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Having just finished Emma Heathcote - James book, � After Death Communication �, I would like to report the three vivid ADC�s I had 30 years ago.

On 14th July 1969 my Mother died of cancer. Previous to her death she jokingly said,

 � Don�t grieve for me when I�m kicking up the daisies. I shall be alright �.

I missed her dreadfully and  3 months after her death I prayed fervently to her that if she was alright to please let me know and please let me remember ( this was just prior to sleep ).

One evening my daughter went out for the evening and we left the door on the latch before retiring to bed and to sleep.

I then had a most vivid dream. I found myself in a large circular room. There were groups of people standing by the walls. I seemed to be the last to arrive and I was standing in the middle of the floor. Directly in front of me was a long ramp curving up to the left. Down the ramp were coming groups of people, peeling off in different directions to greet the waiting groups. The last person to come down was my mother.

I clearly remember the thrill I felt, She looked so young and well. Her black hair rippled with waves as it did when I was young.  I clasped her shoulders and patted her down to her waist saying, � You are solid !" . � Of course � she said.

We talked for some time - sadly I cannot recall any of the conversation. Then I noticed that the groups of people were saying Goodbye, and many of them were filing back up the ramp and others leaving through the door behind me.

My Mother was the last to go. I watched her disappear around the bend of the ramp. As I turned to go there was a lovely big brown-skinned man opening the door for me. He held out his hand and shook mine. I remember clearly how my small white hand was enfolded in his large brown comforting hand - then I awoke suddenly, still feeling the grasp of his hand. My daughter had come home and had banged the front door closed. I immediately woke my husband and said that Mother was still alive and that I had been talking to her.

Five months later in March 1970, I had another vivid dream. I dreamt I was sitting on my bed looking into the dressing table mirror. I saw my Mother and Father enter the room in their outdoor coats. Father was wearing a trilby hat.

I said to my Mother, � What are you doing here ? You�re dead ! �. I clearly heard her say as she took Father�s arm, � You are not to grieve . � She repeated it three times and I awoke still hearing her saying it.

Three weeks later my Father dropped dead whilst laughing .

I remembered her words and knew they were both alive in a different dimension. For a few days afterwards my husband, daughter and myself were smelling the distinctive smell of my Father�s tobacco smoke ( he smoked a pipe ). I knew, as he had died so suddenly, that he didn�t realise that he had passed on. So in my mind I asked him to look for Mother as she had come for him. After that, the smell disappeared.

The last ADC I had occurred in January 1983, one year after my husband had died on Christmas Eve, 1981. I was asleep when I became aware of his voice insistently calling my name over and over again - � Bep � ,( my nickname ), � Bep , Bep dearest�. I struggled to wake up, thrilling to hear his voice. I remember sitting up and seeing him in front of me, young and slim and wearing a green pullover - a colour he never wore when he was alive) and grey slacks.

He told me to tell his work colleagues that he was alright. He then turned and walked through the wall. Then I realised that I was sitting up but my body was still asleep lying on the bed.

Through these experiences I now know that we are spirits inhabiting  a body and when the body dies, the spirit moves on. I am now 79 and those experiences are just as vivid now as when the occurred. I have not had any more since then.