverpool, England, with my parents and siblings.  One day, in the middle of the afternoon, I went upstairs for something and whilst standing on the landing I heard the most beautiful enchanting singing coming from my parents bedroom. All my family were downstairs and we didn't have any televisions or radio's upstairs (we only had one radio at the time and that was downstairs switched off).  The "singing" was a multitude of voices, all singing in harmony but it wasn't a particular song they sang but rather a "chord" (but with many many different voices all harmonizing).  I knew at once it was something magical and I crept along the landing slowly to my parents bedroom where the sound was coming from.  As I opened the door to go in to search for the origin of the sound, it stopped at once, like someone had switched it off abruptly. The bedroom was empty and as I said before, we had no radio's or televisions upstairs in those days.  The memory stayed with me and it is still as vivid today as it was then. I am now 54. 

The second thing happened just a few months ago.  My sister had been visiting me from her home near Stonehenge.  She stayed for the weekend and I got to meet her beautiful new baby grandson whose father was away serving in Afghanistan.  During her visit we talked a lot about our mother who died young from cancer almost twelve years ago (she was 59) and when my sister left for home I felt quite sad because I missed her (the county of Wiltshire where she lives is around a five hour drive from my home in Liverpool).   I was sitting in my living room on my own (it was around 10pm) and feeling a bit flat I began to play around with my new Ifone which my husband had bought me just a few days previously.  I suddenly remembered reading that you could capture orbs on these phones so I spoke out loud to my mum and asked her to come and show herself to me in the form of an orb.  No sooner where the words out of my mouth than a shaft of light suddenly appeared in the room right in front of my eyes.  I could only see it through the lens of the camera phone however.  I watched it enthralled as it quivered and then moved across the room before changing into a massive orb which then swooped right in front of me and shot off to the left disappearing from sight.  I was left with the hairs tingling on the back of my neck, and a knowing that my mother had visited me!  I managed to get a photograph of the beam of light and then as it turned into an orb.  It moved very fast as the orb so I only just managed to capture it.  

I swear on all that is holy to me that these pictures are genuine and true and this all happened exactly as I have described to you. 

It felt so special and so unworldly but I have not told many people.   This happened back in October 2012 and nothing else has happened since then.

Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy seeing the pictures.